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,rt«liY- 1n^c¥*lA* 

Wharves, Boathouses and Rail- 
way Bridges Carried Away 

h. Through Sudden Rise in the 
Waters of Saskatchewan 

■ --'■t.;'!_ii>»i,fli-M. -«•'■ ■.^^^' ' 




Estimate of Losses in Ontario 
by Inundations is $500,CR)0 
— FaNers of Kent County 


would Be Homssteaders Air«»dy In 

I>lue Befors L^tlibrldars Land 


WINNTPKG. April 8.— Fifty-ono men 
onU women five In Hue before the Leth- 
bridge. Alberta, land ofBce where they 
will camp until homesteads are thrown 
open on May flrst. The first In line Is 
Carl Jones, of Philadelphia. They will 
Jtave to withstand the ruin and snow 
storms, and one of -tlie three women has 
a baby in her arme. 

*'Ju8t let n« gut Jim HIU to build |^^ 
railway through the country wo J^ 
after," said one of the men In Una, •*»«« 
wo wUl be mllUonalrea some day." 

Duxlss tbe night blanket* aira aXUnd-^ 
«d on tha aldewalks. The council of 
lifetbbrldge la objecting to the sanitary 
conditions of locality and may disperse 
the line up. . ^^ 


iBUBlrnBts rasa 8y ManitolM and 

Baakatobewaa for AU>arto sad 

Brtttah ColamUa 


Every Indication of Normal 

Conditions Being Resumed 

. in Coal Fields of , Great 

■i^J(T|iirr»pi>inn*>eiifii t'My 


ftETtfRH m PITS 



WINJiTIPEG. Man., April 8.— A large 
portion of the city of Saskatoon. Sask.. 
■waa flooded tonight by a sudden rise of 

th« Saskatchewan rivet. WhJfih xreni uy 
IS feet within a few hours. The water- 
works pumping station is submerged and 
wharves. Ijoat houses and railway 
^nlOgti l^^v^ l*^^ oarrted away. 

TORONTO. April 8.— The worst la 
over. Such Is the report from different 
isecttona of the flooded districts of On- 
tario this morning. At Brwntfprd tbe 
river began subsiding at 8 o'clock thla 
morning and is gWiflually dropping. At 
F.rlndale on the Credit river, engineers 
of the Erindale Power Co. dynamited a 
lirrtion of the concrete dam. A block 
was torn away arid the water rushed 
on down the river jind the dam was 

A conservative estimate of the losses 
in^^ different parts of Ontario is IPOQ.OOO. 
The losses are difficult to eStlmite, be- 
cause it is practically Imposalble to 
calculate the damage -JWifiSwad by 
farmera. It is known, however, that 
factories and places of business In ovet- 
a do««n towns sufterefd heavily, while 
scores of bridges were deirtrojrad. A* 
Southampton two Jbtidges cdsttotf fiW.^ 
(CO were wrecked. At Oalt the flood 
losses win tot#l J60.000. In Kent 
cotinty the farmers have suffered aeV-. 
evely, ihc. overflow of the Don, Credit 
and Humber rivers also caused conald- 
(:r?blc destruction. 

WINNIPKG. April 8. — ^Thfrteen hun- 
dred Immlgranis arrived In the city 
today and yesterday. All are booked 
to points m Alberta and British Co- 
lumbia. According to Joseph Burke, 
superintendent of the provincial emi- 
gration bureau few emigrants who 

General Resumption Only a 
Question of a Few Days — 
Railroad Companies to Re- 
store Full Service 

NELSON. B. C, April 8.— Con- 
sideration is alreatly being given 
to the choice of a successor to 
\. ,S. Goodeve, M. P., as the re- 
presentative of Kootenay at Ot- 
tawa. It Is prolmble that W. 
3arland Foster may be selected. 
Mr. Foster is managing editor of 
the Dally News and a staiin<-n 
;^wierv*Uve. , 'T.m . Ui» , ^Sf ^ *r' 

I!MS "' sue vw^f. ^.i ^"%,W' '■■■ 
gtarkey, preaidAnt 6i Vm W»»*^ 
>f ti«de in eastern Brltlift Col- 
nnthta. and Miiyor Annabie of 
t«elaon. are aiao prominently' 
oiMitloaed, as Is C. R. Hamilton, 
■... •.... a well known lawyer, for- 
. r.oesland. 


Agitation In Sound OUles Prevent Btrlk- 
•ra Katarulng To Work 



KoBfoUa Vxefan Xadependesoe to 1 
ooalBg Fart of Oblaese xepnbUo 

Homes and Villages Abandoned 
for Fear That Further Dykes 
May Give Way—Stirring 
s of Rescue : ^ 

■ W" ' Pi 


AT im um^fM 

have rcacftea wmmpc g slue c th e s e a - 
son opened have settled In either Mani- 
toba or Saskatchewan. They all 
make for Calgary and Vancouver and 
he cannot see how these points can 
provldefor' all the labor tSKey aw re^ 
celvtng. . 

IjONDON. April 8. — General activity 
prevails in the coal mining districts of 
Oreat Britain today. In Scotland and 

Korth WalM Ihfl r a wag > laniB in c r e a se 
In the number of miners who descended 
the shafts, while In Bngland and South- 
ern Welsh coalilelda where the Easter 
boildays ~are being oKwi^tiraman flSff* 
of men went down the pits to clear the 
roadways and prepare *or a general re- 
sumption tomorrow. 
t»e fWl flonUiW««t of own Is work- 
I lag in »<«rth Wnim. f»»« •¥» MW **»>'^ 
I4n moat of the mtai»: VM «»««••« 
i^^nir ym-mtk^. thbusante nt «»na of 
m«» w«» 't^lMt. 'this . monitM.'-; 

mmfA»m*949k:^mf l?trtMr«lti?» pits 
the men $f9 Hffrnm^ iof ««rt-««tttt»» 

t«prorrow.r;',-; ^..•:i: . ■.■h'"..:-'- 

Imvt) dffiidwa i»t t« ¥m^ »*'**B ^^ 
funds to^^v traastiry of th* uaKnu 
wbjlch^iiSifOttnta to |1»0.«0» have been 
exbftttsudii "'»nd ai' tSi .. anthoritiea ttmx 
tlwMf iH^ww* the etrlkei-s and the 
im<fiwl««*p(t«. who haw r^umed to 
TKItrk. a larff pm ^ mm M# t»^«» 
«itfted. . ^ ■ ,^'4 , 

:.V?|il- Southern Wales .the:t])1f«#(Nitl^' 
not bright aa the englnemen, <lwin«il«»4 
other surfacemen have pledged them* 
solves not to return to work until their 
demands have been conceded. The flrst 
cc*I mined will be shipped to the rail- 
roods ami mills so that these workis may 

ST. PETERSBURG, April 8. — A des- 
patch from Urga says that in response 
to Yuan Shi Kai's InvlUtlon to North- 
ern Mongolia to Join the Chinese repub- 
u. th. Kutuku. Khan of Mongolia, has 

Twenty Thousand Rendered 
Hometess by the Rising 
Waters — Imprisoned on 
House Tops and in Trees 

SEATTLK, April 9.— The effort of 
the Gray's Harbor mills to resume 
work in full today was unsuccessful. 
The 1,800 mill employees who are 
members of the I. \V. W. are on strike 
for $2.60 a day and recognition of the 
union. The employers offer $2.25 a 
day and refuse to hire members of 
the I. AV. W. A crowd of strikers sur- 
rounding a mill at Hoquiam today, was 
dispersed by the mill's lire hose and 
m number of the strikers were clubbed 
the police, who were led by Sergt. 

mum win 

ST. LOUIS. Mo.. April 8.— A crisis 
in the Mississippi Valley flood is Im- 
minent. Chief anxiety centres in the 
situation south of Memphis. If the 
Dyk es o i Arhaw sas i M <ss,i an d W o rth ' 

-Mmr^^^^^an$-:--1hixv^^ i« fri«aaiy to 
the strikers and has maintained order 
(WDong th«i|». The attempts to tie up 
a l»flie» Tpi&?«na mill has faUed com- 
pletely. ^ 

!iaie t W. W.'» In Seattle are on 
guwd to pirevent the Alaska Packers' 
Association obtaining a cannery crew 
here. These agitators recently Induced 
a j^hlllpplne cannery crew to desert at 
Ban Fr ancisco. 


What I» SMedsd to Qolst MSlaoontented 
Kltftlt" of the Vralrles 

TORONTO, Apiril 8.— Addressing the 
Canadian club, R B. Bennett, MP., at- 

Monster Demonstration to be 
Attended by 150,000 People 
Will Hear Mr. Bonar Law 

, §peak Today 


OF ORAJ^'Ofc :WI£E"^'f^GS 

No Necessity for iTOOps to 
Keep Order In Ulster's Ca- 
pital During Visit of Unionist 

trlbuted the West ' s spirit d f dlBCeiHWil 
to the fear of interests, limited mar- 
kets, unfair taxation and the fallurt to 
get a tariff commission He declared 

Bcl^ir^^e dykes on '^m^^m^ U^^ «^J^^>^i^^ jclengffi ^tariff. 

will withstand the tremendoua pressure 

that will be exerted by 41|«r flood's 

crest. Kevertlielen they are apinf? 

hesaive a^a «|b tear of btiildilf iM 

the w«rt«rft ^1n« la elu^Wik W m 

aban<l6nmeiit.ot'')Mu»iii iM^ypimii^M. 

the lowlandii' k% :'$^l^,:.0^ ' i^ ' .^^^ 

Stirrinf: stortes of the rescue v^ |l|ji» 

refufeaai to tripper Arkaiwaa ha«e 

r<»seiiked Utisiifi^ 0m ^Simm^ °^ 
iiM)|<e persbnii -ttiiildbned in tVyanoke, 
A«l., were hfteMilit to MemphLs late 
y4$aiiMN|ay on the initiative cf a Mem- 

^|!*li .«tiai8en committee which made 
the triP''|ll(;:|ii*#<fiiate atorles of suf-. 
ferlnr. Illpi4i*ire verified amply. 

In anarch' were found scores 
refugees. As ttie water rose th* 
raiaKees built «0li|i|Wn«; and thus 
kept the|rj,;;;j|«|lJ« elWve the surface. 
On hlgtelijjlippiiit and In the attics of 
houaMyiN^^l^inP'^'^' hundreds were 

Ra-fiiR'eM frwiV' tlie Modoc dlBtrlct 
south of ilcmphlF. who were taken to 
Helena tind Memphis, .-jsld there had 
been some loan of life In that section. 
These reports were Unverified and th? 
mayor of Helena .sent to the Associated 
r^reas a denial that three had been 
drowned there. 

EstimateH of the damage vary widely. 
Many persons who knew every bend In 
the great river from New Orleans to 
Cairo aay the loss will amount to ten 
mUllons. Others modify this eBtima|(»,^ 
Probably the heaviest spccWlc loss 
ated In the destruction 
■the losp of livestock and damage 
ContlnutHl on V»Kf i. Col 8. 

LONDON, April 8.— Belfiaet 1« to have 
another great anti-Home Rule demon- 
Btra;tlon tomorrow, two days betfore 
the date set for the Introduction «f 44* 
Home Rule bill in the House of Com* 
Hbta Uma thera will l>a nO lUf:,, 


replied that he had to bow to the will 
of the people in declaring the independ- 
ence of Mongolia. He suggested ihi^ 
the Mongolian question be aubmltted 
for a dedalon to the interesting power*. 

em Louisiana hold for another i* 
hours then the valleys of the Delta 
and the Yaooo. south of Memphis will 
be spar#d. state and fovemment of- 

TORONTO, April 8. — (Later) Re- 
ports of serious damage by floods 
throughout Ontario continue. The Can- 
adian PaciSc Vancouver cxpr 
to make a detour via North bay 
of a washout, resulting In eight hours 
delay. Some Grand Trunk ftRJJlnS a^® 
canceled.. Colder, weather ;lp^^4t|||piil|r^ 
subsidence of the rising T^taWt 
total damage la over a million. 

Strike DIficiflties Present 
Alarming Features^Sale of 
Liquor SusperttW^Patro} 
System^ the i W^W. 



Ralnatorm Turns to Snowfall — Interma- 

tion to Telegrraphic Com- 


WINNIPEG, April 8.— The , storm 
which started last evening with rain 
tiirnpd during the night Jnto a. hM'TSL.^^ 

precipitation of ■80ft.Bn0TR%;^|^v|*iftJi?(MS*i;, 
f»;cted being as far west aS^M|i^Wmrta': 
boundary and south over otI '■fwater 
l-rirt of the American middle West Tele- 
Lrraph companie-s have had sorao trouble 
with local wires, but speakins generally 
communications are well maintained 
throughout the Canadian west. Very 
different conditions piovall, however, 
east and :Mlnneapolls re- 
ports that practically all wires are down 
between there and Chicago, and news re- 
ports are accordingly delayed. In the 
Canadian prairie west the storm will 
check seeding operations, which other- 
wise would have been In full swing in 
many early districts next week, but the 
benefit to the country as a whole, after 
a dry fall and very little snow all 
winter must prove Immense. 

IT. 8. Warahlp Orders 

VALLEJO, Cal.. April 8. — Orders 
\vtre received at the Mare Island navy 
yard to place the cruiser AnnapoHs on 
full commission by May 12. It Is 
thought that the Annapolis would be 
sent either to Central American waters 
or to Alaska. The torpedo boats Fox 
>,nd Davis, which are to leave for the 
PiiKfit Sound navy yard next month, 
\v<re ordered today to be placed in the 
flrst reserve here aP soon as possible. 
The collier Noro will convoy the vessele 

Banquet to Premier Soblln 

gl'I'.BKt', Apiil 8. — I). C. Le.sperance, 
Armand Lavergne and Alhyn Tascher- 
f.yu left this afternoon for Winnipeg to 
represent Quebec at the Koblin banquet 
,jn Thursday to thank Manitoba on 
half of the Catholic minority. 



I Flood Hweepa Hankfttoon. Striker* Of> 

Hack I" Work. Mi>t«lRMlppl9 Flood Ontes. 
HelfaKl anrt Homo Hiile. 

2— Mr. M. .Maiigon on Ills RIectlon. 

"i— To Bxiilore Sirtttncona i-^rk. 

I— Editorial. 

y— Finch t Finch Advi. 

fi—MewB of th" >"\ly. 

7 — Now* of thn City. 

S Nelifhbor fltloii to Join In ".jn. 

:> — aporllng NcT<^». 

10 Mr. D'Arcy TntB to gn to I>ondon. 

11 — AUvt*. 

12 — neal K«tatc Aflvt" 

n — rteal Ksiato AcIvIb 

) 4 — Aiti<ii'«tTH>nl». 

15 Marine N'wu. 

l«--<'la««lflpfl Advlf. 

1 ,• -('lKKiiin<»d AdTt». 

)»— (Jlasdlfled Advtd. 

1 J— Financial Nawi. 
20— 9p«nu«r't Advt. 

.'. TeiMEtama^'yeeelviil W ••<*i'WWI#^iJI' 

tendenli^i* 8. Campbell, of the pro- 
vincial police department, give the news 
that all is quiet along the line of Can- 
adHiteitoFtliern Faclftc construction be- 
twSiH^ and Kamloops. many of the 
dieaffc-cled workers luiving already te- 
turned to their engagements, while 
others are rejOlntec the contractors- 
forces dally. 

yesterday about eighty reported for 
duty at Yale, th^illbfclng men engaged 
onraiation worls. ..■'. 

■ ^^p |i)ap'a|irtWi''nf the attomey-general, 

Stip^^!S||nit "iSampbell has closed all 
places 'iMmyS for the sale of liquor be- 
1iipaeB''Sw^^and 'Savona,-. this being 
pn»iy as a precautionary measure, to 
tnlnlTOize the-i^&irt(««» of distarbanco and 
breach of the ^tlife although the strik- 
ers up to datlilpii displayed a com- 
mendable rea4Ml|ilo respect the law. 
and have even takto special measures 
within their own or^anj(,zatlon to guard 
against Its vioia-ttein. 

Xll; tl)^ ecaiai|i|tlon the leaders of the 
P%:-m^ '!(#;'• ii^^rleadquarters at 'Savona 
ha»a;|iMi*>#y*hout a 8taten^.:.»ptito-. 
inf Ifiieliftttjt of their special ||l|«Sti the 
members of Which are described as 
"fcpeclal constables" engaged by and re- 
porting only to.the \inion ofllcers. These, 
It Is Bald by their leaders, are Instruct- 
ed' to closely supervise the patronage ot 
all drinking plAces and. In the event ot 
any I. ^V. W. man being reported to b« 
served with more than two drlnk.s, to 
take him in charge, escort him to head- 
quarters, search him, and appropriate 
the cash contents of his pockets for the 
fattening of the campaign chest, allow- 
ing the arrested one only suflflclent small 
change to purchase tobacco, etc. 

Other offences are provided for in the 
I. W. W. special strike code along the 
con.«itrucllon line, with penalties by fine 
in amounts ramring- from ?6 to $26. 

Of course .<»uch procedure, In the event 
oC objection being raised, would not 
stand for a moment as legal, even the 
so-called oftlcers of the organlr.atlon 
having no police authority, and thnir 
assumption of the functions of the 
lower courts being entirely Indefensible. 1 
No one has as yet raised a protest to 
the attorney-general or to the police, 
however, and until they do so, Interfer- 
tnce Is regarded as both unnecessary 
and Impolitic, the system apparently 
operating advantageously In the pre- 
vention of disorder. 

As to the strikers' nlde of the ques- 
tions Involved In the present into.iriip- 
tion of activity in the railway building 
zone, the following statement has been 
iHSued by authority of Brotherhood 3, 
local 337, and signed by Delegate H. M. 

"In regard to the strlko nov/ on in the 
C. N. K. construction camps, lli« facts 
Ir. the case are these: All last winter 
the men have been working under bad 
renditions, bad sleeping quarters and 
nothing too good in the Una of cooking. 
A lot of work has been done by the rpen 
on the station system, that is. perhaps 
five or six men take a certain .amount 

^4* ».Aw1. .. * n., .v>,.,.k. rxr^*- .... .■r4 n .. .« «U.. 
t.l. Tri**r\ .i. .*.' ..^«.,*— .- ..... ^..«.(., ntalA t.,,-, 

majority of the men that have been en- 
gaged In this work on the completion 
theredf And ihemnelves with little or 
nothing to show for It 

•'While It Is no doubt truo that the 
men have' tak >n thl^ work on of their 
own free will, yet in some respects thoy 
have been compelled to take it. as there 
was no day work to be had. Wages for 
day ^irork havr been, -for the compa.ny, 
yi 50 per day, with board 
and as men cannot work 

Premier and Atterfley-6eneral 
t© See Prtncfl Ku0erti ^e 
%rikeley and Atlliv— Lands 
Pnister Visits Fort Seorge 

ceselty for moving troops Into -the cltjr; 
as vftbB the case when Winston fipeocer. 
Churchill, first lord of the admiralty,;; 
held his meeting in the «Wef town d| 



Increase Durlqi^ Year of Nearly 
Eighl»lil«RS Over Ust 

Year's^ l^a^ ^^' 


If the surfuce nien'e grievances can 
bo settled, there seems nothing to pre- 
vent the resumption throughout the coal 
fields of the United Kingdom. The pro- 
tests of the Yorkshire and Flfeshlre 
miners against the Federation's decis- 
ion are not likely to be followed by 
action. The miners associations of these 
countie.H alrf-ady have recommended the 
men to return to work. 

The railroad rompnnies announce an 
<»ar!v rentorsfinn of normal service. 

<^tauv« aWHme«»»»<««ra already 
un«ir o<m*l<M»»tl«| 'l»jr W Wi(y M<5' 
Bride in oonneotlon with his pt«»l«e to 

cltlaens of Prim i- Unpen to visit that 
city and other parts of^the district of 
which it Is the commercial luid ^nan- 
cl«l i«-ntre. .luring tbts presmt .sum- 

All being well, the Ilrst mlnlcier in- 
tends to rfedeem this promise and visit 
various sections of the British Colum- 
bia northern -.Cffltatafe^jdh'trlcts . y ^gan^ 
after. his return,^lpi|l||[ Old CC^Hgi 
for which he Is leav^lnt SundayT^tTiS 
win In all probability be accompanied 

ney Qen- 
((| Bulkley 

* re- 

Member of Winnipeg's Minis- 
terial Association Believes 
Wives of Sikhs Should be 
Admitted to British Columbia 

on his northern tour 
eral Bowser, and ijjil^ 
valley and also 
turning south. 

All outstanding #MtfMMl affecting 
these northern areas will obtain per- 
sonal consideration on the ground dur- 
ing the contemplated tour. 

At the same time that Hon. Messrs. 
iC^irlde and Bowser are renewing 
pil^asant acquaintance with the sea- 
baardodnstituenclesln the north it Is 
«i|^(!«eted that Hon. Mr. W. R. 
ii^^ter'df landa, wlU.'pay B: *■«»«»««„,, 
the Fort George section, with the ob- 
ject of ; personally familiarizing hlm- 
its conditions and requli 
d investigating on the s 
the merits of numerous rontrovprsles 
over land titles that have recently 
arisen, in several Instances, through 
conflicting and Inaccorate private sur- 

tytoWA. April 8.--Canadian reyen- 
u^s in the fiscal year, which ended 
March 31. aggregated $133,745,386.07. an 
increase of neariy eighteen millions 
over lost yeai-5 total of $1 H,666,::25. 

The Revenue -' ■< made up as fol- 
low*.: fustoms, »;':.,xnT.TnT: excise, $10,- 
085.563; post office, »:'.s.VI.'.f'J5; public 
works, including railways and canals, 
$tl,ri2<,7BS: mi.Hcellaneous, $6,320,511. 

Expenditure .iirmt the year on con- 

,„i:jftt«l account was $83,560,503, I75.5S0.I96 the year previous. 

.Mu'tai outlays for the twelve months 

ailrd $28,909,985, compared with $30.- 

7 470 in the fiscal year 1911. Of this 
Wount all hut $765,710 was paid on 
railway subsidies and expended for 
public works, including railways and 
canals. Tho total net debt up to Feb- 
ruary 29 Is $ 322.788.994. 



Ulster.— ' ' ' "-"■ , . 

An Irish member, to make sore tha* 
Belfast would' »ot again ho put under 
what practically amounted to martial 
law to protect •« polltldaa to speak. 
aeked the question In the House of 
Commons the other day. The reply of 
Augustln Blrrell. the Irish secretary. 
was. that he thought the Nationalists 
could be depended upon not to Inter- 
fer?e with free «P«ech- 

Tho head. tn4: centre of the demon- 
stration la Andrew Bonar Law. While 
he wWl be speaking before the bill Is 
introduced Into the Commons. It Is ex- 
pected by .that time the scope will be 
;well known, Th© bill itself will not be 
Issued until after the prime minister 
■'has delivered hia speech introducing it. 
■ The demonstration, in which 150,000 
men win takfr part, will be heiu at tne 
Boyal Ulster Agricultural Society's 

Sln<;e the beginning of the year 
meetings have i>een held all over Ul- 
Bter to protest egainst Horhe Rule, and 
tixe meeting tomorrow will be.-a cli- 
max to the series. 

In other parts of Ireland, Nationalists 
will 'hold Home Rule meetings, not be- 
cause their constituents needed conver- 
sion, but to keep up Interest In the 

BELFAST, April 9.— ^--Vndrcw Bonar 
Law, leader of the opposition in the 
house of commons, was the recipient of 
an enthusiastic reception on hi.? arrival 
at Belfast for the Ulstorite demonstra- 
tion today, which will open the Unionist 
campaign against the government pol- 
icy.«lk • 


Paae«&*»s Trom Beached Ontario 
rive Bafely »* Boston 






Dr. K. X. Toung 

Active Time on 




Roosevelt Says He Would 
Not Sanction Reintroduction 
of Such a Measure in Ameri- 
can Congress 

WIN.VIPBG, April 8. — The ministerial 
a.s.soclatlon of Winnipeg today discuHsed 
the Sikh question. In appealing to the 
association to bring prcs.sure to bear on 
the authorities in ('.jnnection with the 
question. Kev. Dr. Crummy of Grace 
Metliodlst church c«.8tlgated the "child- 
ish mode of playing with eastern Immi- 
gration" indulged in by Canadian gov- 
ernments, past and present. Speaking of 
the Slklis In British Columbia, who are 
separated from their wives, Dr. Crummy 
stated that the ''government owes It to 
these people to either let their wives 
come or to buy them o\it and let them 
get away home," 

}tev. Dr, Sinclair of St. Andrew's 
church, nnd for years In Dawson ad- 
vised going slowly in the matter, but 
a committee of Rev. Dr. Sinclair, Rev. 
Dr. J. L. Gordon and Rev. Dr. Crummy 
was appointed to look into the matter. 

\.\\cOUVBR. Aprtl 8— Hon. Dr. H. 
E. Yroung, minister of educHtlon, canic 
over froVn the capital this mornlTig in 
connection with educational matters that 
will t«ke him away from the capital for 
the balance of the week. Dr. Young wns 
engaged Just as soon as he landed. Hn 
visited the new, high school in Fatrvlew 
this forenoon, and Incidentally was niiicli 
Impressed with the rapid way in wliicli 
tho city Is building up around that lo- 
cality. After his Inspection of the high 
school, he attended a nomhor of dele- 
gations on educational metters. wlii<h 
visited him at the Hotel Vancouver this 

This afternoon D J ning went over 
to .North Vancouver, where he formally 
opened the new $50,000 RIdgway avenue 
.scho;il. Tomorrow the minister of edu- 
cation will lj?*vix for the Interior to 
attend the teachers' convention for a 
couple of days and after that lie will go 
to Trail. 


Z.oadoiL "Obnerver" Says Dominion Xs 
Beady to Take Her Proper Flaoa 

In Empire 

ConttnuMi on Tage 

$« per week, 
steadily In 

Col «. L 


Prtsldent Paloonar Pevors Bxteaslon of 

Idea To Oolleges Aoroae 


TORONTO, April S. — Interviewed 
regarding the Pre8V)yterlan church 
nnlon committee resolution. President 
Falconer, of Toronto university, de- 
clared In favor of the general assem- 
bly negotiating for the unifying of the 
Presbyterian, Methodist and Congre- 
gational colleges and establislTlng 
great and strong universities in the 
maritime provinces and at Montreal, 
Kingston, Toronto, Winnipeg, Sas- 
katoon, Edmonton and Vancouver. 

Rflv. Dr. MacLaren, of Vancouver, 
endorsed the Idra and expressed satls- 
factloM at the marked and steady pro- 
gress of the church union movement. 



LONDON, April 8.— The Home 
rtule struggle promiaos to revive 
the animosities of the filafTstonc 
limes will open this week on the 
presentation of the Home Rule 
Bill In Parliament on Thursday. 
Rudyard Kipling, this morning In 
the Morning Post, hae a fllashing 
denunciatory poem concluding 
with : 

"What answer from the north: 
one law, one land, one throne. 
"If England dr1v«»«i im forth, we 
shall not fall alone." 

l.AKAVVn'TK, Ind., April 8.— All day 
long Colonel Roosevelt fought as ha.rd 
,18 ho could for victory In tomorrow's 
presidential primary In Illinois. In his 
opinion, as he expressed It today, the 
result of the fight will be of first im- 
l>ortance in determining the outcome of 
his whole campaign. When it was all 
over a/nd the Colonel was ready to board 
his trnin he said: 

"My hnt Is In the ring and It Is going 
to stay In the ring." 

In one of h!» sneaches today the 
Colmiel said: "We look to Illinois to set 
tlie keynote of this cempa.Ign. Illinois 
stands in the most important position 
of any state In this campelgn, " 

In some other states he charged his 
supporters hnd been defeated by tho un- 
fair cactlcs of federal office holders and 
by other improper methods. "It you ere 
against me in a fair vote." hp said, "I 
shall hnve nothing to say, but If you 
are tor me and the bosses record you as 
ngalnst me, I slinll havo a great dpnl 
to say. " 

The Colonel assailed Congressman .Mc- 
Klnley, campaign manager for President 
Taft, In his own itlptricl, and put him- 
self on record as opposed to President 
Teft in regard to reciprocity. The Col- 
on*! made nearly a do«en fighting 
speeches. The days run took hlin through 
the districts of Congressman McKlnley 
and former speaker C^annon. He made 
one speech under the shadow of Mc- 
Klnley's home In Champaign, and a few 
hours later passed Mr. Cannon's dwell- 
ing In Danville end made a speech a 
f«w blocks away. After leaving the 
state he made severel specchee in In- 
di«na. The c^rowdfi wlilch heard Colonel 
Roosevelt were very large. 

o Ce«tl«iw4 •■ fag* *. C»t. t. 


UK POINT, N. Y., April 8.— 
Tf^-fit1!f«f ^^^ steamer Ontario, of the 
Merchants and Miners Transportation 
company, which was beached here on 
Are early Ms morning, was in doubt to- 
night. With hf-r passengers taken off 
-„f„i.. m- steamer's crew stuck to the 
ship and at a late hour were lighting 
the flames, which appeared to be get- 
ting the better of the men. and from 
the shore tonight flames could be seen 
brrstmg through the forward decks. No 
fvars are fell for the safety of the crew. 
Much of the cargo consisting mostly of 
cotton, has been jettisoned. 

BOSTON, Mass.. April «.— A group of 
l-red. hungry pas.sengers of the Mer- 
chants and Miners' steamer Ontario, 
which wa.«> driven ashore, burning, on 
Moiitaiik Point. Long Island, early to- 
dav, arrived here today from New Lon- 
don, Conn., where they were landed by 
a tug. Most of them were without bag- 
gage. Some had dressed so hurriedly 
that tliey had scarcely sufficient cloth- 
ing. Wlien the Ontario was run ashore 
she carried 32 passengers. 22 flrst and 
second cabin and ten Italians In. the 

ronrteen Injured in Wreck 

WINNIPKO, Aprtl 8. — Hitting a 
spreading rail, near Gordon, Manitoba, a 
Canadian Northern train took the 
ditch, fourteen people being Injured, but 
none seriously. The wrecked train was 

LONDON, April 8.— Tha Sunday 
Observer says, editorially: "Indica- 
tions are that Canada is ready to take 
her proper place as the oldest daugh- 
ter In tho empire. While duly noting 
Hon. Mr. Borden's dl!3claimer of the 
programme article recently published 
in the Quebec Chronicle, we contend 
that the principles it foreshadows are 
so admirable, its effect at this Junc- 
ture is so salutary, and lita scheme is 
so full of the right spirit of imperial- 
ism that Premier (Borden will do less 
justice to himself and his patriotic 
ministers if he does not m^ke it his 
own in its main principles. Whether 
tho time Is yet ripe for an imperial 
admiralty board remains to bo seen. 
The forthcoming conference between 
the admiralty and Mr. ILazen will be 
critical, and there will he need to 
speak plain truth as among friends." 

Bead, XneeUng at aedsids 

PORTLAND, Ore.. April 8. — Kneeling 
by his bedside in his room in a local 
hotel. Rabbi Hlrwch Werner, residing at 
722 Seventeenth avenue, Seattle, was 
found dead today. Thf coroner pro- 
nounced the cause of death to be 
Bright's disease and heart trouble. 
Rabbi Werne-r arrived In Portland, from 
Seattle, on March 28. 

Seeding In Saskatchewan 

RT-:G1NA, April 8. — Seeding will be 
general before the end of the week. The 
flist of the wild geese went north last 
nlglit. a sure harbinger of spring. 

Fiftg Years Ago Todag 

From the Colonist of April 9lli, 1862. 


M«rrl«l~On (h^ 7lh April, at St. .Tohn's Church ^Ictorln, by the 

Caroline, daughter of CoJ. M»Ualndalne, late 


was to Mdl 

Rev. H. 

Uundnn, Thomafi Wostgaith, E»q., 
govprtior of I'pnang and Straits 

HRllers R-or Vlctorlji— The clipper i.hlp Golden Rule, with pM»en»eri. „ 

from mn Franclum for thin port on Saturday, ihn 8th ln»tant. The bT%w u. w. 
Hall. Ionia and Narrlnilnnic were aUo up. 

- y.j-.j^« C-^lMn H&l*y; '■ "P ^**r this 
U oir'*the~8th <ye»t«rday). 

1 nil 


sieBmcrR rnr 
port and Hf-lllnnham Hay diBtrlot rtlreot. to __^. — - ^ u. ,„. ,k- ---«-l- 
iikp two himdrert mule* to thn latter port and will probably bring the «»»««• 
Sierra Nevada wan op for thl» port direct, on the same d«t«>. Tn« racwio 
e.xpect*d to como via Portland on the I'^th. ^^ 

To R. A. Moody and Mea»r». HIbben and CMiwell ottf thanks are due «« *'•••'• 
brouBhl by th* Brother Jonathan. .1 ..t„.,>, s w,..-.- 

The American ronaiil— A. Francia, Kiq.. the recently appOlatM W. V« "MHES'S 
and ftimlly. arrived on the Brother Jonathan. Taatarflay snetBOOW wmm»--W* 
aeventcen tuna was fired by H. M. 8.-'Top»». 

Arrl\-«l of tl»e vr. B. 8cranton-~Th« favorite bafk W. "B. 
Cfttbettrt, arrivod yaaterday ' momlBf In ten days from 0aa «Tf' 

Mil irailiiiiii-iiriiill'iir'^rfiii^-MTiifr" |iili 'niiJ 



TuMdny, April 9, 1912 

ki:liaiui.i rv 


Tor MtMT 

— — —"• 

• h *^a^ 

;hf^ Safety 

, ,,i,Uhmi nf CafhOX Is 

^ \ 


ifi'"' ; rv 

Men's SoUa GoUl \V.»tch " 
gold. Price 

Men's Fine Gold Filled }^^s^^ ^:_„, * » > 

safely atiaclnnenl. • P|iip|^^^*' > » » ^ ^ n ■ ?* i t t 

Mens Sblid Gold Shirt SttwK RoWw J^TiCtvV '»«»* 

Men's i4Ke<rflwrSMKls. ptt^W bwO^;^ »«M ^^^]|jJ 

MexCs Solid Gold^OxlLL^ 

Per pair »..,,,,.,.»,».»«..»»*«» ^■••Pw 

Men's 14K Gold Cuff Links. Diamo»wl ^t> }M^. \>*^x^ fl^*0 
Tickets for Nurses* Dane* on Sals H*r% 

M M M . 

iMirtlBII iBBlU'd loulKlU HUM (.pCClttl rlMT 


"The Ohio river ut Cairo l» falllnK 
Miowly and will continue to tali ui 
fthout thi> same rate for the romuln>li;r 
of the we«ik. Afl.M- tlial time It will Tall 
more rni>lilly. Tin- bUikh «t Hlmwnee- 
Uiwii on Monday was -tT-S feet and the 
CruHi Mta^f! will not be more lliun a 
Iritis over 48 feet within a Jay or two. 
■n,.. MlHHlHBlppl river 1b falUns from 
II lui fall at Helena being due to 

II III the levee at M.o<lof, a few 

i,, ;.)v.-, and also' to those "•*«•• 

Miiiii'hlii. U IH not probable there will 
Im «iny fiirlher rlae. At Memphis the 
I Km hiiM fallen 1. 8 feet from the lilgl> 
H Hi 111 mark of Haturday and local food 
iituUltloiiM ttro Improving rapidly. 

■••I'lir rlvrr will continue to rise below 

I I. I.-M.l ■ 

English Visitor Would Like to 
See Inner Harbor a Blaze of 
jluminatinn in tiie Evening 
as a Feature 

h.'l . 


. nil 

Successors to 


tar*! Mtfl u 'NrtttilM" •'"'•» ""' *ny"»*"« '" 

!• M wisrtfi uMttlf •§ iiitt»l«Mint». 

tMU Mr. M»niioo wyK tUftt if «■ •»»> 
uonttttuk wJi»i»i«»' M» opponont, Mr. 1^ 
ICdfcuK. hM »«•» hi* a»vom\t. Ti»6 re- 
turn* from •om« of the poll* a" very 
Mlitw In i'*M»ehlnf Cumbsrlanrt. 

••I «xp»ot that they wU» be *!» tUero 
tht> week,- n«ld Mr. MHni»on. "and If the 
other feUow hae not loet li>« <1epoelt he 
hae com. very m-ar U. a:i.ere U not 
much real SoclHllHt vote In the dlsHlct. 
oulaine of Cumberland, but there arc a 
Kood many Liberula wlios* partisanship 
la ao etronff that they would vote for 
anybody In preference to a Coneervallve. 
Moreover, at the laat Dominion election 
the Soclallxte Hupported the Llbnral 
candidate, and so, I auppoae. It waa turn 


As to the general condition of affairs 
I n t h e ^le tr t ot , M r . Mannnn BftY^ «'v«'"y 

Cook Street Spcciaiiies 

Gore-shaped corner. 32§ feet on Cook St. x 320^*^ 
on Blackwood Street • • • .?12,000 

153 X 124 feet, corner Cook and Queen's •'^CJB^ 

Price .... ?ia,000 

78 X 125 feet, corner Cook and Haultain Streets. 

Price • * • ^4^Wy 

51 X 124 feet, Cook Street and Empress Avenue. 

Price ^SOW 

43 X 113 feet, comer Bay and Cook Streets, ?3650 
48 X 125 feet. Cook Street, near Bay Street. . 92000 
50 X 145 feet, Cook Street, near King's Road. 

Price • • • • -^ISOO 

Easy terms on All These. 
See Ui iiK Ckwk St. and Hillside Ave Buys 


thing Is flourishing. The prospects of 
rhllway construction during the sum- 
mer have livened thlnga up very much, 
and the Powell River Pulp and Paper 
t'o.. whose plant la expectefl to be In fuH 
B*Jng In about another month, will em- 
ploy conUnuouBly at least 600 men. 
ThlB compaiiy'B worka were completed, 
and a atart waa made some time ago; 
but. unfortunately, the break which oc- 
curred In the penatook haa caused a 
good deal ot ««I*y. »»»• ««'" **? 
upon whl«sh the pittitock «*^d proved 
to bl(| unable to carry ^e watg^t of 
waief an^ waa threatening to waih 
away.'' Aa a consequence the worka 
had t^ b« •*»«* <»*""» ""*" **•'• defect 
couKi be, remedied. 

AS indicating the growth of pop'ila- 
tion ill COUBOX, Mr. Manson saya that 
the 210« nainea now On the votera* Hat 
wm tea liwrff|««t>^!i|-^ l «S* » MO ly the 
revision in May. an« 1»« ««P«st« that 
another «00 wMl b« added by th» tevls- 
ion in November. A <i»l»W«r*W« V^-o- 
portion of thsae will be employees of 
the PoweU River o., among whom he is 
glad to note that there are very *•* 
sociaUali. Their p«U at the recent 
election Ktood 8» tot Manson end » for 
Lfr. Feaux.'"-' ' • . 

WORKERS- ARE ,^ „. g^«. 

Caatfased ftwa Page 


Ai(«<1 Mii»liil»n roind Dead at Wew 

York Con«ervatory Under Strnngre 


N«V YOfUK^ April 8.— l^tila O, P»r- 

New Tork Oenaarvatory of Musio in 
Harlem, died suddenly today, evidently 
from natural oansss, but under circum- 
stances which pussled the authorities. 
His t»ody was discovered la' a locked 
room at the conservatory, where a wo- 
man was also found suffering from a 
mental strain, and the latter was taken 
to BoUevuo hospital for observation. 
Her Identity waa not established. 

The attention of occupants of the 
building was attracted to the directors' 
room by peals of hysterical laugnter 
issuing from It. When the door was 
broken In the body of the man lay on 
a bed which was littered with paper and 
clothing. Beside the body sat a hys- 
terical woman. Her hair had fallen 
about her shoulders and she was talk- 
ing incoherently to herself. Later at 
the phy atc la n' s s h e co ntinu e d — t o talk 

George R. Rawllngs, of Plymouth, 
Kng., who spent yesterday In the city 
aftei an extended world-tour, made a 
susgeatlon. In course of conversation 
with a Colonist reporter, which may 
commend Itself to citizens— namely, 
that the beautiful gateway to the city 
lends itself admirably to a Scheme of 
illumination which. If adopted, would 
constitute a n>|HH|<»iiii. ,*dv|»rtlaement 
at little cost. ■ :::"r r\. ■ „^^- 

>I have apent several days In yiftf 
tort*" ««**^ »»««»»■• "and I am-toMi, 
that all that baa been said respecting 
its attractions ta the visitor from 
abroad are wo«jfuU}f inadeqtiats wtosn 
compared with tdie delightful experience 
which awaits one on coming here for 
the first time. You are looking forward 
to great things, I understand, on the 
completion of the Panama canal and no 
doubt that expeoUUon will be fuUy 
JusUfted by results. In going about your 
city and noting the character of the 
residences and the people. I have been 
Impressed with th« conviction that In 
your incomparable climate you iliave 
everything that you desire. 

•Why. you need nothing more than 
your climate to become a great city. 
There can be no doubt about that. 
When the west mis up with population 

and the process Is now going on very 

r^ptrtiv— you will see here a great 


but failed to make her identity known. 
She had lived for years at the con- 
servatory, and always waa believed by 
Mrs. Mary Clinton, the housekeeper, to 
be the professor's wife. They rarely 
appeared in public together, and the 
woman, to the' best of Mrs. Clinton's 
knowledge, never had left the room 

Do You Know The 





IMbato Sold Vp Vnrfsg and BoUava 9ma- 
of TaanabiM 

I Do Niriiiiivay Your Old Straw Hi 

. F«r; It <ik»i bs hifcrfe Ilk* w^ 

..F<>r;'H--(i!»ii''^-b*'''i«&'rfe' Vgiff n<?#. f*t»»'#« 'Md, of ».. bottto^-of; 

■ ■■««»■•■ ■ili'a Jfttgt^i<A ■invention *nd ihaa ■• m . OOtiattllSws*, . niipa,t**i«»', ,*f 
dyeidfg- fttiWw^|t*j^^ «rtlhout the objeetlonable varnished appearance. <fotn- 
mon to the wjttif hat varnishes. It- gives to*>»ts the refined appeArateJS 
Of new sooda,' In an asaortment of wldro and abades M tWla atore oWy. 

^krciffi, p^ bottle ....... .• ••: — • .......•.••• 1' ..'..••...*«> 

dgmi^beiFs Pi^soiptioii Store 

'■-■ C9«jMw'o«-rort Street',a««,.»*Birt!k» ■»••*'. 
, SS^e aw prompt. i|e#rs^o^ «» •*» •«»««. 


i > >iiii ' i I I B r . I ii p iii j i ' I ' l I, i ii I lilii 

ere wnis Are 
Kept In Safety 

Year.after year cases^ — often resulting in much 
litigationi— occur of ^ missing wills. At Somer- 
set House, London, England, there is a de- 
pository for the safe custody of wills of living 
persons, where, in many cases the documents 
lie for ages. Kilmarnock Extra Special Whis- 
key, is offered to the public, reposes 
in immense vaults for years, to gain that de- 
lightful maturity and mellowness for which it 
is noted, and because of it's age and exception- 
al quality' and flavor, it .surpasses all other 
brands. "Kilmarnock" the standard of highest 
excellence — no other whiskey quite so good. 
Insist on getting the "square bottle." Your 
dealer "Will supply you for home use. Ask for 
"Kilmarnock" at your club, hotel or cafe- 

winteV. there Is very imio left for the 

toiler, especially as everything they buy 

in the commissarlea 1» op to top notch. 

"Moat of the people' aa** not aw»ra»Oi 

.,t»e fact that this work to •«t«rM»ely 

daas^rpn"' a» 'o*" instance In ona wWk 

'iniiid around the vicinity of Yale there 

wftre nine men killed: turthennore, men 

It&ve to. work at i* pace tha-t ktlbk After 

Ik m^n worka a couple of moirth»h« l|aa 

to lay off m order to recupenMa. A««w^; 

engaged m the same kind of work in the 

oillea are rcolvlng 31 i-t cents an hour. 

and la aome places more, our dematoda 

AVa no more than Juot 

**j^ Kaibd mMxy ptooplo. arf laboring 
iii^,^tlM» d^ltwlw* :1B»» %^d olBctol» «t 
tlil« ttJUott *^a «h*|f«»v«i»ii»« body, whtle 
fh f&ct the m«mllirahl|> rules. 

"Whlia condJtt«ii(*„pn the lowor etid 
«t tiie line have been improved, up on 
the North Thompion the majority o< th- 
camps bavo no fJoom. to Murdpck'g 
viiMfm. in 18x84 tents, aleeplhg room for 
tt|!^H|^»two men has been provided, 
vW6h is a good deal more than th* 
Camp Act allows, as a man is supposed 
tu have 300 cubic f Get Of air space. Mc- 
Donald's camp, fourteen mllw, north 
from Kamloops, Is «''^t''«'™>^|^ffliip!':?^**^ 
no floors, no wash-house aiiiflili||ppWlry. 
Who is responsible? I leave (the rCifler 

tft JlWiigBi 

TirscON. Arimna. April 8.— Paaaeng- 
era arriving here today from BinalOa. 
Mexico, report that a battle waa fought 
last Thursday at Quila^ Sinaloa, In which 
six men were killed. The rebels with- 
drew at night. leaving the federals in 
eommaftd of the fields 

"The passengers «lao reported that 
traina between. Xavajio and Mazatlan. 
were being detained by rebel banda near 
8an Bias »nd Cullcan. and Were being 
robbed. Several instances were reported 
of where the passengers also were lined 
up and relieved of all their valuablea. 

BL. PA^O, Afkril 8..^-aince Saturday, 
secret service men and soldiers have 
oaptured or aeiacd 60.000 rounds of 
ammunition deiPtined for the Herloan 
rebels. The rebela are making deeper^ 
ate ''ef forte to get cartridges across the 
rivers even u«lng women and children 
in smuggtlniip Among those arreted 
recently was a 13-year old boy, and sev- 
eral women bave met the sam^ fate. 
Tlie boy carried 149 cartridges, for the 
safe delivery of which be was to re- 
ceive 26 ce..ts. 

mresldentlal OuBpfUra 

BOUDRXiDQS, 14'eb., Ainll 8.— Aaaert- 

inv he bad foiind the aeMime&t in 

Mtebreska aa strongly progresalve *a In 

North Dakota. Senator La Follette In n 

apeecb here tonight concluded an active 

day of campaigning m aouthweot and 

south central Nebraafca.. It was his 

third day In, Nebraska and as he tru- 

venwd what Is regarded aa "Insurgeat" 

locality, Ms reception yftui the most en- 

thusiastle he has received since he baa 

begun hla tour of the state. The seo*- 

tor said he had assurance* tnem South 

Xiakota. Oregon and CaUforttia. which 

left UtUe dotibt tb*y would ati^nd with 

Wumoaalti «ii4 l<a«th JBNtkDtiU M»rin|E 

. Sdneohi ■:i»im..^m»t ■m^hid^. iHi^-mmi^ 

made his first stop at l-^lfmont. where 
he was tendered an enthusiastic recep- 
tion and spoke briefly. 

leisured class who will come with the 
Idea of spending the rest of tHelr days 
In one of the most beauUful spots in 
all the world. Therefore I say you 
ought not to strain toa much for com- 
mercial greatness. It will be all very 
W0)1 if it comes, but if It does not 
you will conUnue to grow— you cannot 

help it. 

"Standing on the steps of the Em- 
press hotel the other evening— and. by 
the way. the Empress Is one of thw 
finest hotels I have come across \u ell 
my travel*— -I was Impressed with the 
thought that the city Is losing a ereat 
opportunity m not going In for • 
scheme of illumination for the gateway 
to the city. The whole scheme of things 
would lend luelf admiraMy to a plan 
of lighting eueh as may be found la 
some of the g»at resorU In Europe. 
Those line parliament buildings should 
be outanedte «l?ht8. as aJso the catiae- 
way, with the Empress hotel In tne 
background. If we in the Old Country 
•had such a^i)eautlfal entrance to one 
of our pleasure-cities we would assured- 
ly cmpdoy aome Buch scheme of light- 
ing. ■ 

"Just imagine what » gr«at advertiae- 
ment for the city it would '^^^'T'S* 
far exceed in value any adverttoUUf 
, matter that could be droulated ta mMt- 
aalnes or newspapers. My Idea would 
he that lights alon« the causeway, at 
the parliament bolldlngs and the Em- 
press hotel should be kept bura<M4 
say, for throe hoars each evening. The 
alght which would giroet the eyes of 
the vteitor arriving in the inner ha«-bor 
after nightfall would leave an Imperiali 
able impreaalon." 

Mr. Rawllaga la head of one of the 
leading shlppiag-aupply houaea <a 
Portsmouth. He saye that when he left 
England. IndoatrliJ cottdlUona were 
very bad, tliomrh the aty from wMoh 
he hallB. they Mt it less than other 
points, owlas to the present there of 
a large aaval «taff whijoh »a*e a per- 
manency to the place which ooanot be 
easily disturbed. Now that the coal 
strike is over, however, he looks for 
a ^«edy return of prosperoue condl- 
tloaa ia Jktgland. - 

As soon as you start wearing 20th Century 

Bran4 garments, you will find that you hiive joioed 

the "*^BrotherTood of Good-T)ressers."~ "The passwof i^ 

.is, "Well-Dressed." It is never uttered, aloud. You 

meet a member of this brotherhood and unconscious-^ 

ly the password "WellrPressed" is passed by a §il^^ 
appreciative glaticfe; Be, tob, has but to ^anccS tb s*e 
that you belong to the "Brotherhood of Good- 
Dressers." And remember, that a man who knows 
how to dress well is generally worth knowing. You 
can ap|)roa€h htmy if needa hevwith theassuiraricft^h^ 
he is flivieand courteous. 

~ Dp ydii belong lo the **Brothfrhood #-^*C^ 
Dressers" or the "Brotherhood of Bad-Dresstrs^? 
Each has its password. We have given you the pass- 
word of the "BrotherlwQd^ oif pood*Dressers." the 
printing, publishiug pr uttering of the password used 
by the "Brotherhood of Bad-Dressers" is ccmtrkry to 
the statute therein .provided. iv \- 

' Just one word niore: We are exclusive agents 
for 20th Century Brand fine tailored garments for 
good 4re$sers. - 



"ll^^'afrttsa will MntB-^la M or<|criy 

manner; however, there are bound to be 
acme headstrong members In every or- 
ganization." ■ 


JCaaxeta&la Caanot Xanc Her Passeng- 
ers Owing to Heavy Gale 



Con(lnue<I from Vagn 1 

III speaking of reciprocity, Oolonel 
Uoosevelt said that, as far as he had 
(iny power, he would not sdnotlon the 
re-lntrodnctlon of such a measure Rs 
the Canadian reciprocity passed by con- 
Krees. The farmer, he said, should nut 
hf; required to pay anythlnR for an 
aKref'tnent like that. 

Colonel Roosevelt will open his Penn- 
sylvania oampelarn tonif»rrow. He is to 
reach PlttsburR at 5.2."; fl'ciook in the 
morning and expects to most of the 

LIVERPOOL, Eng., Ap'rll «.»-Owlng 
to a heavy gale thr> steamer Mauretanla 
was unablt to land her pa-ssengers here 
this evening. Fearing a repetition of 
the accident of last December, the 
captain took the liner outside of the 
river, where he will have more sta 
room, until morning. 

Victim of Asphyxiation 
TORONTO, April 8.— .Tohn Maddm. of 
tlio Hoo, was found dead in bfd liere 
from asphyxiation. It is probably a 
casf: of suicide. Fourteen victims of gas 
poisoning have occurred since New 
Year's Day. 


MontenegTan Ministers Who Plotted 
Against Buler Burrow Way to lib- 
erty Through Subterranean Passage 

LONDON, April 8.— The thrilling es- 
cape of the former minister of Monten- 
egro, Juvanovlsch, with other ministers 
who wer*. fellow prisoners in the fort- 
ress of Podgerltza, is related In a Con- 
stantinople despatch to the Chronicle. 
Juvandvlscli and his comrades made 
their way out of the fortress by digging 
a aiibtprraneai n pitsiwtge. . Tbgy y[*£g 
condemned \nMl^^l0!i»-^t01'iXi7M:<V*ll^': 
imprisonment fbt^ complicity In a plot 
against Nicholas I. of Montenegro; 

Horse Trainer Bead 
NEW YORK, April 8.— Word was re- 
ceived >Jere today of the death in Ber- 
lin last Saturday of James P. McCor- 
ri.ick, for many ye.irs ine oT. the best 
known horse trainers of the western 
turf. He was BR years old. Among 
the better known winners in this coun- 
try trained by McCormlck were Alcedo, 
winner of the Suburban handicap, and 
his own horse. Glorlflnr, •which won the 
Metropolitan and Carter handlcat^K the 
same season. 

Men's Patent Colt Ox- 
fords, in Button or Lace 
Patterns. Veloiu- Calf, Blucher Cut Oxfords, in a 
variety of shapes. Tan Russia Calf, Button or Lace 


Cid Comfortable Oxfords — All at 


Mail Orders prom 


Sole Agents Broadwalk SV-uffera for Children 

Hanan A Son. N. Y. -Wlchert & Gardiner. N. T. 

Pemberton BtOldlng, 631 Port Street 


C'onllnnrti from r«Bi« I 


Wholesale Agents 
Victoria Vancouver, Nelson, B. C. 

to manufacturing plants In th^ iipin-r 
flood districts. 

There has been mueli suffering among 
the homeless. Of the 20,000 or more prr- 
Bons who have he,>n driven forth hy tlie 
writers hundreds hnve gopf iinngry for 
hours before sucor rertihed lliein. Hun- 
dreds have been liuprlsoned on Iuhihu 
tops. In trees nnd iineh<irf>d im rnriH 
for long periods. 

Df'splte the ample wiirnlngs many nT 
the Arkansas .'<nd Tennessee lioiiiestoHd. 
ers remained by tlielr properly until 
the last minute. Tlie sltutitlon In .Mem- 
phlp proper Is rapidly assuming Its 
n(>rm«l. Str<fet e^trs ri«ve resumed serv- 
ice In the i.'omparfltlvcly small flooded 
illBtrict of the city. 

Weather Bureau ■olletla 
WASHINGTON. April 8.— The weajihcr 

Victoria Fuel Go. 

Agents for the famous 


Phone 1377 

622 Trounce Avenu* 

The above cut gives nn excellent 
represenlallon of what will be llw ap- 
pe(»rH.nrn of the new block now in rmir.Me 
„r crftflldn fur Mr. Andrew Mheret, on 
the southwest corner of View iind 
HlBnelwril street. The structure, whicli 
will he three storeys In helglit. is from 
I.lans dra-wn by Mr. C. E. Wnlklns and 
will he of brlok and stone. The .tite has 

a frontage of IHO feet on Blanclmrd 
street ami 60 feet on View street. It will 
lip fur occupancy within four 
miinths. Mr. Sheret will necupy one 
store and the otlier five, all on HUin' twnl 
street, wilt afford ample showroom 
spai-e for their oceiipant.s. The upper 
storpys will oe iitliiXf.,! nn ft h,gh r.i«ss 
rooming house. MesJirs. Murray and 
Aves are the coni 1 sMmi «. , 

A Ton Of Satisfaction 

That's what you get when you purchase Wellington Coal. 'Whether 

It Is for furnace, heater or range, this famous fuel will outlast, give 

more litHt. niul prove more economical in every way than any other 


Lf-t us liavo your next order. Our delivery is prompt. 



Off lees I •!■ Tatea Meeet aaa aa««ttaaM Beat. 

>«i n »a n » « i n i , .««ii<w >i« i i 1 1 ^ n III » I ■ ■ iiiiwi "•i^mmmtm 

TuwdKy, April 9, 1912 



Bocckh's Famous Brooms and Brushes 

Bannister Brushes, c;ich 75c. 50c and 35< 

Stove Brushes, each 40c, 35c and > ^S^ 

Shoe Brushes, cacli 40c. 35c and , 2;><' 

Scrub Brushes, each 35c, 25c. 20c and • • • l^J 

Na>! Brushes, c:\ch 30c, .15c :iM'1 p^ 

Hair Brooms, each S2.00, ii5i.75 and ^\o^ 

Daubers, each 2or and ic^ 

Mop Heads, cacli ^^<^ 

Self-Wringing Mops, each ^^V 

Ohio Mops, cacii ^nt 

Dandy Brushes, each ^"v 

Hearth Brushes, each ^^^ 

CeiUng Brushes, each «"-! Xn 

Window Brushes, each • • • • • ^rir' l! 

Whisks, eacli 35c and".;..... • ^^J 

Barbers' Whisks, each .......••••••!•*••••*••»»*•••■* '^^ 

Sink Brushes, 3 for ♦>♦,,*. ••> ........ i •• •• -^^^ 

Mop Handles, cach^u.juiUji»t^.iiAXA»-t-v^.V • ' * v ' * * " ' ' ' £9 V 

I^'eather Dusters, each $1.50 and • • • '^ 

Double Spoke Brushes, eaibh •• • aa5 

Wire Clothes Line, each ySe and '^^ 

4fktQn and Hemp Clothes Uties, each 35c and *' 'osJ 

Children's Brooms, each . . i ^^J 

^y|^,^rooxns, each 75c. 60c. 50c and • «vfr 

III E\l1illlE 

Col, Thomson Leaves on Pre- 
liminary Reconnaisance — 
Island Road System to Make 
Park Its Focal Point 

1317 Government Street and 1316 Broad ^trfeet. 
Telephones 50» 5^ 5^- 

Ml w w . !-o9ter. deputy minister Of 
rill. lie woika for iV>c province, and Cot. 
Thomson, or Seattle, who hus been 
selpcteil by the K^vpinniPnt to make a 
ili,.i->im.-h unfl compreht-nHlvi; exploration 
.iiuona park, and lay out a com- 
11. ,>rosramme for Ita development 
,nci a related Bchein»«it trunk rOada 
ii.roughout tho iBland. Tefi y*«t*rdAy by 
lubtor for Port AlbettJl. .'^'_ 

From that new qfty "IK« 'l!»P«ty'"1Bnis 
Ifcter proceeds to Ucluelet and Clayo- 
qitct. Tirtth the purpose of pfrponally In- 
vroti^tihr "wd ctindtilona and reqnlrc- 
mentfl. In accordance with a promise 
8<»me time ago grlven to the district 
branch of the V. 1. Tt. U. TJie initiation 
of extensive operations by Road Super- 
intendent Parrott and his men will fol- 
low the deputy minister's visit. In con- 
nection wtth which It Is Interesting to 
note that Albernl district is peculiarly 
well situated in so far as beluR a for- 
tunate position to make Its road neces- 
sities clearly understood at Victoria, is 
c«tnc©rned, the recently elected nieml)er 
for the district havluK until a very 
ahort time a«ro acted as the road sup- 
erintendent for the constituency. 

Cbi. Thomson proceeds from Albernl 
^la Great Central lake, on a flying re- 
t B W B als s aw ee Tlrtt t o the — Ow t tl e lak e 

Woi>d, Cools street. Hlu- was accouipanleil 
by Mrs. D. Mei-RUlay. 

Dr. and Mrs. Brydone-Jack of Van- 
couver, have been .spendlnR tho past 
rcMV days la Victoria, aB Emvtress 
guests. * 

Mr. and .Mi- Xot-l llumphreya of 
Vancouver spent the latter part of the 
past week as the guests of friends In 

this city. 

VI. .<«!-.< W lliMincti Hi"i.l, A. H. 
limes X). Sword have been 
;mm...,^ Lut- ..iiK'ouvr visitors of the 
past few dayf 

Mr. C. W. 1>. <.'lirford, foniier : . in c 
Henlative Of Cas'siar In the Provincial 
legislature, l» paying the Capitsl a 

Mr. Thos. KIHh spent last week in 
Vancouver on business. Ho has but 
lately returned from a visit lo the Old 


Hon. Mr. A. E. McPlillllps. K.C.. Mr. 
B V. Bodwell. K.C.. and Mes.irs. W. H. 
BJlia and Q. V. Ryan, have returned 
from Vftncouven 

Amonir the many Victorlini* vUdtUi« 
Vancouver during the jMWlt; week have 
4Me»~U«Mrs. & h^MsldXi^^ 
i««, O. C. Saw and W. Jadnion. 

Mr. Henry »lve •* the Provlwkil De- 
partment of A«rlo«U»re, hm» reluir«*a 
from an official vUlt to the L.ower 

Mrs. John Kent has been among the 
recent vlellore from Vaneonrer. the 
guest while here o£ Mre, James WhUe- 


Miss Vi()let HIckey of Vancouver Is 
enjoying a visit with her many Vic- 
toria friends, the guest, while here, of 
Mrs. A. r. Oore. 

Mr. H. C. Brewster, Provincial Liber- 
al leader, ha» Just returned from the 
Mainland, where he was ntaking ar- 
rangements for the convention of his 
party to be i^ld on Thuraflay neat. 

Mr. JamcH McDonald, manager of the 
I'nlon Bank of Canada at Vernon, «.nd 
Mrs. and Master McDonald are the 

Angus Campbell & Co., Ud, 1008 10 Government Street 

Late Ideas In Waists 

Semi-Tailored Muslin Waists with detachable 
side frills. Iuul! and >lu.rt <1<'<m,-- "Cainp- 
Dcii s \ ante J'3-2ri ^'-' v"" • ^ 

Marquisette Waists with liiKli necks, side 
irills. louf^ sleeves, button back and tastily 
finished with lace trimmings. "Campbell's^' 
values $5.50 and .^.. • • .?4.75 

Muslin Waists wiih s(|uare neck?, short 
sleeves and embroidered fronts. "Camp- 
bcli's" values $3-25. $^'90, $2.50 and .^2.25 

Extra Large Assortment of Embroidered 
Linen-Lawn and Muslin, embroidered shirt l,,nu sleeves and, , double cun>^. 
•'Campbell V values from !C4.7; t'.. . . .$l.»o 

We Have an Exceptionally Good Assortment 
of Embroidered and hue iriumed Lmj^ene 
W aisls with ^h.M-i or Inn:: -^^leevcs. |y/^ 


Pongee Shirtwaists 

at !P3.90 

The Newest Things In Veils 

I I 

yard lensth.- 

Ooe Of the New Veil Features thi.s season is I Russian Net Veilings m . - , 

-kS.^S^»^ «j«. w-it f«, hla«fc. white. tiavv. . ready to wear, in black, white. 1 a\>, bro\v n. 

tl|p-S»ftIa»4 «i«ti¥^ i|> !?J*cl«. ****%*22i 

White Veil* are very favorable and of which 
"Car»>t>bt'"">" have an awfully good selec- 
tion in white lace with fancy .borders. Price!* 
from • fl.00 

taupe, violet, magpie afit[ jackdaw. I'nn- 
from 35c to ....../. i .••*>v. ;•>>*•. ..•»v^ 

Colored Spotted Veil«. Aaothet of thfi favored 
veilings «lwwn by us at pttces stgti^ 
from ••• 'W*"^^^ 

Trefousse Gloves 

Trefoowe "Dorothy" Kid Gloves, 2-dbme fas- 
teners, in all the new approved shades. F'er 
pair ....^1.50 

Trefousse white washable chamois Glove.*, 
per pair OO^ 

Trefousae Pique Glace Kid Gloves, in grey, 

beaver and tan. with fancv stitcWng. Per 
pair .^.00, 

Trefousse and Jouvin Suede Gloves, ;«-«ome ^ 
fasteners, in black, grey, white or tan. Per 
pair ?1.50 

Trefousse Elbow Length White Wa8ha^| 
Chamois Gloves, per pair 91.75 

guests of. Captain arid .Mfl MtlHlOSfl. 
2:111 McBrlde afenue. 

Among the flsher-folU guests for Easer 
at the Riverside Inn. Cowlchan Lake. 
w«r» MeasTB. J. P. MvCiUIMl!. Bpne, 
Powell. N. Oowon. Townaley •nd A. 
LaH^ley, all of whom motored out from 
this citjr. 

Hon. Dr. Toimc left for tlie mainland 
yesterday ttn<| last «veiTlnf ' to«k fwrt in 
the cOTemoB!«»i Incident tff tfce ofWiUttt 
of the xrew «*«NE#af «*«>«»<. Wort* y«*^ 

Mr. Vino««t H«rrl» WiMMpa «•«»«■ 
brida (n»0 Miss Mariit; P«*t<«f *!«*«• 
real) are apendlne ;0rtl» hiifte>mtt»n 
here, and will sbortly lak* tip OKit |r«»« 
Idence In V«inc0iiw«j||« 

Mrs. Prootw, *«c«iiip»»l#» bf htf 
Bone, Maatcira Liawrenc* aad Mitll* 
Proctor and MhMi Dsvla of ViaioiJMftW^ 
Is spvndina • f«w imnk* *lt> fr»ijfc*i 

Dr. Medd. «dltor « the "ik#rlcu!tut*l 
Jottrnal of Urltlah ColumtH*." ««« fdne 
to Ctelcary^ t<) aet •# J«a** «»f »« ^tial- . 
era and aMdIe tlaMNOl «t,tlic ^AttMrt* 
Btiitit IftorwB BhoW. 

Ur. AlHt. Md|>«SiWdtt, ft*^ Jlf tft», 
Victoria «<ttf Vfhc^tpf*f StwWNtttt C*. 
h«B returrtM tram v tmshimmwr .«Wtt 
to eallforrtl^, «• f»*»*to g»tppmti' 

f»»M i>rtak IB iH* 'mm^ *!« «**f • 

teHog actt«>.-' .'I'-" ■'"■ ■ -l.i. ■...'■.■" 
, Mr. ••tt^'Mm •Btfll/''*!"*!* ^*#!#»«» 

V«nc«uvet» yHtU^Mmy ittwa^ng v W0?« 
over to the miAW on tH* JMiWi Min;. 
to Piisnd a ««^ here on iNSJ* f»y >««^-t 
California. ■, ' ••',■• 

me «nsac«meBt la «iiMnino«|i of Sme ; 
Kallle SL Siayr ISWOIMI •»••»*•' «» W- 
ami Mra. H. W, May. WoertlUtfMlpiir'^!; 
C«wlch«to station, to Mr. WJlMlWi i*i!»f*i 
herd Barton, aoh of Mr. mUI MW. Artbti* 
». Barton, "Oled Holt." jOwuilafAlt Wft^e 

Among the »ewly-ni#rrt*« . iflip. i*<| M 
present visiting thW cUr •?• Mr. and 1 
Mm. WlWlatrt Harvey JRoWittMn .of , 
Vancouver, the latter having be« Hw» \ 
Annl^ «crlveft filHott of the •TennMmt I 
City. The marrtaife w*a aoleniulWtd b> 
Rev. J, C. il'Wttiei'. 

Mrs. Blaney h«8 return** frollll *#• 
lowna. wW*r« aha IWd *«eil Bliiftmonod 
to attend the tWfona Of het brother. 
the late Cohatibte Aahton. who W»# 
shot by a inrtaonar whom M *•♦ OtW* 
veying 10 Veriwni «w t»Utf «» * «»«arge 

of^robberjr. . ■■-.- ■-'?•'- 

■:^-;j;^-1g;^jj^-^-^fi:, ^tt{m, have left 

for their hothe In Cranbrbok, after a 
fortnight'* vlalt here. Mr. Small has 
dispose^ of hla Co«rt«M|l«a Hotel at 
Cranbrook ahd has ,w|pf:ipplng. over 
lh« business field here, with a y law to 
taklQ9 up his residence in this city, 
•" The Ciigagement is announccil of 
{miss m»»l;ija^lft:«^-<'fUK'u^i- "f ^i'-- 

tr»l Park. Th" uftfldlitf w 
of the social >\rtu .'iof the 



lElectnc Signs 


t^OT*t cost you anything to make 


-|fe^^ Electric Railway CIo*, Ltde 

U^t ind Power Department. Phone 1609 

and Strathcona park country, from 

which he expects to return In ten days 

I or a fortnight at latest, when he will 

i immediately proceed to organize and dls- 

! p£tcit ma parir«s for itus sefinon. Tnem 
I will numtter about fifty men all told. In- 
I cluaive of surveyors, road and bridge 
builders, botanist, photographer, etc. 

It Is Intended to employ the entire 
stmiBior in field explorations, aurveya, 
etc., and upon the report to be preaont- 
ed by CoL lliomson in th« autumn the 
plan to be adppted in laying but the 
island troak road syatam wtli also 
largely depend. 


*he Way to make yoar hair soft, fluffy and easy to dress 
i^ tq SfeatfiJ^o >;ifith 

- t HAlIt WASH 

This preparation is purely vegetabl*, thoroughly deanscs 
the hair and scalp, removes dandruff and promotes bead Com- 
fort. It has proven a popular- favorite with ladies. 
^ SC Per Packct-^Sfei iNickettJor a^ 

>;ew Suits end Coats 
are arriving dally l)y ex-' 
preas... _ , 

New Suits and Coats 
are arriving dally by ex- 







CYRUS H. BOWES, Chemldt 

isnm Government Street 

relei>bon||4J|| and 4SO 

Manufaoturers of Rough attd !»«•»«* TIIBlHrri, Dimensions. Boards, JSilp- 
lap, Flooring. Celling, SIdlflg. SlfllsWiHr, Mouldings. Etc. , 

Victoria Office 

If. J. ATAliWICK. .Xgfent. 

Talsphone Vo. 2371 


Mr. T>. W. HlggtiMr. of Tanoouver, 
waa in town ifor the week-end. 

Mr. A. W. Voirell has returned from 
a abort vlait .with MainUuidl .frienda. - 
Mr. Wilttam Sloan has rotamed from 
a fortafght'a visit ut Ottiita. 

Mr. €leorge A. framtt vlalted Vancau* 
v4Nr laat wMk. 

Mr. A. H. l>ongiaa. Vancouver, la 
spending a few daya in Victoria. • 

S*r. F. J. Hart of New" Weatmlnsler 
spent .ut week with ViOtorIa friends. 
Mr. Q. C. Woinrfold baa returned to 
N^w Westminiiter. • . 

^ lliaa M. El Btf on of Vancouver la pay- 
|lnt Victoria ffiei|dk a lAort ivlsit. 

||v. J. .€L Clarence of Comox ia spaiid* 
inar a few daya in the city. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Qrant of this- city 
sfHeBt laat week with Mainland frienda, 
Mr. A. T. Woodward of Vancouver 
spent last week here on buainess. 

Mias Clare Battle returned from the 
Mainland yesterday. 

Mrs. Price Bilison and family have 
rvttirnM t« ViMrnear* 

Mrs.^ W. "L. MoSrIde has returned 
from a visit with reiatives at Ladner. 

Mr. H. §. OHffitha has rt^tufned front 
a ahaf t atay on the Mainland. 

'Mr». 8ol Oppenhelhter of Vancouver 
ia visiting with her parents, Mr. and 
Mra. Simon, lielaer. 

Mr. H. 3. Cambie liaa returned to 
Vancouver after a ahort vlatt with Vte-^ 
toria frienda. 

»r. Harry HoWson, the well known 
mtntag man. haa left oh a tniitneaa 
Bilaalon to Winnipeg. 

JKrs. FVed KmbM'tOn of VernOri ia 
•lllMllnir a itlKirt hotlftiy with frleiida 

;Kii&^:iiiia--ii'v:1%«9M«lft> :, 

JCiiF^iiiiftf lUtit. Cl«r«kiii JBl CorboDiid of 
K^if Westmlnstar were attoRf i^eetit 
vfaftora from the t^tr MaiQlitlRit. 

lira. jp. p. and. MIsa Tennant of.Wl*i- 
hipeK have leh for home. : after a 
month's visit with Vlctbrlii ^IfianaB, 

Qr."A.; M. to we' of- Vl%iM«i^^W,|fl^^ 
joying a 'few' days•^:yl^rii';;5fi^t*^;.i(gi(^# 
Here. '" 

DOfli Hutohlaon of Vanoouyer 

;3b*«^i^-,i;rii^' kt at.. ^A%v",JM«a' 

-l^r^reen Trees anlSBrubs 

- For rictdwa— th* Bvorgreen city--*nd. now is the i>e8t 
tlrte to plant th# following which we have In fi««t 
class stock with aolM ««« «f «ne fibrous roots: Ce^lrus 
Seoaora. Wbaal, A.Mw»«*«» »»»»«»' cypress Blue pyra- 

♦rsj 8|>ni<fe: Bine. (h-lfttttfT, "WewWift Korway, Fir >o- 
VlJlS. Plnsapo laslocarpa ellM|C»J Sequoia; Pine, white 
msignls; "BWOdttim, CryptOinwto, Araucarla. ^-^l-w^Anjhj^^aBprHosa a^^^^ 

•■■'eiyfot- iMMWonai ael«i|«m.r. - ,.,„..„,.,-, 

^fXO»OWUIf IkO. 




BEST BUTs xm rAairiEi.D to-day *u «„,. 

„ ^rv:^%;ni:S":^>"'^^'n.K ;:.r:i^.:u^n;i;^::;u:ur:u^rer^:^Ss^anrsi^n«"^ ^.>.^ 

lVas« eloSL'fS^^^^^ . - ." icuoh.n -ahlnet. r,e.,t of enamel p.un.blng throughout. .n .v-ry .vav a 

home. Price S3960. Cash .l>^■''^ ^'■.^u^nr>■ yi:, pt nionn,. 

victoria, b. c. 

Bntrance— saywabd Bi.ocK.Bungalow ConstrucUon Co., Ltd 

Victoria's Beauty Spot 


is .^urp the fhoicest residential area on the coast. 

For quality and location U'PL.\NDS is Avfthrtfit a rival. 

IH'NT.KVY AVENL'E. directty adjoining and leading into 
L'PLAN'i-)S from OAK B.W , i's now. with the proposed 
street car extension on and through irPLANDS to CAD- 
l-lORO r..\>', the very mo«i advantageou.s place to acquire 

amy-: here.' 

Mr. M. S. «rllBn aitd Mr, F. B. War* 

r. II .«)pont Ihfc we«4c end tilth Vancouvei- 
! I ;i'nt1s. ; 

Mr. and Mrs. !>. H. M;m1 imvall haye 
ng the i)tts<t few ilii^.i with 

Mis. I'ltor Fergvi.sun iuij 
.M K. \'-r.\ 1 1. ■);.!. -1 son spent' the week. 
euU. Willi V'aiii 'Mivcr fvlends.; 

Rev. W. l,<"^ilo ''!:!>■ lias returned 
from a .nliort vL-iit with V.incouvet"' 

Mr. . X. Crawford ' 

lurncil • visit" With, v.- ■■ 


Mrs. Wni. W. Oardlner, Pandora av- 
enue, will not receive today nor again 
thlM^season. • 

'■. Mr. and Mrs. it. i'- U'Tisn-,, v.inoou- 
■ .r MTii.^ over on the I'rintess Alloc 

very early 


nev. L)r. Ciirrl"' 
has decided to !• 

the TV :' ^^-'• 

Sci(-ntinc aKriciilliirlst 
breeder and will l>e a 
to the district. 

lat," rrf Wf^r 

A fries, 


, ,,..:, ...I. ■ ^l nr- 

-Ulencf on the 

iiip old rttPVPiis 

ip fln entlniHinstic 

Hri ' ■ ■ ■ 


~\ R. Tabor, of Crlrter, Mo., 
, ...iblefl with affk l»«'ft<l«ich«' 
five y«-ar?<, wi- he^an tak- 

•h:.,nlH'rl;.ln-S Slip Im's 

of them ami they have 

!,.>., ,i..,.i,f. iR cilused hy 

>r which these 

I'speciiilly inteii.i ' Try 
and stay wci ' " 

For a few dav,-. I can ..ffcr the eighth lot from rr^LANDS 
on Dl'NLFA' Y for ^1500. and another lot. an in.^ide 'corner, 
in the same block, nearer Olympia Ave., for 1^1350. 

Magnificent view of sea and mountain frnm thi^ choice 


•IT 12 Government St.. Mahun I'.uilding. L.p.stair.s 

i Mr. and Mrs II. W. returned 

I by the steamer Princ- -\ • iiiiiie yes- 

; tcrday from the miiinland. 

j Mr. A. CoIe.«« sjient the Kastcr holl- 

! days' at the rtlver.'^idf- inn. fowlclian 

j Lake. 

Miss Nora Dootli. of North Vancouver, 
Ik the guest of -Mr. and Mi. v. Mjl.aron of 

i Shoal Bay. 

I Mr/ Michael Mnn.'^on, re-elected as 
ipfresntnatfve of Comox in the provln- 
linl loef'lature. Is spendinK a few days 

;: ; 1'.'.-" KiM^res?!'... ,_ .._. 

.Mr". Hiird»tte: florr^rfl. 
h;(i.':li»r M'ith rplatlvesi In Vuncouver, re- 
lumed to Victoria on tlid PrlnoevHS Alice 
yp.ttcrdfty, accompanied by her son. 

Mr.<!. W. Starr Goodwin. 1,^28 yRtcft 
street, will not be at home this eve- 
ntbK (Tiip.<<il«y) nor ngaln IIM fhf kpc- \ 
ond week In SeiUemh*>r, | 

.Mr. Harry Hunter;' ii w..-n known resi- | 
dent of Mp't'*'. i« inmovlna: to Vlctorlit I 
to make thf.'* •■nv nl? place of resi- 

Ml*. Wesley ISarle retui-nr»il to \»n- 
couver ye-slerduy afternoon utter .sjicnd- 




cure 1 1 

a di- 

TahlctH «rt» 

them, get well 

all dealers. 

Architects' and 

Transits. I..evels. Steel Tape*, 
Ti a win^ Boards, •"'■., .t 

The Victoria 

Book& Stationery 

Co., Ltd. 

Phone M. 10ft« a*»«rama*t St. 

Soysl Typewi-itarsi aaA Bniplra 



y.^n will alwav^ l.c proud of it. Dollar for Dollar, we can give yuu better value for 
vour money. Sec our new Self-5^tartcr. It is impossible to tell you all about tlie Ovcr- 
Ir nd in thic '^pacc. .Ask for a catalogue, or wt will give you a dcmon.stralion. 

THOS. PLIMLEY, 730 Yates, 727 - 733 Johnson St. 

•ii vou get It at I'limlcy'.s It's .Ml Right" 


Agreements for Sale 

^\■e have 850,000 to place in agreements which 'will bear 
inx cstigation. 


Telephone ^62 10.VIO6 P«*ntb€ftOtt ■ BI&dK ' 



, i_C J-Oiut.J.x4. 


v^ .« 

She Sails atoUymt 

Tti* Colonial PrIntInK and Publlahinc 

Company. I^lnUtM I^lablMty. 

llU-121t Uroad tilreot. Victoria. B. C. 

J. 8. H. MATSON. 


Delivered by carrier at 80 cenla per month 
It paid In adNttnce; «0c pur month If paid 
afl-jr the XUtti or e*ct\ month. «i»ii»u »/•.'•£- 
paid, to any pari of Canada, except iho city 
or »uburb«n diutrlcta. which are covered by 
our carrier* or the UuUed Kluifdom. at the 
lullowinK ralee: 

One Year »»•<'• 

BU Month. ..•• *•*** 

Three Monthe J-*' 

I-ondon Office: »0-»» Fleet Street. 

Manuacrlpt offered for eate to The Colo- 
nial mu»t be addri-eeed to the buslneae office 
oilicrwiBe iho company will not amume the 
reBponslblllty of thii roturn of »amo to the 
author. M. B. K. accepted by other tU&n 
iha business manager will not b« Dald fpfw 

public treasury. We may be asked why. 
If this Is true, a provincial or uny other 
giiaran-teo 1b iieceHBary. To this the an- 
swer Is two. First, guaraiuoed boncls 
sell better than those that are not 
euaianteed, and hence the capitalisation 
of the railway Is kept low. Second the 
guarantee shows that the government 
of the province regards the railway as 
one that Is necessary, and will be pro- 
nuble. In vicrr of -these fonnlrteratlona 
It is clear why Mr. McBrlde la Justlfled 
in taking the position that the railway 
dovflopnicnl of this province has only 
lairly hogun, and that a Judicious policy 
of provincial guarantees will not impose 
any actual liability upon the taxpayers. 




•• Mlt at t:ie otttee before » «>• ™- . ^l?-"^ 
— SSirtuiis to DUbHcatlon. No CHANOB ot 
-^t .^v^J be ?«%y*<1 *<w th»t time. q»3y 

later than Friday, 9 p. m.. «»'««; ''RTbe 
hie. small w-nt ad. copy, <««'^>. J""' °' 
received unUl 9 p. m. l^JJ^f^ "^fjm 
patrons shall not «>• d'wpolnwd wo wi^^ 
to notify advertlserti that this rule will no» 
be braken rafter April l»t. ^,^„,__. 

Tuesday, April 9, 


We find m some of our eastern Liberal 
exchanges expressions of opinion to the 
effect that British Columbia has assum- 
ed too heavy a burden in adopting the 
l..,,e»t >a»t»i.y pnliCY, The observa- 

Thc announcement that two of the big 
QennaR Htefttruhip compenUMi prOjpoBe 
after the completion of tt»e »B»ai»» 
Canai to carry emlgrante trom Europe 

_|p_ the^lrticlfle^ Co*^ 
AC to New York, plue only the canal 
dues. Is exceedingly important. It will 
nivan the very rapid c*»\onl«Ation of the 
vacant areas on this coaet. for we may 
.inc. very. eure that the German companies 
will not havo this neld to themselves. 

We are inclined to think this the most 
imporunt statement yet made public i* 
connection with traRlo by way of the 
Canal. BritlHh Columbia is vitally in- 
terested in it. A very Ui^o number of 
British emigrants would prefer this pro- 
vince to any other part of the continent, 
but the long rail Journey deters many of 
thim from comins here. Given rates 
substantially the same as to Atlantic 
ports, and tUe Inrtux of people into the 

It has been said that thf continuance 
of the dual monarchy of Austrian- Hun- 
gary, and with it the peace of Kurope, 
was dependent upon the life of Wanr 
Josef, the aged Emperor of Auatrid 
and King of Hungary. Kecent debates 
In the Hangarlan parliament oonflrra 
thla view. Recently the Emperor 
.threatened to abdicate the Hungarian 
throne, because ot interfereuoo with his 
military prerogatives. Thie led to a 
discussion in the course of which very 
violent attacks were made upon the 
king, emperor and his heir presump- 
tive, /the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, 
and especially upon the latter, 

Austria and Hungary have been 
united ever alnoe the Pragmatic Sanc- 
tion of 1723, bat their present relations 
were settled by What le known a» the 
Oomiwml*^ o« ^n- Thwe*l» « Jotot 
mlnUjtry which deftia with farei«n reit- 

.t^^^tinnn and 'rolllt«.ry. eJid na^ af faira 

who act with the eanotlon of represen- 
tative delegations from the two coun- 
Iritsa. tsdch of which exorcise control of 
all other matters of legislation and ad- 
ministration within Its own boundaries. 

Frans Josef is now in his eiffhty-sec- 
ond year. His Ufe has been far from a 
happy one, but he has constantly la- 
bored to diaoherge the duties ot his 
high and responsible office with an eye 
single to the welfare of his peopl-s. He 
Is now In the 68th year of his reign. 
His heir presumptive Is in his 49th 
year. Although a man of much ability. 
he is said not to be popular. He is a 
nephew to the Emperor. 

Invading armies oould make no progr.«B8 
towards the Interior, which about 1.600 
>«.arB affo swallowed up a tjreat horde of 
Huns, who disappeared as completely as 
it the earth had engulfed thorn. 

The explanation of the change in pub- 
lic opinion of six counties in Michigan on 
the local option question, whereby there 
wab a reversion to the licence system, is 
not dimcult to suggest. The change 
i» duo to tho failure to enforce the law. 
The trouble with nmny of those who 
favor the abolition of llr;uor licences is 
that they do not realize how necessary 
it is to piiiviiie for the enforcement of 
the law. No statute ever was framed 
that could enforce itself automutically. 
and those persons who seek to bring 
local option Into effect should also make 
up their mind that the ooromunity must 
iK- prepared to foot the bills necessary 




discussing the principle of reoiprbolty 
the Colonist contended that the details 

ot the arraasement were seeond^ry In 
their importance, and that the real ques- 
tion Involved was the making of an 
agreement with the United States. We 
pointed out that Canada had no guar- 
antee of permanency, and that a new 
party coming into power In that coun- 
try might reject any plan to which its 
predecessors might agree. The correct- 
ness of this view Is borne out by the 
fact that Col. Roosevelt, a candidate for 
the presidential nomination, taken a 
diametrically opposite view from that 
held by President Taft on this tiuestlon. 

I'rediction.s of an uprihing among the 
Indians of the Naas are again revived 
by Mr. John 11. I'lsher. a well known 
mining man. who has Just arrived in 
Vancouver via PrInco Rupert. He 
states that Alexander Wallace and 
Fred Renworlh, who have been pros- 
pcctlr.s on the Naas, hHV« Jii«t come 
from that locality and stale that the 
Indians are making serious threats 
against any whites who may come Into 
their particular territory. They said 
that, having made their way without 
Incident up the Naas river estuary as 
far as Mill Bay, they were proceeding 
Inland when met by such hostile ac- 
tions on the part of the Indians that 
they were forced to retrace their 
course. Fifteen other white men were 
also turned back by the. Naas Indians, 
who threatened to shoot any who pass- 
ed a point mentioned. Mr. Fl«b«f,: 
•tatM 'ibaV IMI asiced Chief Owen if h« 
WfUi •'iri^^ the serious situation ere- 
-JteSTBirtSiniEltltude of the Indians o» 
the upper Naas. and he replied that he 
dM not anticipate any serious trouble 
but that h» had communicated wlih 
headquarters and was prepared to send 
another expedition up the river If such 
action were deemed advisable. 

out his rash Intention. removed the 
cover of the septic tank In his back 
yard and drowned himself therein in 
three feet of water. The body was re- 
covered a few hourn later and the cor- 
oner's Jury returned a verdict of suicide 
by drowning while in a state of de- 

The Oat and the Table X>eg 
A well known family in Nelson has 
in Its possession a kitchen table that 
has been in use for over eighty years, 
during which tlmn various cats that 
they iiavf rioir. liniv to time possessed 
have sharpened their daws upon one 
table leg and one leg only until at last 
it has become so worn that it has had 
to bo removed and the table, suppl.led 
with a new leg. The old leg is retain- 
ed as a curiosity. 



Amendments To Present Law WIU It la 

Expected FoUow Oloaely Becom- 

meudatioBS of Commission 

Big aame Palls to Pistol 
Game Warden Jack Uruiham and liia 
friend Billy Adaniis of Nanalmo may 
rightly claim special honors as mighty 
hunters, they having a few days ago 
suteeeded In kl»Wn« fl> «even-foot four 
panther with no more formidable weap- 
on than a .82 Savage automatic pistol. 
Vhta la believed to be the .first iniitance 
on record of so large game being killed 
with so small a ftrearm. 

•W¥ ft "•"Fill ■«r*'»-TAT-^f)Wm 

BlrOnea my to Dawson. 
A company Is being formed in Daw- 
son to finance and carry into execution 
a daring adventure in air navigation 
that is probably without parallel ex- 
cept in the passage of the Alps a year 
or more ago. The programme In the 
rough is to secure the services of an 
aviator of the first rank to make a dis- 
tance flight from Vancouver to the 
Klondike capital, winning much fame 
for himself and Incidentally advertis- 
ing the Yukon on other lines than that 
or g u l d prtwiu e tl o n. — it t g co i Hend e d th a t 
the trip can be made without difficulty 
over the Chllkoot mountains. The 
flight win be a feature of an aviation 
meet In midsummer, in regard to which 
negotiations are In progress -t^th the 
Wrtght Brothers, Famum, Fish and 
other famous birdmen. Invitations will 
also be extended to Mr. McCurdy, Mr. 
Gibson and Mr. J. B. Woods of Vic- 
toria, and Mr. Stark of Vancouver. 

]>oir and Oat Sospital 

Prominent ukembers of the S. P. C. A. 
at Vancouver are circulating a petition 
which in due course will be presented 
to the city council asking for the es- 
tablishment and maintenance as a mu- 
nicipal insUtution of a hospital for sick 
and injured horses, dogs, cats and oth- 
er animals. 

Arrast Oblokeas for Trespass 

Acting under Instructions from the 
authorities of the city, the police of 
South Vancouver last week arretted no 
fewer than twenty-two chickens which 
had been apprehended in the act of 
trespa^B. The owners— not the fowls 
Hy — a pp ^a f wd bSK- 

Although the ntxt session of the 
British Columbia legislature is as yet 
nine months In the future, preliminary 
preparation of legislation to be pre- 
sented to the house upon Its assembling 
on the Ittth January Is already com- 
manding attention. It is exp<.ct»«.! thm 
one of the tlrst government measuroH 
of the new session will be that aft'H-t- 
Inif various reductions In taxation and 
rean-angi;mentK In the assessment sys- 
tem, based wholly or in large measure 
upon thie recommendations contalived In 
the exhaustive report of the Royal com- 
miH.slon on taxation which went into 
lliLse matters last year. 

It was ! liive been expected 

that the " f the government 

would take the ground they did during 
the reeeot campaign, and either declare 
or it l^t BU£[geBt that taxation .re- 
ductions are not sincerely contf9jtR0lated 
by the government in power. * • 

"N&thing at' an df the 1fl!iar~TliI« 
Premier McBrlde In this connection. ya% 
terday, "W<» propose to do Just as wa 
Intlmatvd in the legislature, and iBtrG- 
duce legislation next session provldlnc 
for reductions in various phasbsof tax- 
ation, this legislation. I have every 
reason to expect, following closely on 
the lines -of the Commission's report 
and recommendations." 



barge Oongregatlons Attended All Ser- 

▼loes Celebrating ohlof Xvaat 

of the Christian Bra 

tncmHt'lvuH BUba e qti e w 
fore Magistrate McArthur. 

The joyful peal of the bells on Easter 
Sunday drew hundreds of worshippers 
thfouaih the portala -ut the dt Iterant CiUy 



tlons to this effect disclose upon their 
face that the/ were made without very 
seilous consideration, and that they are 
nsBplred rather by a feeling of hostility 
towards the Conservative provincial gov- 
ernment than by a desire to promote 
ibe provincial welfare. They do not 
profess to believe that the railways pro- 
vided for are not necessary, nor do they 
endeavor to show In what other way 
iHiiOt construction oould be secured. They 
wieni satisfied with saying that Mr. Mc- 
Brlde has done wrong. In one or two 
instances they have been recWess en- 
ough to say that the credit of the pro- 
vinoe has been endangpred- We submit 
tt,at British Columbia Is enUtled to 
lalrer treatment than this, that the exi- 
gencies of party warfare do not JuaUfy 
Juose statements that cannot be sup- 
ported by facts. We have been accus- 
tomed to having the province neglected 
by the eastern press, but have hitherto 
•scaped partlzan misrepresentation. 

The people of British Columbia ara 
|»robdbly quite as quallOed to farm an 
opinion of what the province needs, eatt 
arbat It can afford to do as any partisan 
•cMi>e on an eastern newspaper. The pro- 
vince requires development even on a 
Ifirger scale than hae been provided for, 
and It will stand by the administration 
which has the courage and foresight to 
provide It. Heavy liabilities have not 
been assumed. Up to date the bonds of 
the Canadian Northern Pacific tor 900 
miles, approximately, have been guar- 
emi^ed. These are virtually the bonda 
cf the Canadian Northern for the pay- 
ment of Interest and principal Is guar- 
anteed by the latter company Unless 
w« are prepared to admit that a trans- 
continental railway In Canada cannot 
nieet the interest on 136,000 a mile for 
VOO miles of Ua length, the provincial 
lU^lUty in this respect la purely nom- 
inal- The aid extended to the Kettle 
RUer Villey railway wiU be paid ont of 
revenue, and so will the analt aaalataaoa 
given to the Canadian Pacific in connec- 
tion with the Kaslo and Slocan.. There 
rthialns the line from Vanoouvar to 
Fort Geojnge. a tto* whicn. In <WBr h«mbje 
Judgment based uj»on soirne ktibwledge ,of 
the country, will pay from the day It Is 

built. It la teiia tto«;t «i# »tt)!ffn» 1^ 

i>.u covenant -from- -any— tranacoh M h wntal 

province will be very large. 

In all probability not one of us realises 
what the opening of this waterway will 
m.ean to Western Canada. 


The local Lweral organ says that Mr. 
McBrlde's railway policy goes "to an 
extent far surpassing the requirements 
of the country." May we be x>ermltted 
to ask which of the railways secured 
by this policy It regards as unneces- 
sary? Here Is a Hat of them: 

The Canadian Northern Pacific from 
Yellow Head Pass to Vancouver. 

The Canadian Northern Pacific from 
Victoria to Barkley Sound and thence 
towards the north end of the Island. 

The Kettle River Valley railway from 
Midway to Merrltt. 

The Kettle River Valley railway from 
Coldwater Junction to Hope. 

The Canadian Northern from Kam- 
loops to Vernon and Keiowna. 
The Kootenay Central railway. 
The Kaslo and Slocan railway. 
The extension of the £3. A N. railway 
towards the north end of the island. 

The railway from Vancouver to Fort 
George. ' ' 

The ferry connections between the 
Uland and the mainland. 

If this policy surpasses the require- 
ments of the. province, some one or more 
of these railways must be superfluous. 
May we respectfully inquire which of 
them our contemporary so oharaeterisea? 

In Toronto on the 2nd. there was a 
heavy . snow dnd freezing weather. The 
daily dbspatches tell of unuaually se- 
vere floods on the Mississippi. One day 
last week Manitoba had its heaviest 
snowfall of the year. In Los Angeles a 
weelt ago the weather was decidedly, 
cooU All along the Pacific coast the 
season has been unusually dry. There 
is no record of a warmer winter In the 
Yukon and Alaeka. The same thing Is 
true of northern British Columbia. Here 
in Victoria we have a remarkable win- 
ter In respect to precipitation, which 
has been low, and as regards brigHt 
sunshine, which has been exceptionally 
great. We have praotlcally i»ad no se- 
vere weather »ia<* «Se'WM»w atorm 
that came early in November. Fifty 
years ago the coast regions of British 
Columbia experienced the aaverest win- 
ter known by white men. This has been 
evident from the dally reproduction ot 
Items from .the Colonist af that date. 
It may be recalled that one of these 
atated that a number of cattle bad been 
loat in Saaalcta by rsa»o»W l*e wea- 
ther. In the r«pk>rt of tha explorations 
nuede by the lata Mr. Hompbrey in the 
Homathoo valley in the fall df 1801, 
he teUs of the severity of the season. 
He speaks of th« Indians llvtng In 
huts covered by the snow, out of which 
they emerged naked as h« and hlsipartr 
went by. The late Oeorge Holyoke. of 
SeatUe. aald that In tha winter of 1801 




company In connection with this tall- 
way, but we venture to aay no one will 
deny that If this company should de- 
fault tipon Its bonds and the province 
had to take It over, any of the trans- 
continental liWHI KfOuid. gladly give a 
handsome bonus for the , privilege of 
securing the railway and relieving the 
province of any liability In resiMSct 
thereto. No such eventuality Is likely 
ever to occur, for a north and south line 
tiirough British Columbia Is certain to 
I !(>ve a very profitable railway. 

We claim, therefore, tnat the liabil- 
ities assumed by the province to secure 
railway construction are nominal and 
rot actual, and hence that the ability 
of the Legislature to extend assistance 
111 necesnary railway lines Is far from 
1. iriK exhausted. If the construction of 
ri.llwRys in this province can be secured 
on such terms as were accepted by the 
( >.mpanlo» that have been aided, the 
government need not hesitate to go 
phead. The worst that 'an possibly 
iK.ppen in any case is that the province 
might have to take over the lines, and 
tiieso .-it 135,000 a mile would be a bar- 
KHln. If the province did not wlah to 
opfintf them, it could readily dispose 
of them to the transcontinental compen- 
But no one. v/ho 

A Nanking daspatch saya: "Dr. Sun 
Tat Sen. for- i«ir provisional president of 
the republic, sailed today for Wu 
Chang." This may be taken aa the oloaa 
of one of the most rtonarkabla chapters 
In the history of the world. The niiis- 
trated London News «f last, weak con- 
tained the rcprodujctlon of a pbotograiph 
showing this dtatlngulshed atatesman 
walking between two long lines of 
trOjOfP* with their firms at tha "present." 
Assuming that be possesses the ordin- 
ary feelings of mankind, bla emotiona 
on th<e occaslMi most Iwva tNH» •uaKi 
aa no language^ can adequataly describe^ 
Not long ago. '^within a year in fact. 
th«l>« Wai a priea upon Mi head, irbleb 
41 4W aw* fWUUHW Mil ■mtt aum »t 

knows anything 
about the i.owlbl.> development of the 
Prairie country, or who appreciates the 
potentialities of trans-Paclflc commerce, 
c:r hflB an adequate Idea nf the resource- 
fulness of British Cohnnbin, will con- 
...cln for a slnKle moment that a com- 
plete system of railways through this 


will ever piovc a burden to the 

1100,000. And y«t ha want>abont his 
work for the iamelloratlon of China 

without taking any precautions at all, 
except that he did not go to China. 
Not very long ago he was asked -why 
It was that he walked about Liondon 
Indifferent to the fact that hla death 
at the hands of an assassin would be 
80 rlahly rewarded by the Chinese gov- 
ernment. His answer was characteris- 
tic of the man. He said: "Whether I 
live or die la now a master of indiffer- 
ence. There was e time when my life 
was Important to the cause to which I 
dedicated It; but the work has been well 
begun and nothing can atop It now." 
When he landed at Nanking to tatoe part 
In the revolutionary movement he was 
yet under condemnation by the Peking 
authorities una hla death would have 
been welcomed, and thoae who might 
have brought it «bout would haVo been 
made wealthy for life. But nothing 
deterTe<l him from following the line 
of duty. When he was urged to take 
the preeldenoy of the new republic he 
declined until he was convinced that 
he was the one man capable of filling 
the position at that particular jumcturo. 
but ho mnde way promptly for Yuan, 
best fltte<l of all Chinese statesmen for 
the task of moulding the destinies of the 
hoped-for Chinese republic. 

We shell search history In vain for 
anything more gran-dly heroic, more 
completely self-saorlflclng, more 

courag»-oij» and more patriotic then the 
conduct of Dr. Sun Yat Hen. Ho Is 
not only an honor to his race, but to 

•8 he to<rit a horse aoroaa Hood'a canal 
on tha Ice. There la no aatlafactory ex- 
planation of these varlatlona «f meteor- 
ological conditions and temperature over 
tbe continent, atwh , %• *»»»• *•«*' •*' 
perlenoad during the paat winter, 
or of the great difference batween the 
ollmata of the aama loaalltiea auc^i aa 
ai« noted above In reapeet to 1888 and 
1912. It has been aliased that the Kuro 
Siwdi, o^ ilapaaeae currant, la liaarar 
inahore alodg the Amerlcais' coaat thla 
year than ever before; but wa ai» not 
awara that this baa bean prdved. Spapk- 
lu$a:,Stolik day to day axp«rl*»o* *• 
ahoUld aay tha* there itava baan fa*«r 
amithwaaterty wtioda during tha laat 
'^tlx fBpi^tha thiii W« uaualiy have at 
tbi» <ti«n« *' t*"* y«»t. and alnoat aA 
entire Absence bf adufittaaaterly ^tormpi 
Wa do notwcail a BUM fii ^^ ^^ ^* 

aieeka Seoartty Tor Costs — On Friday 
next the aty will apply to Chief Justice 
Hunter for an order for security for 
costs in the action which Barnum, the 
hypnotist, is bringing against the city 
for damages to the amount of $26,000. 
The city's defence will be filed Immedi- 
ately, and the action, will soon come be- 
ftJre the courts. 

acalahat Statton — Work was begun 
yesterday on the new station which the 
C. P. ^. Is building at Malahat. which 
will be the name hereafter of the stop- 
plng-plaoe so long known by hunters 
and fishehnen as the Summit The sta- 
tion will be In the usual artistic style 
of C. P. R. buildings, and will be some 
eighty feet long, with a freight store- 
room forty feet In length. 

aiad ■nddaalar— Mr. Wilfred pollard, 
who has been a long tlnle resident of 
the city, died suddenly on Sunday morn- 
ing at his home In James Bay. He Waa 
a member of the Longshoremans' Union. 
A post-mortem was held yesterday by 
Dr. Bapty. and an Inquest will be held 
this morning. The funeral will be held 
*Ti Wednesday afternoon at 2,80 o'clock 
under the auspices of the union. 

Wtit 8K01A 8Bataddfod--On May 82 
and 23 next the first Eisteddfod ewer 
held on the Pacific coest will take place 
at the Opera House at Vancouver, When 
Welshmen from all over, the province 
will foregather to take part in tMtt, the 
most knctent. of their institutions. The 
committee includes several well-known 
Welsh residents of Vldtoria. and Hon. T. 
W. Paterson. Hon. Richard McBrlde, and 
his worship Mayor Plndlny, Vancouver. 
are the patrons. The cotnpetltion Is 
held under the auspices of the Van- 
couver. Cymrodorlon society, and the 
subjecta are musical, literary and art- 
istic The programme giving details of 
the different events may be procured 
erora the Eisteddfod secretary. P. O. 
box MM, Vancouver. 


xannoattaa Vona Oolaay 
A first conUngent of about fifty 
Manitoba Mennonttes has arrived In 
Nelson, the forerunners of about four 
hundred of this peculiar sect who pur- 
pose taking ul) land In the Whatshan 
valley. P. H. Welbe, who made a tour 
of British Columbia last summer as 
advance man toe the Mennonlte set- 
tlers of St Anne. Man., selected this 
valley aa the most sultahle for his peo- 
ple in soutttern British Columbia, and 
brought out a first party of eight last 
autumn who have been working all 
winter In preparation for the arrival 
of the several parties now on their 
way west A sawmill Is to be erected 
at the settlement and about half a mil- 
lion feet of timber has already beau 
felled. .All these Mennonlte coloplsts 
have been engaged In farming on the 
Prairies, and t'he 'first brigade are 
bringing aevwt caMoads of maahlnary 
and etteota with them.' AH Intend to 
go In for fruit farming on an extensive 
scale. ' . ■ . 

Itoaaa to Baalli »aa» wtmOm 
A peculiarly sad case Is reported 
from Ferula. In the neighbourhood of 
which city Mrs. Tbomaa Waklem met 
her death a ieW nigbta ago under es- 
pecially pitiful circumstances, Mrs, 
Waklem waa a lady of many deeds of 
charity, and when her husband return- 
ed home a few evenings ago «nd found 
her absent he concluded that abJ had 
bean called In by soma neighbor and 
thou^t no more about her absence 
until the night passed without witness- 
ing her return. Search was then made 
and li waa found tha^ Mrs. Waklem 
had gone to the spring a short distance 
her home for a pall of 

Bear Cuba Oaptnxad in City 

Almoet as curloufl an incident Illus- 
trative of the rapidity of city growth 
In the west as the career of the Stan- 
ley Park cougar is reported from the 
Point Orey section Of Vancouver, where 
last week two lusty little bear cubs 
were captured allve-^nd this in *lght 
of a city upwards of one hundred thou-, 
san population boasting all the acces- 
sories of advanced civilisation. The 
mother was not seen. 

xaiowna wiu sava 3>ayUgbt 

Kelowna's city council is at present 
giving consideration to a by-law unpre- 
cedented in British Columbia history, 
being modeled on the Unas of the fam- 
ous British daylight saving bill. The 
Syla* \» fatl#red*by <?oan. G; G. Rosa 
and provides for advancing all Ke- 
iowna clocks On« hour during the sum- 
mer months— from the let of April un- 
til the Slat August. The only objec- 
tions taken were based upon possible 
confusion arising ii^ transportation con- 

The growth of interest in ttlUury 
mattara throughout Canada fa an en- 
couraging aign ot national development, 
attd la worthy of the aupvort of evry 
public aplrtted and patriotic cltli!«.h. 
The old prejudice agalhst what was 
commonly termed "militarism" Is 'pass- 
ing away, and all true Canadlana aara 
oomlng to realize the truth of the old 
Roman saying "If you Wish for jieaise. 
^•^J*«P«ra,«^^r wat." ■;. 

In viwtWa, the extreme V««ttrn oui- 
n^t jWf tha British Empire, this, new 
■ rt t a i i l mwt li h aaa inhig 1ii<jrwiaHHf)y 



suffering from an affection of the heart 
she had collapsed, and. unable to move, 
had lAln on the pathway all through a 
bitterly cold night, her feet and hands 
being f rosea and her sufferings by ex- 
posura auoh that aha died the following 
day. ; ' 

ter when a passenger out of Vlctorta 
for Vancouver hfid any reason to an- 
ticipate a apeclally uncomfortable voy- 
,age. : ■ ' • ' 

If ever there was a country that did 
not know when It was w*ll off, it was 
Mexico wUh'Dlas as prealdent 

Mrs. Eva Bertallon, of North Taklroa. 
Washington, has Just been fined one 
cent for drowning her irtfant .daughter a 
fpw hours after birth. Who; shall here- 
after say that life Is cheap across the 
border? At this rate a man would be 
fined as much as two-bits for killing 
another. ' 

It occurs to us that a great deal too 
much is made over what la due ^ the 

veterans of the Fonl,an raid. The 
ol $100 la a welcome recognition of their 
eervlcea. but there is not a man of them 
who went in the field with any other 
hope of reward than that which comes 
from duty performed. The modern no- 
tion that when a man does what he 
ought to. he should be given a pecuniary 
reward If. Altogether fallacious. 

afi4aii8'"te.- twwrth; ■ a*'' "Mi*"' ■ «*wia«rtililJ- 
W^i^>.ot 'the: miUtlit'-' the -Fifth . 
l^pSiftt is using every effort to in- 
crease Its numbers and with gratifying 
success. The different companies are 
showing a keen rivalry in securing de- 
sirable recruits, and honorable mention 
must be riiade in this connection of the 
activities of No. 1 Company. 

The officers and non-commissioned 
offloera of this Company have realized 
that there are numbers of young men 
who would very gladly Join the mllltla 
if only they knew how to set about it. 
Many of them arc too shy to go down 
to the drill hall and offer their ser- 
vices, others do not know to whom to 
apply for the purpose of getting en- 
rolled. Thus, in the past, many good 
men have been Utst to th«. mllltla, who 
would otlierwlse by now, to their own 
and Canada'n grpat benefit, have be- 
come stalwart and worthy members of 
the citizen soldiery. 

With a view, therefore, to Improving 
this stiive of 11 Ing''. and In order that 
every facility shall be placed In the 
way of men desirous of joining, a re- 
cruiting sergi^nt for No. 1 company 
I has been placed in the drill hall, wl'fro 
ht can be found by intending appHcnntn 
on Monday.s. Tuesdays and Wednesdays 
at any time between 7 iui'l 9 In the 

.Witt- Ij^^rned MaOat tovmf 
H. B. H. the Duke of Connaug^t. as 
chief of the Canadian Boy Scouts, has 
approved of the award of a silver med- 
al to scout HittfltCllne of Vancouver 
for his galla^'^ipwiwct In rescuing a 
^BBflpryeaT-old- "girl- from drowning *t 
OH^h's Landing on the 1 4th of last 
July. Tlie recipient of this honor la 
himself only a few months older than 

Kvldence multiplies that the campaUn 
carried on by Italy in Tripoli ha.s mna« 
no substantial progresH. There can be 
no doubt that If the Italian government 
had foreseen the dimculUes to ho en- 
countered, the expedition never would 
havo been sent out. Northern Africa 
always waa impen^lraffTS by European 
forces. Even In the days of Borne, when 
ppparenlly climatic conditions were bet- 
ter owing to mor- general foresUtJon, 

the child Whose rescue he effected. The 
silver medal of the Boy Scouts Is In 
the form of a Maltese cross and bears 
the words "For Saving Life" with the 
lUur do Its crest of the association and 
the scouts' motto "Be Prepared." 

ramlly of Eight Disappears 

Nicola Inscn7.a, an Italian . living at 
427 20th avenue east. Vancouver, has 
reported to the police. a case of disap- 
pearance that is probably without par- 
allel in all Amerloo. He stales that 
his wife and seven children have been 
lest for a week past, and he has no 
Idea where they havp pone or of the 
reason of their disappearance. The 
family consl.sts or four boys— nged nine 
six end two years, and eeven months— 
and three girls— aged twelve, eight and 
three. Mrs. T^en«a if described as a 
dark-haired and dark-eyed woman of 
thlrty-elffht. ppcaklnB very Utile Kng- 

Big oat Is Much sought 
l,„Ui Island, on the .Lower Fraaer. 
U -thronged with hunters Just at pres- 

iro ^tvnta JQvafMA" Jnuttsh 

One of tha distinct curloattlea of the 

recent general elecUon campaign in this' 

province Is found In the fact that In 

the town of Gorbin. In the constituency 

of Fernie. the Socialist candidate who 

unsuccessfully opposed Hon. Mr. Rosa 

found It Impossible to hold a meeting 

although counting numerous supporters 

In that mining centre. Tha explanation 

is found in the fact tlmt the mining 

compa«y does not agr*e iWltb Socialist 

doctrines. And as the mining company 

owns the entire town, what it says goes. 

On this occasion the conipany said that 

there should be no Socialist meeting in 


VroTldlag cixoumstantial Svidanoa 
Provincial Constable George Qunn, 
who makes his headqtiarterB at Creston, 
is a strong believer Hi ;tBc 'raWe dl 
clreumataiWHa avl^ience. Or else Is *rtev- 
ously mi«|*#a4,by, the loqa newspaper. 
According to the Creston Review, Con- 
stable Ounn has been having a hard 
time of It ot tote with , a*i^iiK«Ben\ 
chicken thlevi* deXiahdable evldaOM be- 
ing hard td 'gat' He has now publicly 
adv)a«d tha owners of chickens to guard 
tham by Biiht UBlihg shotguna Pellets 
of shot extracted from the bodies of 
suspected poultry pilferers, he stated, 
would be accepted by the courts as ex- 
cellent corroborative clVcumstantial tes- 
timony. • • ■ 

A City With 24 Voters Only 

" .Tflft.^H ^ W i^ the first council of the 
new Pa'aife>'lM*ho«ird city of Port Al- 
bernl does not appear to have involved 
any rancorous canrpalgnlng, the choice 
of Mayor Waterhouse and his support- 
ing aldermen having been brought about 
by a process of elimination at q series 
of meetings, . resulting in the choice of 
the first council by acclamation. As 
there are only twenty-four registered 
property owners In Port Alberni, the 
task Of agreeing to a programme of 
action was a comparatively easy one 

churches, where the usual brlghA serv- 
ices of thanksgiving and praise were 
held, many Including special music ap- 
propriate to the great festival. 

The Anglican churches throughout - 
the city were beautifully decorated 
with Howsrs. the colors used being 
chiefly white and yellow, lilies signify- 
ing purity and innocence and golden 
daff.odlls the promise of the aprlng here 
and the eternal spring hereafter. Christ 
church cathedral waa crowded at both 
roaming and evening aervlcea. TlM> '-can 
of Columbia occupied. the pulplt^JiB, the 
morning, and this lordship^ Puhop 
Roper. In the evening. i«-w. 

There were large congregations at all 
services of the .Metropplitan.ohjjrRh. A 
feature of ;l^- ttsornioaf Jser/lCCj&u? tlie 
baptism of flve children, and the recep- 
tion Into the church of forty jr<«angpeo- 
I pie. and the sermon preached by the 
pastor. Rev. t!, E. Hoiling. was special- 
ly Intended for the many young people 
tn the church. Mr. Edward piatsons. or- 
ganist of the church, gave aft organ re- 
cital In the evening, assisted by Mrs. 
Hargreaves. 'cellist The evc»lh«. wor- 
ship took the form o' * ■**^H|J^'^^_;^ 
feattire of .. wMcJji; .jyas;' MlisaalSii^Jlirf's. 

t>ea^^^««lMB«; *^;^*^#^^«^''" 
from> Mendelaaobn'B ••Eiyan>.'! 


•W Tortt ▼isitora Bellgited with 
Waaler Oondlldona in This Busiest 
of Ooaat dttea 


ent. all on the track of a cougar 

equal In 


Oonoert at Katohoeln — Mr. and Mrs. 
aideon HIclts. MIs.s Rva Hart and Mr. 
liarmond have kindly promised to sing 
«t the concert to bo given In the Mfel- 
chosln h»'>'i on Tl>u(-«d«iy 
suOh acceptable talent 
th« artistic success of 
inent Is assared. 

nest. With 
from tlip city, 
the enlertaln- 

muat by de.scrlptlonfl grlven 
^ls!e the late celebrated pirate of Stan- 
_ . ^x. . ..„i,.^«i •urna lout spen on 

Nelfl Nelson-8 ranch, where It was dis- 
turbed while devouring ft coM 
bark It had broken. 
A'nncouver sportsmen 
of dogs Joined In the chase last week, 
hut without locating the big oat or ev- 
gnttlng a fresh trail. 

XTpwardx nf fifty 
with a multitude 


Wasted SITort 
From the Nicola country comes 
story of a pathetic Illustration pf mis- 
directed enthusiasm and wa-sted elTort. 
the hero (or victim) of the story bcinR 
Mr. William Murray, who has for .some 
time been prospecting at One-milo 
creek, forty-two miles out of Merrltt. 
When the provincial elections came on, 
on the 28th of last month. Mr. Murray 
hiked all the way In to town, through 
snow that reached to al>ove his knees 
in many places, In onler to cast his 
vote for Mr. J. P. McOonnell, Then he 
hiked bock again to his claim. . 

"1 always said that whenever he ran 
for parliament in Yale I'd vote for him 
If 1 had to walk a hundred miles to 
do It," Mr. Murray explained on his ar- 
rival In Merrltt, "and here I am." 

All of which goes to show tUat the 
,-lB,nnhlp of the brethren or County 
Hnice eclipses the Davld-and-Jonathan 
unity and relegates Damon-and-Pythlas 
devotion to the dull discard. 


Very much) enamored »' th« eapltal city 
of B.C. and intending to niake another visit 
here with an eye t» ItiyeMments. a party of 
business men from SyMWuse, New ^ork, 
chaperoned by J. t.. Bind* of the Crouse- 
Utaids company, and August Flnck, Jr., ot A. 
FIncfc A Sons, wholesale shoes and leather. 
•pent yesterday In the «lty. guests at th' 
Pomlnton hotel, Iteavlng en route home 
the evening. They had just completed i; 
tour along the Pacific coast from San Diego 
north, but In all tholr travels they saw no 
piece which impressed them as did Victoria. 
"We had heard very favorable references 
to Victoria before we. teiched the city, ann 
we weire prepared to, see a very beautiful 
place. We did i|0Js,.*«q?«=<' however, to find 
such a very btUHr* an« .progrewlve centre, 
said Mr. Hind. "IWirltJg from the acUvlty 
onyour streets.. I would say that Victoria Is 
perhaps the. busiest city today on ihe en- 
tire Pacific coasts Of the climate wo can- 
not eey too much. It U easily the most 
delightful that *e heve experienced In the 
course of oar travels, and we can go farther 
auA say that It" beats anything that ever 
cain^ within the ra nge of our ohse rvation." 

Football BesuUs 
English League 
LONDON, April 8. — Following are the 
results of league soccer matches played 

Saturday: . 

First Division 
Blackburn Rovers 2. Manchester City 


Bury 2, Bradford City l>. 

Liverpool 1, Aston Villa 2. 

Manchester United v. Newcastle 
United postponed. 

Mlddltabrough 1, Bolton Wanderers 


Nott."? County 1, Oldham Athletics 1, 
Sheffield Wednesday 0, Woolwich Ar- 
senal 0. 

Sunderland 4. Kverton 0. 
Tottenham Hotspur 1, Sheffield Unit- 
ed 1. 

Second Division 
I^arnsley 2. Grimsby Town 2. 
Birmingham 4, Burnley 0. 
Blackpool 1, Clapton Orient 0. 
Bradfora r>. Gainsborough Trinity «. 
nirby Cniintv 1, Wolverhampton Wan- 
<l(>rer.s 1. 

]<'ulhain 4, l^clccster Fosse 1. 
GlosRop 1, Chelsea 0. 
HiHlilcrHfleld Town 1, Bristol City 2. 
Hull City 2, Notts Forest 1. 
Stockport County 1. Leeds City 1. 

Scottish League 
GLASGOW, April 8,— Following ar« 
the results of games played on Satur- 
day: '' 

Aberdeen l, Morton 1. ^ 

Falkirk 2, Kilmarnock 0. 
Alrdrleontans 2, Hearts 0. 
Hibernians 4, Partlck Thistle •. ^ ^ 
St. Mlrren 1. Dundee 1. . ^ f 

Third Lanark 1. Motherwell 1, 

English Rugby 
ijUNiXJN. Aprif S. ' — S««wr 8»^^ 
played on Saturday resulted as toUoWa: . 
Newport 45. Bristol 8. 
Swansea 10. Harlequins «. 
Devon U. Old Merchant Tallorg It. 

Drowned in geptio Tan* 

William U Wi'iilnm* of Vancouver 
«. fit of despondency 

la«t week deter- 
to commit suicide and. carrying 

Tbe Xan aad Vbm OOldaa 9n 

E^jB— that la fteah eggs--were in 
strong demand in Fort Oeorgu last 
month at |8 per dosen, or two-bits each, 
while In the Bulkley valley tlj^fy were 
selling at Just fifty p«r 'ieot of this 

A branch of the American 'Ilttitt*i|tt4>« i 

Eaectrloal Engineers has bftftft orgWttWf 
In Vajftoouytfr. j. ^ ' ,_ _ -^ 

Fred. Btorck. one of, .. tha ^ t .llll.''ii>iJ- ' 
printers of -.Ihe nol'th ■"wf«!KSffii'"jB|2 

at Prtaoa BuiNtxti ^^ 


TTtiesday, Ap'-il "?. ■'Oil 







W h 


OflWoes' C<||||f :^.t# -SpC^; ,^^jE)ipill?, 


|oiO(i lc>pldngi*--thus our aim 

FINCH & FINCH, Ladies' Outfitters, The Shrine of Fashion 



Jas. Maynard 

The Home of Good Shoes 


"To b»v« fc*JwD» •* nv own." I will 
ttolM you • howw on yonr vacant lot 
on term* to Mt yMirMlt' 

D. H. Bale 

Contractor and BuUder 
Phone 11*0, 
Fort and Stadacons St. 


Tho latest publications, beaujtl- 
ful reproductlona in color of 
DickeoB' BubJectB hir Ludovlcl, 
Just received. 

See our windows. 

i- wf ,-t(j 


i'lri ...rJ 

X:4k^ 4:*S?««S^*^'^ '' 


3, ^k'^ 


1018 'Oovernmeat BticMt. 


ffhe twst Oalt c^jllc^s*^^!*** «►« '*»* 

-'f '.■•-'■ j'% - .' - ' MiAfttvM*' 

SB), onaerln Sti. 

Large variety of Flower, 
Vegetable «iui Farm Seed 
Just arrived. In ^riglnal 
sealed padcets, direct from 
Sutton & Sons, the King's 
Seedmen, Reading, Hng. 

nim iFUMmeiTY, 


md Lm. 



Reveal how successfuny they haVe i>ter- 
preted the Most Favored Modes of the 
Season and at Most Reasonable Prices. 
Throughout the week special atten- 
tion is being paid to the above-mep- 
tioned departments. We will give ex- 
ceptional price advantages in each of 
these sections. Our stock is large, and 
assorted to meet the requirements of a 

most exacting season. 

Individual studies are made for every 
kind of Garment and Headwear that our 
famous House represents. 



6i6 Port St I Victoria. R C. 
Sole Ag«nt for B. C 

Our Millinery Designers 

ire the best that could be obtained and are artists ol 

unusual merit 

^Javy arid Black Serge 



Coal and GenpSw"^ 

Orders promptly attettd^d t<t. 
Old EBUulmalt Boatt, PhoneB: M893 

Public ^eetin^ 

A meeting of the property owners of 
.Victoria West and'jSS^^^^T^^im''^ 
held in SempJe's Hali. Victoria West." 
,,11 TueBday eveain?, April 9, for the 
l)urpose of considering the question of 
the erection of a Bascule Bridge con- 
necting tht Songhees reserve with, the 
foot of Montreal stteet. -The chair will 
be talien at eight o'clock. All interested 
In the object of the meeting are cordi- 
ally invited to attend. 



VVe SpeciaHz* in those useful Man-Tflilored-Tht^UgliOttt/ 
Navy and atatk Serge Suit?, paving the iatMric and style 
confiiied lo ourselves, these Suits arc Wianufactureirf under 
^e best possible conditions, and- the "Finch" guarantee goes 
with each. Prices, $4000, $35.00, $30.ob and . .fS35«IMl 

, ». 4 ■ 

Jsuhs for morning; travelling, or novelty suits are fully repres- 
ented mCloths, Serges, Whipcords, Vicunas, Double Cash- 
meres,^ in 4 kwely range of colors. Prices, upwarda #a5»00 

New liresses, Seits 

Reveal the thaster hand of ttie famous desigtfiprs of 
London and New York. It is always i pleasurctb 
';■.■„,;;.■ ^.^- ;^«howihfcse-. ::. ...v., :!'. 

Ill " I II ' I I '' " 1 liLldW ll l ll iW ' ^"" ' 



Udie«'an4 Misses^ lingerie Voile Net %we««»d. Marquis- 
ette.^'from ... .'....■•'• • ■ • vv •.•-^•.►■•■«»^(i'j::«^is*;^.>',f'?#-**.-*i'':*T' 

Ladies' Cashmere, Wool Voile, €tf<fian Ca^er©; iirie-Sei^ 
Taffetis, froiitt . ... • • • • • yS19.50 

Ladies' Handsome Plain and Shot Taffetas',' Satin Charmeu^c 
Ninon an4 Silk Voile/ also the Chbicest Range of Evening 
and Receptkm Oowns m Paris and other famous models. 
Prices ranging up to ^-* w^ 



From Regent St., Loudon. 

Artistic Easter Hats 

Terms Cash 
Phone 2742 749 Fort St. 


Are found in abundance in the «*ost 

favored ^ styles. ^ ©ah»ty White 
Lingerie Shirt 'Waists, strictly 
tailored, in white and with col- 
ored stripes. Prices ranging 




The Choicest 



Pretty Silk, Silk Muslin, Ninon, p-^^^ 
Marquisette and Messalenc in all 
the fashionable colors, ranging in 
price from • • ■ ?3.00 

Must be Vitw«d which we have now collected for this Special Week. In f acf, 
the season's Modes to those who have visite4 our pariors have been a re- 

. velation. The color schemes, arrangements and the general build of o^r 
Tailored and Dress Hats can only be described as par excellence. We are 
making some definite tempting prices this week in the Tailored Hat Sec- 

- . tion, the prices ranging upward from . . • $5.00 

Styles froin every creator of Hats are here, and side by side are our own 

studies and adaptations, making an exhibit beyond description. 



Ladies' Coats 

3 Great Pianos 

And Their Achievements 



Briefly tlic nchievcments of the above world-famed 

Pianos are : . . 

Upholding their .reputation for tone quality. 

»i<i..-. u-..„ ^..,,n + Afl '. v(rnrUl cta"da''d .'Hid kcop rit a 

level nnapproaclied by others. 

OL.MJ'I'V should be the only determining factor m the 
selecrion of a riaim, 


The great demand tli is season for Coats can be fully met at Finch's, 
whether it be a Tweed. Pastel Cloth, Silk, Satin or Lace. These Coats havr 
been made specially for ourselves, and form a collection second to iimiu-. Tluv 
have been secured under the most favorable circumstances, and this week are 
being offeror! at prices much less than could obtain in tlic ordinary way. 

Ladies' House 
Dresses and 

• ■ 

Wash Dresses 

We have procured on exceptional 
tcr iaaAa4 c an >liow a most perfect 
asSOTt^^nt in Ginghams. Cham- 
breys, Drills, Linens, Duck, in 
White, also in colors, all of which 
are much below regular prices. 


The Largest in Weslfrii Canada 

^ _.^ _ . Corner of Tort Street. 

1104 aoverament Street. vora.r « „ , „ 

- .. TV nATT.i:»T llirr Piano Tuning. 

Viands To »«nt J- r. OAI.I'K*''. mgr. 


Nine acres, North Quadra 
street, frontage on two 
roads, no rock. I need money 
_..,i.r^,.. niiiclf fiini will 1nko. 


Address Post Office Box 


160 aorp dnlry farm, 15 acres 
culilvalod, house, barns, lirtple- 
nients, |10,000, Half cash, balance, 

Good acreage, 40 Acre blocki, 
J85 per acre very easy terms. 

Robert F. Hickey 

ParksvlUe, V. 1, 

We furnish funds for pro- 
motion and underwrite 
shares in fir^t class com- 


3T2 Say ward Bldg. Ph. 1030 

Hardy Bay 
Port Hardy 
Acreage - 

r| Class Farm T^iils in twenty, 
icro blocks. Black nnd Cliocolule 

loam, Kood wnttir. 

Victoria ollmatc, and progressive 

people at 




The Western Farming and 
Colonization Co., Ltd. 

S Wlnwh »!«»., Taaconvw, B. a 



If so, call aiKl sec tis for BEST BUY ON FOtJI. Jj 
ROAD, near Fort Street, 50 x 150. Pric^ Q^l^ 
for a few davs. Investigate tliis. ^^^^ 

J. R* 




« ■ 







**"'^' J 

543 Fort Street 


V][( TOfU V !^ \n V COJ.ONIST 

Tuesday, April 9, 1912 




We have i8 lots siuiaicd rit^dit iivthc midsi ol' ilic cciniiiL; 
railroad centre. 

W« wp i^ Ihese^iipr $x5pa le^ t^ 

Good-tecma^. — ~— .. -..-. 

These ARE money-makers— investigate at once. 


win Hold luqn««t--'inii« urt.-tiio.iii III 
fi)Ui- o'. look tUe |niim-»i upon lU* ln'ily 
of WiM-gi-iint-lty«i>rolor WUhoii, loiin.l 
drowned In Uiu wultT In front of 
Work I'olnl uAi rmkH. on Hiiturdtty ovt-n- 

• h. 

. Durt, 

Members Victoria Real ICstote Kxchange. 

1001 Oovanuneat St., Oomcr of Bronffbton 

Phone 1402. 

iDK. Will b.- :■■ 1.1 in Um 
City liull. 

City K»U Clo«ed— Yi'.-l'iil.iv bcInK 
lOuHt<'r Moniliiy tht offlii'S iil 

I < ■>< V ■• , rloHciI for bUBlnCHM. 1 -N 

..ImtnlMtrutioii wUl rt'Humo 
butiius.-i H"<1 tontglit the umuuI Monday 
fV.Milnir'H ni.'ctlnK of llio cUy couiuU 
wri ' M. 

Motor 0»r AooWent- An lo...U'..rt- 
. ri..' lonplc.] tlio nunu" of Mi. ' '' 

Morris ami Ofrow, wIlli H'^ nMM..i-...r 
n.eldeni on tlio Mill Buy roml reported 
In Snnduy'H ColoniHt, Mr. Morris, wlio 
was liurt In tlie mmottlni; of tlie tuotor- 
oar, i» v»ry mucli bett«r» altlibuKh ho 

' ' ttBpPip^A' ' '^ov •»Uc«>-Ah tbo 

tion oi « md»m imt^i ** »»iw> «*■ 
iww - dtui<*a <t»att. .~a!to^. ji»r»tmtnin3r.. 
odmmutw Th»* wrttten Dr. C. J. r»gtfn, 
Mecr«Uk.ry of the provincial health boa^r* 
f«v »4vle« in conneciwn wUh .. wrjiiUi- 
'Board of TraAa — The council of th« 
bonrd of tr^de will hold a ineetinK to- 
nicrrow morning for the trariHactlon of 
bui»lne«« preparatory to the holdlav of 
the regular nuarterly meetlns of the 
board on Friday n»>xt. The iiuestlon of 
Iht erection of a grain cUvator at thin 
port will Hgure veiy largely In the dis- 

UooxuM AUnraA to bo Wantlnr — 
Charged with running unlicensed prem- 
ises at 601 Chatham street, a man nam- 
ed Bodlgnon wan arrested on Sunday by 
Ulcensp Inspector K. Hatcher and his 
assistant, l". Scott, togetl.t'r wlHi Sir- 
Ktiints Carson and Clayards. A large 


' < I ; ': . I 1 1 

From The Land 
Of The Southern Cross 

We have just received a shipment of those delicious 

•Australian Janis 

You kndw the kind— rich, ripe fruit, with the triie 
' , fruit flavor 

Strawberry, in small tins >.,... • -20^ 

Raspberry, Apricot, Damson and Peach, in large 
tins '. ....•••.? ••**'T 

NEW ZEALAND HONEY, per tin ...45^ 

.■s «■■ 


Something Very Sel^ct^^^ as full flavored a5 

they are fancy 

Preserved Cherries^ per jar 

Gra^p^ llfrni^iade, per jar 

.^^0$a^i0^ Sauce, per jar .' . 

J^irmg^ 2 jars ..... 

A|M*i€6t^ 'per jar ........ • . 

■ •«•••«»•«»••• 






• a • » * 


. 0. KIRKM &C0;. 

■f 1 


Grocery Dept. 
Tels. 17S. 179 


Butcher's 1^^ 
Tel. 2678 


H. 743. 745 ^^^* Street 



made by 

Ivspecialy for shipping work *''^' 

They dry quickly with a/ fine gloss, and can be washed 

repeatedly without being destroyed or washed off 

LAGOLINE PAINTS will withstand sea air, spray and rain 


Holzapfels Copper Paint and Composition 

.\i\ recommended by. all who have used them 
Lagolinc Paints have the same reputation behind them 

For Sale ny 

E. B. Marvin & Co. 

<tU&h TlT y 6 r liquor xc as sut ' ur e d. aM fff 
^hlch will be introduced as evidence 
against the accused. 

For BoilAlnv Only — As there appeared 
tJt n« » potMubiUU u£ u. lUvsiBiyn «.>f the 
grant to general purposen, the education 
dfi>artment ha» specially notified the 
kchool authorlttea at F'ernle that the 
126.000 which the government ih givlns 
that ^ftst Kootenay city for «chool wur 
poseM la for bulldin* Operationa exclua- 
Jve^ly and liot for •qtfipment or general 
application. The elty la required to 
egul^^tbe claasrooma. 

m»ymiami» WftUUfr—Xa already an- 
notnced iA th« bolonlst, a meeting ia 
to be hold m Semplea hall, Victoria 
West. thlB evening under the auaplcea of 
the property ovnera of Victoria Weiil 
and Jam^s Bay, for tb» purpose of con- 
aiaering waya and meana of expediting 
the conatruotton Of a basculti bHdge 
fretti tfefr 9o«ei»«a' TWW'iTB :'to LatiTfl 
Point. All Intereat^d In thti object of the 
meeting are idVittd to attend. Dr. L>ewlB 
Hull will prealde. 

Barly A«tloB Ib1wb4M— Attorhey-Oen- 
aral Bowaer is today' to take «v pre- 
liminary ci^iaideratiQn ©f a:rrang«ments 
in connection with the new provincial 
jail for iwuthwn;! , Vancouver laland, 
whlcftla to be arectjfd In t^dolony lirm 
of 'ita owtkf^^ jniLfidtf- WIHtlhaon road. 
^irt-ttn^^1l^ll41>>»t of'flctoria. Plana 
for the new and ultra-modern Inatltu- 
tloa are*4o be prepared at once, and tha 
eractlon of the new Jail #«l Proceed 
during: the ^reaent anmmer. 

Sand, Coaeoxt— The beat of t^e aun'a 
raya on Sunday made the ahade of XU4 
tr^ea In Beacon ttlU park |».rtlcularly 
refreshing, and from three o'cloelt until 
dinner ttnae a Ipirga crofrd In ^ehleUa 
of all kinds and on foot gathered to 
listen to the baiid and to saunter and 
sit on grass and benches, tt waa the 
first open-air concert of the season, and 
the programme of instrumental mtuiic 
Sliven by the band of th6 l-'ifth Regl> 
tneht undar the dlreotfon of Bandmaater 
ilogeKS Wiaa excelleittly rendered fitid 
«»ve great pleasure' iotb* btmdreds .who 
i;eard It-,,' /■■■■', 

. JB^iMuSU Bxtdffa tit Vaa— The new 
Coauaballfl. river bridse near Hope ha» 
been completed by the provtn«tdl works 
d&panment forces. a«d Is now >i| Mc- 
vlce, the old bridge bet^g In procfjo of 
demolition. ; The new btldge was con- 
BO'ucted entirely by day lahor. the peo- 
ple of the district being employed, under 
the direction and au|)ervislon of Eoad 
Superintendent, A. v|||s^^^^;^ Mr.' ;Baab, 
han now recWved iw*rocwOns td pro- 
ceed with the buUduik' of a new road 
west of Hope, from tiic Vale road back 
ttt the mount. lin, ,1 illj^tanco of Slightly 
more than a mile. 
rir* In Vort Street Block. — ^A ci^r 

Of ft can of giMoutw wS**«*n'>if*fl'<piifii'ffl 
the premises of the G' Tire and 

Itubber company, 857 i'on .sireet yea- 

■aU on Tatea gtreet -Or. a. A, H. 

ilall luirt JUHt itlH|)<)HiMl of u. lot wlUi au 
feel fronliiK" on V.iU'b «triM-l for tloi 
hum of |5U,U0U. 

To Interview Oov«rnm«nt — Duputa- 

tUinH from .\ortli Sunoyiiyi-r illjilrlcl 
and from lliu town of Yale urn expcotod 
to visit the Capital this week, both bt- 
Ing bent upon discussing various local 
road and other public works reiiulre- 
inents with the Minister. 

Vreniler to Speak — I'l. 
Will .1 

club - • . ■ ;; 

lln.H ;i \ Ini'i!," y ' 

thttl l..^ .... r.-"l i.l : -'■ '"' 

luncheon In I will hear him. 

Ohlntse Mission Baud— The Chinese !..,i..i A ill hold ll.t unnual Kas- 
1, 1,1 thi- .Mi-lhodiSl 

CMiii.r..i- V. ii, i''it<i: ■' H-i Street, 

this evening, commencin v,'ht o'- 

clock. An IntorcHtlng pi.imaioine Will 
bt' rcn<kM-ed by Iho children or th* band, 
and a collection will be taken in aid 
of Its funds. • 

' Ssltuilt larMl AggaaiiMoiMrhe 'Vio* 
tori* *irfB|i|i of the Imperial Brttl»to< 
a*tmai^ig<ncisi,imt met .A«atJ8ytR^ 
t'Uo A. 6. (J W. hall, the theme for study 
beliK "Where Is the Vineyard of the 
LK>rd of HoataY»' the sequel t« "I-racl 
Under the New Covenant" and "The 
Historian's Answer to the Claims of the 

More Jloada Wanted— In order to 

l>ltti;e before the provincial government 
the ntctusity of more roude and better 
roads for North Vancouver, a deputa- 
tion consisting of MeBwrs. Larsen and 

Nelson will wait upt-n fr«-mler McBrlde 
today. The deputation srrlvtd In the 
(.Uy last nlKhl and put up at the ICm- 
prfsa hotel. The need for roads Is a 
uiattKr that has Hgliat«'d tho mind of 
the munUlpallty for a ronaldt-rablo 
lime, and with the rapid devtlupmeni 
ana upbull-dlng of the district the ntces- 
^iiy hHH l.Promc mare and tnore mui ked 



,\0W l>. tin- lilT.i 1.. 1 /...U 

Wash HklrtH fr'irn .. il I.I V, HlOl-k, 

which yon oplele I" 

WhU» Duck and Bet»r«irt«, 

Jl.TiM to $4,011 

Colored DnoV Skirts, at ... 82.0U 

Wow Tailored Wal»ts I r nn 51.35 
I., 92.00 

*■•...! u.ii.'i It- 


i;n« in pUiiinum set 
i : < and Verldots are 

'; veiy artut; . '•■ ■ • '■■i-'- 

tlV*yM> ]r««r1, Peridot aud Diamond 8^99.00 

tf/"--; n -.f^y yn*. »,-it r'-< I'md ....$36.00 


f^ R F D? ^ -'"'*'' ?]s*^ Son 

^•d jUf-r-l^lnfrJ i-^'^^' 

lliU-ir; DouglttS Btreei 



i, B. C. 


N i 'rr« B l>J'lra 4 t . l * u i « * w i l *w ' -f 

Affwit Item sntiectok V»1«wiw 

i-very day, until now It l» alleged to 
b« positively uigtnt. 




Well"furxish¥d^rooms Tor ^ 

Shower baths on each floor, use of swimming pool and many 
other advantages. Rents moderate, 

Y. M. C. A. 








The Ship Chandlers 

1 202 Wharf Street 



I'hntic 145 

Royal insurance Co., Ltd. 

T-'irc and l.ife. 

R. V. WINCH & CO. 


c;2i Fort Street 


lerday afternoon at 4:30. When the flre 
department arrived tho smoke of the 
burnlniL; tires was Issvilng from under 
the ('iiveB of the block and It was at ihoiitfht that the Mith-,- building 
wii.-. .li'i^i'.' Two;llht,^ :c from a 

iij'iraiu Wert; laid,' buL vin « not re- 
qulri'<l, aw the chemical ennlne was «uf- 
Ilcent to cope with the blaze. The loss 
will amount to about J200. 

New Weatminster Bank Kobbery — The 
hfailng of the iirorcpillnKH in extradi- 
tion for the return to Canada of the 
man De«n, wanted In connection with 
the robbery of the N'ew WestniluHter 
branch of the Bank of Montreal in 
Heptomber lust, is to. be reHUimil In T.oa 
.\ng<'le8 today. Advices from i '- 

ish consulate, which Is rein t.-^riiiui.ot 
British Columbia In the proceedings, 
are to the effect th.-il tho desired order 
win In all probability he granted. At- 
torney-Genoral Bowser h,n.s-no Informa- 
tion as to the outcome of the proceed- 
ings for the extradition of McNamara 
I'lnm .Vew Vnrlc. 

Honoring Plonker Explorers — li.fcr- 
rluK to the Hupjfestlon that the people 
of Canada ahould erect worthy niomi- 
inents to the memories of Sir Alexan.lir 
Mackenzie and Sir GoorRe Simpson, at 
the mouths of the Mackeris'.Ie and Frasilr 
, Ivor — a HUBsyestion voiced by Hon. 
Arthur Boyer at a Canaillun club Uinch- 
I on In Toronto recently — Breniler Mc- 
ItrliJe wild .\'esterdHy that he regarded 
the .miKKesthm a.s one tliorou^-hly 
w orthy the . 'H-sl coiiHliJeratlon of the 
historical fioclotlBH for Mils province 
<ini1 all Canada. The Rovernment of 
ltrlil»h Columbia haxl ailrcady demon- 
alralod Its Hyrniiinlhy With hucIi hlstnr- 
Ic-ul pnlerprise by oontrlbutlns to the 
SlinoTi ViiiHor moniim-nt erected ^nd 
unveiled luHt year at New We»tin)n»ter. 

As Otbess See Vs — "Victoria Is the 
.C-Jiui)i». r«aldc.:ulu.l and coiiimt-rcial^ciiy 
of the Pacific coast," said Mr.J. U. W. lis 
of Nelson to the "Dally News," of that 
city, on his return recently to lua 
Kootenay homa, after a live weeks' 
visit* here, "ilealty values are rising 
rapidly and Intorual In Victoria Is be- 
ing awakened, all. over the contlpeaX- 
The resldentlva advantages of Victoria 
are bound to attract many prominent 
people to BriUsh Columbia from the 
united States aUd Europe, and from 
this Influx of wealthy visitors and 
new residents, which Is taking place 
to a notleeabl* degree e^en now. the 
Kc;ieiia>- and the toter'.br geni.*: v 
cannot fall to profit." 

XaiteBOlBf Vtant— Canadian ■ Kxploa- 
Ives, Xta.l,~ Has WtftiTf «!«*«>« «t winter 
In greatly extending their plant at Nan- 
aluio and also reopened that on Bowen 
Island, whieh has been ahnt down for 
some time previously. Altogether a sum 
of- about one hnnuied and fifty tliou^ 
saiid d«]ll«ra will have beau spent by 
tba time the work la completed and 
will result in the output being nearly 
doubled. m)le Canadian wrdft^i Is 
•aaoolMtad with th«'3«M>*l ttimmt m 
aiasgaiw. and iwtt of^ 1*« «tl^wt9»». 
Massrsi Wllllain MclCastet «i«d H. 
MoOowan. have Just completed a toUr 
ofr Inspection of the western plants of 
the company with a view to keeping 
p«oe with the development of the'CiWlt- 
try. The former gentleman was for- 
merly manager of the Montreal Rolling 
mill* and is »V>w vloo-presldcnt of the 
Domiitton Iron and Steel company. 

■«•!• of IMUd** Btr ep t v -To restdente 
along HenxieS street there la » %tm 
fooetioMsness about the announeemant 
from time to time of tha "yfOairfcfS" 
made in paving that thoroutbtirt. 
Just previous to the advent of the au- 
tumnaJ rAlns la#t «•» san*" »' «•» 
wtth Riouths were put to woi» and 
whriit had been up to that time a very 
good roadway was jett a- teritabie quag- 
mire. This atate ot things ebhtloiiM 
during ail the wet «eaao», bat evw tin- 
der a>uch conditions by uMttg double 

teaitts the local resldente could have 

their wood, ooal, and other dolnneatlO 

eoetras delivered. During the luJliti. Wea- 
ther cohditions a few months ago a 

deeo and watej-y trench was dug from 

ehd to end of two blocks: TJtl* trench 

ostensibly for the tram track bed but 

in reality a flJial bar to all attempts 

at trafBe over the street. After some 

few weeks the cement and sleepers a«d 

finally the-ralla-were laid and again came 

a prolonged pause in operations. For 

some three or four weeka now the newly 

^^^A ,..11,. 1.^1,^1 :|Ua„arer, as they were '^"•^ \\ pn r-,TT TM \ 

their hPPearBhceiitta do a UtUc tinker- 
ing by way of a demonstration of good 
faith in making progress. 

We are showing this week a 
magnificent dl."4;>lay of new Eng- 
lish made Cutlery goods. 

Aoveljr Cabinet Bats, fron ^12 

to fT6 

CawlBff 0ets ^f>.>*0 

tO^ ,,......».. ...••.••.*■• ^mO 

VUh Oawwrs f O.SO" 

It is not possible to buy better 
Cutlery than this and the prices 
are marked low. 

Come in and see. 

Ortgiilal "Rogers Bros. 

Itf&eo ^on tar knives, forfcs, 
gpoons* etc.* mar&ed 


00 gef f fte original "RogO* I 

•yoa gef Ibe original "RegOa fins." 
iUvtt plate —i brand famous 

fit world wtt 5fnc9 1M7. 

Be«f Im,^. iis ba.w^^ 

'^^nil^ir^Mtt that WWitf^ 



m, tlsiocto 

Quality »i|d Q»«»«ty ^ «»' 



«•«.'■ ffcoaa rs 

The latest interior 
finish for buildings 


Exact reproduction 
Of Hanlwood Piin- 
elling— carried i n 

1. ANfilS 

1105 Wharf str^t 



A: combination that goes 
with every Lady's Suit 
#e make. $ 

Quon| ManJ ung& C% 

VUmot tmportite* «f sU.MBda «« 
ChfBMw and -JauMtes* aaits^ad 
furniabisg goods «r «?enr d«Mari». 


Otll vMnaamf «ar 






\ M m 

* *-*rj« 


■ <iH, J!l ' 


Y< t 

lA- , 

•it*, tf>u 

1432 Government St. 

Very best quattty, In a 
great variety of colors at 
luwest prices- Cail fef cpJor 






Lee Block, 
1622 Governmcni St. 


M-l-..r..!ogicar Office, Viclorin, Tt. C, at 
S p in.. April 8th, ViVi. 


A small area of mo<lenUe high presnure 

cover* Vancouver J-land and the western 

mTr of lb.- riovlncc. but the pressure « 

(o"; throughout CrtHslar, ,^;«^'l'j;«'. 'h" »^f„^ ^'^^ 

orovlnceB, and thfi north pacific »tn rp. 

Haln h*- falK^^n at r'rl.H« Itunerl but lb. ■• 

B.-a-onible w.'iithPi hii« been Rrnernl i-i:- - 

whe?e bolh earn and vv.-.t of the UoclUo5. 


Mill. ■ Max. 

VIotorta. B. C. ...V ^;<> «» 

Vancouver ■ •"' "^ 

New vVcBtmlnBter ■ • • 

Kaniloopn ;? 

nnikcivlllo 11 

> cor- 
ner, 265x160 leet, close 
to Russell Stu- 


■J .'I 

I'rince llupeii 

Atlln .. ... 

Dawson, Y. T. 
•JalB^ry, Alts. 

WInnlDPK, Man '-« 

t'orllana. OrK ..• ^< 

San Krnnoiufo. Cal 4 8 




A veraife 

llrlKht Bunnhlne 10 hourit and i: 




■ «i 




1 .s 


tion and sea. 


Terms Arrange 


Member Victoria Ueal instate 

Room 12. McGreRor Blk. Tel. 2901. 
634 View St.. Victoria. B.C. 


726 Fort Street, 

Opposite Kirkham's 


asora Keat Z>ess soot 

liasa Aitu to 


Try a ton today and b. coavlncei 


I I Office 

C04 Cormorant Stre.t 


N'du'll come licrc event- 
ually — why not now? 

lu.'^t \vli;it ynii w.-uit 

Merchanfs Luncheon 
al 35c 

The Tea Kettle 

111* X>outfl»B St., Opp. TlotorU 


i\ nz, 

C m-^ ^^mn} llinm/\r> ot f ^P 

jptCiai iniiiiti ai io\. 

Conic am! try it. H will 
please you. 

Dairy Lunch 

Try our FTomP-Mada — • 

PIES snd 

~-ordors taken over "Phono. 
Langley and Yatss. Phone 124t. 

Prince George Hotel 

Cor. Pandora and Douglas 




See Us 

Big Reductions In 

On account of not having 
much room we are sellini: 
our large stock of mattings 
much cheaper tha.11 usual. 
Regular price 20c. 

Now 10c 

Lee Dye & Co. 

Next to Fire Hall 
Cormorant Street, Victoria 

- Il 

CO.. LTD. 

* 721 Yates St. Phone 730 



That nearly every neat 
lady will wear a tailor- 
made suit at_Ea,ster. Xt_ 
is more than likely that 
suit was made by us.' 

cHARtiE mn 

1434 Govimwent StttH, 
Vietortt, B* C» 

i i» i ii<i ii ii 

»>ii<«i »aM » * «ia mgi i «E» i B 3 

Tu«sd«y, Apr?! 9, 1912 



That Have 

Style and Distinction 

Wash Dresses, made u\\ of dark and light 
colored galateas. prints, ducks, etc-, in 
dainty styles with trimmings of em- 
Ijroidery, piping or self effects. Sizes 
from 4 to 14 years. Prices, from $1.50 

Colored Pinafores, slip-over or button 
down l)ack styles, in fine qtiality j^rinis 
witli embroidery edging. Sizes 2 U> 14 
years. Prices up from > . . . . 75f^ 

Rompers, made of heavy wash galateas 
,. in light ori^llg^lues, some with pip- 

....,.*r.., ..... 



Annouiio«itt»nt of ir»w Judf«» A.pp»r- 

•ntly Mkd* In Brror — Or««tlon oX Ad- 

dltloual JudgM Hot FroTldid Tor 

MilafilR JBI^EMfl^ of fine sheer fabrics «^th 
lace atttd embroidery trimtnings. Sizes 
1 to 4 years. Prices up from 45^ 


McCall patterns 64P Yates Street 

You Buy Cheaper Here 

Oiir prices on Silks are guaranteed to be the 

Kimono s— Cotton 

low e st, as arc al s o our pr i c e s on or Si|k. 

Come In and Prove It 

Ten days or a fortnight ago an Ot- 
tawe despatch to the press <>f the Do- 
minion Pacltlc coast announced that 
additional judgeslups provided for In 
a resolution of which the minister of 
Justice had then given notice included 
two for British Colunilslu, with sal- 
aries of ?2,'J0O per Hnniim. 

That there has been a mlHunder- 
Htandlng or misinterpretation of the 
Ottawa mlniHter's resolution is said by 
Attorney General Bowser to be 
obvious. Not only Is a salary of ?2.000 
too small to be contemplated In con- 
nection with a Judgeship in this prov- 
ince with its high cost of living— tlie 
stipend of the county court Judges is 
now $250 per month, qr $3,000 per an- 
num—but there has been no reuuest 
from British Columbia recently for an 
enlargement - of the county court 
bench, nor has the province adopted 

by the federal authority. ; , 

Aa the jaw standa, the pwrvtao* 
must first <.r«Ate thft Judlcla;! JurlBdl^- 
tion by statutory action before the 
government at Ottawa c«ii majce Juat- 
cUtl »ppolntment9. At present there 
eidsta In the opinion of the provincial 
authorities, no very special neceaalty 
for addlUonai <?oi|nty Judgea, the con- 
gestion of aiKSh 3««*«^. !*«"»°*".,.S 
Vancouver having been lit a measure 
relieved by the periodical vjslts to that 
citv. to ta&e up a share of Vancouver^ 
court work, by Hl8 Honor Judge 
Howay of New Westmtngter. 



luen years of age, and othem are ap- 
proaching the limit of elKhteen yearB. 
but the majority aro from uixleeu to 

Papers have been received from Har- 
liMton. Ontario: Klllam, Alberta; fllace 
Bay, N. «■: Henfrew, Onl.; Montreal, To- 
ronto, (.'ornwall. SourlB, Winnipeg, 
Uiandon, ft ratticona. Saskatoon, Uauph- 
iti, Vernon. Summerland. Oitatoks, Nel- 
ao'ii, New Westminster, Vancouver (19); 
Victoria (7); Nanalmo. ChlUlwack, Crta- 
ton, CoquUlam and many other places. 

Up to the present the essays submlt- 
Itd by the boys shew more PHrfful 
thouffht and deeper etudy than those 
submitted by the young ladles, but in 
tho opinion of Mr. Kerr this does not 
nuan that the girls will bo left behind 
when the competition Is decided. He 
- believes that the girls are taking their 
time and going more deeply Into a study 
of the economies of good roads, and that 
during the two weeks preceding the 
close of the competition there will bo a 
large number of carefully prepared pap- 
ers received from the members of the 
gentler sex. 

Secretary P. W, Luce Has prepared a 
om^nJae 1<[hich he is sending to all 
tiWiSSiR^^*'' requlro Information that 
will help them In the composition o|t 
their essay. This circular is merely 'in 



Mr. X.orB« A. Oampb«ll. lI.r.r.-*l«ot I>ls- 

ouasas Propos** I. fc W. ». ««t«a- 

■lon to Trail 

Referring to the report reaching tht 
coast a few days ago from Kootennv 
to the effect that aid will probably be 
sought from the Provincial govern- 
ment to secure, the early construction 
of an extension of the lines of the 
Idaho Sr Washington Northern Rail- 
way company from the International 
boundary to the <;lty of Trail, a dis- 
tance of approximately -7 miles. Pre- 
mier McBrlde said yesterday that no 
definite proposals or request In this 
connection had as yet been made to 
the government here. 

The advantages of the suggested ex- 
tension and conditions affecting its 
construction had, however, been ten- 
tatively discussed with him by Mr. 
Lome A. Campbell, member-elect for 
the interested district, who la at pres- 
ent visiting the city. 

The iiremier regardB It »« highly 
probable that inaulries will shortly be 
IpBtituted by the government with, a 

their essay. Tms crcumr .s mer«.y ,a- «tow to a«=.f ta'"*"LictLn ^w^r^Si 
tended as a gtild*, «.a whUe it i. of con^ mm P"^ ^"J;^,.^ ,rirdilve4 to 
.iderable a.«l*t«K« to th« chtidt^ tt ] W^-^i- TZlllJ'L^S ^^ 
does not give. those who receive it any 
unfair advantage over those who have' 
already prepared their papers and for- 
warded them. He was induced to get up 
this little leaflet because so manjr chil- 
dren were writing to him for advice that 
h9 felt he could not aftord the time to 
answer each leUer Individually. Any 
proepectlve competitor can obtain one 
of these helps by sending a letter to the 
secretary at the headquarters of the as- 
sociation, room 4, Cunningham block. 
New Westminster. 


i6ot-3 Government Street, Cor. Cormorant 
Phone 2862 

yaw Qgw— >or 

n rfw iatlon of Kc. 



Jort Har# Acreage 

^ Acres Adjoining Townsite, ^pl5^i| ^f^f f ^' 
-t^ilal land, and will subdivide at a handsome profit, 
iof price and terms apply to 


%^,jS ' 


jm. ->•*. .U» ■,»- »»— 

A W. 1^. WiUiams 

xaoPfmbcsrton Building ^^* ^*'* , 

^ C. "Thomson Albion Johns 

t £. 5- ■ t -» 

Ovrson *oa»— ■••••^^ Fowoers 
May KaT« (MAsed VmMl Malady 

some few days ago reference wan 
jnade in these columns <»„ the remark- 
able disappearance from North Yaklmi. 
In the neighbor state of Washington, 
of a young man named Carson Long, of 
whose present Whereabouts his relatives 
j»re •ixlouB to obtain any possible In- 
Iforniatlon. It Is now announced that 
moh information wlU be very liberally 
iwwarded. Aid, Theodore K. Lonff, «« 
Chicago, father of the missing young 
man, having offered a reward of $6000 
ifor any 6ews that will lead to the lo- 
cation of his son. The young man dls* | 
•ppaared from North T^Wma* on Mart^ 
lA He had comprint* of a headache 
W two days. «« •< t«r «»»to« Powdera 
'obtained at a local drug store Jie went 
walking in the direction of the Naches 
■riv«. »««<!• «»«* time 600 men hav». 
been draggtog the river and searching 
khe Burroundlng country, they believe 

W«s* BWi-Aif »tnt^it» '^rm 

from mehtal Aberration oaiuwd *y We 
headache powders. The pollea Of dtiip 
all over the country hava been «otlflea. 
'darson Long la 26 yeara old. 6 feet 8 
inches tall, and of athletic- proportlona. 
£g« haa *een employed by the Cascad* 
£umbar company of Nort^ Talrtma f<^ 
'|(be pas t two year^ '• ' -^ 




M*aloo May Bamovo impoat and Many 
■eat Soath 

tha oounti^ through the auggertod ex- 
tension, wha^ the coat of construction 
would probably be, and whether, and 
If ao to what extent and In what man- 
ner, the government would be Juatl- 
fled. In the general public Intereat, In 
assisting tlje proposed extension. 

"The government tries to be always 
aUve to the Importance of any project 
affecting the progress and prosperity 
of any section of the province, aald 
Hon. Mr. McBrlde yeaterday. and 
alma to look carefully and Qulokly Into 
the details of. any substantial proposal 
that Is brought forward, dealing fairly 
with each sltuaUon of this kind aa it 
preaenta itaeU. 


Columbia Double- 

Introduce for the first time to the music-loving public 
America's Famous Bandmaster 

;!' . ■ $■ 

It la reported here that the tempor- 
fiiXy auapenaion of the tariff on grain 
4)y Mexico mA^ t>e cdntihued lattenune- 
ly. Shlppera returning from the south 
aay the aentlment there Is atrongly in 
favor of «ueh action. If true, thla 
ahoutd result in further iriilpmenta of 
wb«at from this port to the Mexican 

The duty waa taken oil wheat by the 
Mexican government aome months ago 
with the Intention of reatorlng It on 
June -16, an emergency resorted to 'in 
order that the markets 'of that country 
might be more ftdly eupplled wUb the 
cereal. * 

In the event o^ the remoii«l. of the 
duty being ma<Je permanent. It ta coh- 
aldered probable that » large amount 
of grain will be exported jt<it.JIS»lo.'>. 
during "the <}oming summer. .. 



^otoria Arana Olosad 
Evening — Playor» 

tor Bast 




BrltUh ytnaanm 
Two unnaually fine apeclmena of the 
Ureua Kermodel, the creamy white bear 
having Its habitat in a limited portion 
of the new north of this province, and 
which Is named for the curator of the 
museum here, have just been received lit 
Vancouver through B. O. Cunningham 
& 80ns. of Port Kiatogton. and wlU be 
artlatlcally mounted and sent ?otward 
to the British museum, they were 
aevured from an Indian hnnter of Kit- 
•onidnlttiia. :' . '■■['^ ''■■"i^^. 

The K*rmo«» bea« !•■••»•»••»• *^ 
tarvals on Grlbble island, at the mouth 
of Douglas channel, None hava ever 
■W^-teJam'tmtmmP*^ they are seldoni 
■hoV l*e XhiStti «*tjie north regard 
ihenb despite th«r oonipanfctlvai W»»r 
ncaa, aa the moat cunning and Oeree « 
the bear family, not even exempting the 
ippiaaiy or enverttp. > .^^ 

TWIr cl*w» «»««««* •*«» **• ««*** 
Aitttiidt ««« Ihow «« i»«jr wthee « «• 

and His Famous Band 

The moat magnetic and picturesque personality "»^ "J^^f ™ """^J" 
low allied wlththe Columbia through an exclusive recording contract 
'eTenay Entire! l^t^ with Oiuseppi Cr.atore-.f «'» ^^--^/jJ^.^.^SoS 
,h<. mn»t unlaue Realizing the universal desire that has arisen among 
L^! i^l "°i»"nrtr!ff adi^rers in this country for adequate records Of 
lis many fntinnnni i B vt "■^_'" '° . -• , __ , ■ ^ . ^u . ^ ., , «■- » ■ >] » « ■ turn e d 

•1^'. * 

Carter s 

Opposite Alexandra Club 

719 Courtney Street. 

Hatches from 85 to 100 per cenV-ot-all lertile eggs. "- /.VM r J^ I ,,^ , 
l>atch poultry come and see our machines; We havt 8everal.#*Ml^,» 
the city, and are guaranteed absolutely perfect; 108 egg machine. $30. 21g 
cgsr machine $42.50. , ^^ ' 


TelspUone 413. ___^_ 

709 Yate* Btraat. 

Sidney Acreage 

VV€ offer 15 acres with house, barn and windmill for 
water supply. Situate near Thomas crossing. There arc 
about 600 cherry, pear and apple trees on the P^'^^P^rty^ 
Good view. Terms to suit. Price, per acre ^700 


'—hone 362 103-T06 Pemberton Bldg. 

Strong Boy Wanted 

for delivery and tQ learn 

the Hardware busints.s 
Also A 


with experience for store 

707 FORT ST/>/vrr7Jr*>?r* 

Oomposlte' setadunest 
KoUaay* On Trg 

A composite detaclittent. twenty In 
numher. of the Vtctort* Bpy Scout* 

and back dur«# IC»tir. ' d» rH#y » 
patrol of 8rd troop, under ScoutmMter 
Self, and one ot «th troop. «»«« 
Scoutmaeter tL «VftM»ton. each with 
fhelr troop cart, hand-drawn, marched 
to Ben's Forge at Saanlchton. where 

On Saturday they «lei>t at Mr. Br- 
rington's. near Sidney, and attended 
morning aervlce to that town on Sutt- 
day, S^ttiU«>«*t«« *»»*»•« the de- 
tachment oil Sunday. Tl|ay marehed 
^luwett. where th«y t^ ^ ««», 
day niglit* to » barn. Hr. Harvey, 
^ t#b »c6«te of UhlVWlltar.. twop. 
was also present. On MwMgrJh*^* 
tachmenit marched Into VlCto«|». WlCh 
halt^^SilKpf Royal Oak for lunch, 
and aF^; feUlson Estate for tea ijy 
Mr. I'Yampton. 

The scouts all behaved like old trail 
hands, cooking their own food and tak- 
ing their share at the drag ropes. The 
greatest credit i s due tx> ^ the^^Jhree 

BcoutmaMiirltW *='^"''e*J!^i|SS" 
ercise. f1i#«»uts are ,aa:jiit«fc'i*,-l# 
on the tramp again. 



Essays on "Whsit Oood Boads Mean to 
Canada" Ars Pouring' Into Ofllca 
oJt Canadian Highway Association 


8 YounK people throuKhout Canada are 

taking great interest in the essay com- 
pttiUon fostered by W^ .1. Kerr, prosi- 
Uont of the Canadian Hiirhway AKSocia- 
tlon. who has ottered valuable gold, 
liivcr and .-jilver-gHt meadls for the best 
issay on "What Qood Roads Mean to 

AlthouKh public announcement of the 
fact was only made two weeks ago. the 
hradquartors of thfe Canadian HlKhway 
A-'-.'-ociation already resembles the ex- 
amination room of a colleare Just before 
greOuatlon. Every day from three to 
twelve essays are received by the socrc- 
t,,j-y P. AV. L'lco, who has In hand the 
clKSPincatlon and preliminary JudKlUR 
of the efsays submitted. Thr> roading- of 
the papers and the awarding of the will be done by a Lompelcnt com- 
mHlee selected because of long experi- 
ence In newspaper and tnagazlne work, 
and that th* Judgment of thesR men will 
Klve general satisfaction is not to be 

acme' of the papnrs received by the 
secretary hoar the marks of enrnost and 
careful preparation. Others, of course, 
as can be expected, are written In a 
haphazard and careless manner, and are 
not to be counted as serious competitors 
frir the valuable prizes. All entrants. 
hfiWever, whose papers show evidence of 
j;!ud3r -Of the a«t»J»C«'. win b«? presented 
■with ft souvenir silver pin. 

Some of the i-ompptltofH are only fotir- 

Tbe Victoria 4jreB« waa cfoMd for 
the season on Saturday •nrettOli. ^ils 
tHTtnta to av«onclu8lon skm«tMr> 9m 
hockiy. Tha latter is at afi aM affr 
(hrougfaottt tiie Doraintoiu' i^ i)«M!te« 
tfonal match of last Satnriiy aUItt 
at Vancouver, when the easterners «lt* 
feated the westerner* by otte JFoal. b«- 
ing the last It was a notahle event, 
iwrt only because of its speed and in- 
ienat. but on account of the demon- 
•tri^oA it save the coaat of the sis- 
Ufuiva-elde nte which has, been in 
vofue fn the Mat this winter. The el- 
tndnation ot tiko rover drives greater 
cfM>pe for iadtvUlHaliam and -'»milim^ 
tesa oombtnttttfliiiiii Perhaps the lili«#- 
vatl6n iikkea a ItMtft iltm 1 or Iha 
fltieotacuiar. bat (ha ensMHBinifl of 
opinion Is that the seven-a-«lde rule 
makes the prettier game. Lalonde, 
Lehman, X>flAd«rdale. McLean and 
Hyland have m% tpr tt»e e««U ^iwlf 
and Hyland are expected fiwwflt Ihli 
summer for lacrosse. The Vancouveir 
jkm^ will ciutmua 1^ operation for 







■Wlnnere of "#. It. ©. *. serJss of inaoor 
Competitions — Strug-g-les Close la 
Every Class 

Allah Danes was the winner of the 
junior division of the Y. ]|;4^m. in- 
door athletic meeting wWeh took 
place on Monday afternoon. His total 

imfiirifit.'!. The seconiHiiisiKiras Hugh 
itdtntyre with ZOS. vrhfttfWiHrge. Cart- 
wright was third with 303. The offl- 
clals were: Referee and starter, H. G. 
Beall; Judges and timers, R. M. Jones, 
R. C. Home, R. E. Crompton; scorer, 
D. Johnson. 

In the intermediate contests?, held on 
Monday night, F. Harding was auc- 
ccBsful with a score of 4G8.". G. Mc- 
l>onald was second with 450.5, and T. 
Cameron third with 393.2. The winner 
did specially well in the fence jump, 
going 5 ft. 8 In. and gaining the pos- 
sible 100 marks. The ofllclals were: 
Referee and starter, H. Q. Beall; 
acorer, T. W. Webster; judge!? and 
timers, A. Hodge, O. Robinson, J. 
iMatheson. G. Crompton, W. Long, J. 
Fuller, W. S. Smalll. R. C. Home, and 
S. Voung. 

There were 16 competitcr.s in the 
.senior event. L. Robinson took the 
premier honors with 298 points, S. 
Young was second with 293.5, and J. 
Matheson was third with 282.1 to his 
credit. G. Jarvis ran the latter a 
close race being only 3 points behind. 
The officials were: Itefereo and 
.^t.'irter, H- G. Beall; judges and 
timers. W. Long, R. E. Crompton, B. 
Vall. J. McNeill, E. L. Hnrrlson, R. C. 
W. J. Shortt, and the scorer 

iHellowB To Oreat iSxtent «Sj11*S! !•*«»» 
:, Jation— "Will ■• »e»dT JPox Assembly 

■ '.■■ ;■"•§■ leglBiatn*»;"te- Haffli,*tf ■- - 

It U expected that at the next session 
of the provincial iegislature. already 
convened for the l«th of January, there 
will bo presantod tor con«ld«raUon and 
ad<^oh by parfiam^nt a aaapanOitaot, 
which waa alr«ady drawn prior to the 
close of laat f*ii|ion. although not aoon 
enough to then be ta||«i «P and obtain 
'tb«t. care ,to :,|^lil<*.::j|i|:.1NB>portance en-. 

t^ bni M tiiiAaiiilwa t» #« tnuMtt 
nttptt an the linea of the federal atatute 
iS' the same eottheotildn, rehwvhlg the 
audit wholly from legislation as *«> *!»• 
«4itthUstnttion of v^qifina^^ revenues. 
'" ' •' IBISS. ilw p f ov t n) ^ii y ' Itt l tt act has ^aen 
I^Mpared with exeeptlbnal care to meet 
overy special rei^ulrement of Brltlsh.Co- 
lumbla condltl«jPfe«i»ure full and com- 
prehensive laSiiiiKlon of all public 
expehdtturea, and place complete details 
in relation thereto before the igggJ^^n - 
nually as a matter of governn^p||jfl^- 
tlne. ■ 


lis many iflfinwaniiB Vi aui.r..e.o ... ^...^ ^:'"":",'„-'^.„f,,y^u,ii. turned 
hlB famous t)and. executed under Mb personal leadership, ^"^""'^ '""rr; 
fithi Columbia as the one medium above all others ^'^''f^h ^J'^J, ^j! 
iIoMSt amaslng musical effects whereof he is supreme master could be 
properly perpetuated and presented to the public. 

(JrentQrc'sTiriBt^ix Sclectioia 

.Smms M» Ood «o Thee. (Mason.) Creatore's Band 

KaUrtujah Choms, from "The IKesalah." (Handel.) Creatores Band 

•A63e5~Overture to Poet and feasant. Pt, I <Von Suppa» ^•^*^» ^^ 
*" Overture to Poet and Peas^.Pt. It (Von Suppa) CreatC^s Band 

aaaaa— Toxklsta. Xarcb. (Mozart) . .t. . • • ••* ►' » •"• •> .i'>Creawrsrs «aaa 

^^SSpJta vSro (To Victrfry). Ma«5h. (Gtenne> Creatore's Band 

Best Eight Selections for April , 

•■BTerrbody's Bolag it Kow" Is the newest popular song hit •«}J^" J^ 

''•''"recorded by the Columbia Quartette, coupled with Jhe ^^^« 

Onard March," a smappy military march, played a« ,^|^ S^hce s 

Band.. can play-^atich mm*hers. . ,-, ' ',;' ■•„ .;^.,^fe '. " 

H«h«k ^mMU» aceloar' is Oeorge Cqhan's latest C0tirip08ltt|M^|Mld there 

^^^ ^SSKvS^can more surely and mor^ c,pTtBi^^?^AU. music 

"hl^^l sSeal to the public than Cohan. On the reverse side 

,. iTertendld aSmd wndltlon of one of the most popular "rag- 

pi^eea- of ' th« -year: ."That agystsrtons »ag.a- -;■■-.- - — ~^^^~^.--. ,,' 

-The Bagtlm. MooWng Bird" Is by Dolly Connolly <«« '•JT ^****^'f**IV, 
r^ st^ to finish On the Other side is "Alexander'e jtagtlme Band- 
as a band selection. 
N^liaghlng 3io*e^' IsUy the composer of "In the Shadows'- and la a worthy 
^^ successor to that beautiful selection. We anticipate that this 
win be one of the most attractive nurn^erseverput^a^^^ 
record. It Is oouplad **tbvth« ♦*Wad<l>W «^ ''•"^^ 
.,, :inald'I)eKoven. -•!''"'■' .■'" 

^ 'UiKoven haa anlyreeahthr given permission f^r hie composition to 

^ on Talking Machine Records, end our* Is the first announcemenrmade 

by any Ulklng machine ccmpany for the musto of this |i^^w«lt Ol»eret^ 




, Wufiuit Caniida*8 Largevt Mtme Dealers 
l^Qmirmv^ ■ Telephone 885 



Thompson— 'The funeral of the late 
Walter Oliver Thompson will take 
place, this afternoon at 2:30 from the 
family reaidenoe, miS Ollphant are. 

Grissmer-^Tho funeral of the lat.' 
Mrs. Anna Grls«mer will take place to- 
morrow morning, requiem mass being 
sung at St. Andrew's cathedral at 9 
o'clock. Rev. Father Latcrme will of- 

Heal—The funeral of the late Gert- 
rude Lillian Ann Heal, beloved dough- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heal, took 
place yesterday afternoon from the 
family residence, Lake District, at 1:45 
p. m., to St. Michael's <.rhurch, where 
service wuj? held at 2:30 by Rev. H. 
CoUinson. The hymn "When He 
Cometh" was aung by the very lartrc 
attendance of friends of the deceased, 
Mrs. Carmlchael presiding at the org«n. 
Many beautiful (loral tributes testified 
to the affection and esteem In which 
the deceased was held by all who knew 
her. The pallbearers were Messrs. J. 
Reld, E. Keid, S. McCuUoch, jr., T. 
Alexander. K. Cameron and A. Trickey. 


High -Class Groceries at Prices 
That Will Save You Money 

^^^flTry Them 

was W 

Births, Marriages, Deaths, 

It SOB Nl- 
Thornas Stod- 

Hew Master Arrives 

Cant. .\. Muri-hio hns come out from 
Kurope to assxime command of the Brit- 
ish bark Klnrosn-shlre. which will come 
to Victoria shortly to load lumber for 
Wales at the Canadlan-Puget Roimd 
lumber mills. Capt. McKay will return 
to Kuropc to go in command of a 
sttamer of the Strath line. Capt. Mc- 
Kay is well known on this coast, hav- 
InK been hf^re as master of the British 
hnrk KHmallle. Later hf- commanded 
the Brablofh, which Inst s^-axon loaueJ 
wheat on the Columbia river. 


STEDHAM—On EBjiler Sunday. 
■ Kara Bt., to .Mr. and Mrs. 
ham, a- daughtor. 


MOFFETT The funnral of the late Arthur 

lohn Moffstt will tak« p!»c^ ihl. after- 
noun at 2. JO o'clock, from Victoria V nder- 
;«klnB I'»rlor.. Rev. .T. McCoy will offl- 

flRlSHMER — The fun#r«l of Ihp l«tP Anna 
MarBPrlta Ortosnifr will take place W«<1- 
n..iidav mornln« at 8.4& from 1h* Victoria 
fndoi^taklng Parlor*, and at 9 o clock 
from Roman Catholic Church. R«t. 
F'ather I^lerme will officiate. 
THOMPSON — At tha family rMldenc«, I em 
Ollptiant avenue, on the «tii Inotant, 
Walter Oliver, eldcut »on of Thomaa .r. 
and Janett Thompaon. bom In Albarta, 
N. W. T., aired 21 year* and I montha. 
The funeral will take place from the r««l- 
rtence a« a-bove on Tuaaday, April 91 h. at 
3.110 o'clock. Friendi pleaee accept ttjle In- 

McLaren's Imperial Cheese, per jar, 50c and 25<^ 

Finest Granulated Sugar, 20-lb. sack ?1.35 

Calgary Rising Sun Bread Flour, per sack $1.80 

Purnell's English Pickles, large quart jar 25< 

Queen City Tomato Catsup, per bottle 20^ 

Blue Label Tomato Catsup, per bottle 30< 

Fine Mealy Potatoes, per .sack S2.00 

Fresh Ginger Snaps, per lb 10^^ 

English Mixed Biscuits, per lb 15^ 

Fresh Rhubarb, .\ lbs. for ■ 25< 

Morrcll's Mild Cooked Ham. sliced, per lb 40< 

Corned Beef, sliced, per lb 25< 

Nice Sweet Navel Oranges, lur do?:cn, 35c, 25c and.... 15^ 
Fresh Roasted Peanuts, per 11) • 15^ 

Patronize the Store of the People 


Quick Delivery. Comer F«?rt and Bi^ 
Grocery Dept- Phones 94 tnd 95. Liquor P 

■ I I l lfjIj Il^ll jJl j j gl l g l l tg j I Jj Il ll ll l ll l lIlM* 

■ fcrarpTEnajsn 

,' ii''^!',r',^'f-VcV 

i'-iW*'«'E***'««f*''» <"■ 


, .^ii^iaie»K- 

Ceremonies Incidental to Plani- 
ng Pacific Terminal Flag of 
Canadian Highway Will Be 
Very Interesting 


Tuesday. April 9, 1912 

Just Arrived— A Very Fine Shipment of 

Harris Twe^s 




Your Suit Made to Order at prices starting at ^0 


Outfit ton 


out; U LAB 8TBBBT 

The annual general meeting of tlin 
Yittorla Automobllo unsoclfttlon Is ui- 
lunged to bo lioUl at Hie Kiupro»8 Ivolel 
<in the evonInK of Uio :;Tlli instant, f"!- 
IpwJng a ( oniplUnenlary club Uluncr ut 
8.80 O'clock, to which any xntmber !» «>- 
UUed to »»rln« » guest upon Wftklns 
nrlor armnfomenta wlttn «»♦ aJ»«»oo'ftr 

l»ll.«nni!Lt>»«« Jl«»«"^ "*****M' *''i'"* 
irarpo«a «l congldiSrlM TtomiltlB: *l»«r 
of th* orCiutiaaUon. 

it i* Iho «I«fl>*g JntsotJon to ofg»n«"* 
I club run to Port Albernl in eotoutsotlon 
with th« Inauguration of th« WMt«rn 
section of the Canadhm Highway and 
the planting of the «ret flag PO»t. on 
the 4th proximo. Large delegatlona from 
Vancouver, New Weatrolneter and Se- 
attle win accompany the membera of 
the home aaaoclatlon on tbl» oooaalon. 
and moving pictures are to be taHen of 
the nag planilnti ceremony and the mo- 
tor parade. 

At a meeting of the local asaoclatloii 
held laat month It was decided that a 
committee of the whole be formed for 
the purpose of discouraging recKleaa 
driving and that all mombera be asked 

to contribute to thl« end by reportInK 

Buya Apoar Idna 

.The Brlllal. India 8lium«liUi Coiii- 
Pttiiy liii« purrhuafil thi' Apcur llrii- i>f 
riiUiitlM. wlilrh oiirriiU'W a. llim from 
raliulta Id Yokohiima, linluilliiK H'l' 
nli-iinifi M AtiiiliHiii A)niii, r,. lli.i liu-. 
Ap>-»ir, Cjli'Kfiiy Aixur. .liU>uii «im1 l.Ulit 

"banadlan'o Oallantry 
U)NIK)N, April >I.»-Ui 
KtUK liUH wpiirovtMl the !>• 
Allien IU''ilul lit 111" .NCiniiil 1 

|.,.|\iai.| ill'il ul lilf i'nllU'ii" " 

( illantry dlnplayed In tli<^ 1 1- 

n-iii .n.-.u^irouH ilro ul I'oreiiplni'. 

Jayan'a Wew War wilnlirter 
TOKIO. April 8.— Llout 1 '1 Buron 

llyuhara, coiniiiitndir of tjic ri.nrle<<nih 
Dlvlulon at I'tHiuirnilyii, haH bcpn iH>- 
polnlfd was nilnlHter In 8ui'cfi»Hlon t>> 
l.lcui.-C.t'ncral tfhiuroku Jwhtnioto, whu 


Yverdon Kindergarten and 
Prepara ory ichool 


HuiiiliH'r l«riii < oniiuHfiron >1'irii|«y, A|>ili 
Iblh. 'Dm pl'I'K'h'*'. Ml(» iJuUnnd, N. 1' i 
will l)« ft-»u Id liilnrvfww |ii»i'>'iiiii and hu"' 
iIIkiiii from 10 a.m. tu i y.iii. uii Vilday, 

St. Geurije's School for Clrls | 


M.. , . ,1 r., n.. I .11 M . ; . W ■ ■■ :< li'l A ■. • 

gunuuer Turni Ooiiuii«"<j«« Ai..ti imi, ' | 
will. II t III. KlrnltifKH(l"li , ' 

will »>. > ' ■ •! >• Ap1)1" ■ 

N.KU.. I ' .; 

Mil J ,^1 uiiiJci » uiliiiH It"! 
Frlnolpal - - ■ >«'• ""ii" 

KINOSTON, April ••---tjhc Congervg- 
ttva AWiddi^tJSfn hft« endorted th^ »«- 

MJr. Plgtt, r«gl|m«<i. ilu«)ie« wM pfin- 
tsntlary «ooountartt formerly. 

Corrijj: College 

II.-,., ,,„ mil I'nrl. \ I. I... 1,1 II < 

■birggka Wtaa 
KANSAS CITT, April 8.-- StanUlftua 
Zbysako. the PoUah wroatler, defeated 
Brneat Koch, tha Oertnan wreatler In 
atraltht falla hera tonight. Th« Pole 
gained the flrat fall In 87 mtnutea 3« 
aecotlda with a half nelson and crotch 
hold, and In the second in 12 mlnutea 
50 aeconds, with a full neloon and 

Coal fMrike and Shipping 

NOHKOLK. Va., April 8.— About IBO vM- 
■cla wore Hwaltlng b«>rlh» today at NorlolK 
coal plera. Thia condition waa brought 
about by the Buroper* coal atrlkM and tho 
auapenalon of coal operuttona lu the Lnltea 

jit"«con ;iK|l 

! / am 
, T Ut 

ij^'sFlrYefeiXonal Mawlttft- 

"fRHOT www mmimn -w. .«™.^ 

modoratai Th(M vaeanoiaa guaMser 





"In the dust of broom or brush a million 
deadly germs take flight— while in the 
smoke of a gun a single missile flies." 

It isn't necessary to have either broom or gun in your home, 

because the 


insures your lungs and life against the dreadful risk of scarlet 
fever and other germ diseases. 

Hinton Electric Company 


Collegiate School 


B. a 

Boarding and Bay Sonooi for Boya. PartfeaSar atwastion given »o 
baokwaSl^pUs. Alao Praparatory Cloa. for boy. of 7 to !• y«r. of 

age conducted aopanately. «_— — — — ^ 

Sununer Term will commence on Monday. Aprtl 16th, at » a. na. 


Clay's Chocolate Name Eggs— any name to order. 
Large variety of moderate-priced Easter Novelties in 
Chocolate, Mechanical Toys. Comic. -- . 

Silk Easter Eggs, hand-painted— a most acccptablt 


Easter Cakes, crisp and nice. 
Oriental Cakes, a new species. 

Hot X Buns. . ■ . , 

to the aecr^^ i ary mien Ki aew eeii tWtg t o 
their notice. Klvlng date. time, place, 
number of cur and particulara of the 
ovence. It will "then bo the duty of the 
secretary to flmt write the offender 
politely and If the offence be repealed, 
the secretary la Instructed to take le- 
gal stepa If neceaaary to the end that 
the aeaoclaUon emblem may In time be- 
come a guarantee of the man behind the 
steering wheel. ^____^___ 



Slvers oo W*m *» Frawlsoo to Ts»- 
■ai XMn •% VWte Oovtta sight 
;V«MS M^ ' 

SAN FRANCISCO. April 8— The thlr- 
ty-alx-foot gasoUna laanoh National has 
left Jisre bound for Punt* Qorda and 
tho wreck of the Ill-fated steamship bu 
Paul which went to daStructlon at tl»l 
iwrtlon of the Mendocino Coast eight 
yaars ago. On board the National Is 
Diver John Roach, accompanied by his 
attendant and tho crew of the launch. 

The equipment of the National In- 
eluded stores and suppUM suffldent to 
care for the men on board for aoroa 
weeks, besides a quantity of dynamite 
Which will h* useatablow »P P«;"»n» 
of the wre*. Th* St. »*«»» contalBe* 
iconalderablafraWtt a* ttW t««M^ 
wmtit down *M>J|I*1«#W«»»M wt *««* 
JSov«L B«**h «lll#%4 «onsWe^ 

able secrecy r*»i^«te»^ >» ./ISS^ 
outcome of the cruise, but sold that it 
he eucceeded In getting possession of A 
certain half dosen cases stored In the 
St. Paurs hold he would ba well paid 
for hla trouble. 

It seems that some person whose 
IdenUty has been kept a secret has 
knowledge of the contents of these 
case* said to ba worth a tidy fortune, 
and •rraaged with Roach to salvage the 
%i»ck«. , 



Fresh Eggs 



Cor. Quadra and Johnson 
St. Phone 106 


Suggestions for Men 

■ n,-: .. . .nil ^00 

I !^2.O0 

.»d bt*r'TE"glisl' makes. 

;i.35 and $1.00 

;.A;>;;.^ UO.w. /. Mfi tTWHERWEAR 

- « vif at v^., f^' ffii4 .■'•//. ■ — • <6o^ 

. in tan.s, blacks and 

v^mmiM'-'Umm mmum : ■ : vnderw^ .; 

from p9r ptrmmt, $i.^to^ .,...,....>..... •':-;.;;• -z^m 
~ l^ttitw nyfay p wcr ' ihtm we 4t w^-a-«pl«idid Jme 01. >^:u 





& 1'. C. A. cases of cruelty. Phone. 
Inspector Russell. 1921 secretarys 'phono 
L47SS. * 

Builders' Notice. Doors, windows, 
glass, etc., in stock. a*t our estimate; 
Phone R790, 1087 Flaguard Street: R. A. 
Oreen A Co. 

Heet mo at the James Bay OrtU. Wa'U 

dine together at 8:11. 

Merchants' Lunch will be served as 
usual from 18 to 8 at the Sandrtngbam. 
788 Fort atreet.' on and after January 

«• ■' * 

Easter Lilies, — For the best at mod- 
erate prices, see Brown Bros., Falrvlew 
Qrcenhouses. 1007 Oovernroent St. • 

A a«N>» BABftAor or Ashr mnaet.- 

Suppoae a man pays The 'Mutual I#lfe 
of Canada a premium of 887 a ye»r for 
to years only and then stops paying, 
having attained the age of 86 years; 
In addition to having had 10 years' In- 
sut^nce for 81000 the company will keep 
him Insured for a further period of IS 
years for.81000 (without further pay- 
ment" from him), and win then pay him 
to cash (giuiranteed) 8668. 

The Mutual Life of Canada having no 
tatorest to consider br care for ekcopt 
the ints^t of policy-holders, can give 
jKAi tha best return for your money. 
jy>r rates iiid jparUculars, apply to R. L. 
Drury, maiiagen or Ftad. M. McOregor, 
offlooB, 818 Ctovemment street * 


Some demand votes : may be 
they'll get them, may be 
they won't. 

But the woman who de- 
mands perfection in her 
Suits, need only come to us. 

Charlie Bo 

Ladies' and Gehts' Tailor. 

1605 GovenMfient Street - 

Next Oriental Importing C'. 

Strictly Fresh Eggs and 
— Pure Water Glass 



740 Yattt Street 

Wedding Cake SpeciaUstt 

619 Fort Street 




DAWSOK. A^' i.-^tswttftwt com^ 
paoles tbroughwil tha tmn r^J^ 
preparing |or •« AAtlira *»s«p. fiNws 

rived from the Coast within the lajl 
faw diiyi. Much freight is accumulat- 
ing at the foot of l.rfiBarse for steamers 
and ioo^rs, but not as much as last 

'^Boundary ^^^j^im^^l^ 

Ton esn deposit your money at 4 per 
eenC Interest with the B. C. Permanent 
Uwn Company and be able to withdraw 
the total amount or any portion thereof 
without nottee. Cheques ara koppUed 
to ^tch d e pos l t on Paid «p eapltal over 
|l,««e.eM, ags^g owr 18,000.000. Branch 
ofneA t*t» Oommaumt street, VietoHa, 
^t, ■■■. ' 


Premlsear on Yates Street, near 
corner of Dnuglas, cdnslsttng of 
ground and me«anl»e floors now 
occupied by Messrs. Baxter A 
Johnson. Apply: 1 , 

' 74:StXOlB4i> BlOfk', ■ 

—at tliis store, Eggs will not be cheaper than they 
ire now. Preserve them with Water Glass and use 
theni later on, wheti in an ordinary way they will be 
selling at 60c per dozen. 

STRICTLY FRESH EGGS, now, per doz. 30^ 

WATER GLASS, the great preserver, per ^^^ 

and • • .......... • •; '^^ 

"CRISCO /' the new cooking compoundi per tin .35# 
GARDEN SEEDS, of every variety— We offer only 

the seeds from such well approved firms as Steele 

Briggs, Ferry 'Si May*B and Rennie's* firms with a; 

reputation for the best. 

TER, per pound . . . . • • ••••>• • • • • • • '^r 

• • •• •"■ • '• ■■ ' THE '- ''. : 


ffidse^ 38-6&-I76S 

■'Gbyegrliime^ Street 

Do Your Painting 


Spring is the season of freshness,' the time to make 
1 epairs, dean house, retouch furniture and f loors_ and 
brighten Up houses and sheds and fences WITH 

Our Big New Electric Sign 

Directs you to pure paint. Look for it on the roof of 
our new Fort street store, and take its tip: BAPCO 
PAINT is pure, and skillfully made. ' It goes to you 
in convenient, generous tins, in any shade you desire. 
We carry BAPCO 

Paint for Every Purpose 

And every can we sell has our personal guarantee to 
-■ive entire sati.sfaction when used in accordance with 
the instructions on the label. 

Oils, Stains, Varnishes, Wax — in Stock. 

Yukon river aha the Arctic. 

Capt C. E Miller, of T>aWson, ha.s 
Msrted' to build a new light-draft tow 
.,i,,,,,ier and bafge, for the side streams 
neiir DaWson. ' ' ■ ;' ■ ' ■ ■ 



Reported That Weir Liner Will Bring 

Many Funjaubla rrom India To 

BrltUli Columbia 


For a few days ws h*va about 
%f,0 acres of Waterfront, aboitt t« 
flttllas from olty. about 8 acrea in 
sttiltvAttoo, aevieral acres slsvUsd 
and e«slly cleared.. Also sortie 
good limber. Owner oliilms that 
timber will more than pay purch- 
age *rtce of land. We will take 
pat'tte* but and show them this 

land f=n:Mi. 

About 82.S0O will luindle this, 
balance arranged to suit 





Booms 11 and 12 Fromla Block 
I'honu ll'i"- 1006 Oovernment St. 


Pnned fit Sreal Value to ¥••• 

Tfutf to only one «P^**"ii^ 
mimbeia ol enHnisissttc letters that we 
teetiNevnisiag Ma>]>fn'Co Dyspepsia 
taliletgt iind tbat to that these tatfleto 
certiaaty di» cwd 9flj klad «rf stomach 

^liillavc proved oT r#«t vaf uc to 

Sie. I tried remedy after remedy but 
Mthout any lasting good. Having heard 
of your tablets curing such castas 
mine I decided to give thetn a fairtttol. 

They proved pati.sfnctory in my caSe. 

The remarkable success of Na-Dru-Co 
Dyspepsia Tablets is snch a succcss^as 
can only come to an honest remedy, 
compounded according to an exception- 
ally good formula, from pure mgre- 
dients, by expert chemists. Ifyou are 
troubled with vour stomach just nsk 
your Drufrgi.^t about Na-Dru-Lo 
Dyspepsia Tablets, comix>niulod by the 
National Drug and Chemical Co. of 
Canada, Limited, and «old, throughout 
the Dominion at 50c. a box. U2 

Is feeling the benefit k i "Reliable Mptor Staged -and the 
traffic is increasing all the time. Already the dwa^nd is 
pressing for more trucks, and arrangeinents arc in pr<?gress 
for increased equipment to meet the large influx crf^bttsiaeas: 
Wc have the transportation offered, and an investment in 
the stock of The British Columbia Motor ttttck transporta- 
tion Co.. Ltd., at $1 per share. ca8h/)r a^c and ascper inonth, 
wm^abl^YQU to participate hi the profits. 

Cilli^ iiwHte or pl^^ 

Almoure Agency 

It Is reported that a large numbtr of 
Hindus will be brought to Victoria and 
Vancouver by the steamer Orterlc. of 
thf "VVclr llTif, which was sent to Bom- 
bay from Honftkong. arriving there on 
March 7. last. Under the. laws of tUe 
l>omlnlon government Immigrants must 
come from their country of origin by 
direct passage, and slnco this law was 
placed In effect, the transpacific ateam- 
ers have not been able to land Hindus 
as none of the stpamers plv btyond 
Hongkong. The Ortrrlc Is to come from 
Bombay to Hongkong and the usunl 
porta of call en route here, and Is stat- 
ed by local Hindus that they expect 
many of their compatriots to be pass- 
engers on tht Weir liner. 

B.C. HARDWARE Co., Ltd. 

I'hn.ics 82 an.l iM I 825 Fort Street 1'. O. Box 683 



ThP atcam frolghtor Oscar went 
aground In water In th« North 
Arm. It appcA'-s that thi i-hannel was 
bhjckod by 8\yirtfr.«i tlfd to tho Btand- 
inir booms in Uio hoomInK ground ho- 
longlng to the \Veatniin.'«l*>r .<«hlrurl<* niill 
oti thp north aldo of l^ulu Island. Cap- 
tain McDonald states that ho wae com- 
p«*iir*i, (iwiiiK *■*' wiJr 0113..* "^i-Jifi ■- ■'- 
(TH, to take the pas-sn^o north of Popi- 
hir Iwlund and went aground, ffoatlnc 
off In time to reach tho city late in the 


vShortlv, has decided l<. pm or. the market all hi5 prop- 
erty .'it very low prices. 
Acreage, near Burnside Road--.\ hcautifu] place for a .^cntic- 
nia.r.s home, high position, splendid view ^^■^'^'''^^l t^ 
Victoria and the Straits. Partly excellent soil partly lock. 
All fenced, shack, well. About 5 minutes ^valk froni new 
carline. 17 1-4 acres for $10,000. u 1-4 acres for $6,600. 
One-third cash, balance over two years. 
Shawnigan Lake, about one mile from Lake. 350 acres of 
which 40 arc cleared, 60 second growth. Good soil creek 
and spring. Good large house, barns for 15 head, clncke - 
and duck houses. Chinaman's shack. For prices, piioto- 
praphs and further particulars api)ly as below. 

New .5-roomed House, Beechwood Ave., furnished, ready for 
occtipation within 48 hours, all modern conveniences, good 
lot lull sized basement, witli one-quarter cash. $4,000. 

Chicken Ranch, near Shawrigan Lake, 20 acres witl. goon 
7-roomed house, bathroom with bath, barn, about 700 square 
feet of new chirkcn-houscs. This is a snap. otforc<l at llu- 
price of wild land in this ncighb<irh<.)od. 


Member Real Fstale Kxchange ^ 

Phone 2R20 ^"""'' '^- ^^'^f^'' '■;"'■ ^''^-; 

P.O. liox 1233 1225 Douglas Street 

325 Pembei^tOtt Blotk. 

i?bpne 770 . 

Open 9 to 9 

I, II 1 1 ' ' III 

Ahnoure Agency 3nap 

Victoria 1ii^pn;the track of. the' boom,, 4^)xr.v.^ .vith 3-r<xMn 

house and bathroom and pantry; $800 cash, balance easy. 

Only............ ••• ?2,450 

325 Pemberton Block, Phone 770 Open 9 to 9 


At Duck Block 




Arthur Holmes 






'•1 9, 1912 


The Sporting World 



Crack XilfhtwelrhtB M«tcU«d for Twen- 
ty »ound» ftt to* Ang-alo* — Ar- 
ranremanta Oomplstad 


Heavyweights Go Full Twenty 
Rounds at Fast Pace and 
Please the Spectators at 


■Li.anfffor4, the American heavywelBhti 
loOay ^et'tt.lfta Sftm McVw. ot Call' 
lornia. iti 4 20>round fleht 6n polnu. 
: Langfcrtrd and MoVey fought In th« 
atadlum ,to|^<»re J(,000 spectetora. and 
(fcfter tk4Pp^^t|f)t<»i In which honors 
wore «ilirty? iffw*- until the laat few 
rounds. laa&ltfA aucceeded in reversing 
|it> def f^ %i^ ^Voy'A' hands on Decem- 
ber 86 last ' 

. The betting was ten to nine on Mc- 
Voy.^ she 9ght opened at a fast pace, 
}n the second round Langford landed 
three heavy rights on the body In a 
Qlinch, at which- McVey protested, and 
tht) police interfered. Langford had 
somewhat the better of the first few 
rounds, an* the beumg veered to Ave to 
four ih hlB favor. Both men put up a 

1.0S AXGKL,ES. April 8.— Ad Wolgaat 
■anU Juo Uivers, the local Mexican llgrlu- 
wcigiif, wpro nmtcheU late toduy to IlK'nt 
I'O roundu In the Vernon arena "n July 
4 for the llghtwclglu champlon&liip of 
the world. 

Manager Torn McCarey of the Ver- 
non club, announced that both boys had 
agreed to make' 'the mmmMU^:' 
XS2 pounds at, tile rixt$mKl^^e:^-''' 

Vh» matter \.f Belectlwif i» ie«lt0tt WM 






ggVAge ngn t . ana t n^ r e f e r ee w a s con- 
atantly engaged in separating them. 

By clever sparring: ilcVey managed 
to keep his stronger adversary off until 
jBfter the seventeenth round, when the 
turioua pace began to tell on both. 
ttangford was In the better condition at 
ihe ettdt although not good enough to 
land a knockout. 

i T^e '^■pectatora cheered the referee's 
decision, anfd obviously were delighted 
at what they considered a bard and 
foirly-f ought battle. 

l^lerTed. but It was MW-fitrW^hhirWv- 
jectlon was raised by either side to al' 
lowing the club referee. Charles TSylnith 
to oOlclftte AB third man In the ring, 

*1 am not at liberty Just at present 
to announce the flnancial terms agreed 
upon," said Manager McOarey. "But, as 
adopted, they ^ere imJntnently aatlefac- 
tory to iboth sides." 

It la known that Wolgast refused to 
fight Rivers for a purae Off »12,50O, de- 
manding In addition a certain percentage 
of the moving jMct"!** prlvUofe. 

Kight followers said tooigh't It was 
likely that the guarantee first offered 
WolgtiBt would stand for the July < 
encounter, with the addition of about 
40 per cent of the picture money. 

Rivers made no .desiat^ mK^n^^'^'^Carey 
saying he w^as ^saiiwfled to gier m** the 
riny with Wolgast on any terms. 

Victoria's Baseball Squad En 
Route North Ready for First 
Match of League Series 

. NeMWeek. 

M^ '' 



At ilpoltant: Victoria vw Bpokane,- 

April W-ai. ^''' 

' At Vancouver: Vancouver vs. T.oopaA, 

April l«-20. « '. .. 

A-t Seattle: Seattle va. Portland, 
April 16-81. 

All is in readiness for the opening 
niatches of the Northwestern Baseball 
leasee. They talle pla*ie as ehown above 
and, «f <?our«fc. eVer* dub is brimfUl of 
bonftSent*. If press reports were all 
credited everyone would be conceded a 
pennant winner. HoWever it looks as 
though the race was going to be ti.e 
keenest In years. Unquestionably both 
the Portland and Victoria teams are 
touch stronger than they were last sea- 
son. There seems to be a general opin- 
ion that Seattle's squad Is not up to 
that of 1911. but It in too early yet to 
ve»<wo ft prophwy. Tiltttifi Lypch — a£^ 

Crick«t«r« of Cowlchm ▼aU^jr Already 

Have Completed Arrang'emeiitS 

Tor Ssaaou 

. uvlchun is taking cricket un tlils 
hummer with even gr^-ater zest/ than 
iLsunl. Us "Uih already has a member- 
..,1,1,, .itlng list as well, and, 

besWf.-', iij.^ .u.iiounced a schedule of 
games that will keep its team fairly 
busy. An effort la being made to per- 
fect arranRcments whereby local teams 
may be able to play at Duncan and re- 
turn the .same day. 

The Schedule 

The schedule follows: 

May 18— Oak Bay at Duncan. 

May i;i — .llhion at Duncan. 

May 25 — Vancouver at Duncan. 

June 1 — Navy at Duncan. 

torta. . ■ ■,■■'■-■■,,,/ 

Jttne ft->Albtini at VIeforU. 
- " Jape- tl ■ Vl e t eria- at >yto*aria> .... ■.-—:. 
June 19— Cniverslty Bcliool at Dun* 


JiiPe 32 — Oalc Bay at Ounoan. .. . 
June 29 — ^Vancouver at Vancouver. 
July 1 — Nanalmo at Nanalrao. 
July «— Navy at Victoria. 
July 13 — Garrison at IXuncan. 
July 20— Victoria at 4Duncan. 
July 2T— Albion at DUncan. 
Aug. 3— Oak Bay at Victoria, 
j^ug 10 — Nanalmo at Duncan . 
Aug. 17— «arrison at Victoria, 
.\ug. 19-24-^Toumament week. 

"Pathe Weekly," — Tuiii.ul Events. 
"The Presentiment,"— ' ': I' '' '■ i''' 
"Ancient »ome," — dcinic. "The fe.u 
tJnpardonable," — K.ssanay V/rster--, "His 
Lfvit Parade," — Luljln vlrama. "A M'y. 
la Masts,"- inblii couieiy 

"Multiped" Garden Hose 

Majestic Theatre 

Prog^rammo Monday and Tuesday 
"The rir»t Violin," Harmoniously 
dramiiilr. "Captiired by WlreletB," :i 
sensational, detective,, ytory. "The 
BhrlnJcing Rawhide," -svostprn Iieadliucr. 
"A Mei»age Prom the Moon," a comedy 
full of sparklf. "Prigcillas Capture," 
biograpl) comcily. 

lengths without seam or Joint. Will 

Made In oOO-foot coBtlnoous leng 
not kink. 

Guaranteed for any waterworks pressure. 

E. G. PrioTCo., Ltd. Ly. 

Cornt;:- Govcrnmenl aii.l Jolinr.or' Streets. 

Victoria Theatre 

ti^esday April 

Henry W. Savage Offers 

Madame X 

Tlie Supreme Drama of Mother lx>ve. 
With Adeline Dunlap and the usual per- 
fect Henry W. Savage cast. PHces. 
$1.60, *1. 76c. 60c, Seats on sale Satur- 
day, Aprit «tli. 



^SoOtl^' Allen Sefeate Kis Closest 
.Sival, John Johnson, by 
-'■ One Xonr 

Busy Bees'* Leave TrainltTg 
Quarters Today— Yesterday 
They Defeated a Sah Fran^ 
Cisco Team 

NOMB, Alaska, April 8.— -A. A. 
(Scotty). AUeti. driving the team of 
4iK«I*nitXC« dOffS owned by Mrs. 
, Charles f. Dai'ling, of Berkeley, Ca!., 
won the an-Alaska sweepstakes, cross- 
ing tKe finish line; at. Nome At 1:32 
o'clock ihts momins. _ 

; AHam'd ; time for the 412 miles from 
Kome'tb Candle and return — 87 hours 
and .32 minutes — was 5 hours and 52 
Diinutes longer than his time last year 
when hi Mtafthe J7»c« ^th^^^ #ailie 

AleiMdlr^ lloIiftA^ ^ larlvlig^ *jo1fttt 

»|uiiun'«:icam of Siberian wolfhounds. 

older or the record of 71 hours, 14 
.ilButes and'^SO secondB, was second, 
^riylnj^ into N^bme one hour behind 
$MLn. ' «Charles Johnson, driving Fox 
ftamsey's dogs, was third, arriving half 
<in hour after Holmsen. 

I The Oliver dogs, driven by O. Blatchf 
ford, wem in such pooi^;condttlon^ fron» 
ihe lonff dfiy* ov«r tliie bard snoir 
Irall that they weire hopelessly outi 
M*^DECeA:«ttd 6i(t ivfiit show m the final 

The^^iiliiitantil had a trying time 
Saturd^ ntt^liit. A severe storm was 
i||ill$ itt made dilfi- 

im^«tftffill<(«d was lost for three 
hours in 'I>aath Valley. Holmsen lost 
i^ dOjT &t tile •Kn'itt and spent two hours 
...dniiim- it. iohnaon had difficulty 
ke^|lir;tli#:!ti«l th» gtorm. 



Number of Iiocal Fanoleara JMldsnM VW 

coss In Bigr Oregon CompBtl-_ 

tlons Z>ast Week 

BAN J08B, Cai.. April «.— «n a moms- 

Ing workout that bad all t&e jt^^er bf 
anticipation the busy Bee* were s«m in 
the field today In the final piftetlca ot 
the spring trailing Maate. ^ 

Tomorrow iSie a4u<d, twenty-on* 
strong, will take a boat at San Tnn- 
Cisco for the trip to Victoria. 

It was definitely announced here to* 
day that t*'red Kaymer has retired from 
basebiall and that-, Tom F^JJUtimp^a, the 
fiunvryn .»^r^'w* ^'J^-^§ »«»^ 
stOKQi;;: Ittllefc nP^l J, pla|'^j^g|*-? an4 
Bawlings short Sadoteky and Merritf 
are retained €u» utility tnfleldeixt 

Yesterday's game was won by Vic- 
toria by the narrow margin of 4 to 3 
from the speedy Olyriiplc elub team o* 
8an Francisco. CHrot, a big lean left« 
bander, had more than ant ' p<tfther the 
Bees have 'been against this season end 
catne'flear t<^ beatilBg them. The scbret 

pears to have assembled a likely-looking 
lot, and BQb Brown, of Vancouver, may 
be depended upon to be in the running. 
■ The "Busy Bees" have broken camp 
icnd wm win- th e ' n ort h -Hr-o-t^w 4»y«. 
They have been preceded by their man- 
ager, Mr. U A. Wattelet, who Is chter- 
fuUi' confident. He looks forward to 
the summer with a great deal of optim- 
ism and declares that none of the north- 
west dabs will be able to make a door- 
mat ©f Bis team this year. 

In <Bscttssln« the squad, he refers to 
Meek, the «ew catcher with pride. Hi 
coneltters that the securing of that play- 
er was a great pleco of business. To 
say, as Bob Brown is reported to have 
done, that he is a fat 300-oounder gives 
nn altogether w*ong impression. He ii 
« fetft 3 inches tWI and weighs 221 
:pouads. He to built something like Kd. 
Ertckson. the pitcher, is a grand throwi- 
«v ana'eateher ind flSB m«»W the tin* 
Ing out <>f the b all. 


|lK»eetf4 tMk* Ohaiapioaah^y %ttM§ 

vuti' 'tiiiaat«c .'...' 



Oood Sport Obtained by Tlotorta »lsh- 

ermea Daring Easter Kolldays — 
menort rrom grospeot iHike 



Offering "At the Ueceptlun' 

Brennan. 3b. 
Keller, 2b. 
Friene. rf. 
Meek. c. .... 
Xordyke, lb. 
Daniels. If. . 
Kennedy, cf. 
Rawllngs. ss. 
Jorstad, p. . 
Kavfltman, p. 

ab: r. h. po. a. 

3 13 1 

• « •'• • • « • • 












Victoria dogs were quite successfwl 
at the Portland KennPl club'i ftnnu&l 
show, which was held last week, the 
majority of those «ent south carrying 

aa ribbons. In ♦>'»«» n»mfT^ eilt»» 

Kr.ipht Krrant, owned ■W^'mm-tium: 
.\i iulicll. P.'indora avenue, hot only 
wiin in optn but captured the winner's 
prize. iOnglLsh .setters brought the vet- 
eran Ch. Arbutus Swallow to the front 
again. She was first in open and first 
in winners. 

Pointers found the Victoria string 
in evidence, .Mn-Kdclle Hill, secretary 
of the Victoria club, having one which 
i;(Ught the Judge's eye. Queenle was 
given reserve winners. In cocker 
spaniels Mrs. Gurcsehe's entry obtain- 
.■il the highe.«t mark avp.ilablc. going 
1.. the top in winners' class. Mr. .1. W. 
.'relgUton's dogs did well, one rbsi-.uid 
.1 number "f second.^ being s 

The Seattle show will tal<c ..... < lids 
week, opening on \Yednesd,iy and ex- 
;..ndlng to Saturday. It ; is probable 
.bi:t iUere wll' be a stronfif entry from 
litis city. 



Eadford, rf. .. 
Muhl, 2b. ... 
Kennedy, ss. 
S wanton, lb. 
McMillan. 3b. 
C^reghitto, If. 

Olirot. p. ... 


SI 4 5 27 IS • 

ab. r. h. po. a. 

6 1 3 1 






\ *> 








Runs . . ...• ' 
Bast hits ... 

Olympics — 
Runs ....... 

Ba!r<c h'cte •• • 





ox— i 

X— 5 

. A't tm itihual inejttM^f M Mtt^^^^ 
Columbia branch of the Canadian Am^ 
kteur Swlmjpltig AM«>c.if*^*"> held on 
Saturday at Vailebiiver. provincial swim- 
ming chanipliiMifhilMi for 1912 were de- 
etdad ^ppn aa - ii^lUtws: Fifty yards, 
ladles, !•« yards ladiea. 60 yard Junior 
<II. and under). »«0 yawls Junior (H. 
atpa ^^indfer), ^i9 yais*i Jhntbr <«. and 
lindir); 60 yirda sisnior, ' 100 yards 
senior. 220 yardia aeMor. 440. yards sen- 
inti 880 yard* seHHWi 'Wit* eenior. diving, 
relay <4,.men to team.) Noihlhg Was 
done towards dlvldOli! these event" be- 
tween Victoria and Vancouver. 

/Viritl\ regard to- the Canadian cham- 
plonsbipat. «WCh eoffiprisie among other 
events , the 440 yards senior. 100 yards 
(ladies) Mdd 100 yard* settWr. It was 
announced that there is a possibility of 
their taking jplace on the Pacific eoast 
tUn summie^r. Mr. Cotter is lr*W|^ to 
Montreal towards ^he and' of the nfiohth 
in respect to thla3«»li*«W. If the con- 
teats if* asaiir&^a t* Victoria, ^hi* 1»e- 
Uur the Wfly.ei^t ttty pcMstasihig the 
it la Assured that Iha 
tl^es Will be her^ to de- 

.«p;^,jSii|b ■,•■>';■■;: "- -.'.'.' ■' „• 

';iniiiiit 'ltfi»>saving (nD> ^aa tiiaaafetreA 
to the Royal Life. Saving Association. 
Kfdahs. of a similar design, to those 
iMlp^A for Canadian championships, only 
pcl^MSSing.a provincial erefft, have been 
ordered. - 

kit .vpapi ndeoided that the idea of form- 
lt0-^ fgitoflMlttl ixatar polo league would 
h s ■ M i 1i » it »«*ii i tt a w B bH i if .H e s u i t a M s 

.... 1 
.... 012 1 2 2 

Two base hlts- 

2 .0— 3 

S 1—12 


If all the experiences of all the fish- 
ermen who spent their Kastcr holidays 
plscatorlally engaged were set down 
^^hey would doubtless fill many interest- 
ing pages. Certainly It would be- inosl 
entertaining were each rod-and-.llne enr 
thuslast given full latitude. But tMs 
cannot be done for two reasons. It^ 
would be impossible to get all Easter 
anglers together and It would be out 
Of the question to publish their stories 
in detail. 

• Even allowing a little license 'or un- 
controllable fancy, there la reason to 
believe that the fish responded readUy 
to the usual wiles during the holldayk 
A goodly number of well-stocked creels 
were brought down liy the C. P. R. train 
on Sunday and Mo»*ay evenli^ga. Most 
came from points along tl^e Cowlbhaa 
river and lake; This, of course. Is a 
pretty largo district, asHgir who hav« 
done any fishing on the island know. 
According to reports, the point which 
furnished Ihe beat sport was the river's 
mouth and thereabout. Further up the 
tlver the trout were not rtsing as well 
as they do later on In the season. At 
the lake. It Is under»too«l, some already 
are being taken on the troll. 

It Is stated that a number tried Lang- 
fOrd and other lakes In that* vicinity ft>r 
biac^ bass and niet wUh success. Flsh- 
erPien say that these fluh, j^hlch wera 
Imported to British Columbia several 
years ago, have grown large and strong, 
that they provide the best kind of sport 
In landing and that they appear to be 

A Prospect IJik» correspondent says: 
•The lake la allva #lth fish, but the> 
are not taking very well, as the weather 
has been uncertain. Last Thursday Mr. 
li*rank Bainea. who was trolling, caught 
nine; About a doseh boats were but oh 
Odod Friday, but few tlsh were caught 
Mr. Ray Meldram and Mr. Gunnerson, 
jr., were high liners With seven. Ij'ew 
were landed on Sunday. Mrs. Doc. Henry 
securing the best basket with five, all 
Of which were beauties, weighing from 
one half pound to one pound and a half, 
tronetable H. Llttlit *l»d 4wo fMendS 
tried the lake with files on Sunday, 
but reported no liick. Mr, Henry, of 
the city fire departtrtent, arrived at' the 
lake on Sunday morning, and. intends 
spending two weekf ik%..UTi'prMiK;mn:* 
ry's bungalow, west elde of laka. Com- 
petent authorities should visit the dam 
at the north end of the lake; and see that 
a proper fHh ladder Is Installed, as 
there " arc thousanilft of fish wanting, 
but unable, to Jumn tl»e dant Into the 
lake. They are from Saanlch Arm and 
adjoining streams." 

WA I .T MHW * VAtiK ^ ^ 

MInh Welma _ >*'; ••f.''rr* 

In tHe Boclety eatlre "A Woman* Way 


Lighiulng JuBgl«T» 

Vaudcvllle'a faei'tnatInK vJolIn vlriuono 


In a lepertolro of muelcat bpium 


Singing and talking 

Bicyctep Sold on Easy 

Come m and let us explain to you our easy Instalment system of pnr- 
chasing a Bicycle. We will take your old bicycle as part payment on a 
new one. 'We guarantee every Bicycle asaiiist defect for one year. Our 
stock of Kngllsh and Canadian Bicycles Is comprised of all the best makes: 
Rudge Whltworth, Victorias, Premier Hanger, icudRe Wedse and Pfirfecta. 

ni08»-f35, f40, f45, f«0 AND f75 


VfeOBS «t7. 

•M SHJvejimeiyi ftosat^ ^ 

Ncydes-En^lisli Ncydes-lialelgli 

The new Spring Gar- 
ments are now ready, 
and our exccUcnt clothes 
servtcic awaits your cdm- 

N^w Address-r- 
Gor. Yates and Br«)ad 

f ^ to certify that Raleigh Cycle is gpranteed 
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mfdd the property of the first retail purchaser. 

1220 Broad Street $o|e Agents 




Overhaul Your Fishing Tackle 

Mak« a liat of the things you need and get them here. We not only carry 
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Lines, Xeeders. Files, Out. Hooks, Spoons and Artlf icW Itallbii of all kinds. 

Wishing Bods, from $30.00 to 
risbing Baskets, from ¥8.60 to .... 


Ra*l|JSI^'«#anton. McMillan. Three base 
hits— Bd. Kennedy, Oleot. Three hits ani^. 
no runs off Jorstad 'iii four Innings.-' 
Bas,. on b.Ul8 — Oil Glrot 2, off Jorstad 
1. Struck out — By Glrot, 4, by Jorstad 2. 
by Kauffm&n 1. Left on baaes— Victoria 
.-..Olympics 3. Stolen bases— Nordyke 
and Kennedy. Sacrifice hits— Daniels and 
.lorstad. Wild pitches— Glrot. Passed 
balls— Orlndell. First ^n«>" -n errors- 
Victoria 3. Time of g<i ! "ur. 

imliml iiy "laiilMi 

"OttlMW ^yi(j^^- elected as follows: 
Pr Obltl il it y'^tCTiibit ; vice-presidents, sec- 
retaries of the different provincial Y. 
M. C. A.'s, the Vancouver Athretlc club, 
the Vancouver Kowing club, the J. B. 
A. A., and the Hocrctary-ii.i>asiiror, A. B. 

president and : w.i.. ;ip- 

deletr.iti'.s to ti \ /,. i'. 



Kattro«. of Royal Victoria Club, 
• Sail Prom San Pedro to 



At in.lianapolls— Indlanapoli.--. 
, jiKo NatloiiHls, 4. 

At <-inrinnati— Cincinnati Nationals, 
10. Detroit Amcricani". ». 

At Toledo— T<'l<'<t". t New York Am- 
oilcsns, 6. 

Sullivan Winner 
.KT. LOl'I!?. .\pril 8. — 'Brooklyn': 
Tommy Sulllyan won the popular decls- 
ii-.r; ever Tommy nixon, of Kansas City, 
In their 8-round bout here tonight. 

Th'.s is the 
mothers feel 
the frequfnl 
ehiMrrn. and 
It as every 
lowers tlie vl 
fof the nior^ 
(.flen fnllow 
Itpmedy Is fa 
Iilra?«aiit ;ind 
all U'.alci'.t. 

season ot the year when 
very much concerned over 
cOlds contrracted by their 
have iibtintlnnt reason for 
cold weakens the lunss, 
tallty and paves the w«ty 

serious diseases that so 

Chamberlain's Cough 

niooB for Its cures, and Is 

safe to Like. Tor .-oiU' by 

Canadian's '♦ictbn^ ' 

.-I'l iK A .V ;•:. \\';, April 8. — P'. J. 
Owens, champion long-distance swim- 
mer of western Canada, bndie the 
record for under-water swimming at 
the Y. M. C A. a<4uatlc meet by 
swimming five lengths of the tank, ii 
little more than 73 yards. The former 
a9St)clatlon record of three lengths' 
was made by Otto Craig and has stood 
several years, in the tiuartcr-mile 
races Owens swam against Alvin 
Dyer for the iirsi 10 laps, when Dyer 
hecnme sick, his jilace being taken by 
Merriam. Owens won with several 
!-„„ .J3 5" the biral boys being no: 
match for the Canadian crack. 

lO— — ^ 

Officials at Coenr d'Alene 
COKl'LJ PAMONI'^.. I'laho. April I. — 
Phil nelly, of \'anco\ivei'. bus been iip- 
pointed bandicapper and associate ludKe 
of the meeting of the Cocur d'AInnp 
llarlng association, which .opens April 
27. In the place of the Iste l-'rank .Skin- 
ner. Richard Dwyer will act' ks the r'r- 
prestnlatlve of tlie Fn<Mfle Cossl .lockoy 
club, and Sam McGlbbon will he clerk c/ 
Iho scales. 

.'.^f - M, iip^to-dale. have entered 

l:lif; o... , ■■ fioin Sun I'oiro to liono- 

liiUi, whi. ' 'ue of these 

is from Vi.t./ii,.. iiif .>nviioHS, owned 
by Capt. K. P. Asbe. She wilT fly the 
colors of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. 
There Is keen rivalry between San Peilro 
and San Frnndsco clubs, and It is re- 
pr-rted that Mr. .A. K. r>avi8, owner of 
the '-.tjrllne, . the winner of the last two 
I aces, is anxious to Wfiger $10,000 that 
his yacht will reach Honolulu ahead of 
the San Francisco entr>-. 

The entries havt- been received of the 
following schooner yiiebts, with owners 
and clubs as given: Lurllne, A. E.Davis, 
San Diego; Seafarer, L. A. Xorris. San 
Fiancisco; Sweetheart, Baron Long, Cor- 
i| ; Sfcthian ; Miriar., E. N, Van ©nrscn. Cor- 
ifithlan; .Hawaii, W. H, Stroud, Hono- 
lulu; Nattross, 13. V. Ashe, Victoria; 
Gw<;ndolyn, Dr. F. K. O'Connor. Seattle. 
The i-ace Is held biermlaUy, under the 
Jf.lnt Biispii'es of thf South Coast Yacht 
C:ub and the Uonoliilu Ynidit Club. 

Bfr *1m»liit& Tati^'nfonw WWr riwsrtved 

a OOWmunlcatlon from i^M^l*'^' 
reqntoCtng him to mak^'if IMPHBI nts 
for the fishing expedition which Col. Intends to make when 
he arrives here at the end of May. Col- 
otiel Uannlng-Lee Is at present on his 
way from Auckland on a trip round the 
WorJtVau'l be has been sampling the •■^'l 
uion^^ehlnB of New Zealand already, ii 
wishes to compare the sport In the 1 do- 
minion with that in the Ideal colony. 
imd Sir William Van Home has forward- 
ci' Lord Kanfurley's letter to Mr. Bryan 
Williams, the provincial came warden, 
ns the person inoel llk«ly to kIvc Hie col- 
onel points on the best salmon nshinq 
in British Columbia. During this, his 
first visit to Canada, be will stay with 
their excellencies, the Duke and Duchess 
of Cor.naught- 

Fit -Reform 


1321 Government: St. '"fi"' '"'•"'ililJ! 

■■is. ,; 



Xiumber, ■•»•«« Doors always Ih stock. Ws speclaUze inartistic 
tfcsnt doors, iteamed slush, grain fir, and Howard's iflush. 



p. O. Box 363 

Johnson vs. Iiangford 
N1.:W YOUK. April K.— A Nr-w York 
syndicate today offered Jack Johnson 
$2.'>.000 to fight Sam Langford ten 
rounds In a ball park In that city among 
the latter part of May. Johnson replied 
be would accept the offer, provided be 
might have the privlleffe of taking flfty 
per cent, of ,he gross receipts in Ueu 
of the $25,000. 

Persons imubled with partial paral- 
jifsls are often very much benefited by 
rh:is<?a.:;ing the affected parts rhorougnly 
whru applyluK Cbamberlnln's LIniniont. 
This liniment also relievejs«lii 
pains. For sale by all dealers * 

Escaping Convict Shot 
SACRA •MK^"^0. April 8.— Attempt- 
ing to escape today from the Folsoni 
prison, Manuel Rodriguez., a .Mexicfln, 
.«trvlnK one year and a half, was shot 
and fatally wounded. The convlc, 
with others, was working on thf* will 
being <'(mstriicted un the north side .il' 
the prison. RodrlKuex Jumped fron. tlie 
wall and wa.s commandeil by thn Ruanls 
to halt. Instead, he ran .up o hill and 
when nearly half a mile away rioiii lb*? 
wall was struck by a loillel from the 
iiile of a Kuard. He died scon .iftcr 
being taken to the prison 




Eggs, local fresh, dozen 30c 
llf^Rs, Cowichan, dozen 35c 

Butter, Island, lb. 45c 

Butter, Cowichan, lb. ..50c 
Butter, New Zealand, lb. 40c 
Cowichan inilk fed poultry, 

lb 35c 

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Milk on and alter .April i, 

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Arcade Bowling 

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Fort SL 

The Next Thing to Flying 

riylng Merkel Motorcyolee — 

spring fork.x, sprlni? frames, ball 
henrlnK <'nKlne throuRliout, avito- 
nvatlc oiler, free engln«8 and 
clutch, $290 lo $390, 

Marconi Bros. 

EuceesBors to F. N. Costla. 
Blcyole Speeiailsts 

674 joxxrsox antzxT 

Bowling Trophy 

.Messrs. Moarns Sr l.'uller will 
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Keady" clothes f.or the best ten 
friimes of 10 pins rolled on the 
Mnmswlek Alleys, up to May 31. 


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In onler to complete fltiKncial ar- 
ruiigemenu in connection with the or- 
ganization aiid conBtruction of the Pa- 
citlc Great ISaatern railway to connect 
Vancouver with . Fort Oeorge, Mr. 
D'Arcy Tate, vice-preHident and Keneral 
counsel of the company, proposes, to 
leave tor London, KnglanU. on Thurs- 
day. Mr: Tate Is at present liero malt- 
ing, prellmlnaf3fS'iyiiil|B(enU for th% 
commeuwrojfepi^j^iPPESto ■supers 

WwanltSTWW- Ha. WgA^.^M-,;^.^ 
oompanted to .hoa^m*-: Vr-^mfti-im'^-i^' 
'stew«rt,^itf«itt|ilf«ti P< the «W9IWfV • _ 

8ome^W4('u4«^ tbti weefc Hr. WjMbb. 
vlee-presldrait aad ■reheral moaagar, of 
the coin?ft»y. »• ^"Pwted. t|> vjjlt the 
city with » view to arrsnctac piM* »»' 
the •mmvmm*^ o' • mufttictent tt6i»b«T 
oi men on* 1t!|B lodkU^S; of C^W #1- 
thouffh the company hoa. uhUl the l»t 
o^ July tB which to majie a beginning 
upon the work, ^e olf«c«r» do. not Inr 
tend to t«k« advantage of, that toy letr 
ting time get ahead of them. Every- 
thing l« being attended to now «o that 
work may be commenced almoat Im- 

Mr. Tate does not.eapect to be la 
England more thaji a few daya and OB 
hie petarn he la f.anfldBnt ttlftt t**^ ^h" 


A r'onservatlvf aysoclallon has i)eoii 
rurmed at Alexandria, Cariboo, with 
Uori. Martin Burrell, honorary presi- 
dent; Mr. A. P. Mclnnes, preeldent; 
Mr. W. Shepherd, vice preaident. and 
A. B. Moffatt, secretary -treasurer. 
Trail Is the latest Interior town In 

line with an energet!' '"-y «b«iicI«- 

tioTi. of which Mr. SchoHtOd,- 

M. P. P.-elect, is hoiM.rai y, iiiid Mr. W. 
v '-^'■ott, Is iiiitive presiduni. 

Qiirj^nel Forks has -Just ^xptrlr-ncfd 
;i H<'rlou.H tire, which wan rc'«pon»lble 
for the wiping out of the residence of 
Mr. William Stephenson, with nil Its 

The home of Frod. Flpldlnu. ^ - ^ 
River, was imrnefl to the ground last 
week, with loss of $1,000 net. 

F'ire has destroyed the big C. P. R. 
l.ourdlng hodse Jit Cranhniok. 

Sixteen thousand dnHarH Is the ai»- 
rralsed losa by th.> '>rr at the 

De Northal Motor <■ "'" NVurks 

In, Vancouver. 

1-round lticrp!^e«( ^ wafffB hgye 
granted , ■.tt^^,,5!ff5l^Mp .y. ,^.. 

Too Late to 


Oiirite— A good lot on Davlda Avp. ; 

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Ul JifiO; t. ' .sli, bttlanco 

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I.hid.ri Ave.— Corner of I.lmlen aiil 
j-.u Ill-ill, lTSxS8; liii.'o $2,000, 
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Canadian Homo BullOera, 312-SlB 
tjayward Uldic. . Phona loai). 

DuDlevy St.— rarlliie. eever- 

al fln>^ 111 •!» BOxl IB to a 

l.'.M'- with .V <>r Oak ^lay. 

I'l'.' ■■ $J,1&0, lornm 1-3 casli. bal- 

.11 fl, !•.'. nnri IH months. Brlt- 

, li .• Hulldera, 312- 

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^ '' l' H" '. it in I . 

■i « t«i > > »i»A" iW^**tt»*^jfa A »'it i 


Wholesale and Retail 

Wall Papers, Gla8«, Paints 
and Oils. fitc. 

Phone 406. . Victoria, B.C- 

nouncement of the InltlaUon of actual 
construction will be made. 

The company already ha« lt» aurvey- 
ors out at work both In the vldnlty of 
'KoWH Tanoomrer and- Port €h»*««r U 
!■ the Intention to pueh northward 
from there and to collect very thorough 
uid reliable atatletlca and reporU on 
tiifc nature of the couhtry and Its agrt- 
«uUural pOBBlbllltles; 

"Before aW." said Mr. Tata to a r«p- 
rooentative of the CoUmlat yesterday, 
nho railroad aa far as at present 
plimned will, ba ona «o develop t^« to* 
itvtiOT of the province and to tap Uio 
S^^eaRtvar country, bringing Its wealtb 
jknrn to V«iPHi»*t4r and Victoria. By 
tba taraw pt tta, -charter communication 
must ha aatibbUglWd between the main- 
land and thfa city trttWn three years, 
"hut no effort wIU be ■pai:ed to ahorten 
the time as much as possible." 
rt The ' ii^ 'i0i;^,M"W:WM : VleM*!* 
with teatpOrunr preiirtseB»,ln, the B^y**, 
iBlink bi^dlnt. .^f ■ooBr«* the W*W 
building is o«Bi|*<*ed at «ie oomer of 
Oovemment and Humboldt streets It is 
.hopitd to secure an office there, where 
'Mr. John W. Stewart, the president of 
^the ros4 will he in (sharge.of affairs 
•With air. Patritk "Weicb at the head of 
the practical operations. 
, <Ch« iBiportMBca o|:, this opsQlPg up of 
iilia prevhiea toy a 4ln««uhhhig horth and 

'li«t«tal«uHi|<'<miad vgo 'but'' s1bf#'-«i^*-inf 
|ha Feaee fiver eountry^ be^tiBiiM nor* 
settled. Its wheat wottM othttViife have 
p, ttt^m^, :l»^^•■vmi^l!lk'>»■ tO' iP^Wce ;Ru- 
VMWt. 'WtQi thaf^iolfta <tnd Great S!aBt<> 
•m iWlway ih J*if»tto4 th* prosperity 
9t thladtjr «a|i laiiilMnrver wni rest on 
the fiinaar ttfu^ Ot a settled provlne* 
4«v«|0ViIi)il itft iliriettlture to the fac* 

llichhiond miM'i>ilP«»*fc»^^ proposes to 

iaiiir out tb© J^irtfiert' Co-opferatlve 

I TiS^pttofW "*»»P«»V s^*"' . maintain 

"telephone wrvice in the district as a 

jBdBlcipa!^ insfltution. 

Dr. OlferhaUBS. a well known citizen 
of the Okanasan, has Just passed 
away in Holland, where he had been 

J. (F. McConnell, editor of the Van- 
couver Sun and Saturday Sunset, has 
tendered an apology to the offlceiis of 
the Britiah Culuffibla Horse lor a car- 
toon recently appearing In the Sun 
ridiculing Premier MoBride In his ca- 
pacity of honorary colonel of the regi- 
ment. - • . ^ , 

Prince Bilpert is inviting tenders 
for the h<«f .tfi'i^i *f »* ireneral hos- 
pital.^ ' ^ , . . 

x>.^^^., Ttimflrt plans an elaborate 


A few week* aga we <rfftpid^ 

pwring $25*00 4i^ 

putcjiaiars ara iii^ or art^ngiiif fo 1^^ flirir ftw^i^ 

IMI the tots on which the first 

We now ailW 48 Beautiful ResideBilgi lots on similar 




terms situated wlrtiin the three mile circle attSH^t^ 

Roads within a few minutes of Church and School in an ideal 

neigiiborhood, only ten minutes from the street car Hne. 

'i, WianiXBkU AprU t^^A Judgment 
lnv#Mli#illtt «*!« u£ lot* In Prince Hup<. 
iiri. hyithe <&- T.. P. ha» been rendere*! by 
^ba Privy Counoil. Ail appeal was taken 
fflKtaMtlMi decision of th<> British do* 
,|iiilttat|^.!iotfBrts.: ln.^liioh Moreton Fr«rc 
'-1j^!:^i!liM^,*|j|^|plalnU^ .; The appeal -was 
-i^iammH. :lli^.co8ts. Mr. Frewen claim' 
wspectflci performance of an agreement 
h^ween himself and the Orahd Trunk 
£>aclflc Land and DevAlopment Company. 
An an alternative he claimed damages 
because the agreement reiated'to the 
purchase of one thousand lots in the 
townslte of Prince Kuport. 

The privy council found If the plain- 
tiff accepte<i prices flx«^ b^ tha c^^ 
pony hfi would havrs bjI'^^^'' ^-i-i"^ 
$100,000, The losst olf tl»l 
0.1 entirely due to his own conduct. 
Iheir lordships, thrrofAm, rilsmiscrd ihe 

homeIs wrecFed 

IiightflA Match Onuaea Sxploalon Re- 
Hponplble for Tour Ca»uaU,l«» 

celebration of the completion of tHe 
G T P. 

A Joint meeting of the boards of 
trade of the lower mainland ,^s to bo 
held in Voftedwrer^-oa^tha-lfttk lMt-,.|. 
to discuss the proposed re-bridg:lng of 
the Fraser at or near Liadner in con- 
nection with a car line between Vaa- 
couver and the .I>oltft. ' «_. 

"the Great Northern hotel at Prince- 
ton has been bnfned to the ground, to- 
gether with a small building adJacMit, 
occupied by the Eastern To*^«h^ 
bank. The * loss is placed ft; flT.o^r, 
with llO.OOO insurance. 

Stewart Carriithers* fln© home near^ 
Grand syn-lw was destroyed by flre loat . ., 
week, the lost bolnsr oatlmate* at »- 
12.500 with no insurance. _ 

Fire a fortnight airo destroyed We 
Indian mission and caiurch at KiM- 
mat. the special prtde of aU the natives 

• of the dietrict. . ■-.,■-: -rv-^^ ■'^'^' ■r^ f*' 

ArtJMir.^B^pwclr-' #»eSW^» ^^^^^^ **WWi 

t<xt -jftsMiW' FSBewpyye— ■ — m-^- 
ful custody, as reported by O^teottv?. 
Anderoon. by leaping from t**^^'^ 
on which he was being taken back to 
Vancouver. whHe it was pirpcaedinR^ 
full speed. He has not toeeii i^«- 

**Wiillam Owen. P^prl^tor Of thte 
Atlantic liotel at Vjl«ioonWr. was 
found dead Jn his hath » few mmn- 

V«ly. the itower shoW prop^ h«ln» «» 
lioats on the lake. ^^ 

Bdwln Gautler ahd Vomon Fmser 
have been oomm|,tted fdr *2J;J'^ 

^Kamloops o^.*'-'^i^''^^wWMW% 
.robbery at Lytto^ ., ;mj s,-i. ,Mm^ 
Janes McBrldOi driver 6t *«««»► 
engine at the plant of tha Oc«n FaJU 
^ip company, ««»n«»l"«d auiclda iMt 
we^ by shooting Wtaw^' ^ 
V KamlQopB Will hold ««» »» ftttr ««• 
vear. iuttabla •ocommodfttlon; »ot «»-; 

Satlonadia their kronnds last year In 
i,rder to satisfy the demanda ol iBi- 
portunate creditor^ ' . V^ -i, J, 
^ A bdld attempt to r^ the premlaee 

iers, a few nighta ago waa rendered 
futile by the appearance on the scene 

Arm St., Bnrlellh — Mortprn 15 roomed 
huuae with full baaement and 
every convenience; ternm arranged 
to Bult purtha»er; price M^OO; 
Brltivii OanacUan ^wM^,BiiU 
3i3r9lB ' 8sy 'WiKrA ''^Vm^amf^ . . ,. , 

■ »»-»»ai>^i 'uj, ' i ji i ^'^ i ;- ill . I . _ "il l Y ii j i f i i i ii | i M i ^t ii i rm ii n i i f "^ 

■ •ftm^Um-' mim'li ll |l||g IhlTl lili^Tf f I ****** '* 

ience on.' lot 467inoi .nlaeijr '«r«edi 
tbia <■ good buying «r %*tWi 

terms. |HW cash, baHrtwi? sr- 
ranccd: British Canadian Home ■ 
Baitdeni. 312-315 Sayward' bttlld« 
ing; phone 1030. 

Dovglas Bd.. Vlctotla West.— Fine 
lot 44x117. t^rica t*00, terms flOO 
oaah, balance 330 per month. 
British Canadian Home Builders. 
312-316 Bayward Bids. Phone 10|0 

Denman St.— Beautiful building lot. 
perfectly level and no rook. BOx 
1)0; price tllOO: terms third cash, 
txHlance *, 1-* and 18 months: 
Urltlsh Canadian Uom« Builders. 
3l;'-3ll> Bayward building; phone 

fSM Cash sad ««5 Monthly— New 

fqur-roojc, modern house, bath- 
rouni'. electric lights, 32,700: close 
to Port Bt. car. British Canadian 
Home Builders, 312-316 Bay- 
aard HMg Phnna 1(1311. 

Staanard Are, Fairfield — Beautiful 3- 
roomed modern house on lot S0xl92 
facine on two streets; price 16,000; 
lerms 31,700 cash, balance very 

' • «<«•>> -.-liiMati-- ranadtan nam e . 

Builders. 812-316 Bayward Bldg. 
Plione 1080. 

II I'll I itiMlim»'mmma^mmamm 

Sonnd Investment — Purchase snarM 
in British Canadian Home Build- 
era, Ltd.. while you can at $1.U 
per share.' In addition to »ronta 
from our building dapartmeoit the 
Real Bstate and Inauraoee depart- 
ments contribute to tha dlvldands 

\ j>|p Home Builders sharaa. Send 
for prospectus It will Interest you. 

<ilon*4; forget >«» call fbr free indexed 



■- , Rail Estate Department. 

^'Jlernbe^- Victoria Keal Estate Ex- 

... ■.Si'ijV-" change. 
Ag«ltS't,.':'>'XierBl Tnpiljlinns company. 
' '.Twins' Fipor. '. ■ i |l fe| i|ti | -.Bldg. 
' Phone :-l*i8w'«<;-' 
Brneit tKennedy, .Managing Director. 

a visit from Vancouver's Seafort^ 
lilghlanders.: and a trip to the Sound 
city will probably he arranged. • 

point' Grey muntolpallty 18 suffering 
from a water famine. . 

', A large cannery and f ef tlllzer plant 
is to be established at Tuck's Inlet. 


■:..^' ^.i^^ K.:i^ St. -$750 
ii^niis. . 

J^ot onvSi|»elbufi|C, close td 

; Edittdiitdflj J^x i68, $8oo, 

«n«*third cash,' balsince C, 

tot tilt St: JPatritfc Sti^et, 
; pafc;^Eay, 4^> lao. $iobo, 
ohe^third cash, Jbia|arice 6, 
12, i8 an<i ^ MofttiiiB, 

Operatic Bomance 



$25.00 Down and $ 1 0. 00 Monthly Thereafter 

This is the chance of your Uves 
are the Salaried Men's Friend. 

Grasp it quickly, please. We 

DES MOINES, la, April 8.— W. D. 
.Skinner, aged 80, treasurer of tlie 
Hawltpyf. and Pep Moines Fire Insur- 
anco rompunS-, was instantly killed and 
lilh wlfo waft Injured, probably fatally, 
II nd \y. L. Wl.lle ami wlfn wore serlouB- 
ly Injured when a gas explosion wrcclt- 
ed the Skinner home here late tonight. 
Attracted to the rtar of the house by 
the odour of k«s, Mrs. .Skinner lighted 
a match. One skip of tho house was 
blown out and the place wbh destroyed 
hy fire. An open Jet was found In one 
of the rooms. 

of Xew ' '^lon will marry Lu-ci»»n 

Mumtoro, tenor at the >\irlB' Opera, and 
tliat afterward the couple will flU a 
Joint engagement to sing In opera In 
America, Muratoro was '--" <" ^'«'-- 

seines In 18"8 and '^^^ 
reculorlv to the <^pera et t'ar.« ...r »ev^ 
cral years. He also- has sung at the 
tDpera Comlque- '' 

Bailroad Strike Immluont 

MEXICO CITY. -" S -Nnvrunn 
roi.finctors and enKi 
the national railway- ..f M. —> o i-Ui 
XV ;n wnik out on April IB unleea some 

j.^ , s intervene. The 

""l^j'^ ,d the demands 

of th« men. The latim- had voted to 
Ktrlke if the companlca reply was im- 
favorable. Nearly eight hundn i !■. 
pons are effoctcd. 

Grogan & Crook 

Phone 1865. 128 Pemberton BlAg. 

The Victoria Gardens, 

Open cvcninj^'s until 9 p. m, 323 Say ward Block 


Phone 1769 

sickens rnnd 

LONDON, April 8.— It !s announced 
that Lord Htratheona, the Canadian 
niKh Commissioner, will Invost the 
»200,000 secured for tlio DIckirns Fund 
In Canat^l.-in HecnrltlpH. which will yltld 
an annual Income (if 1750 for the -next 
five years to each of the gianrlaughtor.s 
of Charles Dickens. After that time the 
money will be used to purcha.«it. annui- 
ties whicn win yieia each or llie women 
»85() a year. 

Panama Zxposltlon 

HAN FRANCISCO, April ».— The 

r.tnama-r'Rf Ifln Intern'itlonal lOxposlllon 

I ailcptrfl today its offli'lal flaK iK-ailnKlhc 

j worda: "lOxposltlon. 1916, Kan Fran- 

ciprn," A,n.<(uranc<"B luivo been received 

firm many steamnhlp companlea that 

iht-y will fly tlin flag in nil wnfATM of 

liie world, A bilrKee, bearlnK the Rame 

woids dirrerentl'- Hpa',-ed, was also .'ip- 

(■I'livod for t!.i" use of yacht cluba on the 

I •[•«.; tic cottaU 

Death of British Novelist 
T.ONDON, April 8.— Emily Soldene. 
novelist and Journalist, died today. Sho 
was born in I.sllnston In the forties, 
and was a well known actress und vo- 
calist half a century np:". 

xaberalM to Banquet 

MONTREAL, April 8— The Liberal."? 
will tender a banquet to Sir "\V. Laurler 
and the Premltt's of Nova Scotia, Que- 
. >- >,>..-<., «.,.,■» QnBUatchr.wiin. at the 
\shn'iHor h"tel im M»y. 29, 

Ann-Treating taw 

TOIION'TO, April S.— The Mall and 
Empire anno'iincps that Premier Whit- 
ney's antl-ir^atlnft law wUl affect clubs 
K.uni- as hotels. VlfS 

-ic.qvvicii. i:itMia"'i. .vf^i fe.4-A por- 
tion of the business center of Ipswloh 
vaw "lestrovcil hy (ire which started, 
X flatur.tny niftbt- The damaga s«- 
cPcds 1600.000, 

Yates Street 

Wear Blanchard, fiOxl20 ...855,500 

Cor. Cook Street, 60x120 . .»30,0OO 

West Of Oook Street, :!0xi2ii. 

Price 511,600 

All Snaps 

Yates Street, near Blanchard, 60 

xi:0. Prk;e »58.800 

Tates Street, corner Cook (rev- 
enue $7r, ), 60x120 *30,000 

Yates Street, west of C>3ok (koo<1 

c.ttaKo). 30r.!20 fll.SOO 

Flsgraard Street, west of Cook, 45 

feet frontage, 8-rooni house. 

I'rice M500 

Korth Park Street, adjoining cor- 

iiiM- Cook, l-rodni house . .WlOO 
Caledonia Avenue, west of Cook. 

:!0x I 20 to lan« fa7B0 


Hollywood, double comer Ross 

and Becchwood •■400 

Hollywood, Ross Street, facing 

soiub. near Wlldwood Avenue. 

Price WUn 

Bt. Gharla* Street, closie to car, SO 

xl40, facing east flOM 


ICay atreai, near Cook, BOxlB?. 

Price f*'"?? 

acay Street, near Unden. 6Balit 

to lane iit^'sB* 

y ^ y y,i»M»^ T!^"** rwi i1a« SMt lM L 
' Tflee ......"... .■,%,.; .. .iftMi.' 

Knott Bros. 
Browtii Ltdi^ 

Oonunr VfttM tmM. 

Pboaa Mfi ^4 




Tumday, April 9, 1912 



There Are a Few Waterfronts Left In 
Our Portage Inlet Sub-division 

ShQMnog a corner of thi» Subdivision and a bit of Portage Inlet. A beautiful place to build 
a home. Thes? are all big lots, about quarter acres, and would make splendid homesites. Al- 
r ttdy a n umber of people have decided to build in this subdivision. It certainly would be 
siljdyible to build a home on one of these waterlronts, and then enjoy bathing, fisKhg, boJrt- 
tng, etc on the sheltered waters of the Inlet.. .There is no reason why ypu should not, bVjj 
cause prices and terms are both reasonable in this subdivirion. In fact, on comparison. 
Sth^^ lota will be found to be as cheap as acreage in tihis vicijiity. 




^M^ -.~J . — — :^ 


Fort St., near Cook— 60 x 120, double 1 Blanchard St., cor. Burnette— 67.7 x 133 
frontage to Mears, •T'l-sisfe^iMip; ■' $3o,OOl> 


i4|)q0^O»S^;!^b^ over I, 2;4'ftm 

„ revenue producer. 

Douglas St., near Fort — 60 x 120, splen- 
did sittiation. 

^1200 per front foot 

Good terms can be' arranged. Eight- 

' roomed fuUy; -mod^gi^lgf^* ^^^^ 

• from any ouice m wwHT^^ , 

View, close to Comer ■I>oi0 m|,a^^0 - f 
1 20, in- trend of immediate- develop 


$900 per front foot 



^.^le are only a few waterfronts Wt ia this pubdivision, it will pay you to aec them 

Prices fr6m $975 to $1,100 

" "Teriiis V »4 Cash, Balance 6, la, 18, 24 mOhttis. '?hcrc arc some inside lots, quartier acres, 
n this subdivision from $500 on the same terms, vc^ich arc cheap at the price asked. _, 

""-:-\ A MarlcedPlaniSven'onCteqttefttl Qet^O 

II . .u, .1 ' I 


: J- • J "t ■ ■ ' 

Sayward Block Phone 1494 

Branch Office 431 Homer St., Vancouver, B. C. 
Agents Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Co. 
Meml>ers Victoria Real Kstafe gxphangc 

.;^?CrQQD FQR WOOiy* 

The Ilainty ii°"sehold Decorator 

Especially adapted for beatitifymg and preserving all 
kiiids of furniture and woodwork, such as Baby Carriages, 
Book Cases, Chairs, Counters, Desks, Doors, Mantels, Porch 
Furniture, Floors, Sewing Machines, Sideboards, Wainscoting 

;^»rv«^':.;'^^'j^a jt^'ib; quart, tins '. . . . .'.■. ....... .,.'^.00 _ 

Pint tins ........ i ... • •ovf* 

ildU pi|rt;^tl»s *................ :^..5Wi^ 

Quarter piiit t^il* ...•■• ^w^ 


mil iiiiiiiii iiiiMWl'l 

^jf|S^ FARMERS' 
^^M^"^^, EXCHANGE, Ltd. 

Tomorrow's Specials 

New Laid Eggs • • '>^§HHfr ^^^ 

T^ome Cured Bacon, per lb. ". ..:'l4m!S^^. .30^ 

Local Asparagus, per lb. 2.3^ 

Fine Boiling Hams, per lb ZT^^C^ 

Home Made Marmalade and Jams, 25c and 50c;* 

New Laid Easter Eggs, hand painted 20^ 

Mso Cauliflower, Rlnibarb, Cabbage, Potatoes, Daffodil^, do. 

City Depot, 618 Johnson Street 
MADRONA FARM, Gordon Head 

i^er it(t twt waUrtront pu^ 

. ' *taxm,$^p,*^^ \ ,-■■■, 

Quarter omU, bttllaes on taraw. 



CrrnnpttMi i Barton 

Members Victoria R?al E»-, 
, tate Eifchange. 

130 Pemberton Blk. Victoria, 

■■ aiKl-''Po#i-^lfeenii;:' '■■■< 



Over one hundred feet of 
JBu, & N. Trackage tttsifk 

City C:.ymits, A^ 

PRICE ^3700 

( )n very liberal terms. 

LipscoiTibe & Taylor 

514 Sa5Avard Building 




Th(B first is a 6-roomed 
itorey and a half house, 
/vith a good barn or garage. 
(t is fully modem, concrete 
'oundatioh, basement^ piped 
^cor furnace, shingled, fire- 
itlstces, plate rail, sanitas in 
icitchen and bathroopi, din- 
ing room burtapped strfp- 

iiied»« tinted^ will«^-Jl4i«o«^ ' 
Gash ^i.<096>, balance, ; 4 ii2, : 

Slid 18 months. 

The second is similar to 
the above but has'S rooms 
instead of 6.^Jt i8,<)h a|or- 
noriot 443sib8 feet. |5oq. 
c|sh will haitdle. fetter see 
us right away as they won't 
last long at ^ese prices. 

Also a large 


One block from Oak Bay 
Avenue, 7 rooms, fofly mod-; 
ern. The house stands on a 
beautiful lot and ^^111 make: 
. most desirable home for 
anyone deaiini^ prcwdimity 
r^T. f ea, golf links, e^ 
Let «s show you this splen- 
did property. 


With conimaa^W:^^?^^ °^ 

Linden Avenue, near sea and car — Two 

beautiful lots, high and dry and ad- 

jacent to splendid homes. 

Howe St., near Faithful— 50 x 115, de- 
lightful outlook. 


Brook St., Comer — Come and ask about 


Arnold Avenue — Several fine lots, each 
$ox 120. 


Wellington Avenue, near sea and catv— 

A place that you would be pleased to 

Hve on. 


Stcumard Avcnue-H:lose to car and with 
all improvements. 


McKeuzie Avenue— 50 x 120, HigH, with 
splendid view. 


Stannard Avenue-^ne fine lot, sp^ciitl- 
ly situiated, 



Hamjirfiirc Road-^Two fin^ lots, 48 x 
'■■^»-^-i8»^each-t<r1atier"" "'■^- ■'"^^ 

Hayne & Wilkinson 

E N Gl N E E RS AND C O X T R A C T () R S 


P, O. Box 60 


Howard St — 5 room«, brand now, 
Dnlv jr.OO ca.sli. price $3300 

IiyOla St. — 4 rooms, extra (If^T 
lot, cash $500; prlcft «a600 

May St. — 5 rooms, full haspiurnt, 
<.!v.«li J700: price $3950 

Woadow Flftce— 5 rooms, full 
bap>»meni, oaali $IB0: price $2,950 

HoB« St. — Xi w f) icioTiird builKA- 
low, With ImsciiK'nt. casli $800 
price $3750 

Beckett, Major 
& Co., Ltd. 

Menibef? of t'\e Vlciona Kpoi 
Katatc ExthanKe 

B43 rort St. PbOB* 2967. 

libe'-Ciiy-'thaf ^Mpoi^' m- 
terruptcd. This house has a 
conservatory, panelled din- 
ing room, cabinet, and many 
;)lhcr modern attractions. 
Price $4,750. $1,000 cash 
will handle. 

Investment Co. 

Room 330 Pemberton Block 




Geary Street, above Union Square 
European Plan $1.60 a day up 
American Plan $3.00 a day up 
New steel and brick structurs. 
Every comfort and convenience. 
A high clas^ hotel at very moderate 
rates. In the center of theatre and 
retail district. On car lines trahtt- 
f err in fr to all parts of city. Electric 
omnibus meets aU trains and 

Saratoga Avenue— Two fine lots, facing 
south. Take the two for, each 

_ .^_.^_-||^ . , ;. 

>5ctork l^4w^^ lot With 

oak trees. Snap at 

— ' fMISO . 

Monterey Avenue, dose to Oak Bay 
Ave.—- 50X 120, level and grassy. Good 
terms at * 


CHiver St, dqee to^aralbga— One fine 
lot for . 

'r.]|^c!^iel''Axritti,'near' ftia0S^im^ 
fine lot, facing sottth. 

■.■•■;•■-.■ ,^pt>6 

Pleasant Avenue — Two , ^nfis^j^h lots, 
33y treed, each ^ T^ 

45*^5/^' , ■ $1200 1^ 

Foul Bay Road — Two splendid half- 
. acres in. exclusive surrnnndings. 


'-^ f 

mmoMttWeA-''^ So x 

Double Comer, Saratoga Ave iii Vic- 
toria—Beautiful tlifoitieiite. 

^'» ; ■■■■ - .■'■ 0% . M.' ■ .M%.n ■ 
Victoria Avenuitt-rBig lot, I'^yel. A 
good buy at 

Monterey AVegn^eMtWd^iiiitlpts, close 
to Saratoga,, each 

St.: Patrick ' St.^^ arddightful situa 
tion. Onelotipr 


t. 'V . 

Orchard Avenue— 60 x iio, n'icel}'; treed 
and close to car. 


Cor. Transit and McNiejl^Extra large 

' $1550 

Mitchell St. — Among the oaks, 83 x 120. 




Phone 304 

Member Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

704 Fort St., Corner Douglas 

Agent for B. C. h ife Assurance Co. 



9100 m«w»ra, 9100 
Th« readara of this paper 

wlU be 

pl«saae<l to iMirn tbnt Ihero Is at leftst 
cms <3rcad4si illseaae th«« s<Tlence lian 
be«n able to cure Im aJl lt» stages, and 
that 1« Catarrh. Hairs Catarrh Cure Is 
the only poBltlvo cure now known to 
th* medical fraternity. Catarrh being e 
ronBtllutlonal rll8*<vse, requires a consti- 
tutional treatment. Hairs Catarrh Cur« 
Is taken InternaJly actlivK directly uiiiun 
the blood and rmicoiis surfaces ot the 
ByBtetr.. thereby dcstroyins; the founda- 
tion of the dlse« and Klvtnjr f's pa- 
tient -ntrennttn hy bulldlniir "P the con- 
atltutlon and tu>a)atht« nature In doing 
Its work. The proprietors have so much 

faltli In Its cyraflve powers that they 
ofter One Hundred Dollars for any case 
that It fails to cure. Send for list of 

Take Hall's Family Pllla for oon«tl- 

Address F. J. CHKNF.T & CO., Toltdc. 

Sold- by all Druggists, 75c. 
*o Obn » oeU la Oa* Bitr 

Tivke LAXATIVK BROMO <»t|ilMni TB»* 
lets. 6ruffsist« retttn C ^ ^ 
to curf. & W. OBOVUl'l 
on MMli 1MB. lie. 



BifMil M|' 



TuMd»y, April 9, 1912 


Brand New Home 

I>avlc Street, off (-»ak Hay Avenuo. «n 8-rooni liouBe aiM 

lot 60x103— 

PBICE — 55000 

'j2000 cash. bHiance »85 per month. Jntcreot ^ 
;u r cent. . 

Rockland Park 

3 lota, each 40x100, close to rernwood Il.iul an.l Hillside 
Avenue, nicely sitoiated. oak trees, etc. Price, .adi MOO. 
J300 cash on each lot. balance 6, 12 and IS niuiuhs. 


S 'r, VcroH, dose to Mount Do-URlas Park. All yood land. 
4 acres wnder cultivation. Small bulldlivg. aBso.tmm.t of 
22 fruit trees, good well. Price for the whole 5800O. i >ui' 
third cash, bahiniru 1 and 2 years at 7 por cent. 

Howe Street, 60x116. with an S-rt>oin new bungalow— 
nups— 96600 

J5M0 caah« bftiaiHJe «t T pei- cant. 


One^thlrd cub. baimnv §» Si •»! 1« iiMVROia. 

Off Gorge Road ,^ 

4— ->-i^|^-,SJtrsei, juat oft .grorgo lload, 50x133, nicely ai.tVi|il^-^..u^ 

Orchard and Chicken 


2/. Miles in.m Citv Hall. mile from tram line, close in Post Office, ScHool 
irul C^hnrches. ^ i-Q Acrc^ all .mder cultivation, excellent soil, 65 assorted frir.t 
trees in full bearing, well of excellent water, cottage of 4 rooms and pantry, chic- 
ken house, stable nvooc.1 house, c^al house, open sheds for chickens, chicken runs, 


B. G. Land and Investment Agency Limited 


1-.^ Cash, balance in uiic ami two years Privilege of paying off at any time 
Our motor is at your disposal to view this property 

i>irii |. < i < gMi ' 




' ^ti^U i m 


jfi^tf,^^ 8» tm't 

Fire Insurance. Writt^it 
Phone X076 


1112 Broad Street 
P. O. B0X428 

Member Victoria Real Estate Exchange 



Gordon Head 

Ten-acre Improved Farm, only five miles to Gity Hall. One tliou- 
sand full bearing, large fruit trees, ten thousand strawberry 
plants, etc.; excellent eight-roomed house, with large barn, sta- 
ble, packing houses, etc. Far bdow market value. 


See us about our 40 acre farmg .oa. Vancouver islaild^$50-xash, balance $io per month. 

Price On Easy Terms, $14,500 

The North West Real Estate, flf years located at 706 
Yates Street, have been forced— by the removal of the old 
buildings and improvements iM^ing plaqe ^^here^to abandon 
the old^ stand, And arc how located in new offices next the 
Dominion Hotel, No. 751 Yates Street,^ where they will be 
ffbd to meet old friends, and make man>ncw ones, by giving 
them a square deaS and good value for their money. 

List your property with us, we will do the rest. 

North West Heal Estate 

Memhertctf Victoria Heat. Estate Exchange 
T**»one 640 751 Yttte* Street 

Graigflower Road 

One acre with seven roor^ed modern hoyse, bams, etc, j66 feet frontage. Easy terms. 

Price , •■>'•' •• yio,ooo 


,■ r:i.w^-':*.r'-fff^ ^ 

An ideal spot consisting of 10 acrep jvitH 350 feet of waterfrpritage aipd n^^^ . 

five rc^ms with full basemeSt ]Miiit|.|oa4 runs through the property, P|fe tpms, only 

' .,.^.^.J$5,000 

t\* •*''«»•««* ii ,« '•.»<.'. . .*;. • . 





Members Victoria Re^l Estate Exchange. 
, 636 "View Street ' 

Phone 2445 



SdMMNdi SM«~Houa« « room, lot 
tOxlJO; prieo «a,OM».cMb 900*, tel. 
.9t8 per monUi.' 

f mpwii 8>iMt, TleUvto W«al. on 
comer, houae, 4 ro<im% S.lota 6Bx 
!«• •acli; pric* ffctt** tttlrA cub. 
iMtlUkM flM 5)very three montha. 

Ctmr. Oomlnian Rq»4. lot 45xtM, 
ttiat winuto from Uori* oftr; vrtn* 

«t^; tlilrd oaBb, b*I. «, 13 And 




Arnold St.— r,0 x 120, very nice lots 
Chamber St.— 50 x 125, Kood bUlldliiK »\tc 
rourtb St.— 50 Jk 150, all er&tmy lota. . , . - ^ . . • 

Cedar Km »<U^dx 116, next to HjllsWe 

All on B^asy Terms 

• • »«•«»•«••'»•.••< 

i '•'• •■• •• • •■• •'. 




.«».»»< .....w let MxlW: sn4M 

$1,000; third cMh. b«l. i, ». IS. 
Fiorenee 8t*«et, close to Willows ear 
line, lot itelSO; price $i.«M) third 
cash, bsl. JW per month. 

't4tfe ''•ovsaaracsaft'. iMHlM; 


Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 
Saywarfl Block, Ground Floor. 

Phon« 2964. 


Want a 

Oak Bay, T»le et., new Bunga • 
& rooms, all convenlenceH. ...!!• I .'"O 

OnK Bay, Richmond av«., 

with 8-roomod houae .. 


. .-.sasoo 

Oiik Bay, Hampshire rd., S-roonir^l 
houae, modern In every <3o. 
tall ' ...»«6<) 

Onk Bay, Bank at, •-roomfd now 
houce, " modern • • .f^OOO 

Fairfield and RIchardaon, now ' R- 
ioomP(V hou»e, one ,ot the flnosil 
house- In the city. You «»' '>'<;; 
this Olio •'""" 

rftlrfli«ld Linden ftvo., off MrClur". 
largo lot. cxlra fine houae. .*I2.000 

rail at offlfo If you "are looking tor 
'a houae In any Pait of clly. 


CVlia Street, 1 lot, EiSxlUO 81050 

Durban Street, 60x120 »1600 

Corner Flnlayson and Stev. nsoi\ 

50x117 • 81000 

! nlayson Street, 50x120 WOO 

1 iih .Street, .53x133, with barn. 

I'rioe 51475 

GljLsgrow Avenue, 50x120 ....81000 
Hollywood Crnscent, walerfioiil 

lot. 50x127x151 $1900 

Hollywood Crescent. 50x120 S1500 

IlBmpshlro lload, 50x120 ..$1275 

hir.. Road, •.: lot.s. r.Oxii:-. 

i .. two .$2350 

U-room House to rent^furnlshod 
on c;i.r line. 

PAVin.v KT. — Large lot. 81x140. for 
only ...-•• ......... ••«■•• $750 

QITAURA KT.— 65xlJ0. .Buy thla 10- 
jjay. Torma. Price . . . . . .$1.0"'> 

ST. F^VTUICK ST.— Good level U". 
60x135. Terma. Price only $1,160 


0SWEC50 8T. — ^Neat, new flve-room 
bungalow. Modern. $1,000 cash. 
Price $.S,!iO« 

'<\y: TiAY DISTRICT. — New 6-rooiii 
i .-I ■ , piped for furnace, JSOn 
liiiilh. It. Price $4,600 

i'ANDORA ST.— New 6-roomed bun- 
Kalotv. . piped for turnac.". Snap 

at »i.;o<i 

Member of the Real Estate ISicliftiii^ 
C<tf.l^ilt and Quadra Ste^ 

Cilidten Ranch and 

Cl6se to Esqntmait Harbor, over two aeres o| 
|aii#«ll chfrcd^ some i« irmt. U^^lrmm^ 
cdtlji|^» hsife, Replace. On terms, f3»lii^» 
for quick sale only. 



Plinne 2926 


^i«»Dtffinili^^ti|| J 

i.;.V '■— f> IM' ■■■■■ _ ■'' ■■ '•■-?. ,.<^. ,■■ '■' , , 

Wanted^l^:)r Eastern and Local 



Give us particulars and bestprice on your properties,^ 
We have a client who wishes to purchase a small' ranch 
suitahle for chkken-raisifl^ aaH Small fruits. Must have fairly 
good house on property. WiH pay about $2000 cash* 


BruBaker & Menarey 

Heal Satate and XXMUrance 



l:!ilM llniiKlns St, 

rhono :0T1. 

A. W. Bridgman 

1007 Oovsminsnt 8t, 

Real Bst«te. boans, InKnifui.r.. 


Rutlev & Smith 

i;n:\l l'",.«tntn In.'iirancc 

Pbone 2978. 854 Yatas Str««t. 


1221 Langley 8t. 

— .. -_^ (Ta^-nwrnvl rond. lot i80x'.20, 

corner i>n.» -""■ , , , 

,35««: third ca.h. Corner Fern wood ..n,l 
Klns'a r.>«d: lot lM)^:ltO, »5500; thl,.l 
V«ah. Half acre. Purnalde road, near A»- 
pha, ?:500; oue-third casli. 

I Mncit; QTPPFT I 

A\'p have a choice lot In Ihla fine 
r«!MKle)iliHl Rlrvpt Roing for only 
ji.'.tin, Thi.s )<< conHlderably be- 
low l!ie present nlarket value. See 
11.4 at once to secure It. 

Welch Bros, & Co. 

1006 Oorammsat St. 

Money Makers 

Rock Bay — Jolm SlYcer, 
near Rock Bay avenue. 
Lot 60x120 and t\M. very 
good houses, i)(.tli .n 
splendid repair. Liolh 
revenue producers. For 
"lie week only, on terms. 
lor $6,500 

Hillside Avenue, near Rock 
Bay Avenue. Lot 60 x 120 
on terms, for only $4,000 

ISotli the above buys arc 

Genuine Snaps. Come in 

I(ir particulars today 

Heinekey & Shaw 

"The Home Finders" 
319-320 Sayward Building 

Mount Douglas Pa 

100 Acre* with Prontaye on Two Roada— This would make a beautiful 

subdivision. Price, per acre, only $^^0 

\f you have any property to sell let us have luU particulars. 


.Mrmbors Victoria Real Kstate Exc 


118-119 P»mb«rtoii BnUdlnff. 

i»t listings of Victoria properties direct from 
iWe have special facilities for handling 

Oak Bay Homes 

iSHKv houses, and can sell yours. 

:-^Wc'-hia^^'sold all our 


First-class land on main road and LL C. Electric. All cultivat- 
ed and fenced. House, Barns, OrchartI, etc. Between Sid- 
ney and Union Bay. For price and terms apply 

C. F. de SALIS, LTD. 

Phone S56 

Members Real Estate Exchange 
llaytics Blk.. Fori St 


Members \ictoria Stock and Real Estate Exchange. 
101-2 Pemberton Bldg., Victoria Fifth St., Stewart, B. C. 



Listings of Properties in Oak Fia}-, Fairfield and Hollywood, 
r have a big demand for Houses 

Phone 304 


704 Fort. Cor. Douglas 

DAllBit Rd— Near CambrlilKC Ave, S 
Tloomcd houB?. fireplace*. furnace, 
hall, dinlngr nnrt llvlns: room, panel- 
led and henmed. Kxlra wi»ll and 
warmly ''U'lt f9500 

l>ll R». — .Vpw >) room Uunjcalow very 
eaitj- terma; »SO0 c««b, bai*nce qiiar- 
,,.riy WftOO 

Biixbhy W. — Nice l«!vcl lot tloge I" 
il,« Koa. Bflxi:0; third caah, 8. U and 
JS month! ^** 

Collinaon S( — Betwern Vancouver and 
»nd Cook. 60x120; third ca«h, «. i'i 
ami IS month* $3000 

QuMlr* S(.— Large lot. flSxUOa, .I.', 
yount fruit trees; etiny terma. $!?•« 

(oak fH. — Near HTllalde Ave.. 511x23» 
third cash, 6. 1 .' and 18 montha flUOO 

} Members J3Lwt| .JSfM^t*- B?M:han»a 
KoOftUnai mug. . Whmu 
itar iMttffiM suMt. 

Salt Spring 

140 acres. 40 acre* cleared, 
balance good land, some fine 
timber, lake and stream on 
the property, both well 
stocked with u-out, . near 

PRICE ^6000 
Terms $i,Spo cash, balance 
I, 2, and 3 years. 


;'Grecn Block ' Broad St. 

open I5TMn«'|»r|l"ii|f 




■tliiiai n 


» -»»-«Ji«i mfM > «M ^ ( . 





Tuesday, Api'II 9, 191* 

yrcTORiA DAn.y colonist 



Riverside Homes 


Somas River 

We have a choice subdivision of Section g:>, 3 miles from Alberni on Sproat Lake Road. 14 
Blocks of from 2 to 7 acres, have river frontage of about 300 feet each. The soil is of the best, 
large patches of cleared land being interspersel with trees of maple, dogwood, cedar, fir and 

ilder. . 1 ■ ri 1- c t. 

As tins property lies below the forks of Sproat and Stamp rivers, which, flow from bproat 
and Great Central lakes, the fishing is unsurpassed on Vancouver Island. The river at this 
point is navigated by small boats and canoes. The banks are not over 10 feel high and the 
shore clean and gravellv. Call and See Photos. 

Prices about $250 per acre. Terms over 2, years. 


620 Fort Str^t. Vicroruu & Ci» 

l;-a,^'..', •'"'I'-gtff'l'^'" 


Isfeed X890 

Members Victoria Real Estate 


Belle Crescent 

A few lots left at first prices. Don't delay seeing this property if you are looking 
for a cheap lot on easy terms. Call at our office and get a marked plan. 

Price From $500 to $600 

Terms 10 per cent cash., 10 f?ef "CCilt: quarterly. 


Al)er(iecn Street 
—We have four 
extra good lots 

that can be had 
NOW "at a low 
figure. They're 
near. Uxc Avater. 


At (ladboro l^ay 
we offer some 
Al aereage, and 
at Dean Heights 
some well ap- 
pointed lots. 




al r ■ -, .a. . 

r ..-.,-i1....^t fcaL 

Members Victoria Stock Exchange 

Members Victoria Real EsUte Exchange 

II McCallum Block Phone 7^ 

Tod Inlet 

33 Aeres, 2 aeres eleared, about 20 aeres 
good soil, heavily limbered, small house 
and barn, close to electric railway line. 

Grant & Lineham 

633 Yates Street 
P. O. Box 307 Phone 664 

Fire Insurance Written 


A large, commodious residence in Swiss style, b^autituiiy built, modern in 6Very uaiLicuUi. About i 
acre of land. Absolutely unsurpassed view o^ Straits and Island. Exceptional opportumly to secure a 
lovely home. 

For further particulars apply — 


Manager Branch Office of Great West tif^ Real Estate. Insurance and Financial Agent 
P. 6. Box x67 ^ 


Corner Lansrley and Broughton Streets. 


Phone 1 518 



Corner Olympia and Heron, 50x110 to larie Jj5$? 

St Louis Street, 50x205 Z-u^iU\ 

Cbrriei Beach Drive and Belmont, 115x100 ........ •|;^jjjjj{ 

Beach Drive, 120x120 •• •••••****STnnft 

Conner St. Patrick and Saratoga, 120x120 .......... I^JJjJJJ 

Cortter Oliver arid Saratoga, 120x120 ..... . i-^*""" 

•Corner Michigan and St. Lawrence, i?0)?iao . . . . . . .!p^v,vuw 

- Very reasonable terms tan he given. 

Phone 261a Gorner Fort and Douglas St». 

^ Aeents for the Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 
■ (Members of Victoria Real Estate Exchange,) 


to otean up th« few I9ts we tuvn 


ppUBLE CORNER, Cook and Fairfield, on car line, ^ 
cellent apartment house site. Price on easy terms f 10,000 


40^^104 Say ward^Block, Branch Office Duncan, V. I. 

Phone 2772. 

At ($W0 BACB 
•a euqp term* 


GoveriMia^nt ttpuse Block 

) mi^MimSi f^lMa^' S AVArtltiMlt bOuM Bit« M'^tuntad -that, nose 
Ut dMitmbUt* open oiittooH oM^obtatti. lot Mxt0. iwel Mid" clear, water 
I^ « laid pii »a*'iM«^ i«^^ unesoelled. Vtm 

jljg^s, .11,500; third ca»^l»l«uMe *. 1*. *»a l** 

III! II I "».»»— 


lliiSTERMAN,f OR- 


1 212 Broad St. Phone 55 

^••fc^a *4aMe«a «aaav%w ■**•»-» •■ ••••••w^i— •■•• -. — 1^»— -^ 

1205 Broad Street, Next to Colonist Q|fiCe 

iliii l i . i . i ' l i.' li' li i | >> i l, i|i | 

Over 600 Acres in Rupert District, parts of Sections 17 and 
20, Township 2. must be sold soon to close an estate. 


Kembera «t tfaa RMl Artata mtobanc* 
umm^^t^ til**!*.*.* 

612 Snyward Block 


Stannani Ave ?ia50 

Central and OHver, double corner 


Graliam Street •1360 

nrooks Street fia75 

Blackwood and Kln^.s Road »2650 
Forbes Street, no rock, only S700 

Fifth Street fiaOO 

Hurnslde Road. 113x140 ....$3150 

Four-room modern houae . .?a500 

U«t your property witii us, v.c 

have the buyerB, 

Queen City Realty 

J. A. 

ABklana and A. i. Prootor 
1413 Douffla» Str«et 


Acres, new B-room cottaye. 
barns and up-to-date chicken 
plant. jII 'inder cultivation, 300 
yards from oar line — 
PRICE f 10, GOO 
On terma 

J. F. Belbin 

Office Phones 1166. Hes. i^-Z6S4. 
017 Cormorant Bt., Tlotorla. 

One Mile from Duncan 

15 Acres; 7 cleared, frontage on 
Cowlchan River; Very fine, new 
house, with drawing: room, dining 
room bedroom, and dre.ssiiigr room 
bath room, kitchen, pa,ntry, larder 
on ground floor. Two good bed- 
rooms on first floor, rvilar, shark 
and woodshed; liot aiul cold y.nti^r 
In house, and Septic tank diain- 
age. Open fireplaces in rooms 
on ground floor. Splendid loca- 
tion. Lovely view. , 

4 Specials 

oeta«r OttVM« MM Otetntt— s 
larg* iQtaV'V*. ••>>"• 'IISSSOO 

Oo«Sriaak:''IMei*i--*N«i[» cottare'-^oa . 
V l«r|ir<> lot ........... ,..f27iM> 

Superior St, — Xext to Montreal St, 

—60x120 lot, large 7-room house. 

Price ..... . . . . . .> > . . . .^TiOpO 

' Everybody Is Buying In 

Beautiful Garden City 

w wwii'Wiiwriii w m^ -\ iif i i. * " ' 


643 View Street, Phone 2307 

John T. Reid 

Member Real Estate Exchange 
519 Sayward Bldg. mourn 8690. 

HattipsMre and McNeil — A bw<»11 
<orner, !»fixllO with lane;. Canh 
1600, balance 6, 12 and 18 mo.s. 
Price f !2300 

8«a Tiav Arena* — Close to H111- 
side. A snap. |«00 cash, bnl.Tnre 

$lo per month ^860 

Owner needs money. 

SpUnOla Bargain In a 8-room 
House- In hfst locality, off 
Gorge Koad, new .and up-to- 
dHt»», cement floor, buffet, piped 
for fumai-e. somethlnK out of 
the common, $1000 cash and 
balance arranged. A snap 

at f40<H> 

L/et us show you tills. 


«4a PaBdora Btreat. 

Prince George Hotel Block. 




S large lots, varviiit; si/.o^. 
Mugrave St. ..^10.000 

\ lots, Musgravc St. $4,000 

5 lots Bourchier and .Vm- 
phion Sts. .....Jj$5,000 

3 lots Pleasant Ave. $3,600 

2 lots Cowan A\c and 
Richmond $2,800 

Terms can he given on al! 
ihc above. They are well 
.si'uatcd for selling house^ 
and should be eagerly 
sn.ippcu up. 


Oak Bay Realty Office 

3056 Oak Bay Ave. 

Phone F1605 

(Open all day Monday) 

Prices $300 to $6oo-H^ acre blocks. Take a loofc-our auto 

at your service. 

ONE-QUARtER ACRE, Hollywood Park. ., . . . . . .f 1,500 

DEAN HEIGHTS, a few chdice high lots. Ro^**"* Street and 
Townley Street a«a,Foul Bay Road; ^^ne^third gslh 
Price, each • • • • .^•■■»^'*'*' 

BEAUTIFUL 9-ROOM RESIDENCE, a ^«>*^ «°"|*2m 
Park. Terms. ' Price • .ip7»WW 

GOVERNMENT STREET, 60x120 ^ ;f 6^000 

McH^simi & Fulierton Bros. 

618 Trounce Avenue, Victoria, B.C. 

Phone 1888 



QUEBEC STREET, close to Parliament Buildings, lot 40x120 
and good seven-roomed house, rented at $40 p^ rW<3nth. 
Good terms. Price for a few days ; ..v.-. T>~f5r;';^.$7500 



■-—-■■ ■ ■■ -ifire, Life'-«»4;:Accident;' •■■-■*■,; ;.'■ 

ftoomt s-7-9^ii Motion Bldg. Victoria, B. C. 

Phone 1463 
(WembersVictorta liteat Estate 


lohfisan itreet 

1,'or. Fort and Vancouver. G0xll2, 
leveniie producing. Price $36,000. 
Term* one-third cash, Dal. one and 
two yeaiB. 

Gordon Biirdick 

630 BroixfflJton St., Pomberton Blk. 

Fboae 3508. 

All kinds of Insurance written. 

12 acres close to the "Glen" double 
CrontiiKfi on Cadboro Bay Road; 
5incUiir and Wilson, with four 
•oomed cottage, beautiful prop- 
erty to subdivide; Price J3600 
)br acre; long terms. 


Room 10, Mahon Block 
P. O. Box 78S Phone 1119 

" ;" i^* 

Between DougMb iin^ fjaii#iaid 
Per Fmnt 1^0^, ^nfy 


This is the Cheapest Property in the Block 

)^ VrwiNCH & Go. 


Fairfield Special 

Eight-room House— Fully modern. Cement founda- 
tion and basement. Heated by furnace. Close to 
town, Beacon IlHl Park and car. 

PRICE $5700— CASH $1000 

GUY & CO. 

1009 Government St. Phone 2987 

mm 521 Fort Street 
Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 



Beaulmalt, full sized lot and 8 

ronmed houso »:inOO 

F.anulmalt 7 roomed house, quite 

noi- SSO" 

Ofi; Knqulmalt road, new house 

and lot MOO 

Rlrhmonri Park, lot 8, block "H' 
$3G0 cash •<>"*' 


604 rates Street 


201 n noT-nt.,\H strrkt. tkl,ep[Io.\'ic stm. 

CXOXIi BTBBBT — One lot. if\7.t^ 50x110. Price f750 

ItVmnmXOX BOAD, noar Douglas Street — One lot, slr.c BOXUO ..f2400 
SCOTT 8TBBKT — 9 lots, size 60x110. Price, each fOKO 

Do You Own Property 
In tdmonton? 

Send us deaoriptton, best prtoe 
and terms tar qutok Md«. 


In Jair.cs Bay to d^'.slrablo, tenant 
without children. Sec us for par- 


Real Estate and Insurance 

PTione 238. P.O. Box H«3. 

Boom 4 Brlivauw Moek 



Ave,, U|0 

8e« 0« M^! 



Tu«8d.y, April 9, 1912 




A Used Needham Piano 

lu plain dcsi-n dark case, full 7 i-3 o'^^??'^*' '';i^'i^,,t f 9^ 
stool to mcatch. Usual guarantee. OFFERED FOR^p I LO 


rr , 



Fine Upright 

In plain design ma 
finish, buehed tuning jij^s. 



A Very Special Piano 

In double veneered Mission finish case. Full metal plate. 
Bushed pins. Price, including stool to match, t^lj 
and for rash, only . t • "^ 

"Th« Whit* Blittr"— This workman- 
like dranmtiziUiori ul ihe iati' Marton 1". 
Crawford's famouMftonmnce of love aVxl* 
reUKlon. a dramatization nrnde for M1b« 
Viola Allen and la wlilcli »lie .scored a 
nottiblo trlunip-li. returned to tl>e local 
ttieatro last evening, with Miss Jeanne 
Towlet- In Mlbs AUen'a paJt. The new 
fltar proved herBclf an emotional actress 
of very conslderaWe gonlUH and convlnc- 
IHK quality, ulthouBh her work still ] 
lacks the perfection of hnlsh markms 
Miss Allen's complete performance. 
The play Is not one to win plaudits of 
the multitude. It Is a study Inviting 
study; a 'pl«eo of artistic craftsmanship 
r«»plulo with atmosphere and color, al- 
beit tense with dramatic climacterio 
episodes. Last evening's production 
WHS excellently staged and on the whole 
well acted. 

"Madam* X" Thl« Evenlngr — More 
than thirty people appear in Hie thrill- 
ing court-room scene of "Madame X," 
the modem melodrama which Henry W. 
fijftvage returns to the Victoria Theatre 
iji^lghl. This great focaV scene of the 
ly deploU vlti^ mmay to the very 

iMtM eottvt^ with aU lb* <ioall»or loo»l«. 
^- pJcttttWBpie' eMWHMMH ■'«*•' ■1»«o»":- 
end ImpraMtve iSormallUes .an4 novel 
incid<»»t« «hown In high relief. "Mad- 
ame X" i^ m. dramatic sinaatlon. It » 
th« work of Alexandre Blsson. famou* 
among Parisian draroatlstfl, and Its pre- 
aentatlon In tJila country Is made by 
Henry W. Savage, who wlM offer the 
drama here staged exactly as In New 
York and with a metropoliun company 
of excellence. • 

"Onr BeglBM&V— The Victoria West 
Dramatic society will present the 3 act 
comedy, "Our Regiment" at Semple's 
ball, Victoria West. Thursday and Fri- 
day, under the auaplces of the A. O. !•*., 
for the toeneflt of M,r. Dorroan and fam- 
Uy. Mr. Dornmn is suffering from a seri- 

Hicks & 




eM*t Aih^ Mines have moreaa«d IM ptt ettot. I« tlw pMt !• ; 
^«gi" WAlbeW ^artd Company hav t.U a n>m>b^f l^ f» 
■ala »« the original prlcea 

44 to3t lo'-s fioB. ...» »•'• w»on 

6$> f OOt • 'Ota I rorti .......•• •«»*i.aW'l' ~ • ■ 

Tertns 1-4 cash and balance over 2 1-2 years at « »^r«*° *V . 


Agetita Port Albaml X^nd Ca.Ta4. ^ - 

aatuKAa Bavward Building. Victoria. V^ P<w* All>««<. B. » 

*«*•*** ^•''^Mwbers Victoria Real IC-Uta Bxohaag. 

Bua mneas and unable to foU o w his cm- 
ploym^t and la In need of assistance as 
he iMM a wife and three small children. 
The curtain wlU rise at (8:15 both 
nights and there wiU be a dance after 
the performaSce on Friday night. 

anpsaas Theatza— The playlet "At 
the Reception." In which Mr. J. Wilson 
Hunter and Miss Bffie Pearson, well 
known %o theatregoers as stellar per- 
fonoBm In the original company of 
that!, |K»V)t|tftr xDUfll«i|l "howv '^« 
•Bhw© TiHip^" are irtaytng at tlw ESm- 
presa theatre this wa^ Ja -one of the 
brtghteat of mualoal aketchea and bids 
fair to make a Wg titt at the local 
vaudavUie houae. Mr. Hunter Is a 
oapaSla comaaian and, la possessed of 
a robust barltona voice, which he uses 
to advanUte. MliW Pearson sings ahd 
datto^ well, ana the couula give a «r«t 
claaa i»ttrf ormance. 

Jphe Roya! ZaMUo troiipe df iUSSlera 
are among the best of this kind of en*- 
tertalnera seen here. They jngfie 
everything from a showar of glittering 
knives,- the edges of which have the 
keanness of raaors and flaming torches 
to a varltsd assortment. of artlc»«s of 
iftirnlttire, and cbbtrlbnte an act of 
Wgh order. Miss Selma Waltera and 
Herbert Frank, who were here laat as 
njembers of the "Seven Days" com- 

pany, are seen In a sketch of high 
order entitled "A Woman's Way." It 
It a pleaaiiiK and laugha.blc sutlre on 
modern society, uud Is charmingly 

iMiss Itae Eleanor Pall, a vioUnst of 
considerable reputation who has had 
a good concert and recital experience. 
contMbutes a repertoire of violin solos. 
and Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Rcynt)Ul» 
have a talking and singing act of much 
merit which offers 15 uilnutc-s of good 
entertainment. The motion pictures 
shown by the Emijresacope are of high 

Crystal Theatre— Fat he's AVeekly of 
topical events heads the list today "The 
Presentiment" by the -Path© Oomi.any Is 
un excellent drama; "Ancient Rome." a 
Kood scenic by the same company: "The 
Sin Unpardonable," by the Essanay 
Company is a good western. In fact, 
this company's western pictures are fust 
becoming the best that can be had along 
this line; "His Last Parade" by the Lu- 
bin Company, is full of emotion; "A Mix 
In Masks" is the comedy by the same 
company.' Tomorrow night is amateur 
night with a good bill. FollowVng is 
the programme: v;ili|f#^M|fc^g^h^|W^ ^. 
Kllway, • -Mr. , . O ia.i , '^aMim , J1mr^ 
■Wrlihtaiin. Master Jaa. ^oung, 1^ »l| 
Irish. Some of these have been on »•» 
fort, and Vjdsia* from Ox* applause 
were very popular. Starting Monday 
the IBth the Crystal will put on tw» acts 
of high class vaudeville and three reels 
of pictures, ehanglng the vaudeville 
twice a week, and the pictures tbre> 
times a week as we are doing now. The 
vaudeville will change Monday and 
Thursday each week. Not the same Peo- 
ple with a change of act, but a complete 
change of people and act. The plctureii 
win change Monday. Wednesday and 
Friday, and will be first run high olaas 
pictures the same as we are now show- 
ing. Pictures will be shown from 1.30 
to 5.80 and fr.30 to It; vaudevUle from 
2.30 to 6:00 and from 7:00 to 11:00. 
There will be no change in prices. The 

Glenshiel Inn 

late Criterion 


axoaoTT ITS. 

Under entirely new management. 
Suites and rooms up-to-date In 
every way. Terms moderate. 
I'Mrst class cook and competent 

Table D'Kote Dinner, 6 to 8 76^ 
Special DUiaer Banday Even- 
ings fl.OU 

Miss Jean MolU.-ion, 

Mr. Fred Cancellor, 


Foul Bay 

Ideal site for seaside hotel or apartment block, overlook- 
ine the sea; magnificent view; only 150 feet ^/"'^ .^'^^J^^^^^ 
bathing beach in Victoria, two blocks from car f^;^"|"-'g ^^/^^f 
asphahed streets; 150 feet Beach Drive, 156 feet H '^ert.on 
i,8 feet Richmond. 150 feet back line. Quick .sale, puce 
$7,000. Terms $2,500 cash, balance arrangca. ExeiLi.ive.y bj 


Fhone 2371. 

224-335 Pemberton Bulldl&g. 
(Members Keal Estate Exchange.) 


■iiiiiiiiiiiiM^^^^^^^^^^^^ iiiiiiaiM^^^^^^^ 

Cr y stal hoo a ge put a tton Of do i ng yh*^ 
it aaya It wlU do, and we are especially 
catering to the todies and children. 
Crude Jokes or anything objectionable 
will poaltively not be allowed. Our mot- 
to W and tWB heen a Ht«e-mo»» than 
your money-e worth, and we feel that 
in giving our patrons two acts of ©lean 
good vaudeville, three reels of the best 
pictures that money cam bujr, tha beat 
mmlo m the city, oourteoua treatment 
in a well ventilated comfortable and 
safe theatre we are giving them a HtUe 
bit more than their money's 'wrth. 
Watch this space for the bUl an* "»>^ 
tl»er announcements. 


jPMHMft monOoahss On nvaOMir On 
Vmm ■allaa Ortts 


the, a .1 

■ Tlii attamsr Beckenham, of the Can- 
adian-Mexican line, wia reported pass- 
ing the Fairralones on Sunday and la 
expected to reach port tox^rrbw from 
Sallna Crua The BeCkfcnharo la brlng- 
inc about 2001) tona of general merchan- 
dise, whl«?h was transhipped from ma^ 
steamers plying to Puerto Mexico f«>m 
the linlted Kingdom and coptlnent via 
the Tebuantepec raliroa<l^ 

•-I ■ 

THE Otis Pensdm Elevator saves money fa ttie^' _- 
tory or warehouse by reducing the amount ofun- 
urtdilctiTe labor required to handle the law material or 
&blia#rodoct. It makes accel| ttt^^MONdt xaeai mi 
fintshing department more - . .i 

convenient. It does away 
with laborious, hazardous 
and time-consumuig trans- 
fer of goods via the stairway, 
?nd thereby saves the efforts 
of your employes and in- 
creases their efficiency Be- 
cause of the greater facilities 
whichL the elevator afford 


rush orders arc drspatrhco— ■-!•— --" -r- , • 

with the same expedition iif»iWr^^ regritar 
orders and the busy season no longer finds it neces- 
tazy to shorthand other departments or hire extni help 
to licilttate the 1i»(»lt «f th* duKpfflg «^w*»«* 




THE rush order is ommw 
or less of a demoralizer. 
It upsets the regular 
routine, disananses the sche- 
dule and requires the temp(^r<- 
ary shifting: around of em* 
ployes from one job to another 
which means lost eneror and 
lost time. At the rUk oL^f> 

f.»n«ling hay^n ^nMy as im- 

portant and desirables other 
orders must perforce oe held 
up to make way for the urgent demands 
of die rush, order cutfomeCa To suc- 
cessfully cope with conditions like 
these requires die use of an elevator. 

'Chfdjaitd TOUT IninBeiw <l>e of n»& a itatnte M 

*^ not to require a power elevator, we make a 

hand power elevator equipped with our -improved 

.tSted Vrilai^ beuiail^ Snaconstructed in a thoroughlr 

aubstantial ni a n n e r . tt 
nins with the least possible 
fiitAoB^ and can be oper- 
ated by anyone. The 
brake is a new design of 
a very powerful cam, 
which will stop and hold 
the car with its heaviest 
load at any point. Send 
for your copy of our 
iilustrated book ''Freight 

and Their CSw."^' It shows in a 'uery 

sirHple and plain way fuSt how a frriffht elevator 
may he applied to th€ practical everyday needs of 




„ .her. U^ douM » ^«r mind « to wh.« the b.s. «»7»)e««^ b- «y'« »*, '^"^/^-^ 

OO^ARtS At $ 

SECRETARY, $16.00 

Bircfi; em#e mahogany 
finish, height 44in., width 
30in. Highly polished. 
Only ...$16.00 



l|»t^y,i;:an<l^ mother bot h, jl^f ... "■ 

'■■»t^i(i#|isM!- , comfortabIa;|iqkH: 
Cart. We carry the kind you 
want, the kind that fold up easily, 
as an umbrella, ana that are light, 
durable and give lastlnR service. 
See the display on our Balcony. 


Sol id quarter cut oak, koMimi t'ln- 
r~Inh, revolvinR and LIltinB ri-.atr. 
Upholstered, seat in solid No. 1 
leather. Very strongly built 
and mounted oh exceUont ca.-^- 
tors. Similar to illustration. 
Price If 15.00 


^ ^boK CASE 

oak, golden 


Solid quarter cut oak, Early English finish. 
Same as illustration. Price ^38. 00 

Oriental Wilton Rugs 





Our Wilton Rugs in a large variety of Oriental colorings ami 
designs, are amongst the most useful carpets ^" f ^^^./^ ° '^^^j 
den dining-room or hall. Any Vs^here a rich effect is required 
Id where'a floor covering that does not .show the traffic i^d ; 
sired you will find this make of rug especially fitted. Ihe coloi 
ines and designs are exact reproductions of very beautiful ongin- 
- f and thev will give much better satisfaction than originals of 
' imv gradc.^ The variety of quantities and kinds of carpets given 
below comprises of the best that the European markets afford, 
and each kind has some special (lualities and suUabilitjHor snme 
particular purpose. 


^ft. 3in. x5ft ^^ 

3ft. 6in. X 5ft „?2'2X 

4ft. 6in. X 7ft. 6in. . . .?16.00 
6ft. gin. x 9ft.. $2.50 to ^3.50 
nft. x 9»t- $35-oo to.. 942.00 
Qft. x loft. 6in., $40 to 950.00 

.,tt. X 1 2ft., '$45 to ... 960.00 
T 1 ft. 3in. X 12ft., $50 to 975.00 

I ifl. ^in. .\ 13ft. fiin., $60 to— 

../ -....985.00 

I I ft. 3in. x 15ft.. %72 to 995.00 


:itlinr in fumed oak or Early Eng- 
lish flnlsli. T^arRo Unen drawer, 
two ilonrs to rupboRTfl, two 
sninll <1rawprs. one lined for 
cutlery. Top mcasurps 42 x Ifl. 
Brlllsh bevol mirror 26 x m. 
Same as Illustration. .. f 50. 0<> 




98 pieces 

97 pieces 







Solid quarter cut oak, golden fln- 
jBh. SJac of top, 21x21. Large 
roomy underohelf. See thl« one, 
same fts Illustration, on our 
balcony, third floor flB.OO 







M». n ' .>. n I 'l iMK II iiir w iii i w ^ ^ h i; 

lilmriiriuiflliiiL" rT'i"'- 

■ -'r'*W*SCft&*B'ter;'' 


♦ffW-^*- t^*Jr!iP!?WTO'W'W'M»^»^»1"a"--^ < 



\l(n()|{l\ I^ATT.Y (XnX)NIST 



On the Waterfront 

' U^llEl) HE! 


Ysabel May Reached Port Yes- 
terday Morning from the 
Sealing Grounds of tji'e.South 
Atlantic ,"-.■:; ■• 



Setos Te(l« Incident Concern- 
H^g Visit by Fornner Vic^torian 
tp geal Rool<ery, Where tut- 
fef^. Watted 

iind roHfueil ilii^ I wo mon, who wore 
lirarllcHlIy r\li uisti/il. 

Seals Scarce in Suatti 
li is .-MM . i,-,i lii.ii ii.-wer schooners 
will Ko irmn llallfux tills season, as 
the seals are gettln-? scarce on the 
Tape Horn grounds. Considerable 
pouching: has been done there, chiefly 
l)y small vessels which outllt at Punta 
Arenas. While the seals were becom- 
ing scarce on this ground some of the 
Halifax schooners have been cruising 
great distances to' the lone Isles nt the 
edge of the Antarctic, and boat's crew 
have been left on some of the bare 
rocka to remain for 
while the schboners 
points, ■ t, 

' ' ' .1C«1* Thousand* ^^ 

The jMaling schooner Tsabel' May 
rea((he4 port yesterday morning from 
the ";Cape Horn sealing grounds an.I 
lantfed'the last sealskins which will be 

lieiivereci at victoria tor many vears, 
at least, having 47 sealskins taken In 
the >§<]|ltit)i Atlantic after clearing for 
thl8*|MiPt from Port Stanley. Falkland 
! ' -^^' - '- ra -3ia.akm3..3"fira-iiinded 
fttit to London. The Vsabel 
^teh was equipped with an 80- 
rray & Tregartha gasoline en- 
|( Halifax, left the -Nova Scotia 
^ort^wm Aue^ai 25, clearing for Vlc- 
tbrhv by way of the South Atlantic 
s-e-illng grounda. It la the intention to 
placjE the vessel' Jn' the Hshlng business 
frpnfci Victoria, and she will probably 
b6 w«ft as a purso-selning vessel on 
the salmon banks this season. 

With the exception of the schooner 
Hilda R.,Gapt. Matthew Ryan, the Ave 
sc'hqpners • wJiliCli sailed from Halifax 
last season Sad: poor .catchejs. The 
fleet cdjfislsted ' 6t ihe Ysabel May, 
Capt. Kennebury; Hilda R., Capt. 

..i^JBynn; Ida M< .fclflJ*. XTapt. Rohblna; 

; Village Belles, tapt Hiltz; Agnes G. 
D<inahue, Gapt. LeBlanc. The Hilda 
R. vyent on .a; long voyagre to the In- 
(Hat^|)»ian axtid passed to the south of 
Aiis^lkntL and ' ..N^w 2Sealandt Wh«n 
spoken tW tl>« t^sabel May off Cape 
Horn In January alie had 2078 seal- 
skins and expected to get more from 
Goff Island. In the sotith Atlanuc. 
where lSf>ur mf;n^ha<l been left in camp. 
The (^jl^itr f^ hunted on th^ 

. ■ Cap^?»il'-:jpH^^' and- their catches 
wt'w rerr |im|i Hf- "l<^& «ot over 40ff 
peia^. •tWiM^^t^ May left the 

grounds In January the Agnes G. 
Ppnahue had 283, the Ida M. ClarK, 
198. and the Village Belle, M skins. 

An interesting story was told tty 
the crew^ of the Ysabel May regarding 
(he visit Of the schooj|er Hilda R.. 
Capt. J^An— a former Victoria sealef 
—to €fa,mpben frtand, which with 
MacQuarle Islania, lying off the south of 
the J»e>y Zealand ^froup, hava seal 
rookerl^. Law yeSr when, the Hilda 
i; made a trip to the edge of the An- 
i I tic and .paid a visit to Catnpbell^ 
inland th^jiealwa left a boat and a 
quantity "oCr^ijfft at. the Island, and ar- 
rangementa %ere made with' some 
liierderd who tend sheep there to KUl 
^1» aturt put them in a salt house to 
feiwalt the coming i:,o3t the SMa R. 
: t^Ck in lialirax one «« the triral seal- 
iir.Vlieard of the business and sat -d^wn 
lul wrote a letter to "the governor of 
Xew Zealand with the result that a 
cutter, with i|" captain who was for- 
merly an offi'Ser on one of the wAr- 
.ships on the ;Esaulmalt station in coifti"* 
ininil, was sent to wait for the 
Hilda it. . ^ ' ■[' 

The captain of the cutter knew €apt. 
Ryan. He had met him in t?efing iea 
when he had boarded on6 of tlife 
schooners from Victoria of which 
Capt. Ryan was In command, and ha 
waited, thinking t^ x§ i^| |i Bt«> M<'(!iiaM>ilii6. 
i'.nco, but the Hild«i"^;; WTivca wbWJ 
the cutter had gone back to a New 
5f:ealand port for provisions. Thlnkihp 
the sealers might come during his ves- 
sfl's ul>sence the captain left a letter 
fur Capt. Ryan, and when the Hilda R. 
was .=een off the Island one of tha 
herders put off In u saiUioat and hand- 
el it to the captain. It said In effect 
that the captain of the cutter regretted 
his arrival during hla absence and 
I'oped to get back in time to get him 
anyhr.w. The Hilda R. lost no time in 
I)ieking up as many pelts as posslblo 
and getting away— and Jt Is doubtful 
It" she will g'j biiok. 

i;o«t in Fog 

when the V.-^abel May was on the 
.laling ground-y off the South Atlantic 
coast H. Wales and J. Purcell, two of 

her rVL-w, were lost fro-- ^'-^ •••'" "■'• 

in a fi>g when huntln;; 
!K-hooner on tlio iriorniut; 'H <).;t.jocr 
•TO, and' when they did not return at 
lilghtfall search was made for theuf 
without result. When no trace was 
found of thorn the next day the 
.schooner sailed to Montevideo, about 
100 miles away. In the hop« that they 
had been able to .reach that port. Tl^e 
two men were picked Up the day after 
I hoy left the Ysabel May by the steam- 
er ilarmonlc and landed at Montevideo 
where the Ysabel May found them on 
.X'oveiiibcr !). 

Hnnter'B NMrow £>oape 

Charles Calne. n himter who went 
from Victoria when the schooner E. B. 
Marvin left here for thi? Atlantic, and 
.Sylvester fjuggln, hunter of the 
fl.'hooner Ida. M. Clark, had u narrow 
escape when lost from their ves.sel In 
November off the South Atlantic seal- 
ing grounds. Their boat was oapslzo 1 
during H endden Bquall and the two 
.vi-alers clung to the upturned boat for 
three horr.s. They hoisted nn oilskin 
on an oar as a dlistre.-.^ slgn.'M and 
tiiia wifii siRhted by those on the Ida 
jl. ClaVic, w)»ich bore 'down on iheiti 

Many of these Isles In the far sodtft 
once were thick with seals. Whei^ 
Macquar'.c Island was discovered by a 
Sydney vessel a party left on the 
Island killed no less than 80.000 seals. 
The massacres made by these earlier 
sealers left meagre herds, and the voy- 
ages made during the past few years 
show that little seal life was left. 
Where thousands were liauled oilt on 
the rocks huK a century s^go there ^ro 
now less than tens. • • 

Ysabel May's T«]r*C<i 

The Vsabel -May, after landing 835 
8kin.>j at Port Stanley. Falklana 
i.sland.>4, left on January 20. for 
Victoria, and had a stood run' around 
Cape Horn, e\pei lenelnff fine^ itteitf 
until -3n. was reached 44 dayj^p_^ 
When rounding the Horn the i^frtljiiDni 
Hil.Ut R. — iv.ia •ipokpn. iinrt » flftHlttJL 

INABA ]\m 


Japanese Liner Will Leave the 
Outer Wharf Today — Kama- 
kura Maru Will Arrive in 
Port Tomorrow 

Biived from tlie wreck. Pumps and winch 
e« forn\ tlie most valuable part of the sal- 
vage, but the steamer's boilers were 
also salVbd., and n second trip is neces- 
sary to Banks Island to bring them 
ucrobs to Itupert. The services of a 
diver have lx»«n necessary to salve the 
machinery, and fortunately moat of the 
more arduous part of the work was 
HcconnpUshed in excellent weather con- 

' .> •% •. l^liir K lt ll I In 

The Ateamer Inaba U*ra. of the 9^ip- 
jKtn Yueen kalsha line,- leaves the out'- 
er virharf this afternoon for Hongkong 
vlA YiolcohanDa. ]EC6he,tN«gasakl, Shang- 
hai i^nd HoBgkonv. takifltg a full cargo 
of.«ejt»eral ffeHprht, a* much as can be 
plaOed on board] the vessel, and many 
paBsehgers. Among thpse. booked on 
ihe 'Japanese liner are Col. John R. 
^Vhlte. of the Philippine Insular service 
bound tor Manila; Mr. and Mrs. D. 
Cteiney. who wlU mftk« the round voy- 
Itge; C. I. Keeler, a New York business 
man, for Yokohama; Miss Nellie Ram- 
well. daughter of H. Ramwell, of the 
American Tug Boat company of Ever- 
ett, bound for Yokohama, accompanied 
i^ Miss Kkna Dlefenbacher, also of 
fiverett; F. E. Hlng, a wealthy Chinese 
merchant, with his wife and child, en 

Por West Coaat ^^^^^ 

The steamer Tees, of the "cTf^ R 

Cai)taln GlUam. left the company's 

wharf on Sunday night for Holberg 

and way ports of the west coast. The 

steamer was well laden and carried :i 

good complement of passengers. 

Trawler Oroutes Coming 

Ttie British* Trawler Orontes la on 

the way from the Unltud Kingdom to 

this port. The Orontes Is an Iron 

screw ketch-rigged steamer of 178 tons, 76 tona net, register, and is 

111,0 feet in length, 21 feet beam and 

11.6 feet'deep.' ' ;.?■,■';• ' 

«M]|' 'TiM i'" rtilimeif "'"''' " 

A representative of the Marine Thou 
portaUon company which purchjwed the 
steamer Rupert City at Vanooaver. ta 
to be sent to ihe United Kingdom to 
purchase another freighter, aoeordlng 
to advices from the mainland. 

^ To XtomA Goal ' 

The American ship Star of Finland 
reached Port Angeles yesterday morn- 
ing from San KrancJseo en route to 
L<adysmHh to load a cargo of coal for 
tne Alaska Pnok^rr's association can- 
neries on the Alaskan coast. 

f( ? tit6. rr oni Duiutu to c aiuuu; ¥. Oi-- 
ama. a Japanese tourist, who Is com- 
pleting a tour around the world via 
London, and Lee Yet Che, Y. E. Ung. 
Y. Leo and Hlng Wong, Chinese stud- 
eiitsi bound for Hongkong. * T 

The cargo of the steamer includes a 
\f\g shipment of agricultural Imple- 
raeitts for Vladivostok, to be distribut* 

, ,ed over many parts of Russian Asia 
from that part; motor ears tojr the 
Studebaker agency In Yokohania.JlBour. 
cotton, machinery, etc. 

Wireless reports received front the 
steainer |{«mB<kura Maru, Captain B. 
Kpn, of the same line, yesterday, stat- 

> ed" that the liner would reach the outer 
wharf from thj Orient tomorrow after- 

f noon. The steamer is bringing about 
BOO ton^ of ceneral cargo for dUfcjhai^e 
here. '■ . ■ ' \- ' 

Qther steamers from the Orfelit jpirti 
wt'pected- to report hy wtreles* enirouta 

]bnmbM for Australia 

The Norwegian steamer tJutfrnsey ar- 
rived in Koyal Hoada on Sunday from 
Chen-.alnuH, where she loaded a cargo of 
lumber for Australia and proceeded to 
the Antipodes yesterday morning. 

Choice and 
Cheap Re- 
sidence Lots 

Bicliardson Street— Several lots 
Gi).\i::ii. faoliii,' the south, com- 
manding position. TheHc are the 
choicest jofeilnKs In this blgb 
cIhmh district. . Terms of one- 
third cash, and 6. 1'.' and 18 
months. Price S(l3i:00 

Craigdarrooh-A)ne lot. Tliis Is u 
l>iiiKii.lii for ciisli ^22B50 

Turner Street — Two lots. 'I'cnii.s. 
l.Jiu'li f3ZO(> 

Douglas Road, Victoria West — I 
aor<- of lund, C-rooui rt^.siilcnic, 
stable, orchard, etc,, charming 
situation, on easy icrtjis. 
yrlce i... , . •• 

cheapcKt ot- 
Jhborliood. It 
can be purcit<iaS«4''4ror f8000, on 
Uftrt». Vor a (itMiblB corner in 
the niact Mock east ti&.00<» «# 
asked, and for a single comer 
one block west «J 0,000 Is asked 
The double corner now offered 
la a fine buy at fSOOO 


Inside and near inside a num- 
ber of choice quotations. 


And acreage in North and »'>uth 
Saanlch, and elaeWhere, suitable 
for subdivision and for farming, 
Bome of the most attractive offer- 

These are still to be had at bar- 
gain prices. 






Vancouver, Prince Rupert 
and Stewart 

, Monday, lo am. 

Pn-rin«"'^'n'» f'^»• r'f^i-tir^ r^iioon PViot-lot+e Ttjlar"! r>oint8 

Special Return Excursions 




\V. E. DirKKOW, .JA.S. .Mr.\RTirirt. 

<ll3 I'UN. uiiil Tl. Urt Agf.. Tel. iii'i. l)i'«U ami lrrit;Ht Art.. T«l. 2131. 

"'^ ' ^^rtlillBto. Pacific Railway 

EASTER mum wamxm 

VICTORIA- VANCOUVER." '.U.^Atf^h-X^^^iih^ 

VICTOBIA-SBJATTLK .i.AfMl »f •. ?» ' 

VICTORIA-GULK ISLANDS .'. . . . .A^i; «, ,«, T 

NANAIMO-UNION-CUMOX , , , . ' April 5. 6, 7 

Bstnm Zilmlta AprU Bth- One rare and One-tMtd tor the Smiad Vxtp. 

Xi. B. OHSTHAK, City Fasse&i^r Af en*. 
1102 Government street. Victoria. B. C. . 

The Union Steamship Co., Ltd. of B, C 

■■a CAMOSUN — For Prince Rupert and Stewart every fuesday. 

•.s. CHELOHSIN— For Skeena Blver. Prince Rupert, Naas River, Fort 

Simpsnn Anrl P.nnMP Vlnv nvpry Ratiirdav. ; 

vessel which passed In- the nigftt hail- 
ed the schooner In passlnj^ Strong 
hreezes and heavy head-.ijrlnds pre- 
vailed until the North Pacific coast 
•tras r«ac*ed and th« v«««®l arrlt:«<l xxft 
the entrance to the strait on Saturday 
and dropped anchor In Parry bay. on 
Sunday nlg-ht. 


Hnt or Tir* UiOoe-ton 

flee Tta Faaajna Cansl BeaOjr 
to Taks 'title Water 

According |o ^ore<8r m»i\ •diioeiSi tlie 
ftrat'of th* five J8i«io-tbn steol steiMnewr 
to be b»HU l>y tt»|i*|C6amoa comilatfi'Jjf or 
service tofstweeri^amb^irg andvfSNiflse^ 
Soimd will be launched next ^eek. ,Tl|tt 
frelgfrter* 4pfr di e e lW WdV Jtor i»a ^i.-tha 
new service thiat Irifi be Inaugurated 
with the op«nlaf,,4^ the PeJ^nj^^nat. . 

For a number of yesxs the Ko^os 
line has been in operation between Eu-. 
rope and this iw>rt via the Strait of Ma^ 
gellari'^and the west eoas^ of South 
America. With the oiMttfipir of 41te iBsaal 
the voyage from Hambui« Wll be 
shorter and: ' more .■'dii'?*^. "JSIvf^'NS'' 

ports.- It la'- ^u^l ^«i9t'^Hil ^ r6 a ■^l^ft'W>ift -eoast- 

aervlee wlir aayr:i»»"nlriMTi(tf.»ii^ m:.m 

separate. ilAe. ' '.'- - .:. u.^.. .■. .--.k'- •■■• 

The estimated cost of the new llnerf 
ttar ttt<!i;;,Kosmoe service vl«tlie,oa«Jia 1* 
f4 50,000 each. ' Thf. steamen win, each- 
have- ali holds, thrtie fof^tod and Unree 
aft. and will b(Bk?5li;fe«$ in Jengl*^ wUli 
eo-feet beaisi. "■ teaeiij' wfll^iiive aiooom- 
modatiOtt for about 40 pasaengers. show- 
ing that they are designed ohlefly as 
cargo steamers, . •' 

The laui^hlag of the llrst eteamer is 
;eXpeet<Ml to utca place April 15. and the 
four othefs ^111 {oilow during the year. 
Although no announcemetit has been 
made, it Is understood tliat the isteamer 
now building will come ^o the Sound 
via the Strait of Magellan In the present 
service tuitll the oanal Is open tor traf- 

Last fall the Kosmos compiany sold 
seven of its older and smaljer liners to 
the Italian governinent for servnoe be- 
tween ports In &urope' and the River 
Platte. The Hat included several veaselii 
well known at this port. I'hose eold 
were the Remeses. Memphis. Luxor. Ha- 
thor. PentaUf, Menea and Naxp- 

from\YokQhama. Tlie steamer Monto 
ea«Ie Of theC. P. B.. and Tnlthyblua at 
tlie Blue Funnel line, the latest of the 
Holt Uners to be placed n service, are 
t>o^ eicjwcled on Thursday or Prlday^ 

Steamsblp XKovements 

SEATTLK, April 8. — Arrived; sft'o4m- 
ers Governor, San Krancisco; Dolphin, 
Skagway. Alttm«Mla, Houthwestern Alas! 
ka, Sailed: Chicago MafXi, Mahoney. 
'Delhi, Tacoma, City of Seattle, Watson, 
San Fi-anclsco. 

SAN FRANCISCO. April 8.— Arrived: 
Yukon.' Seattle; Strathgyle. Norfolk, 
Va.; Daisy Mitchell, Columbia. Colum- 
bia Rlvoi»; schooner George IS. Billings,. 
Newcastle, SaUed: steamer Olaoter« 

SHANOHAI, April «.— -Arrived, pravl- 
ously. China, San Francisco. 

ARICA. April 8.— Arrived, previously, 
Cuseo, San Francisco. 

LOS ANQEL.B8. April 8.-r-Arrlved: 
Roanoke, Portland; Coronado. Portland; 
rallac. Everett: Yosemlte. , Portland; 
Coaster. Portland; .Maadalay, Crescent 
CUy; Azalo. d!l»y» l*»?!!?«?:-, 8«^l«*vi^ 
sas City, Portland . 


L, H. Ellis 

Room 6. Moody _Block. 
Oomer Tates and fBjfoa&iteMiti. 

Phone 040. P.O. Box 110. 
Sfember Real Estate Kxchange. 



pt StatniirluMtt ini«* i 
1b« soxth— Ball CaMMtfT' ' 
iriace of Xeak 



Vessel Kade Voyage From Blcttgwt 
VMer Starboard Engine — Prlacesa 

tV'lth her port thrust shaft cracRed, 
the steamer Princess May, Captain 
"AlcLeod, reached port on Sunday night 
from Skugwny and way ports with 30 
passengers, and repairs are being ef- 
fected to the vessfel, while the Princess 
Mary, which left Vancouver yesterday 
mornihg, is taking her run. The 
.Princess May was oft Bella Bella a 
wc'i'k ago when the accident took place, 
and the voyage was continued under 
the starboard engine. ('on»« 
heavy weather was encountered on the 
voyage south, heavy blows being ex- 
perienced in Mlllbank and Qnpen (Mmr- 
lotte Sounds. 



Union Company's Steamer "Will Be »•- 

paired at the Wallace Tarda — 

Camoaun Takes Son 

Acoordib^.N to^advloee brou^^t by ^ 

ffteamer Prince Oww^sei steainboatlnlf'oBt" 
the Skeena lllver — ^ttet Is to say> ateain- 
boating between ^iice Rupert and Klt- 
selas — Is prilUfticallry a thliig of the past. 
While no doubt . there wilt be many a 
private boating trip in ttie (utiire for 
a hundred mtiea along whiat Is one of 
the finest scenic streams In. the world, 
the regtiilar schedule ateaittboat service 
has eoneluded: Just in proportion to 
the laylns of steel eaatward, the volume 
oif steame'r borne traffic ou the Skeena 
has lessened. Tod|l]^ trains atte running 
to ft point beyond' «ie:^any on. and early 
snmiteer will doitbtlesa see the Iron 
horse In HaaeltoAt about ISO'mlles from 
Prtnea Rvnwti. , - - 

Ther^ Wtn. -ofht^at^,'. hp |i;iBti%-lt7 be- 
tween the end of steel, and Hazeltoh 
an places further along the Skeena; but 
solar as a earf^t^e between Prince 
Rupert and the^ InCerlor is concerned, 
vthat,haa.'|ii)Hied .away..' 

Todity, 'there are three eteamera n^ar 

\J*rlncec; Rupert, TJie. jalan4«f , •« a* 

'Port Esslngton, receiving repairs and 

being generally tted out for servjee on 

the upper paft of the river. The OiHln- 

eca la still in wlhter quarters at Dlgby 

island, and will doubtless be used on 

the river when navigation opens. The 

^hlrd, the Port $lmp8on, is at her name- 

Salce port, a:nd it la more tlian probable 

iWt 4» ^U ope»at^ en the SUckUt^ 

Instead of the Skeena Wver this stim- 


The Islander is one of the newest 
of river craft, and when she leaves 
Port Esslngton, will be In better sfini>f 
than evef to accommodate the public. 
So far as navigation Is concerned, 
the Skeena Is Still in the grip of 
ice, and it will be at least be in the 
middle of April before traffic is possible. 
This, at any rate, is the idea prevailing 
at present. 

Point -Grey — Clear; wlnft S. W... Mghti 

'••&JiiiS^iSe{; cai«; i»au m -. 

a t-m—Mk stiiaBiw. , ^ .. 

Ssteyaa — Clear: wtad nortb: >#.>•: ss. 

'%£uM^lM»: ea»Bt SMS^ 4e; sw 

'"^limgte—FoKKy, wind we.t; »».4«: «e; 
light swell; .»p»U», Bmprese «{ Jtapao «t 
i>«0 ii.tR,: peaitlon; ( nortk, 14a.S7 west, 
»»« tnllet ft«m Vt«it.'.*t«. .- 

lk«d*— Rsinint; rtnd e. B.; S9.S1; 4S; am 
•mooUi. • ■ I ....... 

Prtace Bapwi;— nalnlna: wind 8. K.. 
■troiic: 3».»o: »*: ••• rouah. Out, PrlnceM 
Royat at-t-lft «.ni. 

pesd Tr«« iolRt— Overcast: catm; sea 


t«t ua pat you on to sdiaMtMag good 
In aaanlcb aoreage. ■ 

100 acres with large waterfroatsge. 
mostly eteared. enltivated. all 
fenced, and good buttdlncs; wall, waf . 
ered and tli« .«bal<;«M of soli; pirl«« 
for quick sale la |CS,Mft oa terms 
over 4 yaprs at 7 p^[ cent. 

It aerai «ommandlns a view on m,aln 
Sidaay road, the hal{ way point be- 
tween 'Sidney and Vletorla; two road 
frontages; faaeed ;,a|Mli; planted With 

-'fruit trt^art|itej|||i^ 
; ci11t)es;''iiiii€iiM$^ b«1- ' 

ance 1, z, and 8 years at t ptir Y:«nl. 

Large double corner in Oak Bay with 
house; (hla is worth looking into at 
tE.OOO; $2000 oaih, balaaoo arrangad. 


From Vlct^ • ** A.'^'SfftJS.i ^i^^ i 
10 a. m. every Friday, from Seattle. & B. 

For 8outtite««nk AJMkJj -**!2« ii, .l^ju?*** 

teaVea Seaitia-e .p^ m. \ , ■•■'', ^■■- , 

Ooaan and rait Uokius^fo Mew Tork aad 
•li eibar cuiea via San Frandflse* 

catjtm A. SOLLY. Pai««nger; JI^0aK, M¥» 
Douglas •♦leet*'. „ 


.'It. tm,.. i^piismr^. f fS«t. t in. 

> If^bMm. 'eail«.;«'iMartii»: f «rUNles 
-':^l^llitWii'«9m*Al't ntlea; otttitt tn- 

cittdea power dinghy and boat; 

Jlial overhauled: in perfect order. 

B'argaUu' •;':' • ' *=■ 

so feet by'? feet:'removahte cabin 
top; 10 b-P> Buffalo engine: speed 
tniles; very comfortable launch 
Birat class order. . 


45 feet. 4 ttt. by 10 feet; large ait^ 
loon 'and oabln: 7 berths; toilet, 
pantry, etc.: Xft b.p. 30th Century 
^glne; eptted tS to Utlmotaii ]uet 
baen thbt>bi4lpUy '6lr«M^tlIe<l^ 

^ pel* MifVpk for 'Vhese' TaohtiS' 



am-Wfiann^-mt^''-, . nose -afto. 

Iiiaiiw'vif^M'i^E?!^ with mc. 


s.a. VENTtlHK — For Campbell River. Hardy 6ay, RlVeru "Inlst, K^amu. 
Ocean Tall, Bella Coola, Bella Bella, every Wednesday. „.,';, 

aA yAJtBOr—Fox Sketsna. River^ PrLnca .RuuarC. liaas. .ayeti 

S84 Yates Street 

Phone 192S 





■•' i.;.* 


.||I'. 1*115, 

One and a half miles, ftom the Cltjr of Vernon. 


^ ;,,, ''•'■ OT TEmStOTSr, "B. t. '...;:' .';.\ '' 

"Have for sale es^clusively the " &iiddj[;^|.o^ jstanch," fonueriy part or ihe 
BSarl of Aberdt,en's Estate.. Beau tl(!ttf)^''lSili|(Miled on the road to c'oUl- 
^trrttf: one of the best known and most profitable in the district, and 
in SUi^'eiUlss order. ' , , 

^be owner having accnmuiated a fortune wishes to retire. 

Total Bttmber of acres 114. divided aa follows: 

Timothy aa« Clover 90 aerea I»rodilietMr.»kbout 75 tons annually. 

fiearlng orchard 14 acres. Young 'Oifenard- 2 acre-*. Range •suitable for 
orchard- -78 aerea. » '" 

' Modem t stotey Hottaa and outbuildings; costing in alli llSOop. 

Domestic water from ever flowing spring. 

Dairying if carried on in a business like way will bring in $400 per 
month. Alt milk findUng a rcs4y Sale In Vtrnon. 

Total price for a short time $S3,000; payments over flvej^p|UK-; 

Mr. Spencer is In Victoria for a few days; anyone intereswipi^nm make 
an appointment by addressing letter to Balmoral Hotel, Victoria. 

Ck>eat ''de^lopments are talcing place in and around Vernon. 

wmmmmmmmmmmmmiimiimtmalmttmmm < 

' ll 'l \l I I ' 

Use ilie Original Genuine 





The steamer Chelohsin of the Union 
Steam-shlp company, has been hauled 
out on the ways of the Wallace Bros, 
shipyards at North Vancouver for sur- 
vey and repairs in oonsecjuence of her 
stranding accident In the Skeena river 
last week. The steamer was making 
her way through a slough in the river 
between the North Pncllic and Domin- 
ion cnnnRrtp.<» diirlnK a snowstorm when 
she grounded. She slid off soon after- 
wards and proceeded lo the Northern 
Poctrtc connery, where the passengers 
were landed. The steamer ('aninHun 
left Vancouver last night taking the 
steamer's place In the service to Naas, 
.Skeena and Prince Rupert. 



errand Trunk Pacific Steamer Brought 

NawB That Much Machinery Haa 

Been Sal^od Trom ttraut 

Leavea Wayn TonMit 

The .stc.iiiiir rriiKTss \1<?lorlfi "wW' 
come off the ways nt the B. C. Marine 
Raihvity oompany'H yards tonight after 
being cleaned and <iv<Thauled. and will 
he ready for service tomorrow. 

IMie steamer Prince George, Capt 
Saunders, of the Q. T. P., wa« buffeted 
In a strong wind with snow in Mlllbank 
sound and .strong breezes which prevail- 
ed in Queen Charlotte sound on the voy- 
age from Prince Kupert, arriving on 
Sunday morning. TI>e steamer brought 
89 passengers. The arrivals lnelude<l 
Mr. J. H. McAfullen, government «genl 
at Prince Rupert, Dr. W, T. Kergln, 
Mr. G. A. McNIcoll, Dr. McNeill, Mr. 
P. Moore and Mr. Duncan Ross. Wiicn 
the ijteamer left the company's wharf 
for the north yesterday morning she 
TOOK many tJUs«cnKcrs, and into iiinu)- 
Clilnese 'tWeen decks bound to northern 
canneries. The .'laloon travellers In- 
cinded Messrs. Wm, Marohant, inspector 
of customs: N. Smith, C. NelU, J. R.' 
MyerB. Godwin Austin, H. S. Sogec, .1. 
Roon nnrt K. \\'. K«'mp, 

WwM WflB lirnught by the Prince 
flrorgn from I'lince Rupert that afier 
OOine «oelO» of jtollfiime SalVOKO work 
At'tT»e wrpch or the n.shing steamer 
nn Hanks Island, Captain Ilwhlngton 
with Capt Norman, return>'d 
to Prince Rupert In the Rover bringing 
jsvUli them n good deal of niaclilnery 

iiaiittitnait read lot. it f««t. frontage 

near city llmlU; price 16,000; this' 
cash, balance 6, 12 18 montha. 

146 acrea In Esquimau district; SO 
acres cultivated; all fenced, good 
water; At, land, 10 mllea from city; 
large road frontage; will make splen- 
did acreage subdivision; price |22S 
per acre; very easy terms. 




«_-,„ MAY II. ,TI NK I, 
aHWlS Jl NJ.; Ti. JUI4Y 18 



MAY 4th 

M.VV -.'3, 
.JINK ir., JtI.Y « 

Frpnrli n In (iirtf Ufslntirmu. TiirkiNli nnd Klt-rtrle Uufhs, RHinindnK Tool. 
Iiiiir KleMitors, (iyiiiniisliini, \ imiiikIu li Caff, l*«ln> t'jO.Tirl, Sijuu<*Ii Kiniiin-I Court. 

Real Estate 

802 rpmbf rtDii IttdK. 


• l()!U. 

Please the 

By obtaining some 


Kach packet contains assorted 
I'dors, plfturrs „,,,! transfers. 

Price So. par Packet 


for cleaning Silver, Gold 
and Plated Ware' 

la. I x-x RUBBING 

W( \ WEAR . 

\V J FUSS. (. 

' ^-^ MUSS 

\ 1 
At all Leading Dealer*. 



For Infants and Ciiildren. 

The Kind You Have Always Bought 

<...«.>. .I.,...-! U)in^T~< 
Pljinouth Chrrbonrj -Soulhampton 

Atlanllc Tramsport Line 

Ntw YorU I,on<loii Dlrrrl 


New York- Dover— Antiveri»—?»rlii 


New York- OuffnKlo*'"' l.lvfrpool 
firM York— Plymouth ("hcrbonra Soiilhstnplon 

liOHton — Mt'iIllcTrunran 

vi-n- Liverpool 

vRiiE ai/iR.-yiJfini!^i\;ni 

Montrcul Oii«!>e<" Liverpool 


Larxost nnd rinast 8team*rs 
on St. Lawrftnoe Routo 

Only Four Days at SCa 


Twin Screw SS. '^Canada" and "Tcatanlc" 

iiNK (.'L.SSK (III lAHlN hl-llVICK 
Mnvrae', i'hrnk#<l llirotlRh to HtcaiiiHr In Rood. 
I'r'il.iiit nisbV lii-foro iir,IUii(. !<o bol«l or truufer 

'H" r.nU'T.y enllillnn. second and Oterry Streets. Seattle 

M )' ' M 1 • A M W ' V 1 M I - 1 K 'v ' 1 I M t ' ■ 1 : r S s 

Bears the 
Signature of 

Hall & Company 

DriirBlmtM, Vat«<« Ml. 

Sound Sleep 

is tistiaiiy impossible to the biiiou.s. 
But biliousness yields — and head- 
aches sour stomach, indigestion go 
— when the bowelsareregul.ited and 
the liver and kidneys stimulated by 


Soli ^.btywLcie, • • bl boxc*, ZSo, 

Help Yourselves 

''Home Builders" Shareholders 

Place your Insiirnncp wiih our Insurance I'eprtrtjiifiit. Wn 
,i:<- Oity Agenta for the laDre^t I'Mre Ins;jranoe erirnp<»ny in 
XH)OZ>, EWOX.A1TD. By plaiiiiR your UuhIiu^m witii uu }OU 
will Increase the <JI vlileniiH On your Bhare.«. 


Phont! 1030 '■•.^:r:^i^ 
Krneat RenAedj*. Managl 





Od« cant a word ••cb liiMrlloji. 10 »•' 
tout aucount rar »lJt ur more con»ocuUv« 
li»»eiilon« — <;ii»li with order. No KlverU»«- 
-ueiii »ecei)luU lv>r lew Ihun 21 ceuU. 

Uuilues* »mA rruX«»»»l'Ji>-*l Carii* — ot tuur 
klaci or uuilet — tl.u{) pur wtKk.. 

No *averu»eiu«ni cUifiJOd ou account for 
;vM ibau IS. 00. 

PhODa No. 11. 

mJhlMCMit UIKUCTUHY <Cotittnuad) 


\t:ctorta datt.v (olomst 

Tu«d«y, April 9. 1912 


Al;^^iiau.^nt ..u-o,_aud .ovo. ues^n.. 


A ex^eTllucc .n art .law >^'^'1«'^ ^ .f '' 
lor ihurcUes. .cUo».l» and pil>alB auell.u«». 
■Worn, and l.lor« i»16 Pandora .1.. "c^t v- 
MciUudlat cUurch- I'hona l!»*. 

ALiUAUB Uelivery — VlotorU 
Co.. bid. Tel. ri». 



i>;ViiUuB— iilucuic Ulu« mnt ana 
Map Co.. 1-lS l.unk'lcy "U ii'"" Vi-int- 

oia" luavrumouia aud drawm* otrice aup. 


\\'llui.l!;.S.4LK Uiv,Good» — Turner, Beeton 
V\ & Co.. l>ia ,- WhoU«ttlo dry gooda Im- 
poiioia aiKl maiiultttlureia. nifui furulnh- 
\\\t». lent*, "lllf lloru" liiaiid »liiil». ovti- 
aiia. Mall ordura ailoivdod 10. ^ 

W'llOl.lib.vUl'; \\ lii«» and I.lquora — Tur- 
lV uer-Uij«tjn Co.. Ud.. \S harf .Si.. \ Ictor- 
lu «holo«ttle ouly. All Iha loading Urauda ot 
Uyuois; dlruct Iroporlara. WiUo H'l llita 
aiul prima. ^ 

U;ooD — Cb«up fuel. Try a heaping double 
load o( ahori cut mill-wood, dellvarad 
to any pan ot tUa oily at fi C. O. U. by 
*;3.i2.crsii L'jLr.;'.ssr Cc. !.-''l . plione 8B4. 


HKLl' WANTKD MAI.K (C»nl\uu«xl.) 

AUCillTlfiCX — Joliu Halluwoll 
at., ruoni. 4. upatuh'3; pre 

jll. 1303 Broad 
prevloua experi- 
ence In apailiiiuiU ' Uuuaua and busiutan 
bloolca; over uvviity yeiu-a' expurSencu la 
Canadn. iiiitl liUKlund. 

RCHITKCT— Plana prepared for apait- 
niont block* and bungalows. P. O. 
Box 107 3. 

(-^UOU bo>- wanted. UalUday. Clyde-. bUH 
vjr Johnson at. ^ — ^ 

or phone No. iiO'i. 


T:7T^:ZrZm^. Appiy aox. m 

HKL1' ^tANTKIJ— FKMALE (fODtluued) 

WANTKU, a Blrl ovtr lii, for Uarrlijun » 
HtudK., USl) Uoverfttuuut »U, exp«rit.-nc« 

nut n'-'ccaii ary. _ 

7ANTBD, womtui or fflrl for light hpuw 
work ftl onoe. AuPly HC auperlof »t. 



xiu.i-. .■..-- /..mod; 
j\X \Vo»U-rn 1 • / *-"• 

Great Norlli- 


beat bookbindery In the provluoe. 


, the 

i«»uu"lV eq ual In proportion. 

■OOTTUiS — All 



Ageucy, 1830 aiyye *t 

kinds ot bottles wanteil. 
phone 1331). 

Good prl'^ea paid. Victoria Junk 

AHCHITKCT— JtB»e M. Warren. IH Say- 
wiyd liuildlns, Victoria, b. Ci phone 

rno Real KHXi.., — S ■^*°"^- ..idc list 
1 man wuU 4m>i->^^« '"^, JS'VeQUlred. 
inai; stale experience a»d salary r»nu 

1'. O. Uox 150» J . _ — - 

»s to chara civ. fox. 710 col onist. __^ . 

T^^FuD, Jo.l boy. about Hu M>fly 

A.NTKU — Olrl for ({eneral houso work. 

11«8 View Str eet. ____—— 

A.NTED, linmedlatuly, expcrUncea l!»ay 
alenoirrapner to assl.t in clfloe and 
operai.- •.mx-ll teU-phoue svvltchlj J vi-l. A" 
.ily Willi rcl'cr uiicea te !'• >-^- ' '*^^ —'• 

k.,, .-x,„.ii«.!Ltal LhiinilHTniald tor 

■ '.»t. 


W'ANTKD, hv Lolirud laily, ouuldo day 
>V work wasliiiiB woolens; pric-c. blankots 
■:i,f. rtoublii 60c. Apply Itox 11). Colcnlat. 


'ANTliD — UrBBsniaklng dona at modern 
prices 321 Mlcliluau su 


ANTED — Position as stenourapher, ex- 
perienced, box, 681. Colonist^ 

A^OUNC; woman wants light housework, 
Jl ft^w Hours dally. Address Box 103, 

rilOl'BaTV rOB 8ALK (Continued) 



Ins cx; 
hiK lluUhc, 

Apply iimpiro ClotJi- 

i.n St. ^ 

-\\7ANT1SD— A Kin as ti-norul "/^^'l^' . ^,^"; 
\V .S. Baxter, liSl sJupurlor at. Apply 




Bl.'llJ>lNO *«•«»'— Sandham 
building mi ' —-.. — - 



& Lester, 
•IBMl'' contractors, Fair- 

r'&iCfe'meJildence 4fla Mfcii|i 
un appll^^a tji 

AKCHITECT C. Eiwooil Watklns. Kooms 1 
and 2, Green UIK.. r,-.. ......... ^,m. 

and Broad. Ph.:nB 2' 

ornment St., 


Uoe in B. C, for 8S yeiu* 

•' fMioDB fu— '-•--• "'"■' 

)yst Ba 



Tl>. +■. 

whu uli' 

iiio Hut. 

tor furntture; one 
;Uu bu3in»«» thor- 
.vppiy iv i-'"" 

• illUIl 

\ii\iiy *'•'• 


TANTBD — A v. 
once a wcok. 

tor housecleaulnH 
'Apply «4« Niag ara. St. 

\\TANTBD— Young gUl or woman, U^O »• 
V B|,.pp at homo; .115 a nionili. Appl>. 
U'll l-ttOBley St., limn - I" '•• I'"'- 

VXrA.NlKU- Boo:, 
VV In archllcii- 
uac niut Halary; apply Xiu 

lype write 

\\'^ ' 


4»»»l «»J>W li» 


_„„. ,__ .-i.9^ 

:^Sr flit Siib^ain wmt. .wt?w:...*iyff ^...,. 

j ig CtfttSi |P»WMi trlilf; BML B.'l»0«» 

V So»<>irp«ftUr and contrmctor. B»Umaw» 
^-MLoa »Ji waft* ot Jobblnsi »•» ••»»' •»' 

.^•,,«ij 4na Mitchell. Civil Kngtawr* 
OtftoM. Stt-HM Peinb«rtoii bloolb T*l. 
1M». F. O. Box »». Bl8M»la»Uo«»« •«««•- 
porta. IrrigaUon and Drainaga. Hydro-lWao- 
trto De^alopmaat. Waterworks. Bawwaga 

and Sew age Plapoial, ' ^ 

filXlU Engineers— ^ore & McUrcgor— 'Brit- 
v-* iDtt. c;oiumt>ia"iainl ■«M-»trr"r«i-taRd ag 
enta, timber cruisers; P. A. laundry. J. ». 
KcOregor, J. F. Tompleton; T. A. Kelly, 
timber department; Chanuory Chambt*B, 
Langiey at., Victoria, B.C., P. O. »ox 1»2, 
phone 68*: McGregor UuUdlng. Xblrd street, 
South Fort George. B. C. ^^ . 

CIVIL. Bngln.^rs— -Topp & Cu.. Civil Bb- 
glneora and land aurveyor* Bo«*» I" 
Pamberton b»ock, Pbona 2B»». P. O. Bo* 

TJtJANTBtf— BakeV for* 

Broiad Straet,. ■■ ■ - ■ ■ -* .,.. „ iy., . . ■ ! i. |- .i.. ' " ' ' ' ". '" ' " ■■ „.._. „ij.ii^ iM^ 

VV Ai^j^WlniJaOr CKl*. i»06 Uovtrt- 
mtnt street. , — 

to tftko to Vancouver. „^pp^ MWU- 
ercy ave.. two doora north of Oak Bay *^'^' 

west side of atrect. ', . .;■ 

WANTED— A good general servant; mujjt 
be a good tlaln cook; wage. »8 par 
w eek; apply Box »73 Colonist. 

WANTED, gin rov uoosowwrk. aWd home. 
7 JO P rtncosa a ^- cnue. 

\NT1SI>— Apprentice at the Kllte MllUn- 
er y. 1»16 Oougla a. 

YOUNG girl rtuulred ^" ." — -- „„„,„ 
m ihe «venlng8 occasionally; app'y 

'* 's'VAK'rKD— Yuutiki man to drive grocery 

VViANTKD— Ui-Wht yoU»h tor oKicc: i^od 
\\ Opportunity V -gVaucen^nU ^^P>y 

'a"ndnefr»-.""£S« V«"^U^ 

710 Caledonia. 


pCvNTEI>~Tallyman for luijitjer yarUi 

n;>piaf, a*«. **C4^il sx u. . 


man. • Apply: 

CIVIL Bftginaar— Oeorge A. Smllh. »'"••»» 
Cotumbia " ifad aurveyor. Oilice at AJ- 
banti. B. C. , 

i^VIl. Engineer— P. C. 
yj and Provttioial 

, v.loniat Circulation Department. 

i-lTANTED-^Boys to learn plumbing; Bay- 

VV ward tk I>od8. ril Fort st. , 

t>tlBr. guitleman 

< ' » ' \ "f T B U ri t » n «>i <r ''W 
vV must be experienced; none 
nUd apply. laiand Investment Co 
"aywarS Block. Victoria. 

'OUNG girl rt>uulr^d lo.!°°i'„, *'**'' .^J^H^ 

in ihe «v " 

40;; viuebec St. 


Y'~ OUNG EnBllsh woman wants dally work. 
Sll P enwoll atroet. 

PBO l*BKT Y *OK 8AU , 

ABKACTIFCL. Oak Bay lot on Central 
avenue, UoU UnKs Park; tliivly iroud, 
hmli, no rock, elegant building bUo on a 
oornef. Only »y5u. Also— the two adjoin- 
ing lots msy be had at »85U ettcli. We can 
urraiigu uxcopilonally easy terms on thtse. 

llurbeit Cuthbort Ot Co., b86 1^'ort at, 

~4 "cllKAP buSlni'BS corner oft Hillside 
J.\. and Cook. t»xUO. for »6000i third oash, 
balance li, Vi and 18 months. Wlae & Co., 
I u y X' eniberton Bldg. 

AFKW desirable lota: Plnewood Strtet, 
J1.2U0; Uetihwood Htreet, »l,aOO; Kobt- 
irison .Street, »l,3b0; Falrrteld Hd., $1.500 ; 
rcrnwood Uoad, »1.400; Creaarc Avenue, 
Jiuii- Graham Street, near Hillside. »a,0U0; 
as Aye, »S15. PatriCK Keaity Co., 
irt Btreet. Phone ^556. , ' '; 

' . Hampshire lload south, large 

^\ , win sell for »1480; first dc- 

pyaU gctti thl»j- apply to owner Box 1*8 
co lonist. 

"A ' totiKi-Holiywood park, Wiwwoofl 
\A, A^^itoi-Duiiding- i«i,-.^A. »ay*a^*-*-*- 
foi- quioii "WM« »»w; j»»y„w«»*. 

A Bura Mwiiay auiias^Baan Jiaighta, iWM 
A Norma* acl^iooi »tt«. 60»1!0. »Tlw »»««• 
«aiib IWO, for a few daya only. Bok sn, 
ColQpiat;^ , ' 

ATATBS it. businaA alte, batween (^afl- 
ra and Vancouver. Thla i« ttee eitaap- 
est buy In the block. Prite for a fsw flaya 
(130.000. furtiier particulara from Patri?ii 
Rea lty Ca. 845 Fort et.. phone 8686. 

AttBtrtjU*JuiiV dtroul trona owners— Four 
lots m D.L. 20*. North Vancouver. 
The«« lota are within a atones throw of 
the proposed «*oond Narrow. Bridge, tor 
Ihe building of which the Government Itaa 
appropriated »450,000. . If held for a short 
t{me a splendid profit will »>e nvade on 
these lots. Also for sale, two magnlfl^nt 
waterfront lou at Allbay. Sidney. BOX 
40, Colonist. _^_______ 

ITIIGHT acrss. wttn 10 chains «^'«;^'^""'; 
ili the whole for »50«:^. a hne •"^""J"' 
place; two hours from VIcOmIh. HowcU. 

Payne & Co., Lt d. I' ITSO . 

iM'AIltl'-IWXD lot. 60x120, on Walum «t 
r nn<^ siiuailon; a snap at juoo, on 

ti-rins. Uiix !) ri, Colonist. _^ 

l,^AlliKlt:J.L. rd. cholc« residential site 
i^ on oar line and n'".,'" »f • ''^^ '^„5 
lap. Price J1,3T5 cash 1-3, bal. b, I;- "-'^^ 
IS months. A. n. Harman, UO? Uangiey 

at., opposite Cour t House . ^ , 

■TtVHLM— 60 acres, ten miles ''^^■^^.,^^"''' 
1^ In hay. Good house and outbaUclln8«. 
All good land; clay sub-aoll i-, > > ■ 
'JV2!"!?«» lnv«stmeiil AgeH' 

I'iin Block. 

l.tABM, 30 acres, house 4 rooms, barn, etc., 
h 'i acres bearing orchard. <^°"'P"''«,°'"<^; 
ern Doulliy plunl for 400 birds, water laid 
on i'^Une creeks, good Ushlng and »""°".''f- 
u-russ land sutflclenl. lor horse and cow 3Vt 
."nu" from Duncan, 3 mile« ^om Cowh:han 
station. »5000; easy terms. Apply owner. 

Box 234, Duncan. 

V.-^IFTH St.. splendid ilot, high and dJT. 50x 
i^ 130/t which win make an excellent 
building sliV; price only »1.0D. on th» U.<.ual 
terms or w4 can -make the terms to suit, 
li u reka Healty Co., 852 Yates St. 

IniNB acreage, hotel site, near Uuxton 
• station. 4 acres, going for »30oO Ironi- 
i.Sii on Ulen lake, G. B. I^elghton, ,.lil3 
tJovt. street. " 

ojiiAVlEW Heights, close to Hillside, lot 
O .(Mx.Mi r, , , iiy water, i^'^. Appiy 

OWl: I ^ li6U^ 

FTt II ' .iid a half acres In s-mlle 

fe circle. br»i vl,>w, higlu-sl ele^Atlon In 
Victoria. Owner going east In a r«w davs 
will tuke tll50 per aire; one-(juail«r ca* n. 
balanVe easy. This land 1. within V*-m o 

rrom car line, gel l>"»y- i^*"'/"inh L 
s.lf within 18 months. M..nk. Mont^uh <k 
Co., Government St., J^"';^^^,;^!L^1:^_ 
e; H O AiTb AY^^^nS" grassy lot, Central 

{?> Ave .. tlOOO: terms. Box 1. Colon ist. 

OltOAL. Bay— A mngninccnt lot 54xlJ'). 
55» on Sunrise ave. next A^ »ei 1" a '"•_*"'- 
lutly sheltered position. This ^^f '^./'^^^i',' 
th<! .Marine unyo ui Vlvi'="-i, -3 i--.. . .^ 
tale as ihu prcc is too '-heap to last at 
»t."30 1-3 cash, bal. «. 12, and Hi month.. 

Wise & Co., log Pemberton Uldg. 

t^llMCOB ST.— Between Oswego and Mon- 
n ireal; lot 60x122. The best buy In the 
district. J-rlco t3.20n. T..rn,« . arranged. 
He rbert Cuthbert & Co.. 635 !■ ort »t. ^ 

tJNAI- 1-lnd-n ave., lot »iii- 50x188; prlcq, 
C> »2700; third cash, ^»-\-J- '--• ^'*-,,gV 
;,:ftlJonald_rm)ni_l4,JJrcen Ulk. Pho ne 1581. 

B* OC.KB, B. O.—vT acres sea front, H-b p«r 
aciy, would divide. Apply 8. Y. Mar- 
1,-uon, (500ke, B. C. ^ 


LlPKC— SUM. on Fort St., below Blanch- 
O ard, J15G0 per foot. O. S. Leighlon, 
1112 Govt, street. 

■ 'Uifi'li 'i O t.Aii a I am e nrnr w ill titV " J "" 


( REAGE— A flne piece of good land 

i ;u» 'tr a «twn , 

riMinlng itrRam 

irilNB acreagV wlJiK^ver 7B0 fu water 
1^ frontage- onNjten lake, only 8 ml «» 
from city 12 acres about half clewed, also 
Hn^T- oomed house with usual Chicken and 
otTtbouses, 66 fruit trees, small fruity etc. 

.rrico f or » atticfc •»»«•« »'6«>- °^ ^ ;**'«'* 

ton ,-UlS:-Gayt.:atr<Mtfi„':: ^ ■-..,-■■ ; ,';r'^-;,- "-y 

FtoilTi I Twd 4. Block 5. Alb««iJ 0»- 
TrtotT r«f ;iH«*ttUra' apply No. W 1«** avo. 
B.. Vtinco uver. B. C. , i 

-pVOK quick .ate-l Will ae» *y *'""," m.^ 
Jb chicken ranch for M.SOO-^n fJ'^JSS' 
W not told at 6nce 'he prUeWlU b« »M00 
See gygar at oiieei Write Box 7*. coipnist. 
nSSnUt. lot and •hack-.^farge chicken 
r , run and J»ou«e; reafonable- Apply PO. 
Box 855. , ■ ^ 

F""ioKBWE BT.-r-»8«0, large lot M oaah. 
Box 1, Coloniiit. 
FOB sale— In Garden City Height.: Ove 
minute, from now car line on easy 

term? three Jote; tx^^o^'^T^t'^'^^^tlnJilO 
,480 and >4^8;.cA.h each »»= fa/„'°° ^p^g 

tjl'l^'--*'*''- "" Yates St., below Blanoh- 
■f!5 ard. price 12000 per foot. O. S. L-elgh- 
lon, 1112 Govt, street. 

BTIH yourself! — Canadian Northern r«il- 
«ay (1fv,l'i-)mentB at To!l<»rton, Alberta. 

_, iiaae of townsi ' In fo'- 

jj!.. .twestmeut f- ■ large 

nrowtB. -i-.- "Ill use our ln\ • - - mform- 
I|Jii5,t|r|tour advttntag*; price «16U and up- 

BtttMq^:J^1iP^^ Vancouver. B.C. 

ir"l|B^>tr6Ckage^' 46X800,. for .»1000; '0110. 

T< twM cash, balance i. 2. 3, *. ». «•. ^ 

yeaiAs wodta maka a wlMdldJactory .ite. 

VAUOABt-B corner, oti, Caledonia tg^. 
right on the car JIna; !»« .J^'^^J^; 
!«r« o* a mUe from tlift glty hal l t, J^** of 
ground, 10 rooro*d "^^^ ""Sfei^^^Kite 
oak trees; price Is »-»«tei-L**SL^'2SSS! 
•nread over 8 y««*8 W«*»,,S? g^ 
dbubie hla iMonay "»»*!• W^ f"?lW» 
payment; ro om *8> gin»rW> *>V»f^^ ^ ... , .. 

VICTQRIA We»t Corner, |10,0e0l » ItOBiW 
on it. Box 1.^ Colotii»t ^ g 1 .■ -, , 

ICTOKIA Weet— BuBlnewi lot; *^^2^ 
from KeTOrve; prKse laOOO iURM to 

W W ' as onth tii ln i t>mt J — _ — 
Swner Mrs: H. Trull, Colgnlte. 

T>OB wle. Fairfield, large lot. near otme- 
i? terr half mlnuto from car. ll.iOO: 
terms. Box 116, Colonist. ' - 

about tblK MuVUtfVr toy, ««14 » H^y- «l». 

F*ift bwm»j.- 


^Ult; Box 1*7 Colonitt. 

iJI'MNBV antt Furnace cleaning; no uon- 
^•4ti«n with atiy oilier chimney clean- 
-5¥; O^Brito Broa.1 ph ono 8706. 

.4.m^ ■ ' 

[ItNpgr «wwp^Uo#d. Chimney Swaaik 


A "tracts; Tabor only. U preferred. 
347, Colonist. 



Ot«9ntng---<3en{ik' etoCfiaii dreani 
ea; 'tlyia, JNUPialred attd praaiad; oio- 

brellas and P««S*i»!» »**«• '*«*fctli!5? ^" 
covered. Guy W: WftU^er. 708 Johaioo 8t, 

Just east of Douglas; pljicotja, I4«<^« 

CLOTHES Cleaning — «WAh ^^^Mfev**^!! 
and gents dry cteanlnc. ..prjw ^tjl^^ 
repairing on short notice. 1726 OoVMMMW 

CU, Vic toria.. B. C. ^ 

/^-tOAL AND WOOD— Han & Walter, Wei- 
V^ llngton Colllerle. coal. Comox anthracite 
coal, blacksmith's and nut coal specially 
prepared. Phono 83. 1813 Gover nment 

C-^USHED^iTock and Glmvei^roducarf 
nock and Gra\pl Co. Bunkers. Store St.. 
foot of Chatham St.: phone 30B. Crnahad 
rock, washed sand and gravel delivered by 
ti-ams at bunkers or on scow, at Quarry and 
gravel pit at Royal Bay. 

Coata. Dominion 
land .urveyof. Room 

DRAYMAN — Joseph Hoaney. 
Wharf St.: phone 171, 

.trace 68 


#Miirt l> ^' *ifrliftir'<F«>ray co. 

CIVII. K.-»gtnear»— Orean Broa., Burden * 
Co.. clvt» anflneer^ Dominion and B. 
C land aurvayora. ixi Pamberton block. 
Branch otdoea la NeiaoB. Fort Oaorga and 
Hagaltan. B. C. ■' ■ 

ttivilt Bngineer — Cltraaca Hoard, mambar 
vTtiWi'^CkM:. c. B.. maathar Aat. By. Bngr. 
^ -''^MttL «**M*. Kiacwla. .X/ogglng, R»ll- 
<«Hi'.Cotlglv«ettM>' Office, 
*oT'^lf«Miiri«Hi SutldhBC. IfkuHW At*: Rok 

KmprtSjf^tat, Phone 1880. 

■ rn i '• i - ■ — t .-' — — ' 

ClO.VSUt.TINa |Bl»gU»#ejP--tS'. O. VITlnt^ 
J burn M. I. -H, Xl T^MjfW Wl?>*» *» 
«amlnatlon for rt»*»*I»wk««f 1l»»tlo«»W *^ 
Ma rtna^ »6 Battlon ttQttgre; Phone »»1. ■ 

*, irtotorte. Ottawa: OMea »»T: 


cleaner; apply 

taNTBP-tA good dry 

Dve Work*; 8«* eon SI. 


ir.XNTED — Bookkeeper 

w ^ 

lenced otllco «"{*• 
Development "^ 


he exper- 

P«-r, •?»iL««"»«;,.„«ctio« ^ 


4«td.. tift>ward Block, 




man to J»rtAi« if *f„* 

and reaponalble 
Apply Tuawlay 


XTENTUON-^ArcUUecU^ "»"'''»»**'•„*•* 
estate, contracting or simliar arm.. 
Aii .;wa.rlenccd nmn. who ha. for a^vei^l. 

the largest lUms on the c»Oltnent, .eek. 
position. capable, eucigetlc and uuui 
wor th>. Box *6, Culoulat- ^ 

AU'i'OMVBlt.HJ8— Man wlahea to fill to 
spare tim« In garage, ui ^-^ ?;;?V".?i 
• car; aome wxpei-lMioe; gtjod mecfcaalc, ia» 


T.p"'°^a"a-rbell. aayward Bldg- 


I' ' 

Phoaa iU ., 

Wo«#i^»«N-'«U«^ .. 
18 Fort^t. W* «Ja*ll,- Pff**( ^ . 
ladles and gehtlimen'. garmapta eaUal tb 
jiew. Phone 62 *. 

ELECTRICIANS — Cairter ft acKenxle, 
practical elcstrlciana and contractors 
Phone 710; Res. phone. LS270. R26e7. Tele- 
phone .and motor work a cpeclalty. K18 
Broad St. 

E" LECTRICIANS — Foot & Tuaon. electrical 
conuraotors. Motor boats, gasoline an- 
Fines. Phone A14 4b. 7 35 Fort St. __^ 

TTtMPLOY'MENT Bui««l»— WiMt JOa. 170» 

ii<__Goverr.mBnt S 1. 1 jPjjMlyi, yf V y ^V 

GAKi>BNER-^c. Pedatgcfet' ain tmm it ~a»t> 
Jobbing gardchcr; ^tM*. jMrnmS and 
, apraylng a .p«ciaUy. Wa Jfevuim ' ave. 
■{.'•i^trbniB ■■ I«- lSSa > "' ■^ 1^ ' 

OAHDENER— Landscape Gardener. James 
Sijnpsou, 861 Jobiiaun St.. phono HUSO. 
Expert on all garden, and orchard detalla 
I'ruuiug auu cluaning irom Insects, roses a 
tpeclalty, la^wns graaed and ilnishud In Qrat. 
ttfconu or third uualiiy, according to con* 
tract.-' ■,_ 

1 ^ LA^';^i^ittt; .Olazlng — Every deiKrlplton ot 
vjr glaifiV^iMita, sheet, prismatic ornamen- 
tal, ie^ffltb^ «t«. The Melrose Co,^ Ltd.. «!« 
lort St. / 

|_r.\KDWAUB— B, U. Prior & it/Hi^f 
JZL ware and agrlcultuial imii 
4,ct' jonnsuu ana Uuveriuncnt 

ITAUDVVAUE— -The Hlc^)»iaa Tye VMtO- 
XX ware Co.,' Ltd. Iruu, steei, hardware, 
cuiiety. 8l» and 84 Vale, tit., Victoria, U. O. 

flc- ■mt'- maem-'^v < li w a haii a fftki^Ot- 
flce hour. 

I , III -* ■ ■ I 

/^UANTITT Surveyor — J, B. Holdcroft; C.E- 

Batlmaliaa tor'at0httaat« a«<l conttaelora 

lipi MK-vtcar " "■'"' *" 

ivhg«gii iM-vtca: 4<»e|ir«lBr fti«n»n{mS: «o«n» 

likfit^UMATisM and' -^Wi^oo* compiatdta 
SSi <0Pm4 vlthout drugif^ patients viaited br 
raSrivM. tspotl testimonial*. Phosa^JRltO- 

I .1 ■ 'I* " 1 *■ I t ' / ' " ' 


gWa w«f«- 


needed. *i 
nieni at. 

«ldea«ako.mcn to h«dle 

CtAJBPBNTiait want, cottage (o 
/'iHttiff jtrvparvd' price.' rlgl^t. 


biMtkkaapar m* 
B6X 40. CM- 

learn. laWi W«»* ^NOUSKMAJt ae^ka •mpl«»yme»it «n «a» 

JBi tlewan*. tayio. 

close, and near whool, post «"'"=*,■,.,.„„« 
road and railway; easy driving dl.tance 
fwn Victoria. Price MOO an acre; very 
eiiy terms. Owner: 1817 Cook Stre«i. 
Victoria, B.i^. Pho ne R18*8. 
—y-CttaAQHB -.nai>~-><>»-ac r aB Jn- fiiitt hkh .. 
A. Bood black loam p:artlaliy cleared; 
1-4 Of a mile from tha B.C. Blecirlo Jlna 
in 8-t»5le circle. Price 8880 « W^i . 
tt.OOO caah and balanue on any reaaoftaWa 4 
term. ■t>rea4 over .even ywf". ,.,. 
RaSw c L M6 Fort Street. PJione 9856 


-pOfiiffinBIO«i VIA Mw^Wteli 

eln, Brttlah Co- 

sMcery Obam- 

80X «•«,• «•!«- 

nhon*r fCtt». 

SwAxmet. ft woAicaniL nomimon ana 
B. & l«nd S«rw«W«» •to., removed to 
nrpwtt WtmSki. ioo< Oovemmeiit aitiw^ii- y. 

0» ^f»,#tt: Telephone f7T. 

I ■■■-■ .Tirr-i iiiiiiii .- I I -J N .1 I'liii • 'n-i — r~T *""" — 

ANCIENT Ortfwr o£ WmtMtm, OMiia. VUtKOr 
arn Ligftl^ N«. «Mtt. «•*»*( «*J52*(«* 
•r*' baU, Broad St* taA «>« *t« WfMLaaa. 

«a»*niV *' V«U*»)U«. Wte, ^ 

.-»T»vppn men and *om«n %>f '*•'* ?• 

the world: »*^»J5i^?SJ|5*a^ 1»%TO- 

Call or wrlta «« .«1S'^.f*'*~ ■^■ooiwit. 
j^arber College. 
B. C, 

*.. uvwswa .-.— . Vanoottver laland, »»th 

:;:w tT^tiiaaiiTufc* «v ^^^s%^ t^^ 

and wagea !f aayi rapJy to o. B. «•» r. w. 

t7«NQl.ISir:UAM *«*. aliuatlon on ohliAftd 
XU-Suwh. oe farm: .»!/•:'«??* r"Kf.^!SS|- 
»tr««t, Victoria. „ 

Mf Sain .».. V*B««»vte. 

s i l l fr| i ..l" ' * ' ^sSS^SSai-' 

ladlar Ultovti 
berton btlHdta<f. 

EXPElBlJffMCSl> chalfeur . and mechanic 
requlr«a »l«»attatt. prlvaMt or comour- 
cial; can do all rapalrtt M- Bwai»». "* 
MeiiKic, Vkjtoru. 


"i C8BA09. Cadboco Bajf^-** ftaraa **«» 
A Iwia^Sid trontaga «a Wllwn. «»»^ 
ud fSsh ^ ot Ckdbofft Bay road. Cot- 
tSa ^ tottt rwiMl «»»«»ce property, good 

ttSSMtitM' a«r «AM on long terms, f. h. 
S2S*aVr phSS iltS, p. O. BOX 785. Room 

"■4 » EXCI.tJei;VB 'bafttiidte. 3*a|t acre 
A lotT WOxlBO. overlooking the beautlfu 
cS^t^nru, on high .rround. «n»"«i'"»«'' 
view Of the Jsea, at a bed rock price. ».S600, 
S. to BttU. Herbert Cuthbert ft Co., «»6 
Forv i?treet. 

OHk Bay corner. St t.ouls and Of- 

n MlW-W ja '* l W "M% pri« Pi-l-'"- 



■pOR aa^^iHWlPaaarttioa 

rom Victoria; Ideal pUce for cbttftlen 
ranch. Box 24*. Colonist. 

VICTORIA We.t .iwP *w qwlS**^^*"- 
Bunny lot. improVted.^ 100^ r*r<i»^': 
fVower Road car line; 1 block from lf*<». 
2-roomed cottage, »1.20<>% ^.•iSfMitrSr 
bala nce aa rent. Boy tOO, <^j^^**^; ^^^.f 

Howell. Payne ft Co.,.' I.t«.. U19 Laagley 
rt.; phono 1780. 

beautiful htl^lng «tte. 

.*ir»W tX— 1007. 

.^7-»ww ars^— IV"'. corner of Vancotti 

af flintohad room for two frianSa. !*• 

lii atfH.dlUl »y month. _ 

■i ll I II I >! ' 


jn[i*xawft..sT.— Lot, 

>y Co 

f!)00; K cash. Box 1, 



TTIOCL Bay rd . south of Oak Bay ave.. 
b m very best "»-i»'J^°'-»J22fi * .'r?J^!;. 
aOS feet frontage by 288 ««' *2ff u'^K 
»»IB0; nicely "eed ; don t «««• Wg+W jaf 
want a beautiful place. H*rw'*»y«r 
C0.7 Ltd., 1210 Langley st.; phone 1780- 

,1 on Richmond ave. noar car »1000 

a sh; Box 619 Colonist. 

District— Walter tit., 6lxi20it. 

fSBO; $300 cash. Herbert Cuthbert & 

635 Fort St. • :_ 



p< OllGE 


\3l7ATBKFRONT h'tP. Hollywood 
W cent We have 8e\cral choice lot. f-r 
■aia on Foul Bay boa<h. Price and pai- 
pSiars. .CO Herbeit Cuthbert & Co., (.36 
Wvi .street. , 

WATERFRONTS- Wo ha\o three deslr- 
ible wut.-rfronl lots. beautifully 
wooded In Eaqulmalt and one at 
ft^to. '^^^^,;{.. ovt-rseas Investment 

Age l-icy. 2U8 Pemberton ftltu'k. 

■•■ATERFUONT lot at Shoal Bay. lorner 
' "■ LCh Drive, 

Overseas In- 

EXPl6RIV$p£II> offlca man and Urn*- 

XU~ka«0«r aiVutta poattton; gleady and ye- 
- • iSp^r Box i»t, .CiA»»tal. 

I^XPSKIBNCBD Old qoUMvy dairy hand 
lii aptka altuatlon. fSf^KMj'JS^, *^' ' 


H^ntea, Brun.w ick Hotol. y^^m^.U^ p.- 

cMi iM«a •«»«■, 142X.3. on matr « - 


g-MHWASttCtH .help 

V ily la } 

Mrn. Up«r«^ 

anted In a»ftii fi^', 
119: "Apvir 


A Toom or i»»«lltWk T-'mn) R«4d' 
■drm. BOX tlHf CO^»l»K. , 


for laitiatUma until 
fraak Kateb t8th. i 

Boyle, St'4sreta! 


■I . ifll I 

bTfltder of Moo., will m««t at tbatr 
Government SU avatr aaoond 

^.nn^ ...a^^^V^^^ 

O. M., Vlrtoria Lodge Xo. 7Ifri- ., «..._v.*»ct.-; ..„». w.«h. 

Meeting will be held every Tueaday 4 ic»xni8I£»CW> "^t'^fi^^AjJSS. I^lV 
60 day. have expired JBi .t oo«». ««»■«• '"»•*'*• * rl^JJtJSSSa 
»""•" »-- "— -^ tha '«*«"• Doparimont. David »p««M>«r. 


j u*y, Mflndovr tteaaera and r«Ua.b:e 

u J ...... ...jrfi. U. Kelway, 34* Coburg HL, 

I'Uouu liVa2. 


izlWl^lLEKb— A. Petch, Ills Douglas bu 
t:pocialty of i.,iiglisti watch iopainng. 


item Star, Qneoa CIty-Chaptar 
,... 8 mcaia :tn4 a«d- 4il» ;K«aii«w 
day. at 8 o'«r«M^ «.m. K. of P. Mali. Pan- 
dora St. tuiiiolid^lp tncMber. are cordially 

' .,1 ii j r ^n j ISl ll fli ii 

SOKS cf £1 
retary.- W, 
1* O. 


.' Uaw.oii, Head ajtraet. Xhorbura 

G- ikl. wanted la Mjtot inj-f tie* 
Steam uamtdtjir.**** V*** »^ 

tflcc. Standard 

f i '^' i 



ai^JBox «»2, coionhrt, tff imaaa m. 

line . IbtlattML (WMMItlfBl gronnd, bWK> JVHHS.- 

1-8 cash. bal. «. I* I'ffliftjWW'B* "•"•'^ 
Cuthbert ft Co.. 8» » Fwrt Bt. __^ 

AH Ott|^ tMV lot. 
^ ,wSa ««. e^«y 
^Sa.. tli JPPrt .t.i pr 

• » . 1 > J .' ! iL , ' . I* 1J! ' .M 'I . -^'- -— ■~71 — 

/^ LANFORD Ave.- 

"ruiiBT cMuM wram«l carpeater wama pos- 
I? Uloa aa tt^sraiwuv Apply Box ««», Col- 



ii^ljB wanted for mwt«la w«rj^l * 

J^^VS^^K? J?r.?i^ 

inhS^i»*»jr-«aw«, •■«.««« wiDKki"**- 

JUNK— VVH.ulvd. scrap, bias., vuppct, <iuu. 
lead, cast IrUn, 'i>.icka. bottles, rubber. 

i>igUc>t prices 

itfiu. Victoria Juui^ Agency, 
puone list*. 

I IXEltl. — Caldwell's Xransier. general ex- 
■^ piess, stUu, lively auu uooki'ding stables, 
.91 uuiiiiuiuui. iai., uigiii auu day; phuue 

SONS of Engl 
116, meets 
K. of P. UdiV. 

President; JMKr 

Alexandra Ladge 

_ Jrd Wednesday.. 

icing, Shelbuurne at., 

'JfamplOi 18 Erie .u mc- 


1SEU)( — ^victoria TiunsCcr Co., Ltd.. 
12a. Host Service In the city. 


Ili'HoGKAPHl.NU — Lithographing, qn- 
J gruvint; auu embossing. Nothing too 
ibrge and noinuig too binuli; yotir siatlou- 
try itt your aav^iico uiiciu; btU" wuiK i» uu- 
ciiuaiicd west 01 I'oionio. The Cuiuni4(. 
i I lilting and I'uuitsning i.u., Lid, 

ijA.iii'.^i.i' — Uuvviand Bruiatn. reglstereu 
Ktlurney. Paiuiiis in all countries. FaU'- 
i,i;ld juiiujiig. opposite P. v., viiuoouver. 

ijU'ii'Eitx WAltlii — aewer, pipe, Deiu lilu, 
Jtr ground lire ciuy. tlovver puis, eiu. li. C. 
. ..iiviy i-o., i^lU., cor. iit'uad aiiu vaudora 

lji..L:.vliJLNG — Cuiberi fluiuuing and Ueai- 
A. ing Co., Ltd. For hi »i cia»* workman- 
d.iip lu tiic above line give us a call, 'x'em- 
purary oftlce, 755 Uruu^nton at., pnone &8j. 

rpUK Boy's Brigaae. rsure and StedtaaL" 
J. SSth year.— Ail ex-mcmbt.ia who are 
willing to help on the "objecl" are re- 
uucslcd to send their uairic, v. address and 
record of .ervlce to Captain V. V. Lung- 
st'aif. hoii. kvc. for li. C. suue 2U, Mount. l::d- 
ward.. Vancouver .t. . . . ■' ' . ■ ■■ ' '' 

vjJhCouvkb UOTE13 ;..„^.i..„^ 

uiii'i-' — Alliuniuia. .Mrs. a. Xuuulpiiun, <ic 
bous. propriuiors; i<. l>. 'i'Uunipsuu, man- 
ager. Corner Caiioii and Vl/aior ats.. Vau- 
touvur. ki. C. Vancouver's Ural hotel, dlt- 
uatud In 4.UC heart 01 the city, .iiouoraieiy 
etiuippcu lurougtiuut. Aiiuday lUlicM » ajiuc- 
laay. lUurupuan . plan. If'awad (or good 




55atT«a»!ISS«r<<«»«(i««UM po^i «•» •*»» 

X XiOOI cMtoty- ^ , 

'iAPAnhi' fcay. want* altuaUoo; work at 
d 1^ bar or hotel. Itomb. P.O. Box 888. 

TAPAKSSS boy want, aliuatlon, aa porter 
>■ .* .i.i.» Unw "z '' coloni.t. 

Oakland rd.. 50x11*: 
terms. Patrick Realty 

prone 26 86. 

|(^ •Ita'— A nncly situated pro- 
itttSS'Ot Stadacona ave. and 
tm' m^^M!^» apartment site. This 
nroMTty 1. the cheapest apartment «te 
Ka?5bfe: large ground, .and will occupy 
a strategic position when Pandora ave. ex- 
tension is completed. Price and terms are 
O. K. Sbiw Real Btttte Co.. 802 Pember- 

ton p<cMifc,1WiaWiya|;-g C. 

ESAUmrW. witartrnnt, twelve arreii; 

6O0 fWaat fruit tree*. »'» ^.•"^'■'"•is'ooo* 

bnHdlnmijL »"»' "i*?' .Price »1 6,000. 

lif I l i I V i ■-■'" vV ( \ '"^■'■' SIP.-.. 

9^{>any;.«^riwr;:«t»orth Park 

dim at*. 80 teef on Quadra and 

• Worth Park, with good 11- 

rMni*d' Mtawstto, J»^^*»2,:*«t location 

itructed troffarthl. for t«e at »«.oo«: 
as & atoro or apartment site It would 
be* hard to beat; term, can be con- 
venlenily arranged, and owner will remove 
the bonae. if desired, *t, ^^o price quoted. 
Bttrakft'- Bealty Co., exclusive , agenU. ssz 
Ifaitw-n./ , 

I^HAPMAN .t., 65x136 to la«*v»l "»:»«« 
\J cash. Cheapct buy In the Fairfield 
Vrtlmr Coles, Broad St. Phone 68. 

-Within the 8% • mila 
_ circle: Tacre. all cultivated, part or- 
clTardrs-roSm hou.e, outbuildings, etc The 
only piece that can bo bought n this dls- 
Sct under $1600 an acre. Price for tlia 
Whole Shfy $0,000. on term* Herbert Cuth- 
bert & Co.. 688 Fort St. 

GORGE water and road 
lot, well treed; cheap 
726 Fort .t. 

VV^'oUw'i- and Beach Drive, 60x163 ft.; 

rrl.-" taooo; term, arranged 

vestment Agency. iOS yeiuOerton s.oct. 

\-t''IiY buy a house and pay $1000 or $1500 

W prtrfil. Buy a lot where you vvant jo 

live and let me build 

It contract or day wotk 

Lo Bus. 1116 Fort st. 

frontage, large 
B. M, Shaw, 

"rontago also on Kooke road 

GLEN Lake— . .w ..- ...... ..„i,, 
4 acres, make a splendid hotel »"o o^'V 
$3200 on very oa»y term : G. 8. LelgUton, 
1112 Government .t. 

o suit yoti. Will do 
Address C. B. 
Telephone K2704. 

HARBINGER Avcnue— Best 
beautiful .tteet, |2,200. 
48, Colonist. . 

lot on 



nortunlty before they are .old: 1 wo u-juo, 
Corners ^JOft. on Haultaln, lo" ^^^'^^ \ 
.^ St.. 100ft. and lot. 14 «nd 1» J 

OLIDAY Snaps— bo and .ee these lot. 
"''4.,,iif „aw that you have an op- 

,c , %oM: Two douoio 

... .. .J 


r?Kh? South «? llaultain, 60x120, cement 
« dewalJr $800, ' Empress St., oppo.lto 
SkatTng Rink. 60X120: $1030. Dry lots «. .. 
I. block 12. Shelbourne »t . 
each. Blxth St., 60X185 ^««- ^^,^„^,„, ,,,, 
^r,°^;-dr m^O.''Hl>wen^Payne & Co. " ' 
121tf LnngUy at.; pnone l<eO- 

"TIT pay vent when your rent money 
" will make you owne^- of your own 
home. Call at 1309 Douglas st. and get 
t he plan. Elliott, aiy Co. 

'ILKINSON Hd. — Two acres opposite 
Layrlti Nursery, in a high slate oC 
cultivation. $8,160. Arrjtnge terms. • Hub- 
ert Cuthbert & Co.. 686 Fort bt. ' 



•>OA acres; Oolttslrc-am Dlstiict, 17 miltf 
Ot>\J from the rliy, 2 mllee fiom Sook. 
Harbor; cuts 64 cords of wood to Uio acr^ . 
a decided«c«ln at $10 per a^ro cash. 
Uni!?n K."«i r.aa- Chambers. 

<0'xl65: $760 
Ntw house. 


-Double corntT 

cook , 
!)7, Puncaiu 

^|-arr1ED man **«" ";"'*?Ji"' noSury 

3! ,n on farm or fruit »"*„P°""if 

Wife can cook and used to dairy. 

f ii fiiNKnY— Wanted, • 4 maHtfra and 
Ap;^ly to Flnwh & Fliifih. 


iicc's, salary paid. 

Vatcs Hi. , '.■ -■'. ,. 

1 Cdlo^t 


■SlTt'.vnON wanted by married man with 
te esUfleiJob- i» farm and dftUy work. 

Pox 1>92 Colonl»l« 


HuX i'J,. 

waterfront residence 
' cle, beautiful 
terms- Box 




-" withiar, 
inigo aran^' 

Colol tliy^^y: 

>\, ]>j!|HE^SPSSH«.port ave. Oak Bay; 
C' $1000 twlT'lwW. and $25 monthly. 
(..wiKf leaving town. Ipply Mr. Tyler. Oak 
Bay P ostofflee. 

/>«-»i,WniOD — For quick .ale, 10 acre, at 
{ -pick of the land of 


100 X 


bi^ses'could'bo easily built on It This it' 
a"p«Uc«lar1y Choice buy. on^^uiUlcrs terms 
for $2500; third <="h. bal. C 12 and 16 mos. 
Herbert Cuth bert & Co.. <>■<<» toit at. 

near Blmcoe, 60 
cash. Herbert 

112; a bulldor-s proposltloii. 

JAStSB BAY— Oiwego St., 
by lao. $4,500; 1-3 

-4 /lit Ai^'l lanlchtoii; 62 acres un- 

ivU dcr cu:tlv.alon, bal. cut and burnt. 
Fine houso, outbuildings, etc. A ;.artlculai 
snap at $40,000. You can get this 
$5,000 cash, bal. 
Outhhert A; f" 

1!) months tor 

_ _ _ tor 

over four yeUrs. Herbei l 

B35 Fort 8t. 

7^'ncar Haultaln. high 
ins. $325 down, 9 and 
balance. Box fil, Coloni.-'t. 

"^""^ id . 

<qt>aavj^ FcuFtli. St., near Richmond 

3j>i ill large' grassy lot. tei ms Uxeii 
dalo and Ware, S13 Sgywaid Hljg. 

^thbsrt ^ 

Co.. 636 Fort Sll. 

TAMES bay! revenue producer, and suro 
. I „?;!:-„ maker ; corner Magara and 

O money maker. 
South rurner. 78x112. Thl. 
veiy desirable for many reasons, 
lais, plans, etc., 


piopcrty is 



ind Country 


'$"7'.S60.*""'Any rcis'onable t«'-'"»«^*». ,?»"„*;■; 
lL\tL,\ Herbert Cuthbert & Co., 635 l-oit 

(., — — ~-_bhakfBpeare St., the best and 
tiDl O chc-ipest lot on the Btreel, thh.J 
cash, balance 8, 12. 18 months. Oxen- 
dale & Ware, 618 Say^vard Bldg. 

~~" ave. fine' view lot; gopd 

Oxendale & Ware, 613 

^Q'Tjr — Seavlew 
5J>0 I tJ terms. 
Mavward Bldg. 

*^{\ — Just ore Fort Bi, 

tlpyOU level 
balance 6. 
Waic. 513 

gar liac, tit=a.tltl',i, 
lot. 50x135. one-third cash 
12, IS months. Oxendale 0.. 
Sa'yward Block. 


V\ do )i 

l,-li;in St., 


women In laundry tu 
E. Fischer. »28 Cow- 



-i;x II..-1 !• II 

I'd nuraa 


for si: 

I >l_i;.MijlAG — A. 

JL , stove nttlng. 

.s. AtKinsoii, piumoiiig 
;:644 iilanuuard; phone 

._;i.. V . ii.-'GiNG — V.'ing Oil, llOii OovtramBUt 
O bl. ; Phone 28. 

-in ihreu monthn by il.e 

Fitinan's Blmpillicd (Uoyaii System. 
Day and evening ciassus. TypoivritliiS. 
oookkiH.pins and foreign languages taught, 
llie Itoyiil Sttnogruphiu Co., 4Jt, bay wand 
uiug. fhono 2 601. 

1 •» iH)UrH.\.NU — Shorthand School, U01» 
?■' Broad SU. Victoria. Shorthand, type- 
wriilnK. bookkeeping, thoroughly taught. 
Graduates nil good positions, iii. A. UaoMll- 
laii, piinclpal. , . 

HOTEL— Blackburn. A. Hi. liiACkburn. pro- 
prietor. Utihi well known and popular 
notol entirely lebuill and ruiuruisued. !• 
now open to Us pu-iroun. Stuaui heal, flue 
comniouHius ruouifi, hr»i lUm mning room, 
U'-st aliculioii to conilort 01 gucais. Aniorl- 
caa plan, »1.6u to *;:.oo per aay. Kulopaau 
pian. ii» uuuis upwards, 31» SVestmlnsier 

,\.Ve. ^ ^__; 

. . ^ii^^s 111 Vuncouver. li. C, Slop at Hotel 
VV WMidSOr. 7*11 to 762 Grauvlllo sUoet. 
latrlctu nrsi claw; all rooms connected with 
baths and shower oaths; nriit class caie lu 
connection; located in Vancouver's best bus- 
iness centre, opnosite 
Huusc. Ogle & Burton. Proprietors. 

».> . I,. 

;...,. •U. M, 


^,..,.1. .cook and faouae- 

AuiJiy before one or after 
O.ioig''* school. 1157 Uocklund 

Vaniiouver's opera 


M\N and Witt- for household and outdoo.- 
work on farm near Victoria. Box 
,11, i."olonl.t. 






'■ ' rr ■ 

s-lrl; must be jlrst-clasB 

at the Victoria Hat 

't class sewer ncffd 'topply. 


f IM 

nASS engliifer di. 

<■ expel ion i-y; 



tt.1'.; pruning, 
nlty. Box 

ob clearing land; 
■I lk BBy,P. O. 
.iwi orders a specl- 


\\r\NTED. position "i i "=il, I 
tV any liind of honest laljor. 

enccs, inaiTled man. 

gardener or 
best rcfer- 
Box liOl, Colonist. 


lown lots; apply to H 

agent for K. A.- 


sale cleared ana 

ms, sea frontage and 

H. M. Beadnell, local 

rnilway lands; real estate 

ind Court enay, B. C. 

Tolmle; trlangulair 
:(.41, $1200; 1<3 caaU. 
., B35 Fort St. 


St . ' , ■ 

JAMEH Bay, near park and sea; owne.. 
leaving town; reasonable price; terms. 

Apply 633 Niagara. ..____— 

'TlHJt^~Ea.rraa, 25 mile !",■"<». K. &. H. 
«J Railway, Shawmttan lake._ ha. still some 

<&-! -1 rh— Oak Bay— St. David st.. 60x 
3t)XxOU 120. Owner Is preased lor money. 
Don't delay. Oxendale & Ware, 
ward bldg. 

618 Say- 

r-p' — FisguiiTd at; 
50x144, ono- 
Oxendale & Ware. 

boautlrul lcv(--l lot, 

ta tor sale 011 shawnigan lake. 

in small house;, 
home. Ap- 
■ ' ot . ■ 

A^opcraioi fur switch board 
•!inHne Hotel. 

ilSf lady 
.triual b«j 

for .Mu'ywood 
good at ftgurcs. 
OU.vw*'drt'iw Ava. 



T.X.NTKD — Work, by good 




VV contract; 

■:iy ; 


eiate; a pply Box 7 * 

yOUNG man ch:. 
country proterrta. 
473 Colonist. 

.d -■■ 

ai ..j day or 
charge, mod- 

s position; 
icnces; Box 

CKJK.M'Ut tllaniord ave. and Kenneth St.. 
/' 4 Bcrt-e, good soil, cleared, no rot^k. *- 
rooim-d house let at $10 per month; price 
J7000, $2000 cash. bal. 1 and 2 years at 
per cent. Wise & Co., 

2 years at 7 
103 Pemberton Hldg. 

LOTS (SI— Beautltul lota tm the hilltop 
of Harriet rd.. only 1 blork from car, 
ground sloping from all «"^1^»' ^"^V";^,'',':^* 
uuick .jale $3000. on terms. O. fa. Loighton. 

1112 Govt. Etreot. __^_ 

OT on Linden Avenue; price $2200. Box 
786. Colonist, 

C^WKNER lot, Government 
-/ 30 x 120, $1,05U; t 
dress. Box 78. Colonist, 

Houae Place, 
Oiwnor, nd- 


. ..: . help; 
1402 Stadacona 



■'AN'rED, a general servant; must 
' Rood plain cook; phono L2921. 



1^1 1 \ U I .N" G .''y 1 1 ss Eva Hart, exlilbl Honor of 
CI5 Koyn! '•ylK'g* "f Music, London, solo- 
Ibt TeVcher of singing and voh'o produc- 
tion. Anna VVIlllnniB method. Studio 510 

Oswegi) st^ 

T-TFeNCIL and Seal Engraving— General 
55 Engraver and Stencil cutier. Geo. 
►J Eng.*v ^^ Wharf St.. behind P. O. 

Ci ow tlior. 

Kind or a 

rnnK Panlorium cleanses any 

skirt I'-r $1.00. Phone U3042, otnces 
Fori St. ^_ 


Saywara [, Cisn. 



No. 8 Moody 


IP) 7 

X Block. Life. Fire and Ar,„l. 
unco, Loan, and Agreement 

^- repaired, rebuilt «nd guaranteed. 
Blk.. Yates 8t- 

— -— T7,.,.„ "ci.-n'^rs"- Duntloy Vfcuum 

V'^i.'^'n.t ^ "Uo-v'.n.^.'-B^ra'Du-nr- 

7X. t»U» — „ ~,'C 

Funeral Furnlsh- 

1018 Govern- 

. AitanMoiL Charges rsis- 

meat »«_.I''^«''.J„t""76 2287, 22«l. 22».. 

n. Hay ward, s%e- 



(.iOOi) slri.'iig boy 

wanted, uboul IS 

y...ais. Apply Pl'.ncef t.'olfce Sc B;>lce 

rcnibroltu Rlrtet. 


TAN'rED— Wcmaii lor cooking house 
work; family ot 3; neighbourhood 

u 1 B :i y Road. Phone Hi 2. , 

a woman tiir genpral kltch.^n 
Apply Ulmms, 608 Gordon Bt. 



\OUNU l»dv, having just »i''»''-«l 

from' England. Is '1"»"""» "'., .""l^li'Jl^ 

o.nplwment tw a hou..'k... p.r, ",. ^^^^^^ 

ot children. njuni-u 

Answer: li-- ' "'■• 

.1. wntts, ot 

taki: care 
and given 

kilESS-M AKl NO — MlsB 

* PgS 10 ttll.iV'M 

tor spring and summc 

D 70?V4"Y'aVM sl.7 begs' to a"n°""^'« "J^r 
■ , . ., .i«i.,. '-- ••..•i"» and summer 
Iho latest styles 

C^tOUNEU In Work Estate; Bay and Work 
J Btreots; 73x142 foot; lies high, splendid 
apartment house site. $3,200; $1200 cash, 
bal. easy. Herbert Cuthbert ft Co.. 635 
I'ort street^ ^ ______________ 

CORNER of Maddock and Orllla si's.. lOOx 
120tt.. near Burnslde rd. ; price only 
$1400: $850 cash ahd the balance in «, 12, 
IS month!. Eur-k* Ki^ally Co., 852 Yates 
St. • ■ 


50x120, on Ollvo St., 18 the best buy 
d at $1 
1112 Govt, street. 

LOT MUrt.*-«, 
In Fairfield at $1276, on terms. G. 8. 

S1475 50XH4,' ono-lhlrd, cash balance 6, 
12 IS. f»v,.n,lala & Ware, 618 Say ward 

$3000^'AViml'i"ar'a Vd.T U2 feet. Apjvly 
owner. Box 164. Colonist. 

V Frontage on csiiuliAiiU rd., r.esr 



iRR will pay caah for two or 

,d building lots 'n f***" <='^*'- 

..ilculars to Box 936, Colonist 

LOTS <2) on Earsman st., beats anything 
In Hollywood at $1800 for the pair, on 
terms. G, H. Lc'fh^On.Jll.lS .G°vU Btrce^__ 

j\.K BAY Hotel-^A choice of 3 elegantly 
lying lots 2 minutes from the Oak Bay 
Hotel, on l>eul St.. are offered by the owner 
for Immediate sale. They may not last 
twelve hours, so hurry. A snap at »aoo 
each. Herbert Cuthbert & Co., 63.. Fort St. 

/-lASH for real estate, below price of ad- 
Kj Joining property; owners only. Box 
105, Coloni al. 

IHWH ten thousand fiollnrs to buy real 
estate with; althousl. 1 aw from the 
cast. 1 know western values and want the 
best one can get for the money, 
nlst. ___— 

S2.1, t^olo- 

a lot 

lot, 60 X 

OLYMPIA Avenue, lot, BO 
ultuatlon nnrt nice locality 
Arthur COlca, Broad Street, Phonn 6B. 

123, high 
$3iiO cash. 

CIOUNEU Haultaln and Cecil St.., 40 x 
J feet. ,$800; $400 cash " " " ' 

Herbert Cuthbert 

wear are to hand. Perlect cut 
n,,i I "I Miodorato charges. 

and nt guar- 

\ CWjOD UVfi 
x\. man lor ouisido 
tiyn for right man. 

and rnal estate 
work. Good proposi- 
Apyly 120 Pemberton 



wanted everywhere for easy 
Hetlina 16 proposition. $26 dally easily 
Partlculnvs tree. Box 4 61, Toronto. 


1>.)Y wanted tor yard work. Golden 
> West Bakery, cor. Quadra and I'rln- 

\"\TVNTED. a"' experli-nced waitress at 

VV once. Te a Kuttle Tea Rotim , 

mtANTBD — ^Two wnmcn aa general holp" 
V V and to wait on table; good wage. 8615 
Turn er »t.. Rock Bay. ■ » 
\\ ''ANTED — BxpcrlonrBfl dreasmak^'r.; Im- 
VV provers and apprfntlces; apply to Ml»« 
McMillan, Uavld J4pencer._UmHeil. 

■~7/VNTED^ two watiressoB. Atply Domln- 


Ing house or 

i:D looy wants position ftn 
„>,.(■» in large rooinlr.ff or board- 
*countn' hotel, with view to 

pairnership. Box 72i>. Colo nist^ 

JjJL hnusokciipiiT 
R), Colonist. 

ARIUI^D woman rouulres situation o« 
^^ husband employed, Box 

.LD CountiT lady >ofl"«'l. ,««':.'!',! . y°'l\\^Ii 


13()V wanted "s approntirp 
^ niela! work trade. Appl 
p m. at KIH Wharf .Street. 

wanted; one with wheel 
knotv city well. $40 
invantePd, 61>2 Johnson st. 

I-^oY wi 
> niuBt 

per moil III 

4 Vitl'ISNTIiftH and flnl"hTS Wrtnt'ed. Ap- 
r. Wood. 323a Pemb'.rton Bloelt. 

Iloherls, i 

reliable nurse girl for ntter- 

t- Tsi 

amos Soy Hotel. 

-ItWfiBI i.W_U — — ' '■ ' — -— 


j:;..rexcnang;;rr bo* 188 Colonl.U 

« companion or one of trilst; refer- 

l>0.^rflON for girl for "slu ft ->"'«' ^'"y^ 
i and companion. In retlucd family. Box 
tto". Colonliit. 

TANTKD- An exporlenctd cook for a 

kmnl! fsmllv wli«>rw another help Is 

Apply, nri-r 7:30 p.m.: Mrs. Roper. 

(ink Buy Hotel- ^__ 



.n.tol. Phones 2S3»: .l;!!' 
f ha* 


Havward. president: 
V Haaeltoa, managar. 



n.M'KKXENCKD salesman 
rrw o!I!'''f np»ninu on 
Vly HowelC Payne ^ ' 

ley St. 

T^VjCnTkents can rnni tr,y.-il ^bO '" 
r .....niliiv. .Npply Imperial Art 
•:j1i; 'level 

for our 
St. Ap 

1 nng- 


Mt St. 

J 200 

TA.NTKt) — Gtneiul HrivnnI, 
plain cooltlng; good wages; 
of two. Apply: 1121 S""";*'' 
plion« L74g. ■ ' '■■•, 



In family 

Aveuue, or 

■t^>(.)Sn''10.\ wanted a" 
jT tito aged -35"»'«"" 
Colonist. ' 

home hf IP by mlil- 

viA,. I .■ 3si;. 

& Co.. 635" F ort St. 

OWICHAN district — .Splendid up-to-date 
farm with walorfrontnge, gas system 
in house, large hnuso, drawing and dining- 
rooms 6 bedrooms. furnace. well-ntted 
basement, water pumpetl by mglne. 120 
Trult trees. barn, ohlckenhousc, ni»r«Bo, 
about 16 acres In all; prlco $22 000. terniR 
arrAiiged. Overseas Investment Agency. 2i!S 
Pembert on Block . 

C^illBSCENT Road- Fine lot near tho wat- 
y or. Foul Bay. SUe 51 x 110 tx. lane. 
Price only $U00. Tennsi aTrangod. Herbert 
Cu th be rt & Co.. 635 Fo r t St. 

AVIDA St., "at the Gorge," lot 51x140 ft.. 

Tillcum rd.; pricp 

$22r> eiuih. 


0A7C Bav, one'biOok frohi Fbrl st. car lino 
three "good K-vel Iota, together 150x120, 
with throe roomed cottage and outluiliaings 
price $.16110; easli tlOOO, baliuice « and 12 
months; A. H. Harman, 1207 Langley st.; 
opp. court house. ^_____________^_— . 

P.VNDOR.V Bvc. — See US for the best buy 
on this avrnue, near Blanchard, $650 
;)er foot; very easy tcnns. OvoiBvas in 
vestment Agency, 20S Pemberton Block. 

WANT tho best buy In 

cash nnd $2S per month will 
,0 far odt. B. Glim. «12 John 

not too .far 
phone LISIO 

that $200 
son St.; 

terras in Oak 


WANT a cheap lot on easy 
iVay with not les.s than 60 feet front- 

Hex i^l;-. *''»1'>"'*^' . 



TII^TORIA West lor wanted near 
Bay. What have you got? Box » 



high aiid dry, near Til 
for a' few days only, »7u0 te 
and the balanep at $18 per month 
Co. Rri2 Yates St. 



EE.'SPECTABLE English P''""" . 

evening work; care of children or In- 
valids; experli-need, irtisiworthy. 
llo\ ■.:ii6, Colonist. 



and plain cooking. Apply Mr». A 

iTANTBD— A gill f""" set"'''"' 

Apply I'.. "■ 
Govei'iiiiieut SU 

I \ TASTED— Young ladles of fair education 
VV lo lonrn tolepliono operating; a.p*''*' '? 

per.on ,0 l'"'f''^STl'^^'' .fo'n's^ "^- "*' 
;. Telephone t.'o., SlS Datlion bL 

SC()T>'H laily wants position. 

years nxperlencr. in Engla^td ° V' "^.V'f ' 
highest refpiftncrs. ijox I.-", t-^^"'"^'! 





04 feet; fcncd, 
$1260, 1-8 cash. 
(136 Fort Bt. 

carllnes. 60 X 
hedge, fruit trees, 
Herbert Cuthbert 

PLKAS.\.N'r ave.. fi:io lot, iioi 111 o. .>ara 
loBa only $1100. Howell, Payne and 
Co., Ltd., 1219 Langiey st.; phone 17.S0. 

TIOTATOBS, Potatoes; Potatoes: — Ten 

i acres of the very best .land procurable, 
ready f'U- plant Ing 


'.XNTED-Fov 'client*, several gootl lots 

in Falrneld Estate; must bo high and 

,lrv live bepi prUe and term* Owners 

only. P.O. Hox S17, t-lly . 

■r7;rr7:;r;r;r~T"^rrrirTtb shack that $so 

'ANTED-A lot With shack <hat 

"^- - month can handle. 

(I.iwn and $15 a . £...-„, 

Apply to I.eluminn^l 34^6 carl In Street. 

VAT\NTKI>, a IOC in Rockl«.nd park that 
W $1000 win handle: no agent, need »*- 
ply. Apply BOX 782. Colonl.t 


•near Vietorla, price $600 per 
lorms. owner, 1B17 Cook .t. 
C. Phone R1843- 

black loam, 
acre; caw 
Victoria. B. 


DOUBLE corner of Haultaln and CrcII 
for $1400; third ca.ili, tml. 6. 12. 18 
months. Wise * <"o.. lOU I' pmhorton Bldg. 


lOl'BLB comer, 
large I •» 
ruynr ftl' ' 


Monterey and McNeil, 2 

I'Jf.Ofl, terms. Howell, 

1219 Langi^y St.; phone 

KICHARD8ON Street^ lot, Government 
House Place.. 51 x Hi, $1,660 ; term.. 

iJo.t BB, ColOniJllJ. ______ 


at $1.80tr. lerma 
Brnughton st. 

large Idi 


K^'Tousri^lh. iarge idi v.ry^,|ood buy 

BOX 7»2,_ 

riTAKTKO a~i"t' at Cordova Bay that »W 
W"•;fl^hkndls a, ^«r.t ,^r '"y^t^^5U?5 

m il 1 « i 


»1B per month; whit 
Box 4»2, colonist. 





ITJANTBD — Position ivs 
V V 3 2". Colonist. 

nui»er.V governess. 


„l,. s Intfi. close to UplatlA* 

D^'WiirslneT price 11250 oach. or offer.. 
*-^ ' c, 1;. Fort St.; phone 


TANTE11 — By an 

Kngllnh woinan 
lis liousekecper or com,>anlon 
MiFS B. Pox tPt P. 

experienced ; 
tor la. 

po.,l I 

O. Vlc- 

Pa trick 

Ren 11 y 

.EDMONTON Itoa.l, 60x118 feel. »»22'«-^"^. 
Herbert Cuthbert * Co.. 688 Fort 

1,-1 UI 
J--^ cash 


RICHXIOND rd.. larga Jot lS8x}l« ft, run- 
ning tbrcagh from inrg tfr 0«cond 
aventt*.; dry ahd grAany. «»'«»«1'»JL* .^SS!? 
now occupied; Prlca^«w» T***S2!A'*MSSSi 
1*900; thU wnf fljalui ••« IE^.,«»"''**** 

''^■*nainm.n*« wanted. Wr*^ tmlii^ii 
Lawior. Box 18 7*- Vaneoav^r. - ,^ '1 

guTRAJt* Braa» «l»»»r. 1%»t >t^..^ 
»M»rt higkm - 

lank Al*n«iy. iW 


~ madniiitinfa 

m%^tnjm •*-.,.. 

II i j II f' ii ^ji-"-r"t I f 


rfw frt^A^) hf --^ "isj^.v'^,?* 

^- -/.. ,, 

ili,ii.,Jt,Ailf»lim itm ' m >»l!li Mi<m '>'i^! ' 

\ IV I U H I A 5 > \ iL \ i < ) LUIN IST 



VHKAlTll-TU n. w bungalow, Victoria 
\\ uii. rtiilehed In best hard wall pla»- 
itr and panel work: fief trie tlxturcs and 
KttUcd llghm; Ijesi ot plumbing, etc.; 
lawn and (lowem all planU'd; an Idual 
lutlu horn.' on oasleet kind of terms. I'rloj 
M.BOO. Apiily: Owner, 6H Say ward Ulk., 
or plionv ;;«03. 

Vlit,AL"TlFUL new, modern home of 
•uven rooms, piped for furnace, «ar- 
ucn laid out by expert. This house Is situ- 
ated uu Ulu.'iurdsuii St.. and In an excep- 
iioual good buy. rrluu taOUO, on temu. S!)7 

A OORNKK, 'Belmont ave. and Oladstone 
-^^ avenue, with a bu\ en room new house 
modern in every respect, price J5.600, terms 
♦ 1.5U0 cash, bal. 1, 2. 3 years. LKJok this 
"P, It win pay. l^atrlck Keally Co., 640 
lort. St., phone 2556. 

A PREl"rY little home In the Falrtleld 
•^*- estate, half block from car and Beacon 
hill park, 6 rooms, on lot 47x135. facing 
boulh, }4:;0U; |UUO cash, balance $30 per 
month; only ten minutes walk lo postofflce. 
A. Coles, Broad St. Phone 65. 

A SPLE.NUID bouse on corner Belmont 
•*- Ave. and Oladstons Ave., 8 roomf, 
thoroughly modern. ♦ bedrooms, den, bath- 
room, bHH«ment, piped for furnace. ThU 
is good for a few days.- Price fS.BOO; term* 
tl.&OO caah. bal. 1, 2. 3 years. Patrick 

U . H«alty Co.. 6i« Fort St. Phone 3688. 

fca ii i.ii iii i, ii m i . III. 

/it. '4-rooin cottac«; S chicken bousei, 1 
<f%-. \ow. 60 hens, tot. 60x200. two blocks 
Arum CAr. Snap flB50, terms (800 oAslt. 
JPtttrick Realty Co., 6i6 Fort St.. pboue 2556. 

ADVBRTISBft will build to suit purohMT- 
ers one or two bunkaiows, choice lots. 
Jamea Bay; 82000 cash, balance mortca«e. 
Kacltislve agent. Post Office box 88. 

AM absolute Bumslde snap: close to 
oar shops, city limits (who feed a fam- 
lty> full H acre; new cotiave. water, barn, 
chicken lionse. 80 layios bens, 3 milking 
vows, products sold right on place; fiwe 
pasturing. 81.975 — terms; no commission 
paid, Canneau x. Prideau street. 

BASIL St., 8-rOomed house, all modern; 
price for a few days, 836S0; cash $500, 
bai. asranged. A. McDonald. 14 Oreen Blk. 
Phone 1681. 

BUNGALOW — Near Beacon Hill Park. 7 
rooms, concrete foundation, cement 
floor in baaement, furnace; attractive resi- 
dence. Price $S.000; »1,000 cash. Over- 
seas Investment Agency. 308 Pemberton 
Block. . 

HOl'^a rOK SAI^ (Continued). 

IVTISW 6-room house on Princess Ave., halt 
J-^ block from now Goorue Jay school. 
15.000; tl,750 cHsh. balance as rent. U. 
Mabood, 1032 Princess st. 

AK Bay homes, Byron tt., i-roomed 

modern cottage on One lot, &UxU'6 (eol. 

Cement foundation, basement, etc, |3,700; 

Monthly payments. Herbert Cuthbert & Co., 

635 Fort Street. ^^______^ 

0.\K Bay — JJeslrable 10-rommed residence 
with one acre of grounds, $17,000. 
Overseas Invostme^nt Agency, tvn Pember- 
ton Block. ___^___^_____ 

OSCAR St., C-rooniud house, all modern 
conveniences. Price $6,200. cash $2,200, 
bal. easy. A. McDonald, Room 14, Green 
block, phone 1581. ' . 

OL'U lAST ot homea Is complete. Let us 
show you the snaps wo have. Wc can 
suit you. Herbert Cuthbert & Co., 635 Fort 


PARKDALE— New 3-rooiii"! '••^tixue, with 
pantry and closet, vf: ul wood- 

shed, house papered, pain. i ' stained 

throughout, lot 60x112; price »1200;»300 
cash and «60 every three monttut I4nden 
-& Boiiand. 788 Fort at 

^ 1 ■■ 

FniVATE sale, large bouse, wood fl***. 
plastered, bath, hot and sold, ntatn 
road, best location, for terms send atmmp 
for reply. 8. Muagreave, lAdyttnlth. r 

SBVBN rooms, flne house on Hilda St., on 
a »9t •0x180, close to car, 86600. How- 
ell. Payae.* Co,. Ltd., l»li» L.angley au 
Phone 1780*. ■ , 

SHACK, 3 roomed, on triangular lot, 
. with 100 ft. frontage, going tor $1200 
(between two car lines), easy terma G. S. 
Lelghton, 1112 Govt, street, 

SIX-ROOMBD modern house, Just oft car 
on lot 100x120, with flne garden. Box 
1421 City. 

IX roomed house, furnished; $3500; terms 
1020 Falrneld. near Vancouver. 


A CARLOAD of draught horses due to 
arrive April Isl. : several well-match- 
ed greys from 30 to ,35 hundred. Apply 
U let-son and Johnson, 2636 Ulanchard. 


UUUDV: heus for sale. Apply 104 2 Pan- 
dora SI. 


AiiliAP Uorke smtabiB tor luj-m work. 55 
Boyd «i.. James liuy, I'hone 18a». 

/ 10LQL1TZ Poultry Ranch, Royal Uuk X*. 
V> , O. Rhodj iH.iwid Rods; my breeding 
iKMiH am »Kif!,jt<-<i imm DUO of the bial lay- 
ers; $1,50 pvr sotting; *i» per hundred; day- 
old chicks 20i; each; 6.000 eggs already sold 
lor setting. O. V. Uovllle. 

CtpME and see our trap-neslod exhibition 
> and utility S. C, W. Leghorns, and 
leave your orders for settings at $1.50 up; 
$12.00 per 100; Baby Chicks at 25c lo 6uc. 
block for sale. Plnfihursl i'oultry Plant, 
313» Belmont Ave., Victoria, B .C. 

1:aUGS, Flshel, While l^lymouth Rocks. 
li $1.50 and' $3.00. Phono L2634; 1723 



UTOS tor real .estate from $400 to $1500. 
Call 1410 Broad street. 


LiMJL,s for halching; S, C. White Leghorn, 
-Ci $5 i^U*^umlroa. AiacRae.. Duncan. 

Kouo 101 ijAichmg— K.C white Leghorn, 
18 par h.undwd: |i.» tot. «M»fl. 9^- 
p'el, ' Colgattg r.iX . '.. :"...". , V . 

EOOa for batching: pura-l>i|4 *I|m»II Uto" 
orcaa and Barred B<KriM,-11ii »«? nt' 

-ttH«r-~««» qovarmntmt t;y" <>« " <f ■ 'B ft- -• - ■ - 

EOQS for batoblng— Hansons 8.C. Wn»Mi 
Leghorns $1.40 per setting and «6 per 
X4>t) aockeruis and puUeta for sale, B. N. 
VVB,tker, Birawberry Vaie. Phone MMS'tO- 


Ir>OR sale, nearly new sideboard, cost $32; 
' sacrlllce $2u; 1147 Johnson St., q,lty. 

1.\\jH tiALL—Ho H. y. Ave passinger auto- 
. mobile, aiii ^. eiectnu llgnis, elec- 
tric horn, sp' ■ clock, two spare 
l>rea, four spii ... ;.. ..ard, and one reverse. 
Owner has nougnt i -passenger car, and 
will sell present car at snap price, or 
woula ooiiaiuer terms or real-estalo trade 
jiom rulnu,.e party. Write tor furthei; par 
ticulars and arrange trial run. Address 
•Owner," P.O Box 2.41), V ictoria. 

Ij\OR salf — Tlokft, 1st class, lo Winnipeg. 
Box 1)7, Col onist. 

I,"^UR sale, Bulck touring car In splendid 
. condition; can bo seen al 1052 Fort 


AARU.NtiU.SS lias removed from 
Broad street lo I4i0 Governiucni st.. 

opposite the Wosiholroe hotel. 

.uATliLJR photographers — Advertiser 

wouiff be glad to near irom others wno 

.. ould join wuii mm m loniung a society. 

uox »1«, 'Joloni»t.__ 

ANTiyiJE Jewelry, diamonds, engravings 
and pictures t>ought and solo. Mrs. 
A. A. Aaroii»on, »» J onnsun nu 

L/iO.>lUl4lLt, Hire— special Victoria rate 
$1 poi nour, live. p,i»Jonger cars; $6 7 
paskeuger; pnoiie ivv; siuiiu »>o. 1, coiaof 
oovernmuni ai>d Uuuiuoidl. 


\ ULRUEEN," cor. HIancliard <St Brough- 
a\ tun HI. Board and residence nrst 
ciuss. Ter ms luourrate. , 

BOARD and room al th» Ravenhuret. 
tlvo minutes' walk from Post Utttce. 

»10 Courtnay htreel . Phone L 2 28H. 

OARD and share room, single beds, for 
2 young men. 1136 Mason at., oil CooK. 


terms moderate. lOlJ 

MccTurc' Street; oft Vancouver. Phono 

1 .WARD and room; 

t.lOR BALE — One kitchen stove and house- 
• hold goods, all nearly new. 505 Yates 


T?K)B sale, furniture ot a small apartment 
jD house, cheap rent, close In. Box 904, 

Colonist. ^ ^________ 

TrK>R saa« — No. 8 Folding Pocket Kodak, 
JP with carrying caae. telescopic Utood. 
portrait auacl$nent: t». Arthur ,fw««v 
2881 Blackwood Street .■ ^' 


OR Sale— 8 larcfl black aatln bata. ft: 
402 Quebae-ati'- ~ ■ ...-..„....,„_ - 


R sale— Splendid saddle horse, 
ply: 1U12 Broad Street. 

j>OK SALE — Two sows with 9 to 10 piga 
- $40. John Hepburn. 1320 Yates street. 

SNAP — Residential n« Ighborhood. near 
Rockland Bve., 7-room modern house, 
$4500; $1200 cash handles It; act quickly. 
Monk & Mlntillh, Government, cor. Urough- 

ton. .____ 

^OOKE — New bungalow on Sookc River, i 
Ki rooms, Ui acres, stabling, cow houses, 
boat, e-.c, $2000. Apply S. Y. Marglson, 
Sooke, b. C. 

^ttUTHUATK SI . InsiriB mile clri:lf. nsfl'' 

ijlOH sale, four young Berkshire sows; 
pure-bred, and one boar; also a num- 
ber ot young pigs. Watt, B. M. D., No. 0, 
Royal Oak P. O. 

Ij^OR SALE — A good general purposej, 
^ hornr. *> y»ara old. W. Duval, Beth- 
une ave, _^____ 

JrVJR sale, puny and outHt. Box 117 Col- 
. on 1st. ^^ 

I.10R sale, cheap, bay horse, 10 yi-ars old, 
■ about 1350 lbs., good single and double, 
fine for a. rancher, James Holllns, 801) 
Johnson st. 

1~^\OR sail', Irish setter. Apply 1214 Glad- 
stone ave. 

'r|V>R sale, strawberry plants, Magoon and 
J/ Paxton's 18 per Cbousand. ;Box 168, 

Culonlat. ■ 

IrvOH sale, i«ft. row boat. Apply 888 Cale- 
donla ave. ; phone L3760. 

FOR sale — Bulck runabout auto In good 
shM^Kt. Phone 1218. 504 Sayward 
building. _____^______^^______— 

I~i^OR si-le. • roll top . desk and teller press; 
express wagon in good condition. 
Phone B-H06. between 12 and 1 o'clock. 

IfVJR sale — New building, 12x14 ft., suitable 
' for store or shack; cheap. 1814 Maple 
s treet. 

IJV>R sale, logging donkey, 10x12, special 
yarder, nearly new. fully equipped, on 
sled ready tor work. Address Geo. H. 
Keeter, 620 Johnson St., Victoria. 

IjVjR sale— New l«-toot launch, 8 1-2 
horse power, cheap. Phone L2018. 

I~7<OR sale — J5 H. P. Caae car In escelienc 
' condition throughout. $1750 or trade. 
Apply H. A. Davie's GarB4fe, 617 Vancouver 

BAGGAG^i promptly handled at ourreni 
rates by iho Vcioria 'i'ranster Co.; 
phone 12». ortlce open ni gni and day. 

BUTLER'S Furniture Store, Pandora St., 
closed all day Monday, so call toaiurday 
and uuy that oaoy's buggy. Our prices al- 
ways low. 

eTALli''UH.,N'lA hotel, 52K Joiiuson siroui, 
J workingineu's headquarters. Under new 
managemeui.; thorougniy renovaleu and re- 
modelled. P'lrcy po rter. Prop. 

tUMFORTABLE home tor old lady» or 
J gentleman; best of care; Box 432 Col- 


0ONTRACTOB8 and commission bulldera. 
J>t us build your home; satisfaction 
given both as to cost and quality; bunga- 
lowa » apeeialty: arUstio plana auppiieO. 
Box »»«. cclonlgt. . 

E, M. GILL and'M. Potter, sptrittuU mad- 
turns; advice daily i SXO Conrtaey: 
phone L2288. ^ ; __^ 

ELMOBIS * TAYLOR, »l» Pemberton 
Block, telephone 207«i. Publio lyptsia 
Speciflcationa etc., promptly executed. 

AHDE.MING wanted dally, or contract 
pruning a specialty; phone YYt''». 

BOARD and room close In; terma modBr- 
Bte; apply 616 HllUlde avenue; phone 

C1AHALAN — Opposite Beacon Hill Park; 
J under entirely new management; excel- 
lent cuisine; moderaie prices; phone 3163; 
325 Douglas st. _____ 

COMFORTABLE room and board; bath, 
1)46 Caledonia Ave., phono L2659. 

DOUBLE room to lei, with board, three 
minutes from Cook and Pandora car 
line. 1216 Rudiin sU 



Rooms 1 and 2. McGregor Block. 

Cor. View and Broad, opposite D. Kpeacer S. 

nous* plion. J:X212I. Phone tia 

Opau baiurdaye i to 10 p. ox. 

OOriFT- oa V. & 6. railway, line trackage. 
^V near Cloverdale ave.. with two large 
lots and now 6-room housu, $6000, irackag" 
an" one lot, $2500; third cash and easy term* 

— , , 

LOTS , , 

-a cash— Corner Parkdale. $0x110; 
on:/ $550: close to Bumsid* c»j-- 



HBRAMLBY, Carpenter and Builder 
• IT46 Qnadra at., Victoria. Jobbing a 
specialty: estimates given; a post card 
wUl have prompt attentio n. 

HAiKDHESSlNQ. manleurlng and electric 
or plain maasage done by appoint- 
ment at your home; ladles only. R-2420. 
IF you want your nouve cleaning good 
and cheap, phone 26 for the Dustless 

Vacuum Cleane r. H. Mercer. 

IND lady • would iiae to adopt baby. 
Box 81, Coloniat. . 

OUBLE or single rooms with boar^ $16 

iMjH. rent, English widow lady will give 
board, residence to 3 or 4 gentlemen; 
Wrma mo derate. Box H, Colonist. 

LADY receives payiBf CUefta tA .QUMt' 
country house. Appier Miia M g a i < i > > tl , 
Gowlehan station. .«»->-fe^- ~j,-^-.....- ., .^,.^..,^-^ 

BOOM and board (or two young men Bng- 
Uab cooking: 14 SI Taunton at.. Spring 
Ridge. ^ . 

ROOMS and board; beauUfully slttiated; 
near Gorge; close to car line; tarma 
moderate: Miss Cliamberlain, 1287 Sunnyside 
ave.; off Craigtlower rd.; phone H-8126. 


Un«. ____ 

Sirf cash — Quarter acres, Biatlon at., 
i'O Garden city; »4:iO to $650; new 

Buru»lde line runs Uirougli street. 

40* 1 l'iU\ — Corner Richmond ave. and Falr- 
tl^JLOUU field; 105tt. on avenue; splen- 
did building lot; third cash. 

cash, 2 hue lots on Maple ave.. Just 
oft Douglas St.; price $1600 each. 

Ui?-| nAA each, two 40 ft, lots, Montrose 
«It>XUUU ttve.; third cash, 0, 12 and 1» 


cash, Donald St.. Just off Burnslde 
rd., 60 ft. for $1000. 

IgaTlM'Jt OiUb. Tifl"'"'"'^'' »ve., Parkdale; 10 



OOM and Board »0l Burdette ave.; cor. 
Quadra st. 

tCIAXONHURBT — Large sunny rooms first 
lo class board close to Parliament bulld- 
Ingi . terms m oderate; phone 24 41. 

wvasiauxu uoubjsb to met. 



pupil of Joachim. 5 year's teaching 
be a r of sch o a> poa t 

eiiJeifUTice, wunei ^ _,„. 

and private pupils In Victoria. Appiy- 

Miss Langley, North Wraxall. Chippenham, 


EIGHT room house, five rooms furnlahed 
large basement, furnace, etc.; inunc- 
dlate possession; call mornings; 8027 Gra-. 
ham St. . 

Ir^L'RNISHBD 6 room house Rose st. near 
Hillside »60 rtionthiy; Hodgson & 
Powell. 280 Pemberton. 


iL'RNISHED 4-room cottage to rent, Ap- 
p l y R l uhm o nd id. s a d fftu i rt b aC . 


$150 S. S'S'JSte iJ?W*S|- 

^'T' . ',, ,11- . 

HOUSE. 6 rooma; gtaadtns «» « »*W >•"■ 
corner oft Quadra. »»»»«>gfn'. ^""'^,4 
with fruit; lovely homo OH ialacted alte, 
price 86600; third oaab. 

ONE acra (abouti. bleb part ot Quadra; 
top of Cloverdaaa. tUth handsome 8-* 
room modern houae: city *»tar: lawns and 
trees; 88600; third cnahMd tarmfc 

OVER Qtiarter aero In DoppSIn at., farj- 
$1000; snap for a workar; only •lt»ol 
cash and easy terma. | 

CLOVBRH ILL— Some llneat loU In tbl^ 
favorite subdivision; $>00 to |i^«6j,' 
small cash payments. f 

aknf\/\ cash — Worker'a home, ten mlnutesj 
^^oUVr rrom car and about Ave mlnutea^ 
from new Bumslde line; « good roonM;, 


land ah r la na a 


/■■♦OLWOOD — House. 5 rooms, and 3 acres. 
\y $2,800. Town and Country Realty, 
679 Yates Street, Au ctioneers. 

IjlAIR St., S-roomed house, all modern; 
. price 83,000. balance $26 per month. 
Av McDonald, Room V4 araea Block, pltune 

IJIAIRFIBLD Road snap — 1 -roomed house; 
? . all modern. Price for a tew days, 
bgtOQO. 1-4 oash, balance arranged. A. 
itcDonald, Room 14, Green* Block. Phone 

1E7KVS lapge rooms, dining room and 
JP .. hall panelled; all conveniences: 
uictfTy finished. 88.100. Caah 81,850, bal- 
«»c* martc««e. Aptfly owner, 2628 Forbes 

.gtravt. ■.■/:• i : 

I ll I • ■! Ill ' I I 

|10R aate — !feW e-roomed bungalow, near 
, JUshardsoa Street ; flne bathroom and 
%1iU«fa, Mpa'raCe toUeta, fuel lift, stationary 
tubs, bttilt>in' sideboard and book cases: 
house piped for furnace,: beaiitttutryrew. 
»;i.250. On tertae; Apply: 0*ncr, 404 Os- 
wego Street. Phone H338. 

"liVJH 'sale, . new house, modem and well- 
J? built ■ throughout, 8 rooms, reception 
hail, bath. . pantry, and 2. toilets, concrete 
tmavmiint, ^ip«d for furnace^ Telephone 

M^ftt-.. ..,^- '"' ' ■ "' :. ; .■ 

FOR BilliB'— ilampeihlre Road, south: New 
8i'lroomed"''h»u8c, with every modern coii- 
\enionae. Price 11.000; terms, 1-8 caah, 
Italkoce 6; 13 and 18 montha Apply W. H. 
XIpjXtb. SS38. lilackwood St.. or phone 

m,^'*' f.: ..-' -1. ' .. 

'ij\Oti sale-^Pine st., Victoria West, modem 
JC 4-ibom house. 83.700.; terms. Apply to 
wwner. s a^ Nurtli Park st., after 8 

TWOH 8AL^— |<ew 6Troomcd bungalo*. fur- 
.Ej''^nlah^>d;■ good' View of sea. Price 84,700. 

. (; balance as rent. Owner, 847 
Leech wv>od. or at Hammond Shoe' Company, 

■.Fort Sf?eei. ; ; - ' 

ii.UK SALE— By owner, lot and amall 
r.bouc0 on Reghsa Ave. (Block 30. Lot t> 
Price 61.200; tSttO caah. easy terma Apply 
on premiaet... ■ ^___ • 

IriOH <iaie — ^Thts . most desirable properly, 
- 9-roomed bouse, .modern tbrongbout. 
almost U acre, garden planted In holllea 
laureii. larse and amall fruits: Ontario at. 
. eooh to go through at the back, or wilt sell 
(iO X I2u oj Michigan at. Price and terms 
on appllcailoa to the owner at 321 Mlcbi- 
I. •'>■•-««-?. .fTnes Bay. 

. I uOD o-room thodern house for sale; 
Vjr beat pat-t of Prior Street; very high. 
S'rtoa (4.600: easy tormg. .^pply:, Lewis 
Jtehart* tt2 ■Pembct'ton Block. Phone 

" ym. . - ,:'■•'■ ' ________ 

'I^AMPSBIRB Rd., 8-roomed modern 
JCIi dwelling, full cement basement; thi-ee 
IllWjiiacair, Only 8&,500; monthly paymenU. 
Kerbart Cuthbart &■ Co.. 086. Kort Street. 

TJf.VVB clients looking for bouses from 
JUr,^>2.6»0 up. What have you? A. W. 
■ ^rhtS'tnan, 1007 Oovernment Street. 

Jpi;<t>XWOOb PABK^^^e have three 
b«n«illjnst being completed which we 
can a«tt oh easy terma and can have finished 
xo suit purchasers. These are, on fully Itn- 
proved streets, and are thoroughly mo<lern. 
P/ices $3,750; 84,200 and $6,800. Herbert 
C uthbert & Co.. 635 Fort Street. 

H~ OtJSE in Victoria West, 8 rooms; lot 
5S xlSO feet; on corner: bedrooms fln- 
lnhod white ertamc!. Price 15.300. Tenttj 
to suit. Overscns Invostjnent Age'bcr, t08 

l'«>mberton Bl ock. ' ' ^ ''_ '' ,, ■■'' , • .,,. 

HOL'sE. Camosun St.. nice modem 7- 
roomed house built like a ship, to see is 
1.0 buy; beiuB so close In tbU la a sna? at 
>6000. on terms. O. 8. LeJghton, 1112 Govt. 

■ street. ; '.'.'-■■■ 

3 large and spacious ropma on 
...llsifle aye., all thorou»blJt_jaoOOtn^ 
ICit eOxU'O; price $;iOOii. on t«riMgr' "• 8. 
J.'Ighto n. 1112 Govt, street. .: 

HOISB, Asqulth St., beautiful little .*- 
roomed homo with lovely bathroom,' 
llnon closet, built in bookcaBu. large base- 
nient nice lilijh lot; going for 3 days at 
$3500, on icrmi.. G. S. Leighton, 1113 G^Vt, 


C5 car line and Park. Fully modern 5 
roomed bungalow, panelled walls and beam- 
ed ceilings, full basement, gas and electric 
light, good garden, etc., $5,000 cash, $2,000 
balance arranged. A. H. Herman. 1207 
Langlev St.. opposite Court House. 

THGATE St., Inside mile circle and 
close to car line, fully modern 6-room 
bungalow up-to-date In every respect, base- 
ment, etc., $6, 260, cash $1,260, mortgage 
$2,000, bal. 1 and 2 yoara A. H. Harman, 
1207 Langley St., opposite Court Houae.^ 

ST. PATRICK St.. modern seven-roomed 
bungalow. Just being completed. We 
can jecommend this to a prospective buyer 
as art Ideal home. 88.200 monthly paymenta 
H erbert Cuthbert & Co.. 686 Fort St. 

TO horoeseekors — Builder having 3 amall 
houses for disposal would be glad to 
bear direct from intending purchasers. No 
agenta. P. O. Box 1867. 

WALNUT St, — ^Four-roomed, modem home, 
cement basement, etc., on lot 44xll6tt. 
only $2,800; $400 cash, balance monthly. 
Herbert Cuthbert A Co., 636 Fort Street. 

WE bought several lota before the raiae; 
houses built to suit: one now for sale 
or exchange for vacant propacty; apply 
Builders. 28 1» Prior St. ■ 

WTHY throw away your- money 'paying 
»» rent;' 5 room modern California bun- 
galow. Fairfield district; price $3960; $860 
caah. balance 836 per month; Bungalow 
Constructi on Co. Ltd.. entrance Sayward blk 

WORKINOMAN'S opportunity — l-rOomed 
bungalow, bath and pantry: good 
basement: will be completed on or about 
April 1; aplendid locality; tbU bouse Is 
well built, and four more are to be con- 
structed; sise of lot 30x90; price 82636; 
$300 caah and balance $26 per month, cov- 
ering Interest until paid. Buasall * Oregg. 
207 Pi>mberton building. 

. • .,,.,.. — , : ' i 

5-ROOMBlf> new bungalow; bath, best 
- built of Its kind ; good lot and location. 
Snap; 83.S 00 terma Box 1 , Coloniat. 

dhQKA CASH will handle a beautiful 6 
^pOOU room California bungalow with full 
sise basement, concrete foudatlaon. paneled 
beamed, fire place, built In buffet, book- 
casea writing cabinet, electric fixtures; ev- 
erything complete; price 83960; Bungalow 
Conatr uctlon Col Ltd.. entrance Sayward blk. 


T.'XOR sale, 
r $425 




one pair ot liorsi s and harness; 
for quick sale. Call or wrltr 
.\. Corning, I'anada Hote-l, IS'.'O 

[TtOR sale, furniture ot rooming house: 
C price $3T5. Apply 1217 Cook St. 


rpo rent. 

A. nice grounds, to responsible party, un- 



.">OR sale — Black horse, cheap: Just right 


J: Le 

sale — White Orpington and Buff 
Leghorn hens and pullets; thorough- 
bred stock, in full Jay. R. B. Butler, 
l.ake Hill P.O.. Victoria. 

Ij^OR sale, buggy horse, eight years; used 
to town. Apply Box »61 Colonist. 

L^OR SALE— Pure Bred S. C. 

dred. Turkey eggs. 8 'J. 76 per dosen. 
Gregory, P.O. Millslream. 

White Leg- 
' bun- 

FOR Sale — Horse, 

1600 iba, 11 years old. 

sale — Thoroughbred Paralin klttena 
Mrs. kelly, corneir 
Woodlawn Crescent. 

T7«>R I 

f $10 and up. 

Monterey Ave. and 

ir40B Sale or Exchange — One pure bred 
' Percherott stallion Imported from 
France by McLaughlin Broa, of Columbus, 
Ohio; cojor black; weight ITOO pounds; nge 
10; will exchange for similar or younger 
horse and pay difference; or will sell rea- 
sonable: horae is In flne condition and per- 
fectly sound; for further informaUon apply 
to J. P. Murphy, sec. Cariboo Pure Bred 
Stock Co., Lac La Hacho P. O.. Cariboo. B. 

e^ ^______ - 

TJIOR saie, Teartimg Turkeya 84 ; Fleinlsh 
-T Qiant tt«bblts 84 per pair; heavyweight 
hen and duclTSsgs 

T.'^OR sale, two chicken houses, each 12 x 
J; 40 feet. In good shape. Cheap. Inquire 
at 3092 Chaucer street. Pbona Y98L 

niOR Sale — Folding buggy cost |1U 3 
V months ago; phone L2696 before t. 

PIANOLA records for sale cheap. 1208 
Pandora.^ ^ ^__ 

RENT a Remington Modal 7 thrM nontba 
for 86; Vialbia Models 68 par >:.cutb: 
telephone 3814; Remington Typewriter Com- 
pany, limited. 816 l>«mbartaa bulilin^ Vic- 
toria, B^C^^ 

OCK for sale, cheap if taken right away 

Phone lOi: 



quick. Apply: H. Stanley. Victoria 

Meat Market. 

TWO blves of bees for aale. 

4S6 Stanly 

16 -ft. and one 18- ft seal- 
ipply; Qua. Jac 
•ou 433 Springfield Ave.. Victoria West. 

3 BOATS, 15-tt.. 
Ing boat, for sale. Apply; Qua. Jacob- 

TO UBT->aut;(4KBLSEi'l2(0 BOOMS 

for setring, 
68; caah with all ordersv U. 
dom. Box a6, Pender Island. 

Ilvo doa for 
and 8. Qar- 

Wyanoott eggs for 
hatching. $1.60 per setting; W. N. Mit- 
chell: 243 Gorge road. 

•ptOR Sale— White 

T7WUNl>— Gold mounted elk tooth. In form 
■I^ pi watch charm. Owner may obtatn 
property by inquiring of Mr. W. Wyatt, 
titoec St. pool room, and paying this ei^-. 
pense. . 

Ij^OUND — A black spaniel dog, near Burn- 
aide RoaJ, owner can have same by 
paying expenaca and proving property. It 
not claimed in tnree days wui be solo. 
Apply; l>o:; 7d, Colonist. 

ITtOUND — Bicycle, near .Langiortl ataiiuii. 

HAVE Just received a oar of extra heavy 
horses including three matched pairs of 
black and three matched pairs of greya 
weighing from 3600 to 3800 iba per team. 
Can be seen at our sale baroa Buneim 
park, on Crilgtiower road. Stephenson % 
Derry. proprietora P.. O. Box 1189. Phones 
R'.>676 and M209. 

HEN and 13 chicks, week old. Black Min- 
Orcas, 84 1056 Mears st. _^______ 

A Three and four room flat vacant in 
modern apartment block, 886 aiid up 
including phone. "Field Apartment*" naar 
corner Queen's ave. and Dougiaa st. Phone 

1386. • 

/•«>SY furniahed housekeeping rooma Ap- 

NOTICE to real estate agents, lot 21, 
block F. section 81, is oft the market; 

Oan neaux. ' 

XTOTICE to Real Estate men— The ten 
.131 acres at Gordon Head belonging to me 
is otf the m^irket. J. Qunn. Hillside ave. 

NOTICE to real estate agenta and bome- 
•oakera 84 per hour 6 passenger oar; 
pbona a»»: atand No. l, corner Qovoramoni 
and Humboldt. • 

REAL Estate men — Note our rate of $4 
lier hour 6 paasenger car; phone 299: 
stand No. 1. coraat Governmant and uuin- 

boldt. ;_ t. 

■nsMOVAL notice — Llat, MoGragor * Co., 
Jti Auctioneers. Batata and , I«>«»«"*;««| 
Agenu. beg to inform »*•'*«,''"•■?.. JSJf 
they balro moved lo t<»elr New Auo«»J» 
Mart, 610 Cormorant Street. Phone- 8484. 

turnlshea lO-roomed house, 
s. tt . 
til Au gust 81s t. _A£Ply Box P. O, 166, c ity. 

rpo lease, a 6-roomed house, tumlohed; 2 
1. lota aat out In fruJl and vegetablca 
Apply 1525 Davie St.. otf Oak Bay ave. 


a month. 


:NGING L«ssons given by Paul Edmonda 
I and Paria, baritone with 
1808. Phonaa R2496 and 




rent — 6 -Room 
I strei 
160 per month. 

furnished bouse on St. 

R«ot& K 1011 Govara m a nt ' H t - 
Fbona 194 

Green tt Burdlck 

for six nxonths, an 8- 

roomed house near Beacon Hill Park. 

ply >2B Pandora ave. 


R rent^ 


bottsekeeptng rooma «I1 JV*" 

IjiOR rent, one large houaekaoping room; 
' 1104 Tatea at. 

T2W3H. rent, furnished front room, for light 
J? housekeeping. 631 Hillside aye. 



nicely furnished 
616 Superior at. 


FURNI8HBP apartmenta— Two rooms, suit- 
able for two ladle*. Apply Janitor 
uctober Manaiuna . • ' 

nWE baat 2oe meal* in tba city from 
1 11 a. m. to 8 p. m. King George 
OHII. comer Yataa and Langley streets. 
finHB Britlah Col'nmnia Cruising and Bsti> 
X natinc company. Aibarnl. B.C.; furnish 
guarsntead astlmates baaad on careful crul*. 
ing by exparw of timber and other landa m 
any pari of Brltiab Columbia. 
m£> real estab agehos—The westerly part 
L ot Lot A, eubdlvlalon of-lot JO. iSsqul- 

tnaiit- imdar option. 
Moitnt Totmla P.O. 

8. 0> Fetherston. 

fpo BmX UaUta ««anta-i*lo«8a HIT Owiar 
X at. to takan oft the marttat. 

TO let, furnished, 
roomed house i 
with all modern conveniences and nice gar- 
den: rent 870 a month: adults only. Tele- 
p hone R108». ; 

mo lot. furnlabed— On Rockland Avenue, 
X a nice, modem dwelling, fully furnish- 
ed: no children. Apply: P. R- wown, 
1118 Broad atreet. 

n%0 rent. 6 rooms (.9 nedroomai, well fur» 
JL nlshed house in good Olatrict. W. O. 
McLaren. Phon e 1646. .. 

VICTORIA West, on car line — To let, 
furnished a very comfortable and well 
famished »-roomed cottage: rental MS 
monthly. A. H. Herman. 130? t.angiey at,, 
op posite Court House. . 


AN Ideal chicken ranch. 1ft nnJnoteg fifow 
Colwood station, 4 acrea, all cleared ex- 
cept atuffliM. now chicken house. 12xJ4, 
atabli foi» S bead, new 6-room, 3 -storey 
bouse, plastered, with bath, on concrete^ 
foundation. This la positively the beat buy. 
in the district. 8500 cash will handle aii.c 
balance easy; price only 82,750; would tak« 
vacant lots outi^d^ city llRtlta in axchaoge.; 

APIJfB home, two roinutea from the new 
Hillside car line, a new modern home, 
dining room, drawlnjt room, bedroom, bath- 
room and pantry, kitchen and reception 
bail dowhstaira, two good bedrooms can bb 
finished upstairs Bt a small additional cost, 
full basement: this house la new and luis 
a first class finish throughout, U commands 
-the panoratmlc view of the surrounding 
coumr}', sea, mountains, etc.. $9C0 cash, bal- 
ance $20 per month; price 88,860. 

/3.OBGB View P*«i!, a line higb»; 
VT level lot. third front Tllllcum roaff. 
•1x140; price 8760: t3£t. caah, balance 
monthly. ■ ■ .; ' '.,..\ 

RBFINBD young couple want modern 
home, nicely furniiOied. about June Xat. 
•18. Box 46, Colonist. ^ . .- .«'.. 


Ij\URNlSHEO housekeeping rooma, 
. Fern wood Road. 


luentitying and paying tor this au. 
p., Langtord Road. 



OUND. a sterling silver watcb. wlin In- 


HOCSB, Fernwood rd., between Grant 
and FIsguard, 5-roomed. $4000; »600 
rash. O. S. Leighton. 1112 Ciovt. street. . 

BOIT8E, Cornwall st., lovely little 4* 
roomed bunialow, thoroughly modem: 
Mtng for 84000. on terms. U. S. Leighton, 
111* Govt, 'atriet. . 

- , > ' II ii i i I ■ I ' " ■ ' — ' ■ 

rOCSfll &nap. largo 8-room«d thoroughly 

I modorn house, on Fernwood rd., half 

• rroMt Tatcs sf., bn oOxlSO. conserva- 

ml* %*»P' ""t ITOOO, on terms. O. 8. 

ktM, ' Ul! Govt, streol. 

I'l " ' ■ ' 

lit beautiful Linden av6.. noine 

irri 'roowie*. golmt lor a tew days at 

Z^jH^A^ma. O, ti. Leighton, 1112 Uovt. 

same oy^ proving proparty to uok aai. coio< 
nut. ' 

M I ■ ^■- 

LOST — RalelBh moko bicycle; return to 
Harris & Smith. Broad at., and receive 
reward. ■ 

LUSX — Sunday about 6 o'clock on Hudson 
Bay beacu, LH<|ulinalt. a gold watch; 
nante' on case; Under rewarded K. Holmes, 
Box 601 Victoria, . ',.. . •• : ^ 

:■ ^' ,'.-■/,' " '1 ."' __^.j^ _^,^^__^^___ 

LOST — Saturday Blk.tbot^ WM,tch charm; 
.finder please rettirn to Box 148 Col* 
bnlft; reward. ______ 

. • i ; ...aa , i»i 'I ■ I . ■!! I iii f I I I i^ii II..1 iKas n S U M ii n i-*!!!— .■■■» II iisi nn ie, 

OSt. Irlib Batter pup. about alx months 
_i — ofd. anggetlM, .till, .ubibr nf nVBagrfa,'; 
Anyone harbprihg sam« after tbto data will 
\ M proaaauted. iOlO Fis guard at. : ^ ■ . ■ "■. 

f OST-^n Thurauiay,. an Airedale terrier 
JU dog. nanie on coflar. Notity Bray's 

Stables. ■■.■'■' ' . '-: ■■■',''■ ■' , ■■'' , .; 

LOST, on Vates st.,' hand embr&ldcred 
baby's pillow cover; finder will cwiter 
a favor 


IF you want a good horse, quick and cheap 
Ring up L2033 ;price $80. ' 

IaKEVIEW Poultry Farm— WhUe Leg- 
J horns, a great winter laying atrahn; egga 
86 per 60; tlO l>er 100; Pekin Ducks (Ran- 
kin strain> eggs »6 per 60; 810 per 100; 
write to U F. Solly, Westholma, B. « N. 

ON account of moving, our batching sea- 
son will be short. All eggs for hatch- 
ing from my.prlae pens will be sold at re- 
duced rate. White Orpingtons. Kellor- 
straaa atrain. 81.60 to 86 per setting of 16; 
Rhode Island Reds and Black Orpingtons, 
$1.50. W. H. van Arum. Rlokmond rd. anb. 

FVRNISUBD or unfurnished housekeep- 
ing rooma Apply Oaklands Grocery. 
1487 Hillside ave. 

OUSEKEEPING sulttw, one mlnnta Fort 
car. 176» Pembroke mU near Rich- 



ousEKEEPlNQ — Comfortabia (urnithaa 
rooms, with -use of kltc^an; a«ilet, 

pleasant house on car line. 
City limits. Esquimau road. 

Mra Walker. 
Phone N.1687. 

830 Pandora. 

man proferrad: 




RECORP iaylnd White Leghorns and R. 
I. Reds; egg? for batching and day-old 
ohicka write for boiikiet; Dougan:s Poul- 
try Farrn^Cobbte_HllI^B^ ■ 

ADDLE horse wanted for Baanich muni- 
cipality, must be 16 hands and not less 
than 1160 lbs. Offers received by the clerk 
a t Royal Oak up to 16th April, ,1813. 

StN(>L<B comb Brown Legborna and Wbtta 
liixmoutb Reck etga p«>r aettint; 
87-60 par 100; Peklb Dttck egga, fl for lit 
J. p. West, Third St., off Richmond. 





ANTED — About a dosen young 

,8ox t% Coloniat 

yonng^ W. Hi 

fraab mtloh 
PKlloi»n. tL^.p. 

Na 4. 

by returning to 233 


„i.Vancouvor St., .1 minutes from 
L«'li»lt 'Park, 8 mlButrs from post 
im«d. open fireplaces, furnace, 
baaement. wash tubn Iii- 
room beautifully burlapped 
.. Bee this at once, at $6000, on 
((J»3L*lgiit"n, l.'lli Covl. street. 

jiaon Snyward ,Vvo., 6 rooms 
I— (j, conveniHhces; nice lot. Price 
iSlWO, bal. $30 ?cr month, In- 
' Appiv 1B22 Camosun St, 

PiOovemrneni St., 7 rooms, fully 

ii' Close to .N'luKrira; lot' 50x143 

LBOO .terms third caah, balance 

niondis. Kiewnrt and OoUop, 


Mfhrr 11.. D-roomnd. lot 50x180, In 
M'^ondrilnn; going ror $10,000, 
V^. 8. Leighton, 1 112 Govt, street. 

"t rooms, modern, oh Princes* St.. 

to' DouglBK, lot BO X 120. Price 

t^rms third canh. bal. 6, 12. IS, 24 

Stewart ft (Jollop, 301 Pemberton 

•Oiadstone and Belmont ave.; 
__ 86500; $1500 cash. U. S. Leigh- 
fit Government st. 

If ii^oo buvf furnliihecl modern house 

4 rooms. I'-l 110x120. Victoria W-si; 
¥mH *40 month rent, price JS50n. bal- 
irt«6"per month; phone owner F1427; 
184 Colonist. 

ITERBV Ave., » rooms, all modern. 

^cement baaement, furnnce. siailonnry 

•: an corner 100x120. (irounds wpll laid 

}|0.00«; fxy f-rmn Herberl c'olli- 

f. tt CO.. C5 Fort Street. 

LOST, March 29, gold signet ring, cre»t 
Tree. Inscription "Sic Vcrlscum." Rc» 
tttrn to «*• M. Woret. Savoy Apavtmenta,, and 

^ r»M^y«^\f<lward.' ■■ ■'■';..■■.'.■-■ '^ ' ■ ••. ' ;'.'/ ., 
_ lack lyrxinuff on Friday. Finder 
win receive reward at B almoral hote l. 

LOST, an American nwdal of the Grand 
Army of the Republic. Finder please 
leave at 1106 Douglas atreet, and receive 
rew ard! C. KoBChe. 

LOST, about three weeks ago, .Jirown hand 
satchel containing papers, memor- 
anda and postage sianips; «& rewal-d op 
returnin g to Colonist oillce . '' . ■.'.■-.■' 

LOST, child's Kol'l bracelet, namu inside, 
between .\ rad ~ Uowkcr Beach. 
Finder kindly re and, receive re- 
ward. Box ill', t. 

WANTED— A broody hen. Phtina BItOS 
Pl ymouth or Wyandotte. . 

ANTED, at once, half a dozen broody 
hens. Apply to Li«ut.-Qol. Hyd(4 
Catcs, Cowichan Bay. 

IF wanting 4-room flat, all modern, all out- 
side i-ooms, in flrst.claas condition, en- 
trance 705 Pandora, corner Oougiaa. inoulra 
RS87J, Mr. Dougan. or 1426 1>on»iaa at., Hood 
Block. • 

LARGE, sunny housekeeping and ftirttlih- 
ed rooms; moderate rent. 444 Kingston. 

flinNDOW cleaning— M - ..,;.. 

W wlndoara cleaned ring up the-laiand 
Window Cleaning Company, 
TBI Prinoeaa ava. ^ 

you want your 
phona tilS8<; 

YOUNG Bngllab lady, nearly 39. wall edu- 
cated and of good family, recently ar- 
rived, a atrangar In Victoria, seeka oorrai- 
pondence with friendly people of bar own 
social standing. Box 912, Colonist. ; 


A FURNISHED room, aoltabla for 
ganuamans apply 1t4 HiUalda ava. 


A:..AB<»B, front bed'Sltting room, open 
grata; oboica locauos. Stir Burdette 


furnished houae 8 to 6 rooms 

wanted May 1st: reaaonabie rent, cIom» 
I n: P. O. Box 166. 

WANTED— Furnished houae. ^ M *J*** 
four bedrooms, modern, about May 
let for four montha or more. References 
exchanged. B. P. McNelH. Madeod. Al- 
berta. ' ■ . ' . i . 1' 1 '" 

WANTED, small bouse, furnished. $lt tO 
826 per month, in or near city. 8,tO « 
rooms. Address H. T. Summers, care P. O., 


Ava.i-^loge, to l«lgbtonv fine lot. 
Ob termg- 912M.' ».'■»-''.' ' • , '' 



WANTED — ^To rent fumlahad bouaa; wHI 
pay 6100 per month; apply ». A. H»r- 
rla * Co.. 1229 Dougiaa. 

YOUNG married couple wish taatily fur* 
nlshed house in choice location: beat of 
references given; 37 Coloniat. . . ' . .;.; 


b.ouaekeeplhg rooma, cheap. 2685 

Government street. 

NICBLT furnlabed botiaekaw*"** «oma 
at 784 Humboldt St.. iutt Mocks Poat 

Office. '.■■.,' 

CiELBCT bouaekaaplnat rooma; excellent 
CTilooallty; no obiiwUbn to children. Box 
5a, Coloniat.', ', •. ■,"''- ■ .^^ , " "^''.-- '- .;.' : 

fjno' lef— 3 fumlihed hou»ekeeplng ino4«m 
X conveniences. 120. Apply: Box J6, 
Thobarn P.O. 

rpo let. tinfurnlsbad. « Uu-f* tro«»t;ipbo«i* 
' JL ba ui, '■^rO-mlni UM I tf O ^liyj.^f *<?**» ^ 

r^OMFOKTABLB bedroom to let. ault 8 
\J man. also bedroom and unfarntahad 
rootn^ 426 jonn atraa t. Rock Bay. 

C' 6m FORT able room, with bath and 
phone, terma reasonable, braakfaat If 

ueslreu. 340 Vancouver st. 

_. —~ — — — 

C'tOMFOKTABLV tumlshod bedroom break- 
/ faat « daalradj 

tllv ttlioa BLi pbona 


FOB rant, nicely lurnished strictly mod- 
ern rooms, hlgb claaa bouse. Booms $1 
par day or $6 t>«r weak Qp. 'l%* Dunamutr. 

t u It on Bt. ^ ____: 

T71URNISUEO rooma to let. Apply -Mrs. 
JP Tayaor. X038 SutleJ aU, ott Vancouver 

EXCHANOB— BQuKy of |6,4T6 In MSj 
acrea well actuated. a41btoins g*- 
divlded proparty at Fort Oaojc*. . xM-> 
Mce ovef fltriyCMa. Will *»««'«>'«*?»' 
dend pki'tng atock •uch aa Islamd Invest- 
ment Company shares. Canadian P«»»o 
Railway or Bank stock. Overseas Invaat- 
ment Agency, 208 Pemberton Block. 

17«OR sale, or exchange— We have «> mod- 
J? em nine-roomed house finished lii every 
partlealar. Fernwood rd., fa^tog naw _hlgb 
achooL Will take amall payment and ex- 
change for real eatate In live district close 
In. We have 1 set of modern living apart- 
me nts for rent. Apply Partltt Broa 

OB SALE Oir will exchange for property 

■ -- - lot rowing 

O. Maude, 

JAKB8 Bayw.O«e :»^ tbe beat buys In 
James Bay fa a Jot 60x140, with a tlve- 
roomed house on It. close to Parliament 
Buildings: "on terma tor $680p. 


Real,- ..Jpitatai ,','■' ; 
Ingnmoee, Ximbiir and nines. 
1398 Broad, comer Tates. Phono 21'. $ 

<JfcQAA cash and 620 per month for a nice 
^OUV3-room house on Reglna ave., near 
price 81260^ 



TTiURMttapO bedroom for bwrtftewi ^ 
X \|MltniJ|t required; in centrally locatea 

'.O. Box 1398. City. 

I/IUHNISHBD front room tO 
JP Caledonia Avenue. 



.VUltNlBHED rooms, board optional; 
' terms moderate. 901 Burdette ave. 

minute from car. ^It W. dateiWV, 

fno. rent — Furnished rooms and 
X keeping rooms, 1088 Fort st. 




ANTED— 2 dox. White Wyandottaa. Ap- 

niy ijox 1; lifjaUiKOHt- P. O. ,, ' 

„ , - I i i . i I I ■ . i '. i I > . • ' • ■ ' " ii ' 'i 'n ' ~ - 

WHITE Wyandotte*, winners of wcOsd 
pen, m utility class, B. C. show. Van- 
couver; ail breeds competing; eggs for 
hatching and stock for sale. Geo. D. Ad- 
ams, P. O. Box 840, Victoria, B. C. 

AlltHITE Wyandotte egga and stock, fl.50 
VV per 18; 8" P'^r looj classy stock: Al 
toyers. Campbell Maicoi m. 1273 Pemprolte. 

LOST, on Frlda.\ . 
with pearls. 
I'hono 33. 

id gold brooch, 
..1, 1306 Tates at. 

OST — Green parrot. Suitable reward. 
Appiy* -urs. Uay..De»o.» uottftge^, L»- 
qulmalt. - __^__ 


questions asked for return ot kJtlen 
aki-n from Woydlawn Crescent, Wed- 


nesday, April 
bo prosecuted 

."Vl rs. 


party will 


ADVERTISER would Invest tew hundred 
dollars with services In genuine con- 
cern. Apply isox Too Cwswilat. 

I.'MJH «ale — Real Estate business In good 
running order; well lurnished oftlcel 
ap.jly 318 riayward block^ 

GOOD general atore business for sale, with 
live room house, situated on Cjuadra 
street; call tor full particulars from llodr- 
soii &. I'owoll, 230 I'eraborlon. 

\Tt7HlTE Wyandottcs 
VV 100 'and $4 p>r 15, 

$2 per 16; $0 per 
8'.:o per 100. When 
■buying from me, you are getting the high- 
est quality at' the lowest price. W. H. Cut- 
terall, Cordova ba y. May wood, B. C, . 

O. V. I ' 


To RENT — Two turnlBhed housekeeping 
r ooms. 62? Hillside ave. 

10 Bont— Two fine large unfurnished 
rooms in private house, close to car; 
every cohvenlencc for housekeeping; suitable 
for married couplie; no children; apply Box 
144 ColonlaL V ': y 

Tp rent, furnshcd" hou8ekee<>lng'r6om. 11J8 
Grant st., . off Cook. 

TWO unfurnished housekeeping rooms 10 
rent with every convenience, one minute 
from car. 103J Hulton st., Oak Bay nvo. 

inURNlSHED front room to let; suit two 
? llittligM e ii ' IMt gl a n chard Street. ' 

."■ijilJRMill^BItt rO«itt*— Bedroom, su 
X lady. 6 Alma Place, Michigan 

It anm' 


boat, two 7- foot yacht tenders. 
Mskyne Island, B. C. ■ 

Dougiaa St. 

tQfyCT cash and balance arranged monthly 
e>l9 , for a, new 3-room cottage In 
bvardaie, ilve minutes fro m Douglas cai. 

<COftn <=**''' •'*'■ *-^ ^" month for -'- 
^.tjOU room ahack and corner lot on 
Kings rd. ■ '':■,■_■ 

SPLENDID .7-rOPm bungalow on two lois 
close to Foul Bay, halt block from car, 
on >a>^d. atreet, $7000; halt caah. $40 per 

month; ''-•;' '., ' ' 

half block from Hlll- 
ome mile circle, quite 
IMlfV .silted iOf furnace, $5000; terms $100u 
ctoh.' balaaee arranged. 

Harriett rd., $3500; 

tinCTtlnL exchange equity of $1100 In mod- 
tV em bungalow, de9>,.ible section, Fair- 
field, payable monthly for title to vacant 
building lot; apply giving particulars to 

Pox '14.'» Colonist. ^ , ' ,,. ' , 



O'i', 16, wants room and board In pri- 
vate family. P.O. Box 75. Victoria. 

OOM and board wanted 
tlcman In fl 



AMES Bay Hotel— South Oovernment st. 
2H blocks from boat landings; tine Id- 
eation facing Beacon hill Park; 100 rooms 
modorn throughout; first class Krlll In con- 
nection; moderate rates by day, week or 
month; phone 2304^ 

LARGE front room, suitable for two. 
Yates Street. -''.'■■... 


LARGE front bedroom, suitable for four; 
breakfast It desired; *'!"„„»'"?.''«'• 
rooms. Dcrra Veragh, Beaumont I .O., 
Ksqulm^alt. ^__ 

iMfliiiS or prlv.ito family; , 
ner only. Box 9l'7 Colbhrst. 



t and din- 


'ANTED — By two young men; flrst-class 
room and board with American or 
Canadian family In James Bay district. 
Box 80. Colo nist. 

YOUNU man desires room and board with 
private family. Address Box 146, Col- 

onlstj ■ 




,WO furnished housekeeping rooms, 
ply 533 Hlllaldo ave. 


.. V— s model incubators, 640 
leon for sale, overgtocked. 

I lyal Oak P. O, 


jV>R rent, on Hillside. 
$',!6.&0; store nnd 
C. W, Hawkln." 

new fou. 


4 rooms and bath ; 
wv.i living rooms, 
' ave. 

FOR rent, 
heat, private bath. 

,j,...i ....'., furnace 
close In, furniture 
for BBlo; only used four months; best loca- 
tion in city; Box 013, C olonist. 

mEN-ROO.MED rooming or boarding 
X house for rent to party buying furni- 
ture. Rent reasonable. Centrally located. 
tJox 1002 Colonist. 

UNFURNlSiHBD room for rent, $4.50 a 
month; pleasant situation, central. 
1203 Pandora. _' ^ 


TELL furnished suite of 
room». 1176 Yates St. 


Q or 4 Unfurnished rooma for rent, very 
M cheap rent, 1S20 Oak Hay ave. 


IrvOR rent, small office, with warehouse 
space If neceesary; suitable tor manu- 
fact'jrers' ag'^nt or commission merchant. 
In a wholesale warehouse. Apply Box 110, 

HRKK roomed furnished summer cottage. 



HOTEL wanted — Moderate sized licensed 
country hotel; terms must be reason- 
nble. K. Scott, cjo Post liox ia20. North 

l.NE roomed rooming house for rent lo 
party buying furniture; centrally local - 
Hox fill Colonist. 



[fANTEU — To rent licensed hotel; roan 
and wife to iii.inago same; rTfercnccB 
It required; address L"x 502 Colonial. 





1ft, n modern 6-room nousc, fhroe 
blocks from the ond of the Douglas 
car; $2£> per month. The Bruin Realty 
toll (lovornmenl St., Room 3. 

To Rent — Modern bungalow, eight rooms; 
apply 924 (:;olllnson. 

) rent, 8-roomed house, with large baje- 
m^nt, separate bathroom. Fern streol 
car passes slr.-et. Apply '3S PHnd ora si. 


\"\7ANTED — Bungalow, within 1 

■I * '^ \ .srBD, 

( ■o.OiU...l. 

mile of 
Box 6.^. 


OR Rent — James Bay stables, corner Nl- 

Btorage or 


.V.pply R. M. Byrne, 

LARGE front bedroom tor two or throe 
gentlemen, bath and phoae. furnace 
b,.,tr" $2.60 each we-hly. 649 Oovernment. 
second' house from Empress hotei. ^ 

-VTEW rooming house charges moderate; 
IN 1116 North Park st.; proprietress Mrs. 
McLead. _^ .. 

-VEW'LY furnished rooms, double or single, 
JN private, near c ar, 2421 Blsnchor^ st. 




,NB "illcely furnished room suitable 

one or two gentlemen: board It 

Blred. Apply: 40 San Juan Avenue. 


[■VJ let, nen^ furnished rooms; 
venlences, at 844 View st. 


P. O. 

YOUNO gentleman desires 
board with private family. P. O. Box 

YOUNG woman of refinement desires 
room and board In nice locality. P. 
O. Bg x 61. 


"I^BW S*rodm house. 
4X ata* •▼** within 

#V slOed lor furnac 

lb.' buuwe a rrange<i 

"pO'BW *-t9om cotttLge. 

"VTEW 4-roOm bungalow, Irma at, |2S80^ 
i> cash |62Bk ' 

NHTW 4-room cottage on Haultaln st, near 

Shelbourne, for $24 25: ca sh $500. 

BUSINESS property snap, View street, be- 
tween Quadra and Vancouver, 30x120, 
tor $8500; thir d cash. 

GOOK St.. between North Park st. an4 
Fisguard, 28V4xl26, with 6-room house, 
$8400; caah $2 000. 

CORNER lot on Dominion and Colvllle for 
$840; third caeh. 

"DURLBITH, 58x147, tor $1080; third cash. 

CRAIGFLOWER rd., $157$; third cash; 
size 48x110.^ 

CBA1GFLOWF.R rd.. 120x300. with B-room 
house and fr uit, for $630 0; third cash. 

east ot Lampson, for $1400| 

third caah. 

nOLVlLLB rd., 46x120. $960; third cask. 

LYALI., St., 



7ALNUT St., 44x115, $900; third cash. 


ave., 60x180, $1600; third 


ENMAN St., 47x110, $1050; caah i480. 

A LBANT st.i 

46x100, $876; third cash. 

FV Thistle St., Willows, 40x120. $7«0J 
cash $260. 

'ONFA' wanted — AVo 'want loans ranging 
from $2&00 to $10,000, on new houses, 
HrHt mortgages; will pay 8 per cent Inter- 
est. .Monk &. Moiilclth, cor. Government 
and Rro ughton. 

~ TANTBD — As loan for few months, $r,00, 
secured. Will pay 10 per cent. P.O. 
Box 1293, City. 



n\0 let a large front room, furnished or 
I unfurnlBhed. James Bay; close In: 

would suit one or two ladles. 

Apply phone 

IV^OR rent, barn, $4.50 per month, Indud- 
. Ing water. Box 8, Colonist. 

FOR rent, new store. No. 
ftCrt. tram Duuslaa-Sl. 
Dougan. R2872. 

707 Pandora, 

Apply W. H: 

IV.} rent, 
. John 

TO let, 

furnished rooms for two. 
PI.. James nay. 

506 St. 

superior rooms. SImcoe St., near 
and car, from 12th. Phono R- 


O lyET — Furnished room, 

193'/ Blnnchard 

loan of between 
an Inside, wml- 
buslnosB property, rovenue producing. Bag- 
shawe & Co.. 224-2'i6 Pemberton building. 


TANTEU, for client, a 
t40nn and $4I>U0 on 

T'XTANTED, $250 for 60 days; 
V\ secured. Address Box 881, 

give note; 


T^EH are 


61x120, $425; OAsh |818. 

60x136, 11060; third 
YRTLE ave., 60x120, $1060; third cash. 



ONE n'<URl..o Man In every town to lake 
orders for best custom-made clothes In 
Canada. Highest commission. 'Rex Tailoring 
Co.. Limited. Toronto, OnL 

\J bull 

in B. C. Permanent 
building, Oovornment St., reasonable 
rent; apply Empire Realty Company, 641 
Kort St. 

fl-VJ ri-nt, store, 30x70. comprlslnrf ground 
JL and menznnine floors, near cornftr of 
'Vales and UnuglHs si, at present oc(:U- 
j,l.-d l.v M..«srri IJ.Txtrr .t Johnson; pusses- 
rion gl'vrn .May 1 Apply A 11. SHrglson, 1", 
(>. Box 715 or Room 4, I'romis block. 

2 or 3 roomed cottage for $150 
,„■,, u<>i.i.>iu M4 .c.ti. Uo.M 12II, 

rryo lel. modem store on Port s 
1 ppr month. Monk-Monlflth 
i;overTim«'nt St., cor. Broughlon. 

rent; $75 
Co.. Ltd.. 


llneon .street. 


two rooms. 

1041 Col- 


\"« WANTED, a young Englishman fn share 
VV In ji shaok. Apply, Box 9 70 Colonist,. 

rumisnea, large iiorit otu- 

rpO roiil, 

desired. 1210 Fort st. 

room; suit two or three; breakfast 


rent, furnished. 

largs front room. 164 

mo rent, furnished front bed-iltting room. 
JL nre plaoe. 1210 Fort St. 

TO i«t — Furnished roomB, heated; suitable 
for gentlemen; niodarn now house. 321 
Michigan street. 

TELL furnished rooms with br«akfa»t. 

u»e of sitting room, every convenlencn, 

1415 Fort St.. .Jhone 2881. 



rr^OR Sale — Good agre«>ment of sale; pro- 
L perfy on car line; Box 186 ColonlsU 

rnone iioa. 
7-roomed bouse In 

W. CROW (Si CO. 

782 Yates Bt. 

TAMES Bay — A large 

hall, parlor, dining, kitohen, pantry and one 
spare room downstairs; 3 bedrooms Up- 
stairs; full basement, piped for fumaca; 
lawn back and front; all fenced and gar- 
dened; this Is one of tAie best buys In 
Bay; price $6600, on terma 

EAN Heigh ta — One of the beat bM|« !■ 
looaMiy; 8 loU, saob lOktlli fcl 
7; price 8866 each: one tbilri (Malk h 
6, 12. and 18 Montha. 


-T7-ANCOUVER St., 60x117, 11786; third 

V cash. 

FKET on May sL, weat UJiden, |4IOOl 
4 bird cas h. 

LINDEN and Oxford, 47x100, ♦2260; third 

/ -iOOK at. near HtMa, 80x1^, ISWO; third 
cash. _________ 

LILLIAN rd.. Hollywood. 168x174. lltMi 
caah 8«60. , . 

ARNOLD ava. B«xl80. tl>6*: third 


AITHFUL at,. «»xW7. •»»«»S^ 



$6a» «». 

oat: aralt it 


...;,■■' A ^i!*fiSiJ!tij%l 

In tbig. 



Tuesday. April 9, 1912 


.■^ ■ l.e auU oiiir I^nliu llial Ks-late Office 
Booke, lt.<.:. 

r-/k .\i,uas ■«& frout. ti-6 per acre; would 
i ''illvld*. 

BUNGAL.OW — 6 rooms, 2 acres of land: 
fine vlewa. fJ.tOO. 

1()0 ACrtE fuiiii. $7,000. 

IT? A ACHE farm— HO ihkkens. etc.; 19 
J Uv/ C0W8, etc.; 2 horses, etc. i'rlco 

SS-Mllo l>oat 

Farms. I'aiiiiluB l..ands. t'liii'ken Ranches, 

ItcHldJ-ritlBl HIlPB. ltuBlni-B8 Investinenta 


MtMiibrrn ut lUv Krat K»tate KxcliHUce 
Jla.tnes Bolldliur, I'ort St. 


Heal estate. Timber «8« IiWtt«M»«» 
M Sayward Butldlns. T«>«fhoti» 1«I 

krJ'!iryAyP90Mg aaw eottsc*. sitiute on Bay 
jEl street, close to Fernwood Roitd, contain* 
in« S rooms, with full basement, coment 
Ikior. M>4 furnacte. Prlco J4,000; terms $1, SO 
.^cash. balance c an be arrange d to suit. 

INSIOB the half-mile circle, a modern 
6-room cottage for t4,S00; terms $1,000 
4tasb, balance $£60 every six montha 

Cy^WlCHAN Ulver— 20 acres, with SOOrt. 
^ river frontajfe; splendid nshhig: 1 Vj 
niitea from lake; road and railroad fronl- 
uge; good spring: 1200 per acre. 

COBBLE HIM— 5 acres, all cleared; 17.000 
struvvbcrry plants; 100 applt's, small 
house, »1500; h alf cosh. 

Gor.coN' iicaS v.'atcrfreat, jioeo per 
acre. ^^^^^ 

HOUNBY Islana — Waterfront, 74 acres, 
house, barn, 40 acres i;alHvated. all 
furniture, tools, stock, etc.; cheap at $12,500 

QHAWNIG.AN — 35 acres, splendid situation 
io on good road, good house, burn, etc., 
6 acres cultivated; $10,000. 


ileal Kiilatii and liisuraac* 
liij2 Vates Street 


Ileal UaiatB. Timber, Minus «nd Coal Lands 

l^houe JUKI*. ">>* »«»• „ „ 

1:G Pcnibertua lildg. Victoria. B. C. 

Va.icouver Oltlc*— Winch UUildlng. 
Members Vlclorla Heal Ksialo Uitbuuge 




BROOKE St., Fairfield district lot ;60g; 

120, dry, level and no rock; a good 

buy at 11350; $360 cash, and the balance 
i« i. IS. Ift m oatua. 

v' :m*-- imitasMb"'' two' -«Ht«y iota. 42xim. 

tiermi. ■ _____«,«_ 

)8«:II8:RT ave., lot 60X129: prtce only. 
«ji*t6«t on the usual te rros. 

PRIOR St.. new 8-rxK>m bouse, cement 
foundation; piped for furnace: very: 
modem, and every convenience; this is a 
beauty and must be seen to be appreciated; 
built on a lot 61xl3& ti., price o«iiy $4650. 
on suitable terina 

CBDAR HUl rd., near Fernwood: new 6- 
room bungalow, sfrlctly modern and 
up to date; price only, $3300; terms $600 
cash a'nd the balance as Vent. 


820 Fort tjtreet 
CASH — Ljirge lot, easy terms. 

TiucivLANU u,L., loi 60x120. no rock. 

\'l M.KIA WB8T— E^ i N- Trackage. 
> J"i ft.. $3676; $1300 cash, balance ai- 
.Jl/SSIOLL. St., hit 56x115; $3«V6: third is&»&. 

balance ar ranged. 

rnUE future railway terminus at the north 
J- end of Vancouver island will be be- 
yond doubi Port aardy; now U the time to 
invest. __________ 

GOVERNMENT tit., 240 feet frontage, with 
double corner. 

on Herald, with 


Member Real Katale Kxeliange. 

Ruoni i. MeCallum Block, 1225 Douglas Su 

P. O. Bon 12 33. 

HERALD St.. 120 ft. 
corner, Oovernmen 

CASH — Sixth street. 

T^OUGLAS St., 120 "• corner lot. 

VANCOUVER Street— l-ot wUU li-toom 
house. »«600. ' 

■■ . „ . II. i . ii I . li ■ __^ 

¥T|7SlLWNGTON »troot'"" M » o» utl^tXim 

.,. Vy. .- ,. ,trtet. ■ •• I»0». • ~- '-- 

I I II ,p..^M^» 

Up to •40»,oeo to loan lor erecting vn 
office building in Victoria. To P«~*»»»« 
acreaments ot sale Viotwrl* proi»6iiy ?-oo,- 
000 In iota ol «10,«VO and over. 

\T|7EST of Hardy Bay— 13,000 Acres. ♦7.»« 
VV par acre, suitable for settlement and 
subdivision into 20-acre blocks; would sell 
readily at $20 per acre. 

NEAR Union Bay— 100 Acres, all cultiv- 
ated. $500 per acre . 
ISUANDS, near Sidney. Prices from $1600 
to $20,000. 
SHBEP farm, 1850 acres, with 1000 sheep. 
on Island. $ 17 per acre. I ncluding sheep. 
TIMBER lands, crown grant license, etc., 
over 4 billion feet. 

PEACE River — 100.000 Acres, ^Oti^e finest 
area in thi s district. 

TO owners of Port Hardy lots — If you 
wisti to sell same send us price and 

-^f""'-" We tutve t'iurBrn Mil yrv mpk^ 

C;HAW,M0A.V Lake— Block of IIH acres. 
►O west arm of lake, good waterfront, all 
fenced. C N. R. passes within halt mile; 
price very reasonable-. 

OH acre blocks, near the lake, opposite 
*^ Koenlgs; $6uu a piece, on terms. 
0(\ ACRES, within 15 minutes' walk from 
Oil K^>^TliC^. Al 2^*!1. AvwrlsBilnir creek: 
f75 per acre, very e asy term s. 
i) WATERFRONT lots, vest side, near 
^ Strathcona hotel. L^iok us up for prices 
on these. 

4'i acres, nea.r 26-mlle post, good water- 
front, and one of the prettiest polnls 
on the lake, chosen by owper 7 years ago. 

yfONTKRKV ave., $1060. good lot w^lth 
fruit trees. 

BECHWOOD ave., new 6-rporaed house, 
$3900, easy terms. 

iryOVU Bay— Listings of lots wanted Im- 
nirdlately; buyers waiting. 



1101 Broad Bt„ aornsr VIow. 

AMPHION Bt.— 88x113, $1600; third. *. 
12, 18. ' 

T>INB St. — 88T127, $1350; third, 6, 11. 1$. 

••WATKB ACT, !•«•.•• 

THIS IB TU CJiUTli'V that the Welllag- 
tea (JoUlery Coimpany, l-imlied, boldsr of 
Water Llceuies Noe. IKlil au4 Ibil'. granted 
by ll'.B Waior Coninilsslouer (or tbs Victoria 
Water District, for the aivwsiou oi i,»v6 
cubic feet per second "f water from the 
I'unlledKe river, a tributary ot CuurlBuajr 
river, has •ubmlltod to ibo Llouienani-Uov- 
ernor In Council a map or plan of the works 
by wblcU It luleuds to dlvuri the said water 
and conduct It to the plac» where it shall 
be used for (eneraiing eleotrlo power as 
described in the satd lloeases. 

That the undertarfilng ot the said Wel- 
llogtuu Colliery Company. LlniUsd. as ssl 
out In the said plans Is hereby approved. 
and the said conipan> is here'jy aiihorized 
to couslruct and. txocuio Ida following 
works In accordance wUU tha pUoa and 
speclflcatloi's subuiUled and Died in the 
oKlce ot the Chief Water Oumuitsalouer at 
Victoria, viz.: — 

A — An impounding dam near the outlet 
of Comox Lake. 

U — Lowering the bed of Puntledge rlTer 
and the herelnalter dei.crlbed diversion dam 
to au liuircasud depth of flvu feel or lesa 

C — A diversion dam on Puntledge rivs* 
about 2,800 lect below the Impouudii^g dam 
above UeMSUMMk. " _^^,\ ,. ^^ *mmm^ 

abov* licansos on and in the vu)latt> o( 
ItMds balonglns to the said company. 

Tbat tha company may axerotso ita 9*** 
•ra within tho Comas and Neisoa L«aa Am* 

That no capital M required 
already subaorlbad and paid up. 


C<«knp«ll(l»B for l*"*"»er»ily Buildings 
to Be Ererted at Point Orey, near \ an- 
couver, Britlah Columbia. 

The governinent of Brr.loh Cc:luniUla In- 
»It« competitive plans for the general 
•cneme and uoils" •'•'' '"• p. &pOicu r.c^v 
university, to«eilier with more detailed 
plani for the buildings to be erected first 
at an estlniuted cost of Jl, 500,000. 

Prlxe» of 110.000 "111 be nlven lor the 
mosl successful designs submitted. 

I'artlculars of tha competition and plan 
of site may be obtained on r»<|uesl from the 

Tlie designs to be sent in by July list. 
1912, addressed to 

Parliament Uulldiags. 
Victoria. British Columbia. 



CORNER Olympln and Cadboro Bay Rd — 
50x120. $1700; third. «, 12. 18. 

35500; thir d. 6. 12. 18. 

tl'RNSIDB — Close to V 
* «3000:»third. 6, 12. IS 

iNKtEAS Ave.— 60x110, $816; third, « 

Bl'RNSIDB — Close to Douglas St., 50x110, 
|3000:»third. 6, 12. IS. 

12. 18. 

l,17ALTON St. — 60x120, 31475; third, «, 11 
>V 18. 

OnaMEK Brook and AraotiL §9«l-9i ft^**" 

lora . -^, . ji. ._ 

completed and In actual operstUMt o^sMf^tHx 
tore the Slst Docembar. itll^ J- 

With Uia proviso that dai<«c Om ooa> 
stmction of the said wefko 4inf oa t h— f 
appointed by tha Mlntsfilr o( Lrdbda (or that 
porpoaa abaU hava fraO fooaaa to aU puta 
ot Ue works (or thl>- |>#poaa o( laspaoUnc, 
the aame and oit aMi«>t4ata« that tha ooa« 
strootlon thftroot U la.afae&Mance with tka 
plans and spMtfleaUoia haratn ralarrraA tc^ 
and that tha cost of such taspaotloa ahatl 
ba paid by the company. 

Oatad thla titb dajr ot Movambar, ini> 


Coal mining rights of the Dominion, In 
Manitoba, Saskalclmwan and Alberta, the 
Xukon Territory, JJ»|.IIorthwe»t Territorle* 
and in a portion g»^«lli Province of British 
Columbia, may b« MMM »r a term ot twen- 
ifVne years at ajfc. j lWHI l l JmW. Ot it wa 
Mot mora tfean .I.M* •0«aO *«" >>• 

____ to one applicant. 

AppUcatlon (or a lease must lia made fev 
tha appUcaat in parfloa to the Asant or Sub 
Agant o( tho dlatrtot in which the rlshts 
applfad (or ara attvatad. 

la aorvayed tavrttory tha land must ba 
daaertbad by aaoUoaa,'or legal sub-dlvlslons 


Water Branch 

in the matter of the Hoard o.' Investiga- 
tion created by Part III. of the " >^ »'•■■ 
Act**, fcr the d^termln«»lnn *>C water rlgnla 
exlstliiK'on the 12th day of March, 1«09; ami 
in the inatler of the following creeks In the 
.New Wesluiiiister Water District: — 

AItu or tiunimlt Lake. 

Aliilia Lake. 

Allan Creek. 

It: ilanniu L'reek. 

Boulder Creek. 

Clementine Creek. 

Capllauo River. 

East Branch of Capllano River. 

Chee-kee Creek. 

CheakamuH River. 

Cheakamus River, North Branch. 

Cheakamus River, South-east Forli. 

Cold Creek. . . 

Caldwell Creek. 

Cathedral Canyon. 

Crocker Creek. 

^press ' Creek. ,. .,,'.■. ,/-...,' „,-,.. ii^«-i?^n 

Daisy Lake. ■>■ -. •■ c >,r'<.».:-j-:- 'it/'-'iff^'.: 

Deer Creek. .,^.^,^ .>„.....».„.uJw...». «>Ji...,ia;ijfa:».JSia 

That tha worts ahwt oa o««o«» •■•<;.*£.; ..^.f i*otlont. and in unsurveyed territory the 
ra tha lat 6v ©(May "«V.;S*J?^'.^ lra5r«*Sisd (or rtall be staked ouIT^ the 

PiWity c w r fc VI Ua MwutH a C Mtia aa , 

tract appUad 
appMSiht hlmaoU. 

£>acb application must oe aeeempanled by 
a (ee of t( which will be rarundad if th* 
rlchts applied (or ara not available, but n*i 
otbarwiaa. A royalty abail be paid on tha 
marohaatabla outpat o( the mlaa at tha rata 
o( Ova cents per ton. 

Tha paraon oparatinc tha mine ahall fur- 
aiab tha Afoitt With awom ratuma account* 
ins (or tha full qoantlty o( merohantabla 
coal mined and pay the royalty thecaon. I( 
the cual mining rlchts are not beinc opar" 
atad. such returiu ahoold ba (timlaba4 at 
I saii l ino e a ye a r 

Mfht Mile Creek or Boo HKSv 
.Sloha or Squamish River. 
Furry Craak. 
FltsSIronMihs Ctaak. 
Oreen Ijaite. 
Uoulcata Creric. 
Holmdan Croak. 
HlKh Palla Creek. 
Lynn Creek. 
Liewls Creak. 
Mineral Creek. 
Mamqaam River. 
]«lltt«f^amquam Rlvar. 
"McCartney Craak. 
Mosqtitto Craek. 
MIslflooet Biver. 
Mackay Creek. 

Hud Creek. 

tfartin Creek. 

McDonald Creek. 

NIta Lake. 

Nelson Creek. 

Olsen Creek. 

Rice Lake. 

Shone Creek. 

Seymour Creek. 

Btoney Creek. 

Upper Stoney Creek. 

BP UtB Va l l e y C t aa k. 

Skooktun Rlvar. 

Bummit or Alta Laka 

800 River or Elght-asUa Crack. 

Sunshine Creek. 

Silver Falla 


Squamish or Elaha Rlvar. 
South Snuamisb Rlvar. < 

SwUt Craek. v 

Sbovaiooae Craak. 
Shannon Craek. 
Straamna or Btcoamua Rlvar; 
Urafalgsr Creekl - ' 

Tenderfoot Creak. 4 ' 

Thames Stream. ";" ' 

.Unnamed craak flowing Into Lynn CraOlb 
Unnamed craek tlowlnc Into Neleon CraOK. 
OhnanuA «r*Mc flowlst -liito i#iiii>ttjf;, 

.Vnnamed efOOK flowtn* toto SquUnliU' 
Blver through IMatrtet l«Ot «T7. _. ^ 

TOmamed atrcWh Itr District liOt iff; ..^ 

StMam rUitniac through OMtrlet tiat IM. 
'Orouti I. • 

;,Stream oh »«dtt «t ot Sabdli^im «(f P^ 
.tilbt Xot« 7tX MtttMt, Oroiip 1. _ ■ 

.TAinamed atragm ruBnins ta oa : north 
kmnilary of District I*t t J*. ^.^ • 

Streatn on IMstrict JLot Stl. '■)■■ 

" •«tna!l creek running ihrow«h:'*»t=T*»-l«- " - 
^aotatherly direotion. > ' 

. 'small stream ninnlng ■ Into North' Arm, 
iapryard inlet, opposite works ot thO Vanr 
aoavar Power Company. ■"',. • .1. 

: Tfnnamed mountain atraam eoiltlnglB jwt ■ 
•tha north boundary-line of l«t <S(>. m Mtt- 
aWiipallty of North Vancouvar. 
- limail stream running In a southerly dl- 
ractlon Into Burrard Inlet, about oho mile 
ahdia hair east of Seymour Cree)^. 

Unnamed stream flowing through BJ. V% 
0( t>l«trlct I*ot 1240, Group 1. 

toiiMmMi •traan running cast and west 
)tH{Hittiil"Mt fi|i.:'|itUtherii portion. 
^^fOk Manlnrnirough l^iatrlci Lots 373. 

'i«iK.-'l^VlMrbiip ''.'i. <"'--'' ' 

■VmStmMt- MrOam flowing through eastern 
petite ofDiatrlct Lot sm. . 

lO^iBamed strdam close to aastem botindary 

' of, lili^ne. 

trnf.ftmed strewn rlsliiw ia |«fc 1*84.' North 
Vancouver District. < 

UanAmed streant Oii ^aat shore 9t: Main- . 
Whi Omi^tylng into Howa Sound opposite 
Atii ftikofe Bowoa uiaaO. - 

J Unnamed DtraaiB kiUfDlC Its source north 
•of District tot- «», liad running in a 
southerly dUsactloBfbrOttl^ the taldlotitn- 
to Burrard iWot,- , ,. - V 

'- . :.tliif>VTiiW ■»*^"*' ?irbteB nuu.'.through Lot 
SM» <VilA bot «•♦«. ^. ^ 

tliiraitt'fea '*tr«M»- i»Wefcfon» southerly 
through subdivision of north-«a«terly part 
of District Lot 871. , • -^ 
tUnamed creek on"; ItOtalO. about 12 
duUto trom south-wafi OiflMr^ 

Unnamed atraam raUhliiiii from Lot i40s 
through Lots Itftt and Se4<^ Into Burrard 

lB'«t- ... t 

Unnamed straMn which passes through 
District Lot 881. (lowing south-westwards 
Into District Lot ?86 and through District 

t*t 888. "■"■ 

Unn«Lm«d stream passing through District 
libt TSB westwards. ^j>^ 

Unnamed creek flowing through District 
Lots 1301, «»9, 803, and 862. 

Unnamed stream on north boundary of 
District Lot 8S2. 

Unnamed stream flowing south-easterly 
through District Lots 2008 and 2004. 

Unnamed creek entering .N'orth Arm of 
Burrard Inlet on west side, between Brighton 
Beach and Point Beautiful. 

First gulch south ot Schooner Harbor, and 
running through Lot 207«, Group 1. 

Unnamed creek running through 6aster!y 
pan ot District Lot 801. North Vancou- 

Unnamed creek running westerly from 
Snow Flat, on Lots 1001. lOnj. 1003, 1004, 
Group 1, and all unnamed springs, streams, 
creeks, ponds, gulches, and lakes tributary 
to or 111 Ihn rlclnlty of tho above-named 
gt reams. 

Take notice that eneh and every person. 
l)Ri inershlp. company, or niunlrlpallty who. 
(in the said l.:ih day of Mnroli. 1809. had 
water rlghls on any of the above-mentioned 
( iPt>kK, Is directed to forward on or boforft 
ilio 2!ith day of February, 1!I12, to the Chief 
Water Commissioner at the Parliament 
HuUdlngs at Victoria. ' a memorandum ot 
claim III writing as requlr^-rl by section 27 
of the said Act as amended. Printed forma 
for such memorandum (Form No. 1». ) can 
1)0 obtained from any of the Water Com- 
mlsBlonerB In the Province; 

And take notice that the said Board 
of Investigation intends to proceed to tabu- 
late such claims on or about the SOth day 
of March, 1912. 

After the olnlms ha^>« been tabulated by 
the Board, nntle« will h» given of the plaoes 
ftn,l days on which evidence and argtiment 
will li*- he.-ird nl local pnlnta 

Dated at Victoria ibis 1.1th day of Jan- 
uary, 191t. ' 


Contractors and Real Estate 
1!> Green Block. Broad St. Phone L709. 

K BOOMS, modern, Denman et., a snap 
Jtf-- »32aiL - 

g ROOMS, Bank St.. steam heater, 84900. 

S BOOMS, Grahame at., lovely home, $6000. 

8 ROOMS, modern^- 

Ontario at,, aheap, 

Q ROCAfS,' vCoratorant St., olosO city hall, 
W' ItOQU. new. Quaana...ava., 86820. 
|felOHONT>ON rd., 60x120, a bargain, 8000. 
i>ARKDALE, good lots, iseo and 8600. 
TYRAKS aye.. 60x160, a real an*a. %HSK 

*<SQnA CASH — A snap at 
^POUU shire road. 


$1,250. liamp- 

a specialty ot Port Hardy lots aiiU acreage. 
ARMS — We have 100 farms on our lisu 

third, 6, 12, 18. 

CASH — Just the house for a homo 
between Gorge and Burnslde rd. 


OtOeaa: 81S Pembarton Block and SMaay. 
B. C. Phone ItlL 

TXARDY Bay Lota 
TTARDr Bay Lota 
TTARDY Bay Lotik 

NORTH and South Saanich lands tor sale 
In small, or large' blocks, unimproved 
land, cleared land, and planted orchards, 
with or without nousea For prices and 
particulars of the best buys call upon us. 

BUSINEISS sites In Victoria on Fort St. 
and Blancbard St., including double 

WANfSlb, Victoria Residential lota and 
housaa in any district. 

5 ACRES fruit trees, etc.;. good land, near 
Cedar HIII cross road 88900; one third 
cash balance arrange. 


^aAKBSPSABB l(W SOXiaO. good. 88S0. 

-^- |UW ' . r i niTr i - i I, I'l li j 

luross at., a hiM9y tmj; Mxiso. 81560. 
TyBAX Heights. MxtSl 8«80. quick sata 

UVBR at.. BOglftii. near sea, 81109. 

ILTON St., Foul. Bt«y rd., SOxlSO, $1160. 


irjCTOR at^, SOxltUt 877ti a anatp. 

rJraiRBE 00x1 20. lots with 3 eight-room 
X houses, Michigan St., 81<.850. 


l^hona 2816. SSl-S-S Pamberton Bldg. 

Investment Spaclallsts 

LOOK at this, two blocks from Hillside 
car line and inslda city limits, a new 
4-roomed bungalow with bathroom and on 
large lot; only fZCOO. terms 8600 cash. bal. 
825 per month. , 

-jrtilCMUOKD Park, Wtlmer at., nlea lot 
Xv (iulng two Btreeta 60xisa; price only 
8i3Mi, thlird ca sh, bal. g. 18, liL 

TJfliljIfTWOOD Park — Cor. St. Charles and 
-CjL KoUywood. tine lot, 36x120; price $1600; 
terms third casb.^ bal. S. 13, It. Thda lot 
lias a beautltal view of b04 and mountalna 


Real Batata. Insnraaca. 

Cor. tVilklnsdn Road and Chandler Ava. 
Colqulu P. a Victoria. B. C. 


STRAWBBRBX VALE — Holland ava, S 
acres, only 8^ miles Xrom Victoria 
and 6 minutes from new cafiino station 
site; 7-room house, about 260 fruit trees, 
outbulldinga chicken runs, splendid svil snd 
waMri good snap price with easy tarma. 
k'trst-olass subdivision property. 


BT* rates St. Phono Ltl88 

FURNISHED 8-*oom house, near parti; 

BUSINESS property, IMscovery •*•• o**' 
Douglas St.: $11,000. 


ORGE rd., eleganl house. 89,250. 

; acres, good aub- 

cCASKlLL at., B. * N. trackage; 8*000. 

CARET rd-, corner lot. »-»»»om cabin., busi- 
ness site, near city;. prlee 81,000} cash 
$800, easy bala nce; good bu y. 


CARET rd.. Garden City Heights^ thraa 
lots (one on com*r> (or 81800; eash 

required $sv('. balance amJig*. IPusiUvviy 
IS money maker. 

STRAWBEBRT VALE — Holland ava.. flva 
a^res and 8-room . bouse; 2(0 fruit 
trees (bearing), 6 chicken houses. 2 acres 
asparaans, small fruits In great quantltlasi 
prtea >11,7M: cash 88.780, balance 1. 8 and 
g year* at t par cant; arat-«laaa (rait and 
chtckaa ranch sitak 

division; $7350. 


SHELBOURNB sf., S-roomed house, (ully 
furnished ; 8«0»0. 
r^BEAP lot. close to C. P. R. wharf. »48M 

rnOLMIE subdivision, lota from 8880. 

T>BLV'EDERE tots from 88*0. 

MBItoHOSIN IMstrlot — « acrr lots, water- 
front; 820 08. 
OOD choice ot acreage at ColwoodJ 
from S^ to »0 acres; chaap. 

LK lake; 10 acres cultivated : nice homa. 
outbuildin gs, etc.; 8828 0. 

GORDON Head — A good home and tan 
acrea clo se to beach; $10.500. 

-I^IAOARA "t., double corner; $8000. 

aceaar ta 

Ufa laauraaasb Vtn laaoraaeau 

Mambara VIotorta Real Oataw JBsOhaagik 

8Sn Braad suvtetaria. *> a 

Avery desirable home on Sheibourae St.. 
containing 8 rooms, modern, large lot. 
49 feat by 171 feet, price only $4,000, on 
(eliowtng terms. 81,800 caali. balance at tha 
rata of 820 per month. Intarast 7 par aent. 

FOR Sala—In heart of business saetlon. S« 
(eat on Tataa at., batwaaa Xmu«1m and 
Blanchardi prlea par front toot 88.800.0(1. 







1814 aovernmebt St. 

eElNTRAL ava, 2 lots. 50x100. corner et 
Church; |240O. 


Patrick St., north of Saratoga ava.. 4 
lou 88x130. each 81780. 

BELMONT Ava. two short btoeka from 
Fort, nice double corner, llOUMj prlea 

$4009; third ca sh, bal; 6, 12 . It. 

KicHMOND park, Metchosin at, flai 
graiwy lot, 80x188; price $1380: .tblra'. 
cash, bal. e, 12 . 18. J^ 

BURNSIDB, Jnat nortb Mf ll:«B«l|««t«r rS.. 
two fine lota; ftiOS for tha^^it; (ann| 
thlta cash, bal. *, .iitj !« ': - " ':; ■'*>' 

balance arranged. 

•pbvMil-' ft* 'iw*': Km- taM, . iM ~ 

tir<»; tkiritt «aah. 

JOHN su— House. 7 rooms, on good lot; 
price $7000 ; bal. thlr d-~-<. ,12, 18. 

■TOHX St— 8 rooms and stable, let for 838. 
»J per month; fine business property; 
tUOOO; third cash, bal. arranged. 

-riANK at., % }ot 80xl4«i 11*00. 


1||-eQBBa<m Batghtb, 1 lot I1S08. 

/fhUJkl^RA at., aaar Tolmta ava<, t (}ttart«r 
\M a«ra lat% noantad la ttvX\ thaa« aacb 
lioifc ■ . ■ , 

GLADSTONE ave,, 2 beautiful iou; hlfb 
ground, aptondid view ;SOxl»»s *««1» 

on Dallaa rd.. 

r\AK at., good building lotn. tTfO. 

StTPBBIOR restdene 
«18.0«0i. ■ ' ■ 

-rrVARM property In all parts Vancouvar 
JT Island, from 828 per acre. 


Notice la hereby given that Frederick F. 
Higgs of Victoria, British Columbia, U ap- 
plying to His Excellency the Governor- 
General of <^na4a In Council, for i^pproval 
of the area, plana alta and deacrtptlon of 
irarko propoaod to be conatruotad In west 
Bay. Vlatoria «arb«'. Vtotairta. Bu C.. being 
the landa attaata, lying and being In tha 
dty of Vletorta, atorasaid. and known. 
ntMBbarad and descrlbod as part of aub- 
divisions five and six, o( aectloa thirty- two 
(83). mmp 84. and of another pan of said 
•action tblety-two (tS). VtawHald Farm. 
Vlincouvar Sitaad, Provlnee of Brltlah Col- 
umbia, aatf ftaa dapoattad tha area 004 alta 
plana of tha propoiad work* and a 4aacrlp- 
tion thereof with tho iStnlstar Ot V«bUe 
Warks at Ottawa, and a dspUeat* tnaraof 
w^th the Raglstrar Oanaral •( Titles in tha 
Land Regiatiry Omoo Ih tha C»iy ot Vic- 
toria. British Columbia, and that tha 
matter of tha aald appUcatloa will ba pro- 
caadad with at tha aiptratloa ot one naoath 
from the lime of the flrat pabUeatlaa o( 
thla notice in tb* "Canada Oasatta." 

Oated thla 11th day of March, A.t>. 1811. 
^ . . ». 9. Hiooa. 

VAXta^mM VAXklPS raoTBcndir ACS 


IHrOTOat stage icavea r»Ixl Ross's atom at 
ax 8 a. m. every day except Wednaaday. 
ratufBlnf tha a ame doy; ret urn fara 88. 

SIX roomW hptiy, oa ^*^^.l^^.*j£ 
acre; roote* *or ill po* monthi prwa 
,83000. y ■ ' ■ V ". . ; ■ ■ 

Caa* (roB»«o oa atlWItii •!» »w •<*•? 
RTexceltent a oii ahd jwd y iaw. 

fi^HK acre*, house. 
X cleared: $2200. 

barn, etc., 4 acres. 

A PFLY to R. G. MelJin, Sooke P. O. 



6Sl Hayward Hlk.. Victoria. Phone 3074. 


OSB St.. 50x112; $ii'e. 


12:JI Ijinglr.v Street. 


/"IRESCBNT rd., 61x110; $1100, 

KICHMOND ave., new hungalpw on 90 ft. 
lot, $4000. . 

OLLTWOOD Crescent (double corner). 

111.4x111, $3600. 

' D. McimOSB^ 

..'.'^' XaS'l Estxte and Fine 
WglMm Building. Qovernmu-,, _ 
^^^ ». C. T«lcpbone ITif 

LOT 66.10x100 on. Emma St., close to Burn- 
side road, $1366. 
1'OT on Dean Heights, 60ft, on Richmond 
i road, $105 0. ^ • 

GOOD lot on Vine gi., dose to and Douglas 
Bt. car, $800. 

Noitea U Amur jrtfaa that Lucy «t Kirk, 
ot vtctoria., jiRltwKi^Colnmbla, is apply tag 

to Bla ai^tt£MtW-^#ovanMr-43aWna^^o^ 
Canada irt,*«»«B««Will^>rOFval o< th^iwhja 
plans, ■ alia •; ".iajWi^fWh^pttoa of %orRs 
proposed to lMi;««WlpiBt»dl la WaM Bay, 
Victoria harbWj/WlcwWMIi, 8^ C bateg tha 

mSm'!^^mSmm^'Stt0^m^^ ''«i«i«Mt, 

"Vavl^bla Wataia rMUietioB_ Aot." 

WlUiam Troup, of tlie city ot Victoria, Brit- 
ish Colombia, is applying to Bla Bxcallency 
tha Governor Oanaral of Gaaada in Codnell 
for approval of the araa plans, site and da- 
scrlptloa ot works proposOd to ba --can- 
strnctad ih Waat Bay. Victoria Harbor, Vlo- 
torta. B. C, batog tha Utida altnata lying 
and b4das la tb* city ot VIctorU atoraaaUt, 
and known, auittbarad and deaorlttad a» part 
of lota Sevan, eight and thirteen of section 
thirty-two. VIewfleld Farm, Vancouver Isl- 
and. Brltlah Colnmbta. and baa deposited the 
area and alta plana ot tha proposed works 
and a dOscrlptlon ttiaraot with the Minister 
of Publio Works at Ottawa, and a dupUoata 
tbaraot with tb* Raglatrar-Genarat of Ttttaa. 
In the Land Ragt«ry Office In the City ot ' 
Victoria, Britlab Coloanbla, and that tiMi '• 
matter ot tba aaid appUsatton will b« pro« 
caadad witb at tha expiration ot one month 
from tha tlma of tho Srat pObllcatlon ot 
thla notice In tha "(;anada Oaaatta." 

Oatad thla Ktb day of fCarch. A. Di, StiS. 


T OK. B. C. , 

.niicton Hyiiio-Klectric System 

Tendara will ba rocalvad tuh ;• p. tt. 
April 18th, hakt, for (a) Bxoavation. back- 
tiiUag for. add making about saven milea : 
of concrete ^pa 18 laehaa: diamatar. Ifiaind- 
ing furciisblttg and bavlMv of aaatai^aiBi ' 
and (b> Bauilag and taylbS' of abottt tvo '' 
miles ot 10 inch and 13 inch high prea*. 
aura steel pipe, having partly flanged and 
partly b«I} aad wigot Jotatja. 

Plans aAd gpoelftMitlana may ba a^aa at 
the oBlce ot r, 'W. LaUmar, Conaultinc 
Engineer for tbOt tfaalolpality, Pantletoa. 
B.C., to whom tendara may ba addraaaad. 

BaOh pr«poai4 m«i »»o acoompAiUod.Wr • 
certlAad cheqine on any Cbarlarad Ba** la 
caaada In tho sum of ipw .aiipt. o« tt» 
amoaat of tha tendar, T^r^^tJt-J^iMS: 
lelpallty. aa a gnaraaty^**^ «** W«M*f 

■'titetpfr ooatrMtf-ahd- fura»»b.^b(Ui«;.S«J»^ 

■wniwia. .-■ ■■"'*' .V ■ ■.'•■^1' ■•'''■ Jl»"iiILiL 
• tUtm lawaa* ■ aoT' •*»» .'tOBaar .«»-..* 

PahttelMi. a C, M »rcb S7tV ltt». 

'■ • "■;' 

Tha laaaa will Include taa eoal mining 
rights only, bat tha leasee may l>e xtermittad 
to ptirchaaa whatever available surface 
rights may ba oonaldarad aaoOaaary for tha 
working ot (ba aUna at tba rau of flO.OO 

For full latormatlon applleatloa •honld ba 
made to the Saoratary ot tba Oapdrtmaat 
of the Interior, Ottawa, ot to atay Agent or 
Sttb-Agant «t Oomlttlon Lands. 

W "W cort 
-<fk iMj^ttty Minlgtar of ib'a Istari'ov. 
N. B.--Viuiatborls«A gabitoattoa o* .tbis^ 
advaruaanUBt will ImiI ba pMAsCOr.. 

.11 I I n il - M" — ■■H'|l |.i , ii. , i .l 'i . 'l . l >|. ' |.,M . 

•VavissUa Watan Proteetlaa Act* 

notic:b is herbbt given that rraak 

8. Barnard and Arthur Llnehanx, b>>ll» 

of Victoria. Britlab C^olumbla, are a]»lyiM| 

to His dBXOaUaaiar'lttB' Covernor-Getjafttf JW 

CaaadK:ln COttBOlllVK approval ot tW^ Ajp 

site and desci4ption of workK n«f» 

10 be contsructed In Victoria Haif^ 

Trlotorta. B. Cw M*Xas the lands slmtt 

- '^-' — » tlMI'-fCity ot V'^ 

^^m», aaiabered ai 
is Lou -Fourtcah Xl*> 
«':i««'^'P««""«f -Lot TwOB- 

SSUn iapoidtaa the area and^«lttnp«tttt 

SaSa^/^BO'fe^'^ @^ 

g^iSSyOfflca m the dty |rVtet»»%^*-- 
tiab Columbia, aiid^.that'^-' '■ ' ' 

■Si MBttcatiMi wui ba 

fka #»Mtlob ae oao aw . 

("Canada OagOtlo." ,. 

SMMd tbialttb dar ot MbifcJ^^ AOK^.intt: 




area and iritOj 
the descrf 
With Vttt Xtftttfir of Uariae an( 
^tawa and' a duplicate ^jtilWiif 
iHtb tba Heglstrar^OanOral ot tlUii Ml 
tba |«ad Raglatry of flea in the City of 
,WUii)»iifc Brltlah Columbia, and that tha 
tttBtMir of the said application will be 
(■iMNlMMiA with at the expiration of publl- 
MUon of this notice in the "Canada Ua- 

"•"•'" L. » KIRK 

Dated. Ibis 19th day of March, A, D., 

lilt. - 



tpatda* biHk 


•^lavlsabla Watew **«"olectlMfc^g™^ .^ 

;_ . • -.r«hw alvan that ■arja v. 

- «CS»0W«». British Col- 

'^S^Wt BxceHency, t&o 

ot Canada in Council for 

area, plans, site and d«- 

lOd to be con«lruct- 

J^iBtarbour. Viclorls. 

^^ipbtl the land* lit- 

0«e^ Bsrctstm ttftd JUbcrt .awtMWNI 
Sarglson. of VIotorl*, BtitUHx Columbia. 

are applylU* » His Exoellency tlie <3ov- 
ernor-General ot Cbinada-ln Council tor 
approval of tho area plans, ajte and 
de^Tlntlon of works propoaad to ba con- 
atructed on Victoria Harbor, Victoria. 
B. C boUuE tb« laiMlB sttabte and lying 
mA wS^^W''^^^' City of Victoria 
aforeSftdT'oiWd Itnowti. , 3i»in»>«?e* and 
described as LoU Itff Att* ittMr Beck- 
ley Farm EstA^fc. Vmovmmr laland, 
Briit«l|'««UiBllMb''.'««t:'a«li^' '««Poalted 

tbe '«r«8i-.AWl 
works BM-mi 
Minister ** 
and a dupU 
trar General "3 
Istry Office 

'«at*r lyins "d being tn Vlewfleld farm 

' BSSbnait District, and more particularly 

ImRtm tta* «aSOrlbed as Lou Five (6) and 

fiMUbnaU District, and more pi 
5aJ55r »«A' dssrirlbnfl as Lots Fiv 


Tel. 2217. P. O. Box 2(6. 

McGregor Block, 6S( View Street. 

"OEECHWOOD ave. (corner), 60x105. $1500. 

BBEOHWOOU ave, (Inside lot), 60x105, 
$^i:r.o. . 

"ARRtET Road, two frontages, close to 
terms, $1050. 

jdL " Burnslde, BOxUO, ■ snap on easy 

C10UNER Cook and Chapman sts., 
J 60x136; $3500; third cash. 

/^^ORNER doolt and Ollphant sts.. size (7x 
y^ 120; $3300; third cash. 

C'fORNKR Chttprnan' at. and Linden, size 
■> 46xl-'0; $2200^ 

CORNER MOBB and May sta,, sire 110x110; 
15250; third cash. ' 


"ulif •'!n2. I'finhcrfon Block, VIrtorIn, B. C. 
I'hone lop I H">. "OH 


ET us put you on to something good In 
Saanich a creagp . 

i i\(\ ACREf with Urge waterfronlag*. 
lUV' moKtly cleared. cuHI'-ated. nli tvuc- 
. ,1 mid goo'l biilldlng»: well watored and 
■rir rliol'-Pit of »oll. rrlc« for quirk »Bl« 
la J55,00i) on terms ov-^r * yenrs nt 7 y,-r 

I.l A<TIB8. commanding vIpw on Main 
J Sidney rd.. tlie h«if-w«y point V-- 
•ve..n Sidney and Victoria; two r-md fronl- 
'*'" »""'"" „„,i „!antcd v.'Hh fruit tr...*; 

ra<IMtl<'H. prlco 

J j.r 

.rice $5000; $1000 cash will handle 

CJNAl'— Large lot, 69x'.!0« 
$1050; third cash. 

Glasgow ave. 
balance $16 per 

THIRD St.. close to Richmond ave.. Bix 
140, on exceptionally easy terms; a 
aiiap, $1060. 

E& N. TRACKAaH, half acto inside 
. city llmita, frontage on two slreeta. 
t3500 cash, l>alanoe 2 years. $».600. 


318 Pemberton Bldg. 

Phone 2559 

HOLLTWOOD Uftterfronf, 2 lots, 85x180 
and 48x162; each $1900. 


.gen; fcn'-'d »nA planted «•"»;'.,/.'•'.'« tr-.... 

Kood wood, and «;»'r,'n, 
tKOOO; $»000 cash, halnni 



Members Heal 
MeCallum Building 

1223 Douglas Street 

Phone 28:$ 



60x110; iiir.o. 

ri'^llKStJ am exclusive ll8t,lngB, .i..-! 

hold good for Immcdlaio sale only. 




URNSIDE rd., 120 fl. on 

Burnaldn by 
St.; will dl- 
\lde Into 4 lota, /'arh noxlir. : price for a 
tr>w dnya, J4r.0O; on« third ca»h. n. 12 and 
18 monfha. 


OCK Bar ave., 8 room house, cloin to 
Bay at., (ind half mile circle; »:s.'* 
revenue \iT annum ;'hl9 If •• »tiap nt third 
cash, halanee 1 and 2 yearn; JitiOO. 

LARGE double corner In Oak Hay, with 
bouse; thla la worth looking Int., «c 
$.:>000; $JOno raah, balan.o arranged. 
•»-»HOUIMAT,T rdr-iot. 63 ft. frontage near 
E cay llmlla; prire »80«0; third cash. 
l.»Janc« «, 12, l^™^'.!l!L— J. 

aI'B have several good buys In lUc Our- 

don Uai>4 district, 

\J jiial off giittrtra at.; a laige lut In fruit 
lr«.-<, ' <;:xlS8; ;:0U c.T»h. balance over 2 >i 

voara; tflOO. 

CJMVTHE at., Oak flay ;nlce level lot, .lOx 
O 130: third cash. «, 12 and in montlu; 

PRIDBAi: and Hampton rd.. Just nff 
Hiirnalde; a good double cnrnor, H.'ix 
ISO; -nlll <llvlde Into thn'O good al/.ed lota; 

third caaii; 6, 1:1 and 1$; en bloc, fl$6o, 

neal Estate and innurnnre. 

Room 7.. 1007 C,o\i. at. Phone 1479 

Member n«'al Estate Exchange. 

ORNfOll of Qtiadra and I'onk sla.. good 
8-roorned hoiiae, with nearly an acrn of 
pretty ground. Btnlil.!. fowl house, ttnnia 
Inwii! old oaka, all kinds of fruit, ten mln- 
uti-H from car. jssno. 


Notice is hereby given that ClULtifls I. 
Clegg, Henry Pexton and Edward Ensel 
are applying to His iCxcellency the Qov- 
ernor-General of Canada in Council for 
approval of the area plans, site and 
description of works proposed to be con- 
structed In West Bay*^^ Victoria Harbor, 
Victoria, British Columbia, being the 
lands situate, lying and being and known 
as i-iot is. Block I. Subdivision of 
Blocks « and 8, Vlewfleld, Esquimau 
District. (Reff. plan No. 292) and has 
deposited the area and site plans of 
the proposed works and a description 
thereof with the Minister of Public 
Works at Ottawa, and a JupHc«ite there- 
of with the Heglstiar-Guneral of Titles 
m tho Land i^eglstry Office In the City 
of Victoria, British Columbia, and that 
the matter of the said application will 
be proceeded with at the expiration of 
one month from tho time of the first 
publloallon of this notice In the "Canada 

Dated this 25th day of March, .^.D.. 


M. B. jHckson. solicitor for tlie peti- 

tiled in the Land Heglatry OCflco at the 
City of Victoria aforesaid, and th«re num- 
bered 292. and has deposited the area and 
site plans of the proposed works, and a do- 
scHutlon thereof wltk the illnlster of Pub- 
lic Works at Ottawa, and a duplicate there- 
of with the ReglBlrar General of Titles In 
the Land KeglKiry Of/i-o at the City of Vic- 
toria. British Columbia, ami thi^t the mat- 
ter of the aald ap;)llcatlon will be proceeded 
with at the expiration of On» (1) month 
fiom tho time of the first publication ot 
this Notice in the "Canada Gazette.- 

Dated the iwentloth t20thj day of March 
A.D.» 1912. 

.^^ ■# Iha proposed 
mmMl»»Ot with the, 
0lii at Ottawa, 
^'1ii«lls:«|»6, Regis. 
1^ llitf tAsd Reg- 
the City of Victoria, 
British Columbia, and that the matter 
of the said application will be proceeded 
with at the expiration of one month 
from the time of the first publication 
of this notice In the 'Canada Gazette." 
Dated this 19th day of March, A. D., 

1912. — 







lota nt tinon. ' 

each, lltOO each. 

. near Gorge road, good 
Two fine high lota lOxlSO 

XJORTH SannUh — 111 acres along electric 
i^' car route, all rloarod and under cultiva- 
tion, house, buildings, living spring; well 
"daptod for subdivision, »450 per acre. 

JaANI''H road— BH miles ■Victoria- neg,- 
eleftrli' lar route and V. A S, sfailoo. 
.a-.r» bio<.kR, Kood laud, iifle Site for ttonies, 
11300, einn: IsjuMl, 


SEALED TK.VDEns addressed to the un- 
der signed, and endorsed -"iender for Interior 
Fittings, Post Office, at .Vanalmo. B. C. 
will be received until 4.00 p.m . on Monday. 
April 22. 1912. for tho work mentioned. 

Tcndei-9 win not be con.^ldered nnlaaa 
made upon forms furnished by Hepartment. 
and In aoeordance with confllllons contained 

Plana and specification to be seen on ap- 
pllrallon to Mr. .lames May, Clerk or Works, 
Nanaliiio, H. <'.. Mr. \V. Mendel .ion. Resident 
Architect, Victoria, H. f.. and ai tho L>e- 
partment of Public Works, (Ottawa. 

lOBi-b fender must b» accompanied by an 
■ ,M-.-plrd < iiC-T.i.-, or. .a r.harfcrrd hnnk. pay- 
able to the order of the Honorable the Min- 
ister of Public Works, enusl to ten per cent. 
(10 p.c. ) of the amount of the tender. 
Hv order. 

ri. c. nBRRornEna, 

Department »f Public Works, 
j] .^ .oii»w», itorou 3», illSa -..,- 


Navigable Waters Protecllon AcL 

NOTICE Is hereby given that the Victor. a 
Harbor Railway company, of Victoria, BrU- 
lah Columbia, is applying to HU Excellency. 
tho Governor-General of Canada In Council 
for the approral ot the area plana, site, 
trestle works and bridges and description 
ot works proiioscd to be constructed on the 
south aide of Victoria Harbor, along the 
ahore Uno thereof, and across Selkirk w«- 
ter In the aald harbor. And further that 
Iha said company b"s dei.oaltod tho above 
mentioned plans of tho proposed worka and 
dt«crlptlons thereof with the minister of 
Public Worka at Ottawa, and a dupllc.Tte 
thereof with the Registrar General of Titles 
In tho Land R'-gl.lry oftUo at the City of 
Victoria British Columbia; and that the 
aald application will bo proceeded with at 
tho expiration of ono month from tho first 
publication of thla notice In the Canada 

Dated thla 2nd day or Mar.-h. 1912. 
By Ita i=Sollcttor8, Robertaon * Helatsrman, 
S14 Fort Hlrcet. Vlct.orta. B. C. 


"Narlgable Wat era Proiecflon Act" 

Notl.e la her^'by given that Arthur Small 
.tnd Arthur K.dward Haynea. both of the 
Cltv of Victoria ,lii the Province of British 
folumhla. are applying to His Excellency 
the (Jovornor-General of Canada-ln-CouncII 
for approv.ll ot the area, plana, alte and 
description of works propofed _to be__ con- 
atrurted Ih Weat uay. Victorlm, wflt.Bi. Cn.- 
umbla, being the lands situate, lylijg and 
being In .the aaid City of Victoria aad 
known, numbered and described aa: Lots 
thirty-ono (31) and thirty-two (S.l n 
Block "I" of the aubdlvlalon ot Blocks Sit 
(.J. and part of Block Eight <»). Vlewfleld 
Farm, Ksqulmalt DlatrUt. British Columbia, 
and has deposited the area and site plana 
of the propoaed worka and a deacrlptloif* 
(hereof with the Minister of Piiblle Works 
at Ottawa, and a duplicate thereof with 
the R«glBtrar:asiV!r»l ol .Titles l© <Us,-^s»* 
Re«l»trv OfflV* In th* Cltt of Vletwla. 
Riiil.Hli Columbia, sr.d that 'h- maiter or 
(he aald application will be proceeded with 
al the expiration ot one month from the 
time of the first publication of this notice 
lu the "Canada Gazette." 

Dated this 22nd day of March. A.D.. I912. 
AHTHt R HMAT.T, and 


In the matter of the "Winding Lp Act 
and In the matter of the H.itlsh Columbia 
HonlcuUural Kslalos, Limited. 

The creditors of tho above niuned company 
are required on or before the IBth day of 
April 1312. to aend their names and ad- 
dressee and the particulars ot their debts 
or claims and the names and addresses of 
their Solicitors tir any) to W. Curtis tian.p- 
son of number 1::19 Langlcy street. Victoria, 
the of ft rial liquidator ot the said company 
and It »" required by noiico In writing 
from the aald official liquidator are by 
their solicitors to come In and prove their 
said debts or clainis at Judge's clianibera 
ai the Court House. Victoria, U. C, al such 
lime aa ahall be apccined In auch notice, or 
In default thereof, they will be excluded 
from the benellt of any distribution made 
before such di-bls are proved. 

Tho 16lh day of May. 1912, at 10 o'clock 
In the forenoon at the said Ciiam'oers is 
appointed for hearing and abjudicating upon 
the debts anrl claims. 

Paied this 5lh day ot March. A. !>. 1912. 



Corporation of the District of 
Oak Bay 



Sealed Tenders endorsed "Municipal 
Buildings," will he received by the un- 
dtiislgned, up to 12 o'clock noon on Tues- 
day, 9th April. 1912. for the erection 
of a frame, building, to contain Offlcee, 
Council Chamber. Police Station, etc. 
Plans, speclflcatlons. etc. may be obtain- 
ed at 1007 Government Street. 

The Council do not bind theroaalvea 
to Acce»i..t!iflorfSStJ<a'taiy 9th«r tencl- 


U9CTOM Afrr, lU*. 
SecUon i».) 
NOTICK is karebr flvaa that, «n iita 
riftb 4S7 et Mareb Mat, apylloatioa wui 
be made to tba Supertntendant ef PrvrlnetM 
p«l|sa for tbe grant mt a lleMua for the 
agle , itt ilqnor br naau In and uyan tha 
nremlMB kaown aa Tha . £UUal QanCML ■ aU* 
^«ate at Oanges, fait BvUbm Man*. B. C 
■^ Ike laaAs asssrlbe * as Um aarthaiut 
corner section two (t). nnm threa <S> mm, 
Malt tprlng Island. ■. C. 
i Bate« thU Ul <Ur •( rahrnary. It] I. ■ 




^- : 

"srAYXOAxxia watkms raoTBOyww 


Notice la hereby given that AatfMW 
Gray, ot ViciorUt, tontlah Colu«M% ii 
apply 11^ to Hta SSxcalUBoy tb« Qtiva 
erAor-Oeneral ot Canada In CeutaoU, tor 
approval of tha araii plaiUi, sita Midi 
deacrlptifrn of work* prop«a«d to fe4 CMi- 
■tructad in Selkirk Water, Victor!^ ISMr 
Harbor. Victoria. Brltlah OOlUttMS* M- 
ing the landa situate, lying »a4 feoiat in 
tha City of Victoria stforoMitd, sat} 
known, numbarad kiUl desoribM M Lot 

Thiriaen (»"}, S*SwJdft •€« i.i^,, ^ 

malt dtatrlct. British Columbta. •■€< 
daposttad tho area aiM lit* ptaoa ^'tU0, 
propoaad worka aSd a daaortiKMtt 
thoroof with tba UlalaUr «i fttMa 
Workg at Ottawa, and a «upUeat« «!>«■*• 
or with tba Bagiatrwr 0«mne»I Wt VltM 
in tho lADd xufKtry Of nc« $M % Clt^ 
of Victoria. British 0»HM»tWa, ♦!#_«•* 
tho mattor ot tho Miia aniiliMtlmi «it4 
bo prooaadtd wtth at UM'««Ht«U«i at' 

0»>Ka«tia {Mat t%ft atOM ifWk ttiM'' 

pabttcation of thta ttoUd* Ui ttti "CmkOi 
Oasotto." ^ » .. 

Datod thU llcii iajr aff «••«« a.|^ 
IMI. ^ ' "* " ■' ■ 


' .*i' 

Tuesday, April 9, 1912 



\J 1 ill 



New York Market Encouraged 
by Settlement of British Coal 
Strike — Rise of Irregular 

NEW YOnK. April 8. — Tho itock market 
today resumed Its activity and advanced. 
The rise was very irregular, being punctu- 
atd by ficciuenl pauses and set-backs, from 
profit taking and renewed aggressions by 
the short Interests. The market was en- 
couraged by the »tateniont that the Eng- 
lish cual strike %'a8 settled. 

United States Steel and Union Pacific 

were the teadera of th« «»rly movament 

.with gains of OM to tmp SOlBta in more 

Mian a score otjOtrnp l>Hm«B. New high 

-t»cord8 for ther-ygwr' W W B wiUi b»«>»«ct by 

■ome standard, securltiea. 

By midday when a total of mora than 
bsU a mUUon shares iMd boon coaobad. 
Uaton Paotne reflected tta* atfaeta of hoary 
•oiliat by coins uuder taat week'* cloatng 
quotatlona with Increased heavtoeaa In tho 
coppers. Reading and I>htsh Valley took 
'the lead with extensive baying of both 
Issues to-the accompaniment of reports that 
the lone deferred deolslo'b of the United 
States supreme court In the Reading case 
might be rendered soon. 

The assignment by the court of the so- 
oalled inter-mountaIn rate case Over the full 
term was sometftlng of a dtsappointment. 

Transactions in the late session were be- 
low those of the morning and prices evinced 
a tendency to yield, except in the coalers 
and minor specialtlea In the final deal- 
ings a demand for American Smelting and 
Rock Island, common and preferred. Im- 
parted a degree of aetlTlty. 

Call money did not get above i per cent, 
and supply was In excess of the demand. 
Tlm<> rates hardened partly in response to 
out of town withdrawals and some further 
strengthening of local reserves. 

The bond market was Irregular. Total 
sales. »3.282.000. U. B- Qovernment bonds 


Mr. Patten's Aotlon in 1909 Is Described 
as "Boixeficent" 

WASHINGTON. AprU S. — ^%\'hen James A. 
Patten operated In Way wiioai. In 1909 he 
did not conduct a t or^irr si-veral prominent 
millers told the ho;!.-!* coniiiilUee on Agri- 
culture today. Instead of cornering wheat 
and holding for enorrisous profits, Mr. Pat- 
ten performed a "beneficent action," ac- 
cording to John C. F. Merrill, president of 
llie council of grain exchanges, who acted 
a8 Hpiikesman for the Chicago Hoard of 
Ti«iur uiid uthei- wJioAl s.nd corn exchanges. 

Mr. Patten was exonerated from having 
collected undue .iroflts by his deal In May 
wheat, Mr. -Merrill said, but he closed It out 
In April and by doing so, sold at a time 
and a price that prevented the exportation 
of wheat and consequently the Importation 
of grain to supply American consumption. 
The millers got thn big profit, Mr. .Merrill 
said, and raised the price of wheat £6 cents 
over the price Patten got. 



Coodiituf fa 

Straw. t>«r ton ...'..:....... 

Bran, per 100 lbs........... 

Shorts, per 100 Iba. ••..••• •• 

Oats, peii 100 lbs ....... .^. . . 

Peed Wheat, per 100 tba..OI 
Crushed Oats, per 100 lbs . . 

Barley, per 100 lbs 

Cracked Corn, per 100 lbs . . . 
Feed Cornmeal, per 100 lbs. . 

Hay, per ton 

Chop Feed, per 100 lbs 

Whole Corn, per 100 lbs 

Crushed Barley, per 100 lbs.. 
Alfalfa Hay, per ton 

Fresh Island Eggs, per dos.. 

Cheese — 

Canadian. ^Kr lb' 

California Cheese, per lb ... 
Cream, local, each 

Alberta, per lb 

Best Dairy, per lb 

Victoria Creamery, per lb . . 
Cowlchan Creamery, per lb. . 
Comox Creamery, per lb ... 
Salt Spring Isl. Creamery, lb. 

B. C. Butter 

New iSealand Butter 

Royal Household, bag 

L,ake of Woods, bag 
Royal Standard, bag . . . 
Wild Rose, per sack . . . . 
Robin Hood, per sack . . . 

Calgary, per bag 

Moffat's Best, per bag . . 
Drifted Snow, per sack . 
Three Star, per sack . . 
Snowflake, per bag . . 



%.n • i,Y« 


lO.OOO 31.00 






Two Railways Heading 
For Fort George 

Now is the time to get in and buy something. Ask 
us about the price and, terms of acreage ahnost ad- 
joining the Townsite. 

The Nechaco Valley Land Co., Ltd. 

Reference: The Union Bank of Canada, Victoria. B. C. 
620 Broughton Street, Victoria. B. C\ 

Maynard & Sons 




Port Street and Stanley Avenue— 98 8-10 feet on Fort Street : 

135 feet on Stanley Avenue. 

This property has a revenue of $52.00 per month. 

This is not a possible business site, but absolutely one of the 
best in the city at the price. 

9143.00 PER FRONT FOOT. 


503 Sayward Block Phone 3084 

Instructed by the tnanaRer of the 
Dallas hotel, we have removed aivd^ill 
sell at salesroom, 726 View Htrcet, on 

Friday, 2 p m. 

l^urniture and 

of 28 bedrooms. Full i particulars later.' 

Also at 11 o'clock 
in our stock yards; 200 Pure Bred and 
good laying' chickens. 



Mes^jkitewart Williams 

Duly Inairuoted by GeorteCuBv Esq., 
will sell by 

Public Auction 




—ON — 

Thursday. April 18th. 

At 11 O'Olook abarp 

The whole of hli stock, horses, poultry, 
farming implements, wagons, ■etc.. In- 
cluding 10 good milch cows. 2 good 
calves, Holstetn bull, sow with young 
pigs, team of young horses, about 1400 
lbs. ea«h; team of good working horses, 
driving mare and yearling colt, 2 year 
old towwa m»r*, driving mnre 3 yfinr 


Kver\ body wants a home, but you'll buy this when 
you sec" ii. .\ modern five-room House, hall, parlor, 
dining room, two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, pah- 
try, etc., gas and electricity, beautifully located on a 
lot 40 X 185 ft., one block from the hca and five mia 
iites from the Government Buildings. A select 
neighborhood and an ideal honie. $2000 cash, and 
the balance to suit purchaser. Total price, $4500. 

Look this up — it's a James Bay SpeciaK 

Wanted— Central location for Barber Shop; also 
good-sized robm for restaurant. 

Wastem €)6mHildpL Land 
and Investment Co.; L*d. 

"With which is Incorporated 


222-224 Sayward Building . Phone 2470, 2471 




were uncbansed on call. 



(Furnished by F. W. Stevenson * Co.) 
StockB — High. Low. Bid. 

Amal. Copper 8SH 

Amn. Agr. Chemical > . 

Amn. Beet Sugar ...... 82 H 

Amn. Can. pfd '.VltHi 

Amn. Car. ft Fdy. ...'""»1 

Amn. Cotton OU ., 64H 

Aran. Ice SecurtUea ... 2S 

Amn. tioeomotlve 48 

Amn. Smelting 87 % 

Amn. Sugxr I>0% 

20 Mi 



180H 130 


Amn. Tel. -ts- TtA. 
Amn. Tobacco ufd. . 
Amn. Woolen »...,... 


A^hison ....•>..•... 

do pfd. 

**» • O.' '■......•...».._ ,^ 

S"'.?' -5*^ ••-.■•,.••..» 54% 
C. P; R. .-... 349% 

Central , leather .... . 

Che». & Ohio ....... 

C. ft o. W. ....... 

4o pfd. 

C. M. ft St. P. . . 

do pfd- . 

Colo. F»el ft Iron ..« 38% 

Colo. & Southern 

Con. Oa» 

D. ft It. a 23% 

Dtetllleris Sec. 34% 

Brie 37% 

do lat pfd. 86% 

do 2nd pttt. 

Gotdfleld Cona 4% 

Gt. Nor. pfd 186% 

at. Nor. Ore. ctfs. 

Illinois Cent. 


do pfd. 

Inter. Harvester .,•• 
Kas. City Southern 
I^, -ft N. .......'.•. 

Lehigh Valley 

Mackay Co.'s 

do pfd 

M. B. P. ft 8. a M. 

Jf, K. ft T. 

do pfd. ....*..'.. 

Mo. pacific . • - • • 

Nat. Xead • • • • 

Nat. Bys. Hex. J»t pfd. 

fiii Snd pfd. 

Nev. <Cohs. .....,.:... 

N. Y. Central 

N. y. O. ft W. 

Norfolk ft Weat. 

Xor. Pac. . . .■ • 

Piicidc Mall ......... 

. i'enneylvania 

People's Gas .......... 

PMsaed Steel Car ..... 

Railway Steel Spg. 


Uep. Iron ft Steel 

do .^pfd. 

Rofk.; lalandr .... ■ 

: #w. pfd. 

SlotSvfiMffiSld ........ 

Fou. Wtflfflo ..*........ 

Sou, igtailwar . ......... 

~Q0 ' ' pfd. ...... 

■ 'rWM4;..,Cl»PlJ«? ■•-•.• ••••,•■• 

Texas Pacific .......•• 

Twin City . ,.k....'.. .. 

Union Pacific ....*... 

> llo/* .J«t.pfd,'.T. 
do . >nd Xifd. . 

u. S. Steel 

89 U 


146% 146% 

44 % 48% 
110% 100% 

108% 108 >4 

112% 111% 




















134% 136% 
41% 43 





, 69% 
116% 116% ,116% 
i»%, 2«% 28% 
168% 167% 167% 
168% 166% 167% 
. . 82 



81% 31% 




20% 20% 
114% 118% 


118% 118% 
138% l.!3% 



126% 121% 


34% 84% 
16%- 77% 
28% 30% 
86% 68 

116% 114% 114% 

166% 164 

34% 23% 



Orangea, per doaen 

.36 O .76 

Tangerine do., per doi , 


Grape Fruit, each 

.10 .16 .20 

I.emone, per dosen 


Bananas, per dosen .,..'.... 


AoDlee. oer box .......... 

3.00 • 6.00 

Pineapples, each 


Beef, per lb 

.07 .33 

Mutton, per lb 

.08 e .20 
.08 9 .18 

Mutton, Australian, per lb. . 

Veal, dressed, per ,lh 

.13% • .36 

Chickens '. 

.30 9 .16 




Mexican Tomataef,perlb 


Florida do., per ib 


Pai^Btey. bunch * , 


Cucumbers, each , . . 

' .40 

Potatoes, per sack 


Ashcroft Potatoes, per skok.. 

3.76 • 8.00 

Cabbage, new. per lb 


Garlic, per lb 


Oregon Onions, 6 lbs 


Australian Onions, 4 lbs ...; 


L«ttuce, hot house, per hd . . 


Beets, per lb 


Carrots, per lb ..;...., 


New Carrots. 3 bunches ...^ 


Cauliflower, each 

,X« • .26 

Celery, per stalk. 2 for ...... 

' .36 

Sweet Potatoes. 4 lb«. for . . . 


Green Onions, 3 bunohes .... 


Citrons, per lb 


Pumpkins, par lb 


Curly Kale, per lb 


Rhubarb, local hot house, per 



Rhubarb. Californian. per lb 


Asparagua, Callfomlan. 3 4ba 


Asparagus. .Seattla. local, par 

ID , 


Artichokes, each 


Watercress. Cal., per bunch.. 





176% lt4 

7?H n% 



d<? pfd. ..... 118% u«54 m 

Utah Coppe? ........ 65% 91% **% 

Va. Car Chemical B4% 68% , W* 

Wabash 8% "jf ••* 

do Dtd. — 28% ss% ;nii 

Wostern Union ....;.. 88% 88% 88 

\v.-RtlnKhou»e 78% 76 76 

Misconsln Central »..* .' ..- ■ .» ; - »•% 
Monpy on call 8% v*r cant. Tot«l nlM 

918,300. ' ^ ■ . r 

cHnrAPo "Sf Aimi ' W 


Julv 97% 


Open. klgh. Low. Close, 
103% 103% 101% 103% 




Corn— ._ „.„ 

May 77 n io%, 

Julv 75% 75% 74% 

sept 74% .74% 78% 

Oats— ' ,.., 

Mfiy 86% E6% 66% 

.luly ........... 60% 60% 80%- 

Sept. ...... t... 43 48% ■*'i-%- 

Pork — 

May 17.10 17.10 1(!.92 

July 17.45 17. S2 17. s:; 



July ■ 

Short RlbB — 
May .......... 

.Tuly ♦ 

















■ Atrr, ,, 

NOTICB Is hereby given that the Cor- 
poration of the City of Victwla. In the 
Province of British Columbia, la applying 
to Hla Excellency the Oovernoi' General of 
Canada In Council for 4pproval of the area 
plana, alte and description of the work 
propoaed to be conatructed In Victoria har- 
bor In the city of Victoria, in the Province 
of British Coliimbla. upon the lands situ- 
ate, tying Olid tkelng In the said City of 
Victoria at the westerly extremity of Tele- 
graph street, and has deposited the area and 
site plans and a specification of the pro- 
posed work with the Minister of Public 
Works at Ottawa and a duplicate thereof 
with the Registrar General of Titles In 
the JLand Registry Office in the salB City 
of Victoria, and the matter of the said ap- 
plication will be proceeded with at the ex- 
plriitlon of one month from the time of 
th« aiiat publication of tbia noUoa to tba 
^•Canada Oaaotte." 

l>»t«(l Wi> urn day of Marc^ Mil. 

3. r. COPtnCAN.' /; 
AlMstAnt City Solicitor. Victor**. TB. ,CU .., 

NOl?lCE V 

ViRlbIc Supply of Grain 

NEW YORK. April S.— Tlie vlnlble. mipply 
of araln in the United Stale* on SaturdEy. 
April 6, as compiled by the Ne\v York 
Proilucc Exchan(?e. wns bb follows: Wlicat 
(•> 7B7 000, ilecreasp n.2"B,000; wh^at In 
bond 7,8B8,00O. IncrenRcs 1.127.000; corn 14.- 
730 000 bURholB, decreaapd l.lil.OOO; oats 
in 11) 000 buKholB. deorcasp XIP.OOO; oata In 
bond .TIB, 000, Increaee 344.000; ftarley 2,285,- 
000 bushels. Increaso 342,000; borley In bond 
< 13,000 buBhelx, Ino-eaaed 812.000. 

The vl.ilhle nupply of whont in Canailn on 
Paturaay, April «, was UD. 368. 000 buuhcls. 
im lncr.!«8e of 24 3.000. 

New York Ral«8 

^EW YORK. April S. — Money on call 
firm 3®4 p*r r»nt: rulliigr rate, 4 per cent: 
I'losInK bid. 3^ per rrnl; offeied at 3 '4 per 
cent. Time loans plronR. fiO days 3% per 
cent; »0 daya 3'U«J4 PT cent; B months. 
4 per cent. Prime mercantile paper. 4 '4 ® 
4(4 per cenl. Sterling exchange steady with 
Bcinal bimlne.^s In bankors" bills at $4.84 for 
«0 davs and at |4.«t!.fi5 for ilenianil. Cnin- 
merclal bills. |4.S3.:!r.. Mexb-nn dollars, 4Tl-. 
Bar ellrer, 68%. 

Honds: Oovornments kh-biIv. railroads 

ririTi. .^____^_ 

.Helal Prioes 
NKW YORK. April 8. — -Standard copper 
nulef; spot »1S.37\> © JIB.S?'^: April. 
$1J.47V, (ffi »16.R.;',i; May, Jl.i.ifl to l.'i.fiUVv: 
.June »1.'..17 'A W $lf>.8,S; .luly. 1 1 (3/ J ifi 7b . 
l.iUe l-opper. »U,00 ffl »1 5.1 ; Elect. llfi.nO; 
<-BstinK $16.504r J16.00. Tin nulet; spot 
5;3..15, April »43.25.4:.t:8; May. $43.0"* 
143.26; June. »8:'.8(i(tr44 :1. 1 o; ,? $42.40^ 

J4:;.7C.; Aii)tiiBt, |4;!.i:'Hfi I4:;.62H. r.eMd 

ifiilot. 14.30. 11.40. New York. Iron steedy: 
,V 1. I foundry. »1 u.2Iiiii S 1 .1 7:. ; Nu. 2. $14.75 
tt lio.'i:,; So. I Moulhrrn and No. 1 Soathern 
soft, II.{.2fiO$15.3t. 

KOTltiB la ii«!abK Jitvta tib«t tl^ fMC* 

yearly general meeting of the thareholdara 

of the Vancouver Island Power Company, 
Limited, will be held on Saturday, the thir- 
tieth day of March, 1912, at 10:30 o'clock 
forenoon, at the office of the British Col- 
umbia Electric Railway Company. Limited, 
No. lOlS Langley street, Victoria, B. C. 
for the purpose of receiving tho audited 
accounts of the company for the perrjod to 
SOth June. 1912, fixing dates of future or- 
dinary meetinga of the company and trans-' 
'acting any other competent buslnsss. 

la th March. 1912. ' 

Sheriff's Sale 

Under and by virtue of » warrant of 
execution Issued out of the County 
Court, holden at Victoria, and to me di- 
rected, against the goods and chattels 
of R. W. Coleman, I have seized and, 
taken possession of ■ ont Hcinizman 
Piano, almost new, cost 1500.00, and will 
offer the same for sale at Public Auc- 
tion at my office, La-w Courts, Bafitlon 
stmet, Victoria, on Tuesday nf.xt, April 
9th at 10.30 a.m. Terms of sale Cash. 
The piano can be seen at my office. 

Sheriffs Office, Sheriff. 

Victoria, B.C., Aprli 4th, 1912. 

Auction Sale 

I'nder and by virtue of « T,fliidlord« 
DistrpB.o Warrant I liave iltHtt^alned on 
the goods find clmltel.-i contained In the 
An^el (-"life, T^anffley .Street, conslstUiK 
of iHbles, I'hnlr.M, tahlfr flotbs, knlve.<^. 
fDrk.". Bpoon."!, crotrkery, ratiRe, t'ooklng 
iiton.^U.x, ca.'fh reKlstfr,- et^:, and will 
sell the same .at I'lihlle Auction oA tfl»"' 
iirrml.Tcs on TiiesdHy nex', April Otl'i, At 
2. no p.m. Terms of .«talr cnah. 

F. C. HinifARDS, Shrrirr, 

BalllfC for Ivatidlord. 

Vlrl.n-tn. V. <^.. Anril «. 1912 

Corner Quadra and Green Sts. 

We are instructed by the owner to offer this beautiful 
corner, consisting of 2 lots, the first being 45x90, on Quadra 
street, and the second 40x90, on Green street. Price 


This property is revenue producing and is far below mar- 
ket price. You will see by the map that it is only 600 yards 
ffom the city hall. $1,500 cash will handle it. Balance very 

Deppe, Goode & Co. 

Exclusive Agents, 1214 Government Street. Phone 1446 

A Handy Piece of CrownGrant Timber 

We have 160 acres of crown grant timber lands, lorty 
chajinft from <}cep vjrater, well sheltered, close to Wharf, Hotel 
and postoiifice, on Government Road, cruised to contain 20.000 
feet per acre. All good stuff. Price, only $37 per acre. Terms 
one-third cash^ balance two or three years. 

Deep black loam soil, no rock, only 50 miles away. 


1303 Broad Street, upstairs. , 


Dr. Pierce's 

: Honored b^ Women 

When • womui gpcwln «f hsr 
sHent secret aufferloi ihe 
trusts you. Millions have be- 
stowed this mark of confi« 
dence on Dr. R. V. Pierce, 
of Buffalo, N. Y. Every- 
where there «re women who 
bear witnen to the wonder- 
working, curinjt-power of Dr. 
Pierce's Favorite Prescription 
—which saves the suffering sex 
from pain, and successfully 
grapples with womaa'* weak- 
nesses gnd «AiU«fW tU$» 


No woiman'a appeal ■wis ever mJsdfreoted or her con- 
fidence misplaced when she wrote for advice, to 
the WoaLD's Dispensary Meoical Association, Dr. 
R. V. Pierce, President, Buffalo, N. Y. 
smat Pellet* induce mild amiurtl kowel movement oace a day. 

follow your Nose 

An old proverb says: "Follow your nose, and 
you will follow your right road". 

The aroma of a good whisky is an indication of 
■ its quality. Notice the connoisseur, who smells 
before he tastes. 

Corby's "Special Selected" Rye Whisky 

posscs.scs an agreeable, delicious aroma that wafts 
to the senses the extrafted goodness of the richr^S 
grain from which it is distilled. 

Such a fragrance can only he produced in a whisky 
of the very highest type — thoroughly distilled 
and carefully matured to give it the necessary 

Judging by its aroma alone, an expert will un- 
erringly choose Corby's "Special Scleci d" as 
THE BEST, from among several other whiskies. 
Try this experiment yourself. I'hcn taste. The 
flavor will appeal to your palate, as the aroma 
appeals to your nose. 


"Corby's ol Corbyvlllc lor over Hall-a-Ccntiiry** 


old, 4 dosen Plymouth Rocks, a few 
ducks, 2 tons of baled oat hay, 2 
ploughs, Adams wagon, 4-lneh tlrea; 
Democrat (nearly new), horse rack, 
mowing 'hiachln.e (nearly n«w), spade 
barrows, heavy and t>uiggy 'hwne'si, inil- 
tivator, tools, milk cans, separator, road 
cart, a quantity of Kotusehold rnmitnx* 
Including "Home Comfort" range, exten- 
sion t*We, "Charts Oaik" heater, 2 bed- 
room suites and bther goods too num- 
erous to mention. 

launch will be served on the grounds. 

Take tHe V. * 8. Railway to Saanicb- 

For further particulars apply to 
Tba Anetl oa— r, VtWirAXV vnOtXaAMB 

Davies & Sons 

' > AtrcTxoxsxms 

AM atiUitXS out large auanUty at 


■leVMl ana Otnu Baaois at 



Marconi Wireless 

103-6 Pemberton Building. 

Important Sale of 
Pot and Bedding Out 

Garden Utensijls, Etc 

Messrs. Stewart Wiilams 

Duly instructed wHl sell by Public Auc* 
tlon at "Blsbopsclose." Burdotte Ave.. 

in — 


Mining Stocks 

AU Aettva SIimmi Dealt In 
«tt Oonunlssioa 

Uembers Vancouver and Vlctort* 
Stock Exchanges. Private wire connec- 
tion with all chief nuurket conlrea. I»at- 
est quotation*. 

Wagborn, (iwynn & Co 

of XamUtoa SUc- ▼anoonvsr. 

A large >|u*intlty of 

VOT FijAirrs, B£z>szHa out :pXiA3IM 
bvOh mstk 

Including scented Ivy'aM otHer Oerani- 
nine. Fuchlaa, Arum Lilies, HellotropeB. 
Chrysanthemums, a quantity of Maklfen 
Hair and other Ferns. Palms, a quantity 
Jf Dahlia Bulbs, etc.. also Flower PotSi 
Garden Roller, Garden Tool*. Bt«P«. 
Hose. WheeMj*iirow, Water CoJna, Hyr- 
ingea, KitehJbn tUa«a atiA «tov«4 «to. 
. On view Tuaiday tiiorniagr. 

ga» A«»ttw»«^. lEg^ WIM.1AMS 

List, McGregor & Co: 

•will condoct their 

WecKly Auction 

W Llvastock. poultry. :ctc.> In <Jie <?Uy 

jiSW'"iu«i4iM^it^. , ■;■''■: ■'■"""':■ 

Present Entries — 6 good, horses, sound 
and young; Jersey cow and calf, Dur- 
ham cow, fresh calved, rhllklng 3 ge.\n. 
per day; 100 fowls. Leghorns. Wyan- 
flottes. Rocks, lot of farm Implements, 
buggies, wagon, harness, incubator, 4 
holed c^ok stove, cream separator, etc. 

Sale At 3 p. m. 
JOSEPH H. MST An ctloneer 


Take notice that a permit must be 
secured from the underslgne^l before any 
building shall be erected within the 

Any Infraction of this By-l>aw is pun- 
ishable by a fine not exceeding »50. 

Koy*l Oak, April 2. isiz. 

LA. Harris & Co 

niona Sesx. X8W BonctM St; 

Neict W Merebonta Bank 

maam-^ iota on 4th ajtre«t *mA 
S-rooin cottage. Basy temui. 

> f .•••••> < 

0«k Bay— Deal St. oot- 
ta«e. 60x110 lot . . . . f 2,500 

taimui ...... .^.•.. .fJLSyOQ^ 

• JlMftti and^otuMk f Mtfr'a whiuf, 
naquliqalt . . . » .' w . . < • • f 6500 

Maynard & Sons 



Instructed by Mr. Sherlock we will 
sell at our stock-yards, 726 View St., 




2 P.M. 


Comprising fine breil White L^Bhorns, 
Brown Leghorns, Plymouth Rocks, 
Black Minoroaa. lot of pure brefl Rhode 
Island Red February Chicks and other 
chickens. These are a very fine lot of 
birds and will be on view Tuesday 
MATNABI} ft SOWS. Auctioneers. 


Have the honor of informing the public that they h?ve been 
instructed to .sell by Public Auction on 


At the Conservative Rooms, I -208 Governirient Street, 3^ 
lots, more or less, in the townsite of 


Being a subdivision of Section 3, Rupert District, 
Quatsino Sound 

For further particulars and catalogue, apply to 

Will receive your money on 
deposit and pay interest at 
4 per cent thereon. 

Will pay checks drawn 
agaiiisft your deposits. 


will bear this cost of draw- 

iiig 3roari«riil. 
W^if adiniiiister your estate. 
Will act as guardian for 

your children or for per- 

soijs^of unsound mind. 
Will execute every trust 

with fidelity. 


Will insure your buildings 
or their contents against 

Will insure your plate glass 
I against breakage. 

Will insure you against 
defalcations by your em- 

Will insure you against ac- 
cident to your workmen. 


\Vill procure tenants for 
your vacant houses. 

Will collect your rents. 

Will attend to the payment 
of your taxes. 

Will care for your property 
and give it personal at- 


Dominion 1 

;i,', iiiili 




Tu«8d«y, April 9, 1912 

Was A Spring So Full Of Promis 
And For David Spencer, Umited 

The best of the World's merchandise is here for you to choose from at the lowest prices made 

possible by very large purchases for three stores. 

There's Real Shirt Com 

tort Ivr/Yvu ia. 1-Ues^e. 


K^gUg.— VtUH Sbtttji^WItt) oo;UH- t>aa4, soft front aad 
starehed cvttm. Tb»y are out ooat shape and may ba 
bad In llffht or dark fancy otrlpea. All slses. Per 
garment 91.60, 91-26 and ^l.OO 

raBoy Outliiff Blilrta— A choice assortment is here. They 
havf turndown collars attached, and are here in plain 
blue, cream, white, tan and a. vat'trty of fancy stripes. 
All sizes. Per garment ...,..: ^l.OO 

Taffeta and Oayloa Vlaimal Btalrta — They have turn- 
down reversible collars and soft cuffs, and may be 
had in plain cream or fancy stripes. All sizes are 

— haca. — Pfir garmanl ta.SO yg.SQ. 

Boys' Outing and School Shirts -New Goods for Spring 

Just Arrived 

'|P^ilNh|rtruc.tfaat a satisfied cttstomer is the best advcrtis^tawpt^ ^we- g fc yH ■ ' mafce "- many '' ' row ' •^•f ri en d s 
tMUi^ ;t}iese good^ Wehave hunted throii|rl» the mwri^ets ol Canada, America and l^gland and 
'^ haive chosen only the best from each, an4 while we have been compelled to consider iHrioit to a. cer- 
tain degre<^ Qnaiity has been the most Im'portant consideration. 

Our policy has always been to give you the best possible value for your money, but this line is moth 
better than usual. See the goods, they tell their own story better than we can tell it here. 

WUta mbA Oraam Opaawoik ■blrks->Made of GOtton, have 
soft turndown collar and soft cuffs. All aises are here, 
from 18 to 14 at the neck. Par garment 50^ 

Beliool or Onttay nUrt— >]n blue and grey striped material. 
They have soft turndown collars and soft cuffs, and ail 
sizes are to be had. Per garment SO^ 

Cotton Ontteir SUrta— in fancy light stripes. These are 
to be had In all siaes and have a soft collar attached. 
Per garment S04> 

Blaok BatMB nort*— With collars attached. Per gar- 
ment .\ 60^ 

BMTf Ooftton nilsta—BlacIc with white str)pe«. aoltabta 
for working or school wear. These are specially strong 
and serviceable garments. Price BO^ 

TtrtXX and Cambxlo Dating Sblrta — ^With collars attached. 
These are to be had in plain khaki, brown atrlpea and 
fancy stripes. All sizes at '. BO^ 

Boya' Undarolothlnf—Natural merino ahirta and drawers 
for spring wear in sizes from 22 to 32 are here, at, per 
garment, 2ec to BO^ 

Boya' a raw a ra - -These are Penman's natural wool Icnee 
length drawers and are to be had In sizes from ti to 32. 
Per garment 70c to 04^^ 



Where To Get 

Your Spring Suit Is 

H«r^ and Today, 
II Y o u Have 
$ia75 to Spend 

and Want a Very 
Attractive Suit 

' •^' ■ ■ .■ ■ . .. . , ■ ■ ^ , 

.'"■■"'■»' , ■ , ' 

', * ■■'-.-■■ 

ig t^e p^e we are askit^ for a lot of Sample Suits tha^t 
vve were Iprtiinat^ i^ 8ei|uring at a specially low price. Every costume 
;i§ worth Mr m^ asking for them, and as there are many 

exolttsive styji^s, they shputd proved rspecially interesting line. 

-■',,.* ,-, 

See $25 Dolts Full Duty Is faivited To 
See Our $25 Tailored Suits 

They are l)eauties, and you will say so when you see thjem. They are precisely that class of 
garment- that xou would expect if you went to a custom, tii^i^iknd ^3j^,jbim make yon a rostiimp to 
your special order, but they don't cost you half as much as he W0uf(f Oia'rge you. a^yigt. 

Mind, we are not depreciating the class of work that the custom tailor puts out — it's fine and 
really hard to beat, yet the garments now to be seen in our show rooms are such strong rivals that 
you won't be ready to pay the tailor twice as much a.& MS^M£AASk i n g for the same garments. 

These are strong statements/ but the goods are here and will substantiate all we have said about 
them. They are strictly man-tailored, and if we cannot fit you from stock we will make you a cos- 
tume without extra charge. 

You're New Carpet Is Here 


It makes no difference what your requlrrments are. tliero is a. floor rovm- 
Injr here that will you. There are the newest novelties In Axmlnster, 
Wilton, Brussels and Tapestry Carpets, mado up Into standard squares or In 
pieces ready to bo made up Into any size you wish. You'll find the pricey right 
and our Starr or assistants are ai you f service. 

Japaneaa Kattlng Sq-oares and Mats in very attractive patterns an<l color- 
ings, all quito new and the lilghest standard of quality that we have ever had. 
are here. They have just been opened up, and you'll ho pleased with the show- 

OUelotha and tlnoltnma for f^tofe. office, hall, hvlng-rooms and be^irooms, 
In fact for all purpoaea, can be delivered ni n.ny address at very short notice. 
There's a larger and better assortment of patterns Hn<] colorings to choose from 
than we have ever had before, and on your request we will send one of our men 
to meaaure your rooma and lay the goods at such a moderate cost that you'll be 

Steel Bed Couches and Davenport 


Jlere are Home new and improved bods that should pU-ase you. They 

are strongly constructed, being made of light but tough angle iron, and have 

.strong woven wire matlreases. There are several different tsylos to choose 

friim, and the prices will please the most expectant. 

StocI Full-Oui Bml COuciiss tviii make a doobir bed, are oomfortania and eas- 
ily .Tdju.stcd. Thoy are complete with mattress covered with green denim 
and are finlshtxl with a valance on the front side and two ends. (.Ine need 
only <lraw out the under section of the couch and a good comfortable binl 
is formed. I'rice $13.75 and , •lfi,76 

Steal Safety Oonotaea — These are made of heavy steel an^le tublnp:, have drop 
sides and makos up Into bed or couch with little difficulty. All complete 
with mattress covered In green denim. Price S17.50 

▲nto Spring Bed Ooaoh — A .slronK and useful couch that makes np into a full- 
slzed bod. Complete with mattress I|I19 75 

Steal Davsaport — Those are a neat and useful piece of furniture that can bo 
used dity and night to excellent advantage. It is slhiplc to operate and ex- 
ceptionally strong. Prices $37. &0, $29.75 and ^21 

aaas5Siaggsa.i.,'.,.nii , .tt-^t^ l, l, ii sssaxaaaaaaamga 

Make Your Boy Feel 

That tte-fe^e tittle 


Good clothes play a very big part tn our Uvea, and 
boya are no exception to the rale. He is somewhat careless 
lFb«n there la tun In the *lr, that's a fact that can't be 
dented, and yet h6 la jptond iftrlida h« i<M^ einart. Dresa 
htm welt and, he to#l« tbM yoii deltght m litm and f^ela 
that hi t« on bla bbnor to play the part of i, genti«n)»at 

Tweed aulta, two pi^cea, tn the double-'brea«$ed>tyt« 
are here, In aixea r^afiSc trom £4 to 84. an4 ill |li* i^«««t 
patiema are well rii$rm«Mia. ftierf Are :ipfet W and ' 
freyai «)io hrotm and Irreen nttictiiifM, itoSchooae from. 
ftiii«siin(Ui|Kjj^j]ld#. being diSpUyfed In the View Street 
'lifMMm^ aal'1r|p^^tK»'iLt' .the' gos^ wilU "cokTinMyou thMi' 
better vf Inea •i'f n«t to be bad at |i» ikirtM^ A f peelal ofr 
fering fw ' #MaiiMH&k3ir''s shoppers; at ;|MWi^:'#9<>#''imd;(ii^ 

/toinr , ■mm ■: vm i tu' i^.p^iw. '^^^ •»#■■■ wm t^yt^- 

They ppitte tti;*it fr<At 1^^ 

checlc'ttttdipot effect*. iHtb bii^ cuffa. 

Prints and duoks are the •chief materials, and fbe styiefS 
srs entirely new. Tti«c:«-«re sixes to fit boy* from ^2 to 
10 years bid. t4 h»;b0:m:W*93AmSi»f at,, per volt 91.00 

Yoii^r ©iiight in lisiiaf 

This Dinner Set 

axoKE. xsAxr tks.. Avsauias say ' ''/ 

A fine dian«r set Is a pleasure to use. It's » tsct tltst 
the fOjONS liron't taste any t>etter t|Ukn it would If served on 
a plainer set Stilt it cannot be denied that the daintier 
t|i6 ttihte '■'ui' let the more appetizing the meal appears to 
be. . BCerC mmftn oA^ring an extra fine value that you will 
i^eadtly i^mrfell^, 3tr8 the auality of the g;oods that will 
sell them, not what we say about them, and one glance will 
convince you that they arc a bargain at the price. 
Sna* Anstrisn China Sinner Seta — In fancy shapes and 
decorated with a liandsome small floral design in grben 
and pink. Elyery piece is lined with gold, t^o patterns 
to cbocavs from. The set conalsts of tbl I^O'l»!lB4l l^^im^ 
It pintes 8 inches, 12 each of 5 and IEb, >1M(l4 »^^^^ 
plSrte^ 15 fruit sauwrs, IS cuOT and iauvcj^ 3 pl»tt»r«, 
i veiKWble dishes, teapot suigar box, sauce boat, cream 
iug and slop bowl. See them in the Broad Street win- 
dows. Price of these seta on. Wednesaay.. ... .^17.."»0 

Soup Tureena to be had to match these sets at, each 2.50 

Draperies for Cottage or 


There's a splendid display to choose fromf The 
fact is th^t we never had a larger or more invit- 
ing assortment to choose from. The designs are 
the pick of the market, the qualities well up to 
the Spencer standard and the values are such that 
will please you, no matte'r how exacting you may 
!ic. Mere are a few of the lines that go on sale 
Wednesday, but there are many more that are 
equally .good, to be seen in the department today. 

Madras Muslins for Curtains and Draperies — Here Is as 

fine a riingi! of ))att('rns ii.s you would care to see. Five 
specially good patterns go on sale Wednesday. They 
are 45 Inches wide and are a regular 50c grade. Special 
value for Wednesday, per yard ......35^ 

Fringes and Edgings to match tlie Madras Muslins are 

Bungalow and Ziace Curtain Kets — These are good for long 
or short curtains, and will make splendid Summer dra- 
peries. They are the product of the best English and 
Scotch m/inufacturers. There are six different dc.'figns 
to choose from, nnd vary from 'iS to 50 Inches wide. Per 
yaii! ,11, \\v.(iiu'S(lay 40^ 

Art Drapery Tabrlos — Including Casement Cloths, Prim- 
ed Sateens, Taffetas and Cretonnes In all the newest pat- 
terns and colorings are here, and all that remains to be 
done Is that you come and make your choice. Fringes, 
nordrrlnKH nnd IxmpR to match any fabric are here. In 
fact all that Roes to mak" up a dainty home will bo of- 
fered to you today nn<l W<xlnpRdny .nt prices Ihnt wlU 
surprise and please you. See the Broad Street windows. 

White Ironstone China 



Another slilpmenl hup .lust arrivc^d and the goods are a 
better ciuallty than ever and thp prices are J>i,'<t thp usunl. 
They are made by SlHssrs. .lohnson JJro.oi. of lOuKland, and 
are the most reliable brand that we have yet .seen. Tell 
UB what you require and we will quote the lowest possible 
prices for quantities. Here Is a partial list of the pieces 
that we stock: 
Plataa, 51n., per doz.. 75<^ 
PlAtea, 61n., per do;%. .00^ 
nataa, 81n.. doz. ...fl.85 
Soup nates, Tin., per 
dosen fl.OO 

Waists That Will Please 

You m Style, Quality 

and Prie# 

■OXB bzoeptxokAXi -v-Astres oxr sake wedkesdat 

AT $1.50 

- Tbs Ibeauty iind artlstfo attti^ty of tbese styles are 
features that even the most casual observer will notice. 
The fiwt Is these nuaHtles are so prominent that they must 
be noticed, they are on the surface to be seen by anyone. 
What is still more lmports«it to th^p thrifty woman 
Is ^ fiMst. that their beauty lit not merely slcin deep. 
Qtislttir ot materiJEil and workmanship that is appreciated 
by-lKKt>erienced shoppers is at the back of the rich appear- 

^^^eM»« a lasting satlsf action in this class of gar- 
'we delight In. seiliag them,. not simply beeaust; 

,we make a small profit on the sale .of the actual garments, 
but because our reputation is better founded through the 
satlsfactlOjB tbat tbese |(ariu«nts give our customers. 

Ifhcre'iare xtitatT stJ^Ds: to ebCose froni, including high, 
round. Dutch and othCr shaped necks, long or three-quar- 
ter sleeves, a few tailored styles and; a few -nbit sailor 
I»fttternB>-All are new garments, and as there are all sizes 
'you are sure Of finding a garment that will please yuu. 
See the window diBplA]^ foir further jnformatloit 





|i&,0a AND $10.90 FOR REG- 

trlAR $13.75 TO $i8 

This is the blgg;est value that we have p^ 
f ered lit Go-<^rts, and all^^^ w are interested 
will do well t<> j^ike^ 4^(6 1^ 

■■offer... y.^.",. ';■ ■ Xv'^'''''''''^\'^t''' ''''"'''' '': ''-^ 

At $5^1)0 tJii^re are 5djmeve«7atT^ con- 

v<9Qi«i»l to;^9J|llble^c^ with stieei frames and 
Icafherfett*! bodiesi They are full size, and 
come in colors t5tack, greert and tan. There is 
just sufficient silver plating to give the carts a 
smart appearance, and as all are values from 
$6.50 to 5^9.75, you are sure of securing a bar- 

At $10.90 there are both wicker and wood 
carts to clioose from. Allhave adjustable foot 
boards, are well upholstered and are complete 
with hoods. Full size and values from $13.75 
to $18. All one price today — $10.90. 

Caps and Sanoars, brealcfast 

size. Per dozen |Il.ak8 
Swats and Sowla. Price. 

each 99^ 

Obambers, each SO# 

They Are Staple Goods 
That Have Made a Repu- 
tation for QuaHty 

Right here is an important point. Goods, to 
be a real bargain, must have quality above the 
average, otherwise it matters not how low the 
price is, you pay heavily for them. These are 
the points we have given close attention when 
we made our purchases, and now we enjoy a 
reputation rhaE we are prniid of- The following 
list are very special values that will make this de- 
part meiit still more popular: 

White Turkish Towels — There are HO dozen, all a good size 
and the kind that are wonderfully absorbent. A regu- 
lar "'iv Kradp will be sold on \Vednesday at, each 1.5^ 

r*at Colored Frlnta — About lOOO yards, 31ln. wide, and in 
a choice range of patterns and colorings are here. Wa 
recommend them for making aprons, house dreaaea, 
waists and children's rompers. A 15c grade to be sold 
on WednesKlay at, per yard 1.0^ 

aaady-to-xrae Pillow Oasaa — Made from a good round cot- 
ton and finished with a deep plain hem. There are 60 
dozen to be sold. Kegular tS a dozen grade are to be 
sold at fll.SO 

Blaaohad Cotton Sbaets— Fifty pairs are all that are to be 
sold. They are all ready to spread on the bed. are hand- 
torn and cannot lose their shape In the wash. Regn- 
lar $1.75 a pair are merited for ael^ing on WedneM|jr 

At • •••■ •k.t^tJ*.** ■*•«•«• a a a*>«a»a4i« '^Jt^VV 

naln and TwlUad Stiaets— We made an exceptionally ke^lA^ 
ptirehase, otherwise we could not aell tham at thMi* 
prices. They are a grade that aell at $2.60 a pftlt'^ W|t < 
will be aold on Wedneaday at ................. .•ffi.M 

Wbltf Wsol Waalmts— Suitable for thiree-quartsr And d|M«- 
ble beds. They are well finished and represent a splSB- 
did value tor tne money. Wodnasdny's speviad. per w^r* ~ 
»».00 and -.•.• .•••' .|B^|R(S i 

mttis Wool aoHMicitv^WQrirfta . 'front', seieeteft ^aemm^Kk ' 
wool. There la Just svfficlsnt cotton to pre««ik« ^t^im 
age and give the blauikets a betUr weartnt 4tMUt]r, A, f | 

soft, nappy fintsta. Per IMttr